Busou Shinki TV – Episode 09

Hello folks! Time to chase after a stubborn Onigiri that leads Lene into a impoverished society seeking a savior!

– Please Savior! Come help us in our time of need!

(All images taken from Zero-Raw’s Episode 09 using Fraps and WMP.)

Lene! This is your episode to shine! Instead of having all four singing at once I enjoyed listening to Lene singing the OP solo.

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– Just looking at this makes it seem generic yet watching it I find this highly amusing and accurate. Note what the right figure is holding.

The whole “Egyptian-esque” beginning was quite….amusing and very random. Just seems like Shinkis simply roleplaying like kids at a playground. Looking at it seriously though……what Shinki made it and how were they able to predict the future? ->Ancient Aliens<-

Quite nice seeing the Type Fencer Shinkis; Type Fencer – Pearl Oorbellen and Type Fencer – Obsidian – Zilveren. Correct me if I’m wrong.

– Shinkis living the traditional Japanese life by practicing their haiku; Hina disapproves of Lene’s Haiku.

Shinkis may apparently receive text messages other than receiving phone calls on their miniature phones! 😮 That’s nice feature that I want in a Shinki. Ok, where do I trade in my phone to get a living Renge or Kohiru with the same features? Also, “From: Master” still annoys me because it treats Rihito as a generic character and Master. If you’re going to name him Rihito then place his name somewhere other than calling him Master! My pet peeve from this show.

Sorry, but 8-Bit Studio, take more care of Rihito! If you’re going to do a special Blu-Ray addition then edit in Rihito call him such at least once! Show us his ID that he in fact Rihito. I can only imagine his friends calling him “Master”.

– Rihito being “hungry to the point of death” is requesting Ann and his Shinkis to deliver his lunch all because he forgot. MARCH! Aines and Lene lost in Rock-paper-scissors heh.

– We have a runaway Onigir! Run Lene run!
– While Lene chases an Onigiri, Aines calmly enjoys her drink heh. Loving Aines here.

After some tumbling and a bump forcing Lene into “stand-by” mode later……

So what I gathered – Shinkis abandoned by their Masters gathered up in this town which got taken over by Cloudy? All the Shinkis end up doing street-like things by behaving like gangsters, drinking “illegal” things and etc. I’ll assume that the two Fencer types and Zelnograd are the “resistance fighters”. Yes, yes, I should watch the subs but then my images would look ugly.

– Graffias Type Scoprion to the left along with Vespelio, Partio, and Schmetterling.

– Come quietly or this Onigiri gets it! Funny enough, that Onigiri is actually treated as an entity. As for Ach…such bad “street” taste.

– “Now! Bow down to me and call me ‘Cloudy!’, your new Master.”

– This belongs to me! Now this Onigiri will pay!

Just have to note that Cloudy’s Throne room looks quite….007’s like with all those evil villains heh. You got giant fishes swimming behind with a “giant” cat hanging out lazily next to her. Luckily, Busou Shinki didn’t pull a 007. Instead, it pulled out a typical generic Savior vs Villain which Busou Shinki did well for the fun of it.

Eukrante fitting the villain “Empress” type…sure. It works, and I know someone from BusouShinkiWorld community who will approve of it.

– Poor MaoChao for being used as a hamster on a wheel to charge up Yda on a cradle :(. Now I feel bad for laughing at them “Team Rocketting” off into the sky.

Oh? This show tries heavily to censor what other Shinki Masters looks like. This one just barely managed to get through! MaoChao and Howling have an actual Master! Good! They’re not “stray” Shinkis after all, but troublesome playful neighbors heh. As for the Master, she looks like an innocent behaving child with two mischievous Shinkis.

– Poor MaoChao has her Master’s gift holed up by a slutty Ach 🙁

– Poor Hina forced to wait practices her Haiku; Cute Blush; Hina isn’t the patient type.

Orbelleen Reminds me of Saber from Fate/Stay Night and Jeanne D’Arc from the PSP game & Fate/Zero Anime. She has that aura about her.

– There, there MaoChao. You’ll see your Master soon, and your Savior ^_^. *Hands a tissue*.

Zelnograd torching the place up using Taiyaki molotov explosives!

– I don’t know what it is about her expression but I just melted. Too cute? Beautiful? Adorable? Something like that.

– Checkmate!

– “I’ve been expecting you. Now! Give me the best fight you possibly can!” *Insert evil laughter*

– Two friends and Type Fencers forced to fight one another.

– Pearl vs Obsidian – The music that played throughout this caught my attention and I approve.
– “You took your time so I came to check.” – Hina; Hina to the rescue!

– Nice, but how is snow yellow? Maybe artificial snow if someone peed in it, but still… XD; No custom armor for a “Gangster Queen” Eukrante?

– Note the first image in this article with the above image and this; We learned not to piss off Ann and today we learn the same with Lene. Hell! Don’t piss off anybody.

– Your evil overlord has been defeated! YAY! – I spy Sharatang, Mizuki Type 2, and Kohiru! Nice to see my gals doing fine 🙂



And Rihito was left to starve that day due to Shinkis having a heroic adventure…..

I say this was an awesome episode centered around Lene being the savior for Shinki kind heh. She saved Shinkis from the ghettos and from the Cloudy Overlord.  Sadly, she didn’t get her own song like Ann. This episode was a lot of fun in a nice way, even if predictable from your typical Anime plot about Heroes & Villains. It somehow managed to keep that little darkness in it throughout. We also managed to find out who Howling & MaoChao’s Master is.

I enjoyed this episode a lot, yet Rihito keeps bringing it down because of 8-Bit studio’s decision to generalized his character. Rihito as a character is dragging the whole thing back, not because he is generic but because 8-Bit made him out to be generic. Those not doing research about the show won’t know his name. *Kicks 8-Bit Studio*.

As for the music and fights, nicely done! The battle music for the Fencers caught my attention the most while the fights that were added were entertaining.


Preview – Merry Christmas!Episode 10:

We’re getting a Christmas-themed Episode next week featuring Tsugaru, a Shinki I have. Sadly, this one is a full-body type so not so much mine. Well whatever, we’re getting the tsundere Tsugaru whom might be assisting Ann with some sneaky Master-attracting tasks heh. Aines? Is that Aines wearing an office outfit? I’m going to go ahead an assume the Shinkis will be assisting their Master gain extra cash for gifts to give Tsugaru.

Arnval also looks cute in that Santa Outfit! I do want for my Shinkis!

– This end card is brilliant! I love it! Shinki concert. I would actually attend one if I had the chance to; I spy Benio, Fubuki (both), Kohiru, Mizuki Type 2, Ach (obviously), and Tsugaru.

Nice use of Sharatang’s light disks. I see Gab, but no Renge. Guess I’ll just give up on wishing to see Renge get a cameo. *zips up lips*

See you for episode 10!