A’K’s Anime Viewing – 10/12/13 – R6

Heyo! With the summer anime done and over with the fall season dumps hordes of Anime with loads of potential in every one. Some have even made me highly excited to view more episode which shows a nice healthy sign that Anime still is doing well.

– Arpeggio of Blue Steel: Ars Nova is my favorite Anime this season; I-401 vs the Fog Fleet. Reminds me of the times I played Silent Hunter 3.

(All images taken from WMP & Fraps;  Right-click on any image of interest to view.)

I had fun with the Spring & Summer Animes with fall dropping loads of beauty onto the viewing table. There is so much that I’m actually quite excited, slightly overwhelmed, and enjoying each and every Anime I picked up so far. When people say “Anime needs rescuing” or similar are just seeking attention because Anime still is as healthy as it was back then. They are simply blind or seeking trouble so I can’t see how Anime is doing horribly when the fall season looks promising with loads of high potential.


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IS: Infinite Stratos 2:

Infinite Stratos makes a return and it isn’t Busou Shinki! Not even in the slightest! I enjoyed the first season, though wishing it would have had more combat, that I simply had to pick this up to see how much further Infinite Stratos could continue on. From what I seen of season two so far has me enjoying it so far.

We return to Ichika being as dense and stupid as always. Even with the answer right in his face he can’t compute something as simple as 2+2=4 type equations. Luckily though Ichika isn’t isn’t why I watch the show, it is because of the girls, Charles, the comedy, and the armor. I’ve also been giving something new to watch – Luaura + Charlotte yuri love & the cat outfits. Charlotte is stuck once again being in a male role as she is turned into a butler.

Shall be fun seeing how Russia disrupts the already fragile balance between Ichika and the girls along with his sister stirring up trouble while seeking the Infinite Stratos unit. Well, that’s what I gathered from the first episode at the very least.

Reaction: Interested; Being amused by the girl’s silly antics in seducing a brain-dead Ichika while also enjoying the battles it does have.

Kyoukai no Kanata:

– An immortal and a Yui look-a-like with the ability to control blood.

A show about Mirai Kuriyama with the ability to control blood and a half youmu immortal Akihito Kanbara. Akihito unwillingly decides to assist Mirai with her troubles as Mirai constantly seeks to slay Akihito repeatedly throughout the first encounter on the roof-top. He also decides to assist her due to her being unable to combat other youmu due to her emotional fear and weakness from being mostly isolated from others of similar kind.

I actually find this interesting with it being the nice balance between somewhat comical and supernatural seriousness. It isn’t too much in one or the either from the very start while also reminding me of Kokoro Connect through the vibe and music. I may be wrong though I still manage to notice Kokoro Connect type vibes sprinkled throughout the show. The art style is beautiful and clean. No noticeable gripes to be noted due to beauty of the scenery, characters, and animations. It is quite nice seeing that the “youmu” aren’t just enemies but also peaceful or even neutral. There are all kinds of them to populate the world which should hopefully be touched upon in more detail from episode 2 onward.
The music itself is also noteworthy with how nice it sounds. Always have to note the music because it makes or breaks a show while also conveying he mood. This show has nothing to worry about, currently, about failing. It currently sounds enjoyable with no real composition errors.

Mirai also reminds me of a grade higher Yui Hirasawa from K-ON! with her silly bubbly behavior and social awkwardness. Very air-headed. Her appearance makes her quite….comical and as mentioned, socially awkward. Looks the same but with pink/light brown hair and “cute” glasses. Trying to have my mind separate Yui from Mirai so I can actually see Mirai as her own character as her designer intended her to be.

I’m expecting this show to teach Mirai how to appropriately tend to Youmu situations in a more mature and efficient manner in a less “air headed” manner. All to basically guide Mirai onto a confident and proud self character combating Youmu.

Reaction: Interested; Seems like a fun show in that serious manner with a touch of beautiful characters and scenery. Shall watch to see Mirai grow as a character among the other content within the supernatural side of things.

Kill La Kill:

I must say that this show truly is awkward in that comical yet serious in that awkward type manner. It uses 80’s Anime style to influence the animation and art style while jabbing itself with various kind of comical punch-lines and tones, though makes sure it does so in that serious depressing yet enjoyable manner. Unsure of the exact words to use but that is what comes to mind in how I would describe this show – awkwardly comical in that serious manner with an 80’s vibe. The art style reminds me of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann silly and comical.

Every joke and punchline is basically stretched as far as they could in an attempt for the absurdly awkward comedy. Everything is exaggerated to a large degree for comical effect.

Matoi Ryuuko’s main goal is to find who once wielded her scissor blade’s other half due to a murder of her fathers. She transfers into her new school almost immediately stirring up trouble to find the culprit who killed her fatherr, only to lose and obtain a new outfit to combat Goku outfits with ease. A perverted sentient special black outfit at that which transforms into a sexy revealing open type outfit.

The music itself is noteworthy due to the rock/metal type soundtrack along with the composer that made soundtracks for Shingeki no Kyojin near the end of episode one of Kill La Kill.

Reaction: Highly Interested; Quite silly and amusing with the 80’s serious & comical vibe it has. I’m willing to see where this goes.

Magi: The Kingdom of Magic:

– Aladdin – The Magi of Creation.

I enjoyed the first season a hell of a lot that I just had to jump into the second season. It still stays just as serious, comical, and enjoyable as the first. The music stays the same with possible new music to wander in as the episodes air.

More magic, more chaos and destruction to be had along with deception and all out war. It shall be just as chaotic from the looks as the first season. That tense and serious atmosphere one should expect with Magi that is also sprinkled with comedy here and there.

I also find it interesting that male-female pairings being gradually or openly being changed to add twists in the story. I’m amused at Alibaba’s & the Kou Princess pair while saddened by Aladdin’s saddened pairing with another gorgeous girl. It all flows in a nice interesting manner.

I have high hopes for this series while also enjoying the character types almost to their fullest. Morgiana being the most favorite out of them all for me along with Yamuraiha following closely in second.


Reaction: Highly Interested and entertained. I enjoyed the first season wanting to see where the second shall go. Already enjoying the first two episodes.



– With death of a past priestess Makoto becomes the new priestess able to see Gintarou, Makoto’s fox familiar.

Quite an interesting show I have to say. One that I picked up both because it is about a fox messenger and because of people spamming my Tumblr. So far I’m actually quite pleased with the laid back slice-of-life manner it has with a touch of beautiful semi-emotional pulling tracks while curious to find if it will take a sadder or simply a simple sorrowful path.

The show is simply about a young priestess who can see and command her fox familiar while being the 15th in the line. They both act and behave as they would making this show a “slice-of-life”. Quite a simple yet enjoyable Anime that I shall watch with and without my love for foxes.

The only downside I can see with this show would be the constant appearance of schoolgirls being obnoxiously rude while flaunting their horribly angry-twisted facial expressions (view episode one of Little Busters!: Refrain with the two school girls provoking Kurugaya).

Reaction: Interested; Quite a simple yet beautiful show with simple yet touching music. Do like the idea of the fox staying in a furry fox form. Do however wish the “bitch girls” shall be kept to a minimum.

Little Busters!: Refrain:

– Enjoying the first season that I had to jump on the second.

I quite enjoyed the first season that I had to jump onto the second to see how everything would continue or conclude. The first was amusing, saddening, thought provoking, and at times provoked tears to form in a similar manner to Clannad, Air, Kanon (both), Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi and Angel Beats. I’m sure I’m missing an Anime there but the point is that anything made by Key tends to play with your emotions in one way or another. I’m expecting everything to turn for the worst in a stormy manner awaiting the aftermath of either an unshattered friendship or everybody scattered while going on about their new lives. I haven’t played the visual novel so I’m basically going blind.

The music in this show is simply beautiful! Each track provokes happiness, sadness, joy, fun, and that loneliness one would expect from Key affiliated music. The same soundtrack is also used while adding more from the opening, ending, and some handful more tracks for another soundtrack disc.

One thing to note is to NEVER ever piss off Kurugaya or any other character or person in life unless you want to end up as that door Kurugaya smashed to bits. I’ll admit it was both fun and scary at the very same time. I’m pretty sure I’d “shrink” into nothingness when faced directly with her rage. I also enjoy seeing Kurugaya’s varying emotions. She looks gorgeous expressing her emotions

Time for a time-loop moment.

Reaction: Highly Entertained; This show I find is a work of beauty with how beautiful it is and how it pokes on your various emotions. Expecting good things with this show.

Strike the Blood:

This show is actually quite interesting with how the story is set up. Everything supernatural is all placed in the Demon District for protection and research purposes with the main character being a human and vampire who is unwilling to be a vampire. He constantly struggles with his new vampire desires of feeding on fresh blood while being troubled by a cute stalker named Yukina.

I love the character designs and behavior in this show so far. Appears to be on a budget with the animation style and character designs which doesn’t really matter so far. Everything is quite enjoyable with our Vampire and an apprentice Sword Shaman teasing and provoking one another in amusing ways. Also expecting our vampire buddy feasting on Yukina on occasions to “deal with” other demonic foes on various occasions.

The music is also on the interesting side. It sounds neat, nothing special though…for now. Soundtrack may get interesting so shall keep an ear open towards such The opening and ending do sound and look interesting which is a plus for this show.

Reaction: Highly amused and interested; Show is on that comical, cute, and semi-serious note while interesting enough to watch. Loving the style.

Tokyo Ravens:

Not to sure what to think about this show but I am enjoy it. It has that slice-of-life with Harutora being someone who doesn’t want to become an onmyouji. He is constantly being nudged and poked only to end up venting his frustration of constantly being pushed when he simply wants to live a simple life with his two friends.

I hopped onto this show expecting “K Project” style Animation, action, and silliness while wanting to check on foxy character named “Kon”. Silly name with many jokes to be had for “Kon” heh.

The music seems enjoyable along with what sounds like the opening being sung by a similar artist that sung the Shakugan no Shana openings. The show itself is quite beautiful, bright, and pleasant so far. Awaiting to see more to obtain an actual opinion on such.

Reaction: Interested; Show seems interesting on its own while I only hopped into it for a foxy named “Kon”. Art style is nice and bright with characters loving to blush.

Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: Ars Nova:

– Ship vs ship battles!

I jumped into this show knowing nothing other than it being ships with girls. As the first episode unraveled more information I then realized it is basically Strike Witches but humans vs battleships girls vs I-401 set in 2039 after 17 years of naval warfare. All communications, shipping lanes, trades, flights, and similar being cut off from the ocean causing the world to be isolated from one another while shattering the global and local economy. Everything being pretty much in ruins with humans struggling to counter-attack.

The fun part of the show is the whole ships being sentient by having their female side shown in various female forms taking orders from those within the Fog Fleet and Chihaya. It would be odd having ships treated in a female form being in male form. Think about how ships are treated as females before you ask about there being males. Think about shipping traditions. It is also fun because of the KanColle (Kantai Collection web-browser game with ships taking form of cute anime girls) constantly popped into my mind while watching it. Even the Anime “Zipangu” was remembered when watching this show.
The battles are actually quite fun and entertaining with the typical hexagon barriers, patterns, and laser weaponry; Strike Witches with Yukikaze. It is all CGI so combats look awesome and intense which also had a side-effect of making characters look odd and funky. They have this weird detailing and stiff but compliments the show in the very end. Distracting, yet compliments the show during combat.

The music is also quite good from what I noticed. I have high hopes for the soundtrack and for this show. Yes, even the opening and ending sound awesome.

I want my own ship! This is also among my favorite this season hoping Japan will make a Silent Hunter-esque game of this Anime.

Reaction: Highly interested and at the top of the list. I want to see the next episode while having a game similar to Silent Hunter series! Great show, great music with awkward CGI animations and character designs but with awesome battles.

Miss Monochrome:

– Miss Monochrome voiced and designed by Yui Horie who also voiced Ach from Busou Shinki.

I’ll be honest to say that I’m only watching this show out of simple curiosity because of Yui Horie. I find Miss Monochrome as a character somewhat interesting while hearing both Ach and Yui’s voice. I like all three from it. It is a 5 minute  short per episode so curiosity shouldn’t be hurt even if I or other people dislike it. I also saw her chair as a cradle design made unique to Miss Monochrome herself. Doesn’t look like it now, though it did when I watched the promotional video.

All this Anime is about is Miss Monochrome trying to be a popular idol by going up the ladder through….naive methods. She wants to turn everything into a beautiful monochrome world through music as an idol.

I do find it amusing how Miss Monochrome beat Miku Hatsune to the Anime realm. Miku clone? Far from it. People failing to do research similar to how they lump Busou Shinki with Infinite Stratos or similar. So far Miss Monochrome is quite interesting as both a character and Anime with it being a touch silly.

Please don’t hate Miss Monochrome as a Miku clone because that insults everybody including yourself. Just enjoy Miss Monochrome for what it is because it is an original character beating out Miku to the Anime market heh.

(I know she isn’t a Shinki but a voice of Ach.)

Reaction: Curiously Interested; Interesting character (not a Miku clone) with an interesting mono(chrome) singing and voice. A tad bit silly but interesting.

Unbreakable Machine Doll:

– This image pretty much sums up our perverted little loli doll.

This surely is a bit of a weird yet interesting show. We have a Japanese puppeteer and a perverted little Japanese loli-doll that Raishin created and a world filled with magical dolls of various sorts. Every doll being treated as some sort of mechanized Pokemon used for battle, everyday tasks, or for more “leisurely” use.

I’ll just say this show has the potential of being an awesome show with the way it flowed and how the music was composed. Everything seemed to hit enough right notes to make this quite an enjoyable show. The art, music, and CGI animation all mix nicely with one another. The combat and action parts also being quite enjoyable. This show does have great humor with Yaya so that shall be a big plus.

Shall also make a note of the character designs of being interesting in the manner that they are bright with bloom, have this fantasy and Railgun anime type vibe. Half are enjoyable while the other half look a bit “generic”, though not so.

I can see a few flaws being how predictable it may get, Yaya getting herself caught in some perverted situations, and loads of loli fan-service. The whole “getting closer and killing the murderer” bit of revenge/vengeance along with “being the best” in the academy to get closer to his target.

Reaction: Interested & Curious; Seems like a good show with potential. I want to see where this show will take itself and how it will conclude.

Walkure Romanze:

Ah, sure, why not. I’ll watch this show because I watched Princess Lover with this having the same or similar vibe to it also. The jousting part of it seems interesting as well, especially with an ex-male jouster ready to teach a bubbly female student wrongly challenged by another student. Amusing though cliche type comedy with most of it being interesting.

Other than that, the character designs are beautiful in that Princess Lover type manner. Beautiful and elegant girls wearing the most beautiful types of school uniform, panties, underwear and other such things. I’ll admit my uh….interest in elegant type ecchi fashion heh.

That horse named Sakura sure is a perverted rogue horse. It always goes after school girl’s skirts, or implied that it always does. We only saw the horse pull on female skirts twice. Silly perverted horse, but with good taste haha! I’m also pleased and relieved to see the main character not being dense like Ichika, or yet anyways. Please keep him intelligent for once.

This Anime also makes me wish I had the chance of going to a jousting school with gorgeous gals and awesome horses. The closest I believe was similar, minus the school and elegance. More like a simple horse-back riding in a closed course with the local girls in Modra, Slovakia :P.

Reaction: Interested and amused; Love the elegant side of this show with it being similar to Princess Lover. Shall watch it for the fun of it as well, for the jousting, and the elegant pantsu.


– A world of your own creation in the palm of your hands.

I jumped into this Anime expecting loads of brain-melts and surreal happenings thanks to the ONA. This show started off in a more normal manner with us able to relate to one or a few of the characters with them gaining more depth and background. A world created from a monk’s imagination in the “real” world with him and his drawn creations in another world of his own drawn creation.

Quite a interesting yet simple sad way to start a show. A world where they weren’t welcomed so they moved into the monk’s “Kyoto” (Mirror place) world with his new “wife” (not really) and three children. Koto being the fuel and idol moving the whole story forward with a divine gift and hunt for her at the very same time. Even interesting seeing her being so emotional when she was overly elegant in the ONA.With each and every dimension on a different plane it all seems interesting to see how this story will move forward, if in a real sad manner or a more surreal touch. Most likely a neat mix of both.

Even though I may not be able to word this appropriately I am enjoyed this show. I’m enjoying it mostly because of Koto and the Japanese puns or jokes I’m even beginning to understand that subtitles can’t catch.

Reaction: Curious and interested; Seeing the surreal dream-like ONA I’m curious to see where this goes. Koto also looks gorgeous as always in this.

Golden Time:

– When school romance stalks you into College.

Me and school don’t mix so this was a strange choice to pick up for me. I however did find it amusing to watch with freshman going into college and another trying to avoid his rich girlfriend only to get followed to said school. Silliness and comedy happen for both the guys.

I’m so glad this Anime tried to break the mold of Elementary and Highschool themed shows taking this into college and university. It changes the mood and adds a slightly more mature spin to everything while also making me feel like shit and guilty of not getting into college even when I tried. I’ll also make note that Kaga Koko is one scary girl with how resource and stalking she is. So close to being a scary yandere type girl.

I’m highly curious to see if this stalking girl will swap targets or what girl will go for who, or if it will even pull an odd saddening Kanon.

– Never leave your lovely gal hanging :P.

Reaction: Amused and curious; Just simple amusing curiosity to see where this college school life will take Tada Banri in (anime) life. Also a nice change in school settings finally!

Valvrave The Liberator – Season 2:

– Space Vampirism.

Finding the first one enjoyable I thought I’d jump on the second season as well. I found this to be interesting, just not the best or the worst….just something in the middle that was still enjoyable on that weird awkward semi-Gundam Seed note. I found that things started to finally pick up for me to enjoy this some more, or that may simply have been an illusion of episode 1 (or 13).

The new student-formed JIOR are now on the offensive for both combat and recon. More questions were raised and re-pointed at in this season asking questions on what Valvraves really are and how they are actually powered. What are those mass-produced units? All sorts of curiosity and questions as such.

Reaction: Semi-Interested & Curious; I enjoyed the first while curious to see where the second goes. I’ll just complete it instead of dropping it.


– Other Anime – Watching & On Hold:

Other Anime that have gone on the “On-Hold” though wanting to watch. Also ones that I have completed and enjoyed but couldn’t add because they were too short to add onto previews.

  • Space Brothers:
  • Railgun S2:
  • Yahari Ore No Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru. OVA:
  • Monogatari Season 2:
  • Gargantia OVA

Completed Summer Anime:

Spring and Summer anime were excellent transitioning nicely into the autumn season.

  • Mushibugyou: Was a fun show from beginning to end. Insect hunters vs insects being a must see if you haven’t watched.
  • Symphogear G Season 2: The power of song is strong with this one. S1 was enjoyable with S2’s quality improving a lot over the first with a cute Krisu and enemy cast.
  • Rozen Maiden 2013: Updating the animation of the first and continuing where the last show ended off one must expect fun doll chaos. Show continues though splits on the “Do not wind” path with first season being “Will wind” option forcing alternate future Jin to craft his own doll. Loads of thoughts of Dollfies to be had.
  • Shingeki no Kyojin: Absolutely epic from beginning to end with S2 to be expected. All serious and fun reminding the Anime community of Anime’s power and beauty with humans battling it out against the Titans for survival.
  • Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory: Always fun seeing gaming girls combating seriously and playing in a fun silly manner in this show. It simply wants to have fun being quite an enjoyable show.
  • Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi: Simply beautiful. A very beautiful show that tends to pull on your feelings of life & death along with sorrow and loneliness. Expecting a second season.
  • Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Ilya: Was an interesting spin-off with it going the Cardcaptor Sakura route. Enjoyed it all while seeing it blind us with bright artistic side of Illya’s beauty. It needs to keep the ecchiness away from Illya or any other loli in the Type-Moon universe.
  • Pokemon: The Origin: This is what Pokemon should have been from the very beginning with Ach actually being intelligent. It should have been that serious, brutal, and to the point without beating around itself. Pokemon should simply use that cry whenever they can. This is a true Pokemon’s dream and nostalgia trip back to Pokemon Red, Blue (Green), and Yellow.


Thanks for viewing and hope you enjoyed!

My favorite Anime this season – Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: Ars Nova, Little Busters!: Refrain, Magi and Infinite Stratos 2.

Until next time!

(Edit: Edited in three shows with two-three more that may be edited in at a future date. Feel free to check back in a week after viewing to see if it is up or not.)