G-Anime Con Kon – 2013

Hello folks! Ottawa-Gatineau had an Anime Convention on the french side this weekend with me meeting up with fellow figure.fm’ers and Doll owners. Just joined up on a whim and tried taking images of cosplayers whenever I could.

– Dollfies and doll gathering; My stuff out of shot.

(All images taken with a Lumix GF-1 – Pancake lens.)

G-Anime is a very nice anime convention with no actual reason to dislike it. Hasn’t disappointed me, even in the slightest. I enjoy going there each and every year now. I did however notice fewer – quarter to half – less people there than usual. Probably just me seeing less for the time I spent hanging around at the Doll gathering in the food court than the upper main floor. Quite some nice high-qualitycosplays this year as well.


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– Caster, Renge, and Mirai nendo show off their love of Japan.

– Kodama – fellow figure.fm’er – brought all of his Dolls and Dollfies so show off at the Doll gathering. Most of the bigger Dollfies you see are his. I like his miko girl, quite nice.

– Spotted this guy snoozing away; Amusing.
– Came back from my cosplay image hunt to find this – People taking images of my Tama-chan and friends (other Dolls). Surprised me.

– Lovely kimono cosplay. It is very simple which makes it all that more awesome. I want to say Japanese Doll type beautiful.

– The girl’s side of the table with their Dolls.

– Awesome quality Halo suit. I don’t like it when people play games because other people force them to – I.e Halo & WOW – but I do approve of people going out of their way in making or obtaining high-quality outfit or costumes to show their love. This Halo suit is one of those cosplays that I can give me respect to for the detailing on it, the lights and rifle. Same to the Japanese-fied Predator outfit with the respect. +4 to you guys!

People should do what they like, not what others want them to do. Just putting that out there.

– Watching the Fairy Tail anime made me appreciate/take notice of these cosplays more so; Lovely cuddly Aries!


– Two Dino’s let loose into the convention. RUN! Hide in the kitchen as they tap the floor with their hunting claws!

Took these shots a bit from a-far because I was almost in the line-of-sight of another Professional photographer. He had a long lens on his camera while going back further and further. Some people packing some very serious expensive cameras while taking things a bit too seriously. Do as you wish and hope the results will be worth it.

– TF2 silliness.
– Minecraft! – “That’s a nice Anime Con you have there, it would be a shame if anything were to happen to it Ssssssss~”

– Returned to reposition the gang with new arrivals. Tama-chan also kept falling with those loose joints of hers :(.


– Hehehe~………”?”

One of Kodama’s vampire girl goes to bite the new attendee of their fresh blood. Yummy.

– My girls end up being moved around as more dolls enter the gathering; Two twins end up eventually playing with Sakura.
– That tense moment when people touch your dolls, especially Tama-chan with her very loose joints. When someone touched Tama I froze up hoping she wouldn’t fall or lose her pose.

Saw the Imperial Guard in the Dealer’s room yet took an image of him when I saw him waltzing around the food court. Can’t go wrong with Imperial Guards, nor with their red Interceptors. Also kick-ass to find at least one person as Yuno from Mirai Nikki!

Some guy in his 50’s or 60’s was eating at a table for a long while until he confusingly walked up to us and asked what this “gathering” was about. We told him it was an Japanese Anime Convention where people share their passion/interest/love to such. Something like a Star Trek gathering. Basically where people gather to show off their love for Anime. Hope he recovered from his confusion.

– Sakura playing with the little ones as Tama-chan plots away.

– Tama-chan proudly taking command of Kodama’s girls. Tama-chans new minions kon!~

Took a liking to Kodama’s Vampire girl and his Sakura from Sakura Wars. The vampire outfit looks amazing and makes suits her purple hair. Sakura simply looks beautiful in her Sakura-themed kimono.

Was about this time we wandered off to the upper floor, both us grabbing attention of a few people. Tama-chan is indeed cute which is obvious from her foxy attributes. No way you can dislike Tama-chan.

– Tama-chan felt the need to bless the area using Kodama’s gifted bracelet as well as to ward off any evil. Kodama rewarded Tama with a nacho for her hard work. Good deeds need to be rewarded :).

Also fun trying to catch cosplayers to snap an image. They keep waltzing around doing their own thing while you’re just trying to take images. Fun trying to take images of them.

Renge also ordered me around to get her a weapon similar to what Kodama’s girl had. She wanted something exotic and nice looking to show off her deity status as well as to use as a brutal fighting accessory against other Shinkis. The sword is heavy for her so she’ll be wielding it on special occasions making that sword more valuable.

– One last final gathering before we wandered off and away from the con.

*Note to self – Do not take images with jackets or items in hand or you will take horribly blurry images.

Luckily I got an image to share of this beautiful cosplayer.

Was graving the Sushi from the last time I went to G-Anime. The sushi they have there is awesome tasting. Going to try turning this into a con-tradition of mine.

Not sure if I heard this right but was told by Kodama that nearby people supposedly thought of me as being weird or similar by placing Renge next to my sushi to take pictures. Sorry, but I’m going to do what I want and you need to do weird things to get the best results. I mean look, the images were worth the weirdness :).

– Renge wanting to serve me Sushi; Was served with a fork so I ate with a fork.
– Added soya and the fresh-tasting wasabi – nice juicy & spicy sushi! Graving more just by looking.

Was worth going and I had my fun, both in the Doll meet and the cosplay side. Also had my salmon sushi so I’m overly happy. Great images to share off as well. Sadly, my only regret is not taking an image of the full moon over the Parliament building. That’s going to bug me for a long long while.

Thanks for viewing and hope you enjoyed my images. Also hope you had fun at the con and the meet for those that went. Kon!