Nendoroid – Mirai Suenaga

Hello folks! Going to review Nendo Mirai, if a bit on the belated side. Had G-Anime 2013 and was a bit “intimidated” by the water decals that came with Mirai. She ventured to GAnime with me and now I can review her! Let’s get on it!

– Mizuki and Fubuki tend to my postal.

(All images taken with a Lumix GF-1 – Pancake lens.)

I obtained Mirai Suenaga from HLJ and received her on Wednesday, January 23, 2013, for those curious. She basically arrived on a foxy Wednesday which amused me. Mizuki and Fubuki tended to my postal needs and made sure nothing happened to her.

Couldn’t review her because of G-Anime nearing (I could, if hastily) so I took her with me only to review her on the next weekend over. She is a blog mascot for Danny Choo – A paid Japan-Anime Otaku doing what he loves best by showing anything Japan.

I obtained Mirai because it’s my way of showing thanks to Danny who got me into loving Japan, Figma, Nendoroids, and into Japan. Well, I love Anime regardless, yet he indirectly assisted with me branching out into other areas like Busou Shinki and photography…and soon a *spoiler*. Even met some like-minded folks in and around my area, as well as over-seas and across the world so it is only fair.

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– Figma Mirai:


Box Art:

The box has a nice simple yet lovable design about it. Nothing too fancy, yet sticking to the Culture; Japan theme of orange and font wise. Few poses are shown on all sides of the box, mostly at the back, showing off how you can pose your Mirai as inspiration.

– What you see is what you get….Mostly. Black packaging with stand base, moekana cards, and water decals aren’t in image.

Mirai has two extra faces to play with, more if you use other Nendo faces. She comes with an itasha-able vehicle to place water decals on, or to leave bare if you’re afraid to place them on the vehicle.

– Instructions on how to play with water decals. I improvised.
– …Also on what parts she comes with and how to piece her together.
– Japanese flag and a black package containing a decorated base stand.

– Moekana and the water decals for you to play with along-side of Mirai. Now you can study Japanese, or your Shinki girls or Dollfies. Whoever and however you want to study them.

You can break the cards apart and use them as you would any other card. If you had a magnifying glass you could study and read every bit of detail on each card, mostly on the character cards.

Mirai Play:

And now to play with Mirai a bit, now that I got her in my possession heh.

– Did I mention she comes with her own droid? No? Well I did now!

– Her hair-pieces have a habit of falling off so poking some fun. The left one (on her right) just simply slides off loosely without warning.
“I love Japan! We love Japan! Be proud Japan!”
I absolutely love Japan from a cultural and traveling stand-point as well. Nice rich history and culture that the Japanese should feel proud of. Stare at that flag of yours and cheer loudly with pride. I say this as I stare at my Canadian flag and see a nice bright red mixed with white.
– Doesn’t hurt to bring in my other Nendo girls! More the merrier.
– <3 Japan!

The little Moekana cards are awesome. My Shinkis can play with them with ease. Well, minus the whole grasping part, but they can hold onto them.

And on a side-note – I should of taken the sweater of of Renge, she isn’t even outside.

– Mizuki and Renge playing with Mirai’s Moekana cards.

And the most intimidating part for last! Finally decided to Ita the car up after seeing other people tackling the challenge. I give myself a 90%, -10% for ripping off noticeable little chunks while going over the finer details with a sharp knife.

– Renge and Mizuki carefully attaching the water decals onto the Itasha. Mizuki using Renge’s blade to smooth out he surface.

– Shhh! It’s truly a very delicate process. Thanks to this, me and my Shinkis now know how to (properly) play with water decals heh.
– Little messes but still looking awesome. I tried ^_^.


GAnime 2013 images:

And some re-shares from GAnime 2013! She came along for a Doll gathering and to see if I could attract any lurking Danny Choo comrades or followers.

– Someone “created” this scene this nice “awkward” image to share 🙂

Final Thoughts:

Quite a nice lovely Nendoroid this one is. Her flaws have been polished up noticeably more than her Figma counter-part, and she has loads of accessories making her not so “milk-cash” oriented. She comes with more than enough accessories along with mini-moekana cards and a customizable mini-car, even though I’m not all that interested in the car.

I have to compliment the stands as well because Marika’s stand seemed half-assed to me.  Not the arm, but the base itself. Mirai comes with two nice stands, one even for car-use (hers).

The flaws on the other hand range from her right (on image’s left – above) without any real warning. You could easily loose her hair-piece if you’re not being careful, easily distracted while in a conversation or similar. Also, there is no real way to pose Mirai in the car without using the stand. No thought came up with Shinki’s standing on their own. They want you to use their clear stand.

Want to have fun with water decals? Hope you’re the careful and cautious type because these can cause your patience to drain quickly. One rip or tear in the decal and you may find yourself raging. I would recommend playing with the decals when you’re ready, not when you first get the nendo.

Would I recommend her? Yes, if you’re a Danny Choo and Mirai fan, and if you want more accessories. With or without being a DC fan you will enjoy her.


– Mirai looks lovely in nendo form with no real flaws seen.
– She comes with Moekana cards, Water decals, and loads of accessories which should be praised. Two extra face-plates and arms compliment Mirai. GSC needs to stop sending figures with lacking accessories, even if funding issues.
– Comes with her own little droid (probably mecha equipper or helper droid).
– Two stands/bases to pose your Mirai with.
– There is quite a bit to choose from when it comes to water decal choices. You can choose what to place where.


 – Her front right pony-tail has a habit of falling off on a whim. 
– Water decals can be a curse to those that don’t have patience or are cursed with hand instability. It intimidates people, especially when taking images.
– Mirai can’t stand in her vehicle without a stand. I prefer posing my figures without a base whenever possible to bring more life into images.

Thanks for viewing and pardon the delay! You can now enjoy my Mirai review, I hope!