Busou Shinki TV – Episode 06

Hello fellow Busou Shinki fans! Rihito and his beloved four Shinkis all prepare to head back from Okinawa, getting caught up in some shinki caused terrorist chaos. For those that wanted a serious Busou Shinki episode have episode 06 to look forward to!

– Just another fine day at the Okinawa airport.

(All images taken from Zero Raw – Episode 06 using Window Media Player and Fraps.)

With the adventurous way they left Tokyo to Okinawa, they leave Okinawa just as soon normally head back to Tokyo. Rihito and his Shinkis all prepare and wait to board their plane until Aines carelessly slips off the Shinki made moving walkway/sidewalk. An Arnval unit dressed up in pilot or a flight attending attire assists her back up.

The real fun starts when everybody is on the plane after the take-off phase, Aines gets all curious. They all bump into Eukrante, the one that won the race, and eventually discover three Arnval flight attendants scheming to blow up the plane.

This all leads into a lovely action-filled episode make those seeking seriousness jump for joy, such as myself. An action-packed serious Busou Shinki episode filled with some semi-chessy bomb-defusing punch-lines.


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– Ann easily amused by another Arnval’s pilot/flight attended uniform.

– Aines mesmerized by an Arnval in flight attendant uniform; Hina could care less.

Wait a minute! Moving walkways specifically designed for Shinkis?! Airports recognize Shinkis as something special as humans? You just caught me being highly surprised! Now that is awesome, and do want that in my airport, and any other airport around the world! Shinki’s running mini-errands and just scanning the airport as any kid or curious passenger would. From the looks of things, the moving walkway also has a ramp going down to feet level.

Hoping co-pilot and flight attendant Shinkis get scanned as any other. Seeing Aines and Ann both admire that flight attendant Arnval was highly amusing. Who get’s to see a Shinki on the job, and in uniform?

– Bright Feather – Type Nurse – When not in combat Shinkis may assist in specific fields they were designed for, like Bright Feather units nursing back to health.

Speaking of Shinkis on the job, Rihito caught the news explaining how effective Shinkis are at their role in the work-place. For example, we have Grapprap – Type Builder – assisting with mini-construction, Bright Feather (type nurse) nursing patients back to health,Merienda (Type Spoon) surfing a Sundae, and Schmetterling (Type Butterfly) who sings to the public.

For Schmetterling simply think of pop stars or Miku Hatsune performing on stage at concert or Anime convention somewhere. Hey! That is an awesome idea actually, hope it happens. Seen her sing people to death (in a cute way) in Battle Rondo MMO.

– Schmetterling pleasing the masses in a concert. What does your main Shinki want to do?

– Aines mocking Hina about what she might do at a workplace. Lene wants to specialize in fashion; Ann as a teacher; and Hina as a wrestler. All were surprised by Hina’s choice.

– I know this show isn’t about planes but look! USE THE RUNWAY! Not the taxi-way, or the parking area! Look! Google Maps shows it has a nice long runway. This is like watching kids fly planes in a Flight Simulator multiplayer lobby. So painful to look at.

– “Just taking a little harmless peak.” – Aines

– They just found one another on board, oh the coincidences!

– Eukrante getting all proud of her vacation with her Master that she is happily displays her souvenir and images. She attempts to provoke Ann into showing her images with her Master.

– They set us up the bomb!

Unsure if that little bomb could actually pack a punch to bring down a plane, but I’m pretty sure cargo holds are now tough enough to withstand a general fire breaking out in the cargo hold. Looks like a phone, nendo, or even fist sized bomb. Would hazard a guess and say it would puncture a hole causing forcing the plane to divert to the closest airport for an emergency landing.

I’ll leave the specific details to a bomb expert, I’m simply guessing. Those trio Arnvals do mean business! I like their seriousness yet dislike their smug face. Ann ends up being oblivious of the situation due to her grabbing a micro-card with images on it. She gradually learns of the situation.

– Hey! That looks just like Tempesta’s armor! Oh? She didn’t turn black so that means she has colored armor. Pst: Tempesta is a prototype Shink from the Moon Angel animei; This Arnval is a normal customized one.

– Rihito is into UFO’s? Being oblivious is bliss right about now.

– Thanks Ann! You saved Eukrante from the Terrorist Arnval allowing her to blow that foe to bits! Emergency warning? Shinki frame and modules reaching critical. That Arnval means business.

– Loved this scene with Ann impersonating the defeated Arnval. Nice thumbs up moment from Eukrante along with Ann’s hilarious facial expressions. Nice mix between comedy and seriousness.

– Red gear this time? Arnval the Red Comet! Char Kick! Lots of minor damages being done to the plane.

– “How do we know you aren’t an imposter?” – Aines to Ann.

– The red or blue wire reference being constantly mentioned and poked fun at. Which one is the lucky wire?

That’s going to leave a mark on the plane……

– “Sucks” to be that Arnval…(bad) punny~

– Arnval vs Arnval – A game of which Arnval is Ann.
– Shinkis are able to search up Serial Numbers of each and every Shinki? As helpful as that is, it didn’t help Aines out in the Arnvals vs Arnval fight.

– Look familiar? – Tempesta Image.

– “What is my name?” – Hina @ Ann; Love that expression.
– The proper way to open up the chest to expose the CSC cores; The improper way to access the CSC cores. The three CSC cores determines the Shinki’s attributes. You’ll have to reset the Shinki fully (personality and all) to swap the CSC Cores around so choose carefully! Did you notice the heart shape in the bottom left image with exposed CSCs?

– Zelnograd to the rescue!……..wait….what? Those are Arnvals? Oh wow….a large squad of Arnvals with guns and armor. You’re telling me that bomb explosion was a hologram swapped in through the visualizer? Clever. Eurkante is safe, but knocked-out still.

– All’s well that ends well! Now to head back home!

Master simply knows his Shinkis, natural intuition!

Quite a nice episode! Nice and entertaining with the action. Has a nice mix between comedy and action. As predicted it is starting to get serious roughly half-way through eventually leading up to the poss at the end. I’m hoping it does stay serious because what I know and love will be shown in these remaining episodes. The whole terrorist thing is a touchy subject (I think) with me being glad it didn’t poke at any unnecessary buttons to cause this to go all “nice boat”. Quite pleased more Shinkis are making a cameo in some form, as with the news filling people in on how they’re useful in workplaces and similar.

The fights actually flowed and connected nicely. The music during the fight actually was noteable, with it peaking my interest in wanting the OST. Sadly, the planes were an after-thought for 8-Bit studios which disappointed me. Rihito didn’t even question the whole terrorist thing. He simply grabbed his Shinkis and buggered off. No curiosity at all….He was likeable in this episode though.

I rated all but episode 05 with an 8/10 (7 for ep 05), with me rating episode 06 a 9 to a 9.5/10.

Until next time!


Episode 07 Preview:

A Halloween themed episode airing during the post-Halloween it seems. Yay! This episode contains Fubuki, one of the Shinkis I have and the main Shinki you used to get in Battle Rondo for free. Always did like Fubuki, especially in Battle Rondo. Do equally like her MK 1 figure (without wings). This episode shall take a possible folklore-ish route with Fubuki haunting the area? Time to be patient and find out next Thursday.

– Fubuki haunting the area? That’s my guess. Can’t wait to see episode 07!
– Kohiru! Yes! A Shinki I own and love is used in an end card! Lovely end card as well! I highly approve! She’s even being played with her own chopsticks on some ramen heh.

See you for episode 07! I’m looking forward to this! Just as I predicted that things would pick up roughly half-way through heh. Can we visit a Fox Shrine to pay respects to Renge who is tending to the shrine? Kon!~