Busou Shinki TV – Episode 13 (OVA)

Greetings again fellow Busou Shinki folks! Episode 13 of Busou Shinki released late June, early July with me watching it then and reviewing it now. I’ve been waiting patiently for this OVA and am now wanting to share and review it.

– Eukrante flying past on a kidnapping mission.

(All images taken using Fraps and Windows Media Player; Feel free to right-click and open images in a new tab or window.)

This OVA focuses on Ann going through Front-Line issued check-ups at a facility, Front-Line themed mall, or simply a Shinki hospital within the states. . Similar to taking same-make vehicle to the factory, same thing with the Shinki.  Meanwhile, an Eukrante and a Zielbellen plot a way to steal an AI system through body-swapping by using Hina’s and Ann’s body before Hina even met Rihito.

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– Eukrante awaiting chance to snatch the all important AI system.

– A playful nurse toying with Ann’s system settings making her bounce around in awkward and suggestive poses.

That’s quite some interesting equipment for the Shinkis. There are various kinds of screens – typical holographic screen displays and an x-ray image on the wall to name two.

Quite an ecchi nurse this Oorbellen nurse is by playfully gliding her hand down Ann’s chest and back, into her butt. These Shinki’s, sexually frustrated it seems heh.

– An embarrassed Ann unsure how to react while being played with in a suggestive manner.

– No weapon accessories in hospitals!

Not even Shinki’s are safe from magazine advertisements. All that media brainwashing to be the “perfect” shinki, similar to Dollfie owners adding various sized bust sizes on their dolls with Peach Pais.

Enjoy the Jelly Can advertisements! Your Shinkis need to stay hydrated somehow heh. This is what I like about this anime that it fills in world to be Shinki oriented.

– Spin! Spin right around during your fake medical check-up and a body-swap.

– “Ah! Don’t worry, she’s simply in maintenance mode. She shall be fine soon.” – Nurse Zielbellen

I actually approve of this design of this Front-Line facility with people going up and down the escalator. Going to assume there is a mini-Shinki store with Front-Line only Shinkis and accessories below along with a place to check-in & out your Shinkis personally.

– Shinki security possibly attempting to find the intruder being Zielbellen, or just a simple security response to the AI system being accessed in the network. I’d love to know what type those security Shinkis are.

– HEY! WHY are you cleaning your weapon?! (She isn’t Ann, Ines :P)

– “Oh? Who are you?” – Ann

She quickly finds out she’s been placed into Hina’s body, without knowing Hina yet. Her body has been swapped with a special AI in Ann’s body. The Oorbellen doctors attempted to assist Ann only to attempt to capture her by Zielbellen’s imposter-issued doctor orders.

– Found this scene highly amusing with Hina as Ann, Ines, and Lene cleaning their weapons.

– “How can we believe you’re Ann when she is right here?”

– I would LOVE to see such Shinki structure scenery dotted around my local park & in Japan; Hina as Ann struggling with the Jelly Can issue.
– Ann, you look so mischievous here with that facial expression. So cute. Kon!
– Hina’s embarrassed and distressed facial expression…..Poor Hina 🙁

– Ann boasting how kind-hearted and awesome Rihito is as a Master.

– Evil grin –
– One giant gassy Shinki-fart and kick later….
– K.O’d! Ann, Hina, Ines and lene “Love” up!

(Apologies for ruining that moment, that ass-crack Oorbellen has. Quite revealing for a nurse’s outfit :P. If those patients were human males they’d die of blood-loss, or stay hospitalized for a lengthy period because of such.)

– Adorable! Hina, you’re so damn cute with that Sakura pedal on your head heh.

– The gals & Rihito enjoying a lovely picnic under blooming Sakura trees. Rihito, go get a more appropriate and less suggestive shirt.
– I just died from Hina’s adorable cuteness….Cuteness overload!

And that’s a gorgeous wrap! No word on second season yet.


Final Thoughts:

I found this episode quite amusing. I also found this episode to be quite cute with Ann’s pranking face and Hina’s adorable face. It was a fun, amusing, and cute episode with some prequel information being implied and mentioned. Quite ecchi and suggestive at times as well.

The way this episode finally filled us in how Hina is a special Shinki, that she has a special AI, and possibly even implying how Hina was gifted to Rihito. It filled us in as to why Hina was a special Shinki, if implied or not. Also, how they took the liberty of switching Hina and Ann around by having Ann unintentionally prank Hina and vice versa in situations was highly amusing.

I’ve enjoyed the Moon Angel OVA, the Anime, and even this. The little combat it had, the comedy, and the technology the Shinkis were equipped with in this possibly alternate time-line of Shinkis being quite interesting. Food for thought. Their use of GPS, credit cards, and how structures and places are Shinki friendly – Front-Line being both Shinki & Human friendly. I had fun with it and enjoyed reviewing this show as a whole, even this OVA.

I however dislike Rihito as a Master. He could have been designed better still. A mushroom shirt? That’s a Japanese way of displaying the male’s genital area. He’s wearing his genital on his shirt. Unsure if intentional or not. Though nice they “reunited” for a picnic at the end.

I can’t find myself hating the show as other people. I’ve enjoyed the show so much with the little things it added amused me and had me thinking a lot about how their world and hours would co-exist. I enjoyed it so much that I want them to make a second season in a more Angelic Layer manner. I’ll agree that it have been more serious, though that slice-of-life Anime was a nice perspective to the show that it was still enjoyable. Silly, but nice. That doesn’t mean I should treat the show as a pile of shit because it is a comical slice-of-life, just a different perspective with people’s expectations being far too high. I wish they would continue on or even have a more serious spin-off for those that are familiar with Busou Shinki series for being overly serious and tragic at times. That part I’ll agree with when people keep complaining how “crappy” the show was.

I would enjoy a nice serious Shinki combat show, especially with Renge in it.


Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed the Busou Shinki TV show, I know I did. Second season, Battle Masters MK. II, Shinki Nendo, and more Shinki figures please! 😛