Benio & Renge’s Spring

SPRING! Officially started mid-March. Though, people said it started today because they were hiding under a rock since winter. Now to wait a whole month for plants to fully bloom – May 1st – to their best and brightest, or at least starting to. However, I couldn’t wait and decided to photoshoot figures some more. This time I brought Benio out on her much deserved photoshoot on March 29th, 2011.

(Link – MySite) – Melting ice on the Ottawa River.

(All images taken with a Lumix GF1 – Pancake lens over two days. Also pardon the title, running out.)

April first Record: For the record, I said I wanted to sell all 4 of my recently acquired Shinki’s on That’s untrue, and was meant for the Anime community. I said I got overly upset and stressed that my figures were breaking. I added that I couldn’t figure out how to use my camera. As an added insult to injury, I said someone stepped on my figures, which is also untrue, just to show how ticked off I was in wanting to sell my Shinki’s. Half appeared to have believed it while the other half didn’t, laughing back at my bad joke. The polls also stated that I should continue posting more Shinki’s to add to variety. Will do so regardless of Dollfies or not! There is no way I’d be selling my lovely Shinki’s or Figmas! I bought them for keeps, and for photography!

I deleted the article as to not litter the site :).

The wind was a bit bad on both days. Her armor gave me a bit of problems, but nothing to put me off. The wind and armor kind of forced me to take the best images I could take at that moment before heading back.

For those that do not know who or what Benio is:
(Benio is a 1/1 scale battle robot – Type Samurai.)

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Benio gained wrist problems with her soft plastic. The hand simply points down now making me think that Konami made a smart move moving to harder plastic.

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In the year 2032 – Shinki’s reign supreme on miniature battlefields around the world. Because Shinki’s are 1/1 (average heigh – 15 cm)  I’d recommend that you watch your step or else you might step on one! If purposely, then I wish that you would get harassed by angry Canada Geese :).

(Link – MySite)                              (Link – MySite)

(Link – MySite)                              (Link – MySite) – Gone fishing

Was in a rush so I got some take out again – 1000 Islands – with Kohiru preparing the meal for me. Itadakimasu!

(Link – MySite) – Tempura, Salmon Noodles, and sushi (forgot name).

Merged today (Sunday, April 03, 2011) in with March 31st  as I didn’t really take that many images with Benio.

Whoops! Renge’s hair problems still showing. I broke her hair-piece around the same area because of some strong winds and an air bubble in a thick peg. Ah well. Not that I’m complaining, or anything…..Just saying why I’m not using her 9 tailed hair piece.

(Link – MySite) – Funny story: Pair of Canada Geese tried to eat Benio thinking she was food. They’re in this image. I could even see their hungry happy expressions trying to get closer with their heads. It was like Donald Duck’s happy face.

(Link – MySite) – Benio helping Renge up. (Shinki version of this)

The wind was a bit bad meaning a few awkward poses to stay “wind-proof”.

(Link – MySite)                                                    (Link – MySite) – Inspired from Kohiru’s special in Battle Rondo.

(Link – MySite) – Another observer (Link – MySite) – Offensive meditation

(Link – MySite)                                            (Link – MySite) – Note the photographers.

(Link – MySite)

(Link – MySite)                              (Link – MySite) – Kon?

(Link – MySite) – Benio wearing Renge’s gear.

(Link – MySite) – No messing with them! They look battle ready!

(Link – MySite)                            (Link – MySite)

Well, I chose a spot with people and birds so a few bird shots were naturally taken. I already took many of them on the ground so some air shots were needed, and I’m glad I got at least a few Seagulls flying around.

I wish I took images of the one Canada Goose that suddenly took off causing a loud “WOOSH, WOOSH, WOOSH” sound causing dirt and dead leaves to fly around. What made it all the more awesome was how slowly it flew in-between the two photographers.

Photographer B – “How was the wind?
Photographer A – “Very cold.“  w/ unsure laugh

(Or something close to that.)

(Link – MySite) – Trio-gulls.

(Link – MySite & weathernetwork) – Twin-gulls (one is higher up to the right).

(Link – MySite) – Nice wings for a rat with wings.

Lots of photographers raiding the “look-out”. I got bird images already so I settled with more figure images with birds behind my figures. Besides, Renge and the birdies appear to be getting along nicely. The hungry Goose didn’t bother trying to eat Benio again.

(Link – MySite)                                               (Link – MySite)

(Link – MySite & Weathernetwork) – Photographer group in background – Eight of them with few off image.

(Link – MySite) – Benio felt musical today on a cut tree trunk.

(I like this tune and found it fitting for today’s weather.)

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(Link – MySite)

(Link – MySite) – Up for a dance? (Link – MySite) – Renge: “Lovely Sky!” (note the stranger in shot.)

For those asking – Q – “Were people looking at you photoshooting?

– A – Yes, and they had smiles on their faces. They looked with curiosity and then smiled after. Others looked as if I was doing something wrong because nobody really figure photoshoots in Ottawa. There, common question answered once again. I know you were thinking it so might as well get it out of the way ha.

Anyways, enjoy your Spring! And for those that have Cherry Blossoms, do enjoy those you lucky *beep*! Peace!