Figma Robocop

Hello folks! After having this Figma delayed since the end of Summer he is finally here! Finally time to clean up the trash by bringing in justice! Or as Robocop would say – “Dead or alive, you’re coming with me!

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(All images taken with a Lumix GF1 – Pancake lens.)

For those wondering, I obtained Robocop from HLJ for around $55 CAD. He should still be in stock if you wish to hire him for your peacekeeping needs. He arrived a day early, must be the fox spirit’s (Kitsune Wednesdays) doing! :P.

Why Robocop? Well, I watched Robocop back in the 1990’s as a kid, glorious days those were for the Americans. I had various Robocop toys that ended up bring brought to Slovakia, and without permission, given to “friends” over there when I was back here in Canada. I had a tall figure, short ones, various ones, and generic ones…..I have none I can simply grab onto and because of such I decided I should have Robocop Figma to get all nostalgic once again.

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The box is actually quite lovely, if using generic sci-fi patterns.

(Link – MySite)                         (Link – MySite)

(Link – MySite) – Simple, but colorful designs.

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(Link – MySite) – The background is generic, but nice. Has that necessary retro feel.

(Link – MySite) – Two trays.

(Link – MySite)

(Link – MySite) – Bang!~

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(Link – MySite) – You won’t see him get this fancy, unless I truly forgot everything Robocop.

(Link – MySite) – Instructions for the leg’s gun-holder.

The way GSC went about designing the automated gun-holder was to simply remove one bit and add two others (above) to place Murphy’s pistol into. He can’t store when not on duty, but it can be visibly stored for stop-motion or images.

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(Link – MySite) – “Come quietly or there will be… trouble.”

(Link – MySite) – Robocop always finds himself in danger, thus the damage on his helmet.

Aww, really!? We get pegs, but not Murphy’s face? Who is Murphy? Robocop of course! Well, after being revived/repaired/transformed into Robocop after being riddled with bullets by thugs.

(Link – MySite) – You may only swap two helmets.

(Link – MySite) – Remember when the thugs used Robocop’s helmet as an ashtray?

(Link – MySite) – See that circular dot in his helmet? That is to access his data.

(Link – MySite) – Those piston leggings actually work! 

Quite silly, but you can rotate Robocop’s torso around if you so wish.

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– Videos:

For those that didn’t grow up with Robocop may want to take a peak at the following videos. I shall also post two randomly amusing commercials, just because!

– Robocop theme:

– Robocop Battle Theme (Possible all merged as one):

– Robocop Korean Chicken commercial:

– Robocop UFO Noodle commercial:



Benio – my first shinki – decided she would formally welcome Robocop into the group. Two robotic entities interacting with one another, if the scale is a bit inaccurate :P.

For something that moves slow, takes a lot of beating, while constantly cleaning out the trash can articulate pretty damn well! He’s got some moves to back up his simplicity!

(Link – MySite) – Right out of the box.

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(Link – MySite)

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(Link – MySite)

(Link – MySite)

(Link – MySite) – Benio: “What you looking at?

(Link – MySite) – Pst: A USB cable goes into Shinki to access their data, or at least how it is in concept.

(Link – MySite) – Benio’s data being suddenly access.

(Link – MySite) – Of course, Benio isn’t pleased one bit!

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(Link – MySite)

(Link – MySite) – He had an accident….he fell a meter high off a ledge. He survived without a scratch! Damn wind…..

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Twitter bots:

As a bonus – Whenever you tweet something Robocop these guys shall pop up.

– I’d buy that for a dollar!!/for_a_dollar

A few more but they’re hiding. May edit as I find them…


Final Thoughts:

Awesome Figma! Makes for a nice nostalgic character for both the past series and the future reboot/remake I’m hearing about. I can’t find any flaws that would make casual figure collectors ticked off. He even survived a meter fall onto solid ground thanks to the wind! The last last three images of this article is after the fall so all is good. Nothing was broken and all is fine! I would recommend this Figma to all casual and hardcore figure collectors.

However! As a perfectionist and Robocop fan I found one or two flaws! One would be the lack of Murphy’s robotic face while not equipped with the helmet and the other would be Robocop’s gun-holder. Normally when you are able to take off figure helmets there should be a face of the said character. Also, maybe the gun-holder could of been articulated enough to pop in and out, but then it may be prone to damage and wear and tear. Whatever works I guess.

Would I recommend this? Hell yes! For a simple figure it has tons of little detailing that you can’t ignore or be picky about. It is a solid figure with no loose joints or anything!


– Very faithful to its show counterpart. I don’t really see any deviations from the original Robocop on screen.
– Solid and strong figure that can survive whatever you throw at him! He fell off a meter high ledge onto very hard ground, all thanks to the wind.
– Nice work-around for the pistol gun-holder within Robocop’s right thigh.
– Instead of always getting two extra hands Robocop now has 8, or 10 when counting all of his hands. Some point, some grasp, some are open, while one is used both as a melee weapon, taser, and a data accessing point (if memory serves me correct). They are also ball-jointed for easy swapping.
– Robocop has some surprising articulation, enough to barely keep up with the Busou Shinki line. Well, maybe not as articulated, but enough to do some crazy poses which would make Saber Alter jealous.
– Nice added detail with the working pistons on Robocop’s heels, they actually move when you move the feet around.
– Robocop’s balancing when posing is top-notch. He would rarely fall, unless windy or poor positioning.

– Lack of any human Murphy face when removing the helmet. All the American toys had some form of gimmick while this one only has two removable helmets.
– My Robocop’s left leg loves popping off, must be a common Figma thing.
– The two-part gun-holder for the right thigh loves popping off at times.
– The pistons on Robocop’s heals have a chance of getting lost during photoshoots, be careful! Have a friend keep an eye on both your figures and the surroundings to make sure nothing gets lost.
– Robocop’s ball-jointed hands are at risk of coming off during complex photoshoots or posing. They help, but they also hinder posing by a tiny bit.
– The few months delay was a bit awkward…..


Thanks for viewing! And remember, do not mess with Robocop or there will be….trouble!