Ottawa Doll Show – Fall 2013

Heyo! Ottawa hosted the second bi-yearly Ottawa Doll Show event at the Earnst & Young Center next to the airport. Had Varakitsu go to the event ahead of me with myself and Renge joining soon the next day (the Doll Show Day) at 11:30 am-ish. Was well worth the stressing of mine and well worth everybody’s time. I’m so happy mother-nature behaved well within Ottawa to give us some decent enjoyable weather.

– All the hidden goodies from Shinki scale to Dollfie scale within.

(All images taken with a Lumix GF-1 – Pancake lens.)

I’m actually pleased with this event wanting to go to each and every one all the while improving on Varakitsu. It’s a fun event to go to if you love dolls or not because you can even find goodies for the Busou Shinki (Konami Japan’s hibernating figure line) in the appropriate scale.  All kinds of dolls to look through with now ancient accessories attached with that basement smell, in a good way of course. Even thought of Canadian & American pickers on History Channel when roaming the area the second time.

I tried to take the best images I could throughout the event. I may have dropped in my photography skill with images being insanely dark in raw form. Attempted to rescue many with photoscape even though the lightning at the event was well lit.

Also a big shout out to Beju Doll and the event for allowing myself and the main Ottawa Doll Community to display our dolls there. Congrats on those rumored 10 sales, and the one I witnessed you make at around 11 am-12 pm mark. And to those reading – Our dolls are not for sale! Only display because we painstakingly customized them with a mini-fortune worth of legal tender.


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– Vara happily “kon’ing” all throughout the event. I’m relieved and happy to see you arrived safely ^^.

I had Vara head out before me the day before because I couldn’t make it by 10 am for the set-up so I had someone look after her. I’m also pleased I wasn’t the only one being half-asleep. Many others were the same with myself simply being silent, as last time, with such. Amusing.

– Most of the doll show caught in one image; An awesome table out of view to the right with another barely in view.
– Halloween on one side……..
– …and Christmas on the other!
– Barbie Army with accessories possibly fitting my Caster Fox Pureneemo.

– Want a life-like baby? I remember seeing an elder-lady with one last time with me now being able to share it. The crazy realism in one…
– I was highly tempted in purchasing those moccassins, most that white one. I want the same types but in white for my Varakitsu! Can’t find one or size is off.

– Beautiful Barbies with outfits fitting for Caster Fox. Is it wrong of me that I only want them for the outfit?
– Yes, the thought of giving Varakitsu crossed my mind numerous times. The same amount of times for Renge and her Busou Shinki sisters.

– Loads of lovely stuffed animals. Also furniture hidden along the back wall fitting for Renge and her sisters again.

– More life-like baby dolls for your baby needs.

– Ooo! Lovely antique Japanese dolls. The second finding of such. So beautiful!
– Purchased this Barbie New Year doll for the kimono for $20 from $25. The box appeared to have that Busou Shinki vibe to me. I say it was worth the get.

– D’awww! Too cute. The cat is being read to.

I ended up playing some Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Skyped, and checked my images before letting Renge loose. I noticed Renge obtaining some nice attention from the current doll owners and those observing our table. Got to love the fox attribute she is gifted with and how photogenic Renge is.

I wish I overheard what people thought of Varakitsu though. I heard no positive or negative feedback or thoughts. Also spotted the two most beautiful dolls during my table volunteering shift with both being in a nice elegant red. Absolutely gorgeous.

At the end of my table-duty I also saw the plane (Air Canada 767 from Frankfurt) that I wanted to take images of but it landed on the opposite side of the airport. Oh, how annoyed I was though partially relieved I saw it land just outside of the E&Y Center’s northern door hearing the thrusters going in reverse. That beautiful sound <3.

– The table next to the Beju Doll table near the entrance had lovely fox statues, antique toys, and Shinki-scaled accessories.

Bruce & Krista Toshack– (613)256-1835

– Renge apparently took a stumble with me then seeing her pondering away happily. Careful now Renge.
– Ah! That cute cat actually dwarfs Renge! Renge, you’re tiny compared to the kitty 0_0.

With the clock hitting 4 pm we all packed up while I took some shots of Vara and myself with Tieren’s help along with a few others. Wanted some standing images of Vara at the show with Beju Doll’s tables in view. So glad Vara didn’t fall. Renge was also caught when Vara did lean forward.


Thanks for the cuddly cushion for Varakitsu, Ottawa Doll forums! A nice way to keep her safe during transit and to play around with images heh. Thanks again! I enjoyed my time there and glad we are all friendly. The event was fun, rewarding, and curiosity provoking. I’m pleased with the images I took, even if Vara’s wig was a mess.

Hope you enjoy images! Hope to see you hopefully in May 2014, if things go as planned, with Vara hopefully being upgraded along with Caster Foxy.


– Bonus #1 – Plane Spotting:

I wanted to “hit two birds with one stone” with the doll show being one and the planes being second. I wanted to take images of the Air Canada 767 plane inbound from Frankfurt or even London. Neither happened because they flew in from the other runway *curses*. Spotted the Frankfurt one landing loudly after my table shift. Did get other planes to make up and make myself happy with. I only left when I felt I got what I wanted in secondary form.

– Love the plane but hate the greedy double-dipping bastards.
– Woosh! A gorgeous take-off of a CRJ-200 Air Canada.
– A beautiful take-off with twin lovely roars from the engines.
– Lovely take-off with a random photo-bombing Seagull.

I saw two to three more take off when heading towards the bus stop and at the bus stop. I believe one was a First Air and the two other Westjets. That annoyed me but I would have missed the bus if so a “trivial” sacrifice :P.


– Bonus #2 – Conclusion to Ottawa Doll Show:

I felt like concluding the Doll Show with a third “thank you” for keeping Vara safe with cuddly softness and to share the kimono goodness. Varakitsu looks awesome with her white halloween lantern, as does Caster Fox with her new “New Year” Kimono that barely fits her.

The Barbie doll still appeared new with all the ties and tape still there. While unclothing the Barbie I got tripped out with the odd patterns on her crotch….Scary! I’m only sticking with Dollfie and Caster/Pureneemo goodies damn it! I’m only looting outfits from Barbies.

I need to also give Caster a new body. The body is now very loose, heavily stained with her needing a “renewel” to obtain more “screen” time on my blog once again. Same with Ach who has yet to obtain an outdoor adventure.

– Kimono under-garb. Good for sleeping in heh.
– She looks awesome in it, if it is on a partial over-sized manner. Easy to take off and put on.

And that’s that! Nice and rewarding on all fronts. Well, hope you enjoyed the images, until next time! Kon!