Fate/Extra – PSP – North American version

This was quite unexpected! Fate/Extra actually managed to reach North American shorelines for the PSP. However, there were problems with the shipping causing those interested to wait and wait. Patience! For those that know me shall know that I love Fate/Stay Night and the various other series and games, Fate/Extra obviously entering my collection twice.

(Link – MySite) – Kitsu Caster!~

(All images taken with a Lumix GF1 – Pancake lens of a PSN version – Digital Download.)

I obtained the Japanese limited edition version on July 23rd, 2010 and then the PSN version on Tuesday night due to delivery issues. The Japanese limited edition came with a soundtrack, Fate/The Fact, OST, and Figma Saber Extra (nicknamed Christmas Saber or Canadian Saber by me and Lightningsabre) and was mostly in Japanese. I managed to understand what was going on, however I didn’t get into the story due to the language barrier. I had to use a walkthrough, thus me obtaining this North American version to understand the game 100%.

This game released on Tuesday, November 1st, 2011 and had issues making its way into North American shelves. Nobody had it, or barely had enough to sell it to people. I checked a few locations out and waited until I heard it was on the Canadian PSN market *purchases and downloads*. How much you ask? $24 CAD. Well worth the purchase!

-> Opening:

(Acts like a trailer.)

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The prologue (or preliminaries) places you into a school as a default nameless male character who attempts to investiage vicious supernatural and murders events with the school grounds. Our fellow nameless character is also a member of the journalist club, thus the snooping around. The prologue basically has you running around doing errands for people before you gradually begin to discover your world isn’t an actual world, yet a highly complex digital one.

(Link – MySite) – A Doll Ghost semi-carelessly waltzing on the third floor.

(Link – MySite) – Uh, sure.

For those that played the Japanese game shall know that this game is very text heavy. Sure, there are voices but they’re too limited to know what is actually going on.

The voices are still Japanese while the text is now in English. This is how it should be done!

(Link – MySite)

(Link – MySite)

(Link – MySite) – Truth? You must seek the truth your self! However, “Welcome, potential Master. Do you have what it takes?

(Link – MySite) – First battle is a cinematic; this isn’t the real you!

(Link – MySite) – Who shall you summon?

His story has ended –

But, what about yours?

Before you make your own story,

Choose the vassel of your power.

If you haven’t guessed who I chose already then you need to be smacked with a rubber hammer wielded by Renge! Who did I choose?

(Link – MySite) – A magical fox girl!

(Link – MySite) Maniac!? No no! A trickster! XD

This game behaves like any other RPG when it comes to unlocking and exploring your surroundings. The more you explore the more you’ll uncover. Because of this the choices you make shall either allow you to progress or to reach a “dead end”. If you have one save file then well……you’re screwed!

The game warns you to keep making tons of save files – Thus the numerous save file slots. This is an action-RPG-Visual novel game!

(Link – MySite) – Now what could this be referring to? Twi…?

What…I can’t choose female characters? I have a male one on the Japanese save file, now chill before I send a fox spirit after you! :P.

(Link – MySite) – Now to find the path for the real me!

(Link – MySite) – Yup, the main way to get items from the dungeons. And of course by fighting mobs over and over again.

The more you fight the same type of opponents the more you shall know about it, or them. At first it will be 5 “?” bars with one exposed attack. It is your job to be curious, yet cautious, with your investigations.

I fought “Klein” types over and over until all 6 bars were exposed to me. I did the same with “Inspire” and eventually noticed 4-6 bars exposed. The game wants you to know more, now go get your detective hats and investigate for your own survival!

(Link – MySite) – “Item gheto!~” – As Kitsu Caster would say.

As for combat:

The game has a rock-paper-scissors mechanic. Basically attack beats break, break beats guard, and guard beats attack. Basically no attack is better than another, unless it is a servant’s special attack which is only used once per phase. The battles are turned based where you have to guess what moves your opponents are going to use, memorizing patterns and basically “farming” same opponents to learn more about them.

(Link – MySite)

(Link – MySite) – First two are right, third is disadvantageous for me, and 4th is an “even” attack causing damage to both.

(Link – MySite) – After three straight attacks your servant gets an extra unblock-able turn to attack your opponent.

The Master’s job is to keep both yourself and your servant at tip-top shape before and during combat. You tell your servant what attacks to use, what items to give them, how to equip, and simply interact with the world. You lead and your servant follows.

(Link – MySite) – Room where you make your final decision that shall spark the Holy Grail War.

(Link – MySite) – Give up and fade away from the world or fight for the right to live? Your choice.

(Link – MySite) – I chose to live and to command Kitsu Caster – Fighto!~

(Caster’s theme.)

(Link – MySite)

(Link – MySite)

(Link – MySite) – Introductions aside, it is time to battle! Caster, makes swiss-cheese out of the “bot”.

(Link – MySite)

(Link – MySite)

(Link – MySite) – Kitsu Caster’s combat moves are filled with acrobatic elegance!

(Link – MySite) – Caster’s extra looks beautiful.

(Link – MySite) – Elegance in attack.

(Link – MySite) – Results screen displaying combat & dungeon results. Should be self explanatory, right?

Remember when I said that both your characters realize that their world isn’t what it seems? Well, the majority of the school suffered head-shattering headaches, amnesia-like symptoms, and digital disruptions. That was to weed out the weak from the strong, us players being the “strong”.

Your second character (near the end of the prologue) gets named, gets gendered, and eventually gains command of his or her’s servant – Saber, Archer, or Caster. However, your “avatar” still can’t regain suppressed memories and is treated as an NPC. However, others hint that you are more than what you seem. Apologizes! I got ahead of myself.

During the first summoning and introduction your main character collapsed due to a massive fatigue phase.

Which brings us to……..

(Link – MySite) – You wake up in the school’s infirmary and get a lovely visit from the beautiful Caster (or Saber/Archer) of yours.

(Link – MySite) - 

(Link – MySite)

(Link – MySite)

(Link – MySite) – Ya Rin! You’re no match for me!

(Link – MySite) – Oo, two references! GiTS and….

(Link – MySite)

(Link – MySite)

(Link – MySite) – The arena – You’ll be coming here on a daily basis.

(Link – MySite) – Healing fountain for your grinding needs. Use it to your advantage.

(Link – MySite) – Fighto!~

(Link – MySite)

(Link – MySite) – “This battle reminds me of the battle of Nasu…..Be on your guard!” – Caster

(Link – MySite)

Notice the Chapel in the school’s yard? The one hidden behind the fountain? Go past the Sakura’s medic office and out the door. Now, go towards the chapel to strengthen and spend skill points on your servant’s attributes, this will give you a nice edge on your opponents. Or at least making you equal in combat level. If you’re just starting the game then you shall be guided towards the chapel, do not be alarmed!

(Link – MySite) – Altering your servant’s soul for better battle performance. After all, Caster fought using 5% of her full power.

(Link – MySite)

(Link – MySite)

(Link – MySite) – Caster sleeping after a nice day/night’s work! Sleep well!

Final Thoughts:

Awesome game all around. The way the story flows and is told makes playing it all the more worth it. Both the trivial and the main story bits makes the game fun, the challenge makes you keep trying, and the music adds a nice atmospheric tone to the game. The conversations between the servants and Masters quite amusing, as shown above in screens. Nice to see a different take from only seeing 7 magi and servants to 160-ish from when Fate/Extra starts. Luckily they shall all purge themselves out leaving a nice handful left for you to toy around with, 7 according to the Matrix information.

Now would I recommend this? Yes! Of course! 100%. I don’t care if you like or biasly dislike Fate/Stay Night, this is a must-play game! Not because I love Fate series, but because this game offers a nice challenge for those always whining about easy games. The warning before the main-menu hints at the difficulty level by telling players to keep multiple save-files. *hint hint*

Now I’m curious how this game would play out if the game’s environment was more open and allowed co-op.

–  The music is nicely done. A bit generic when you listen to it alone, but well made as a BGM and for separate listenings.
– You have the option to play it in two languages – English and Japanese – depending on what version you bought.
–  Freedom of gender, name, nickname, and the choice of three Servants – Saber, Caster, Archer.
– Nice detailing on each and every servant. Each one feels significant.
– The freedom to shape your servant’s combat style into your favor with attribute stats.
– I like how every little thing has been added into the game.  Something trivial still ends up being quite amusing or useful in some way, shape, or form.
– Combat system is nicely polished with a rock-paper-scissors type mechanic. No attack becomes the best, unless you count the servant’s special attack. That may only be used once per phase and is well restrained.
– There are different ways to walk around various dungeons/arenas and various game-types in getting Trigger cards. The better you do the better your results in the final combat….or restart!
– The game is quite unforgiving. If you screw up on something you immediately have to restart your week and your hard-earned results. Your fault for screwing up! This game isn’t a game! It’s a tournament! Not a con? Of course! We seek challenges!
– Rin hiding her true desires. For those that watched Fate/Stay Night, played the visual novel, and noticed Rin touching & feeling your character may note that Rin is a bit of a……horny girl? Noting this as comical, you can note this however you want.
– Caster’s personality appears (not proven) to be the best in the game. Her humor, dialogue, and the way she behaves rings true to her vulpine background. However, her true background has yet to be known for those not yet completed the game.
– I like it how the game makes references to other series, books, novels, and such within this game. It also breaks the forth wall at times by poking at the rating – “T Rating” – in Caster’s dialogue.
– You get to decorate your servants room by doing mini-quest and main servant battles.

– North Americans didn’t treat this game with respect. The game had massive trouble and delays being shipped to various stores around the continent (Remember, you Americans aren’t alone :P). Canadians supposedly had their game delayed till November 8th while Americans simply had stock problems.

– Aksys revealed Kitsu Caster’s identity in the Matrix menu. Massive spoiler revealed quite early!
– This is my personal taste: I don’t think ALI Project suits Fate/Extra’s Opening sequence. You can hear them in “Avenger”, “Rozen Maiden”, “Linebarrel”, and this one.
– PS3 had this activation issue with English and Japanese games causing you to choose one over the other. If you have both English and Japanese prepare for hassles with the PSN version.  Minor, but notable.
– The environment isn’t really all that free. It gives you enough room to waltz around, just not enough to explore or do other things. Just like the Holy Grail War, you’re stuck in the fight until you win or die.
– Loss of game progress from one minor error during your investigation periods. The dead ends or your own blunders causes you to restart. Not the game’s fault; noting this as player’s frustration causing them to stop playing. Their loss!


Thanks for viewing! Hope you guys are enjoying the game, or trying to with the silly delays. If I missed anything worthy of mention then do let me know, just be careful of spoilers!