Arcticu Kitsu’s Anime Viewing 10/14/14 R10

Heyo! With summer anime done it is now time for the autumn anime fun. Time to share my perspective on fall anime while concluding the ones from summer after them, as usually done.

– A proud War Maiden and ruler of the Zchted army.

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I’m actually quite impressed with the strong line up in this Anime season. Everything awesome has been all dumped into the autumn season for one and all to enjoy happily. Well, that is if people can stop digging up every single shred of material to constantly try and harm their own experience along with others. I’m able to enjoy this season’s line-up because it is genuinely interesting and fun. I’m seeing awesome fun Anime with awesome characters, enjoyable music, and fresh new punch-lines to old cliche happenings.

As I keep saying to people – “Just watch the show for what it has to offer, not for being uptight and picky about things. Just go with the flow and you’ll enjoy it.” – Which sadly gets ignored. There’s lots to enjoy, just don’t be an obnoxiously nitpicky (Excaliburn from Soul Eater level) or picky about things.

With the amount of anime to go through this may also be long winded.


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Madan no Ou to Vanadis:

I actually find this anime quite interesting in its over-used fantasy setting. It seems to take itself both seriously and comically in a similar fashion to Strike The Blood’s fashion in that it stays serious while also being comical at the same time. Quite a number of fitting (well-placed) fan-service moments placed around scenes where they are needed. I’m enjoying the premise of one nation is at war with another while also seeing the Akame ga Kill similarities being pointed out. Seeing a Lord fighting on a battlefield as a prisoner, and again as an actual prisoner to Lady Eleonore is an interesting perspective that may be easily over-looked. It seems interesting to me how he has to wiggle around while being pampered by her Highness, probably even as a war-pet.

Seeing Tigre being a calm and collected character known for being a highly-skilled archer doesn’t bother me. There’s still room to be flawed, one of which caused him to get caught in ep 1, and another in 2 two for personality wise. Eleonora both times nudging him in the proper direction. One being arrow ammo count with the other to use his brains and wits.

I actually quite like and enjoy this to the point I had to mention it first. Why do I love this show so much? Well, for one……Ellen is quite a beauty while also hitting my white hair fetish, having a lovely comical sense of humour, the personality of Ellen, along with the whole warfare side of the Anime. Ellen is a quarter of the fun with the three other quarters all on music, the atmosphere, jokes, warfare, Tigre, and the pacing. It’s all awesome to me. Probably not the best Anime, yet one so enjoyable I have to hold it high so others can learn how to have fun.

For the characters that have been shown in the OP & ED are acceptable. They give off a Queen’s Blade vibe, though may prove to add further fun teases, enjoyment, and warfare fun to the whole mix. I also quite enjoy the OP & ED when mentioning it. A nice touch.

Any flaws? If I did have any issues it would be the limited budgeting placed on scenery, Titta being unfit for combat, and……Nothing really. I can’t find any actual flaws to whine and moan about like the others do.

Thoughts: Highly enjoying. I’m enjoying Ellen, Tigre, and the whole war-like situation it is in. It can now be happily compared to Akame ga Kill in tone with the seriousness (and ecchiness), soundtrack, OP & ED, along with the fun characters. I’m keeping this high up on my watch list. The punch-lines I find entertaining.

Karen Senki:

– Karen, the hot headed & stubborn heroine of the show.

First off I want to make it known that I don’t want to be unreasonable harsh so I’ll poke around with this show in a neutral manner. I do want to say that seems like it’s trying to compete in the same arena that RWBY is, though I’m sure I’m missing other similar types of Anime that did such before RWBY was around. It does have that more detached RWBY companion feel using the same ‘3D Custom Girl’ game graphics making any vibes awkward to watch, especially during fan-service type scenes.

Why am I watching this? Curiosity. I’m actually curious enough to see where Karen will end up. I’m curious about this whole ‘human-vs-machines’ premise that it has going while tolerating its comedy routine.

I’m trying to be fairy by giving it a chance so I’ll praise that any tracks I heard were quite enjoyable. The action scenes are quite over-the-top dramatic fun, her personality being over-the top. Everything is bumped up to be more of a quick fun while being semi-serious about its own world.

Thoughts: Tolerable. I don’t mind watching this as it does have its fun points. It’s something you can take on a more laid-back manner instead of having to worry about all the fine little details.


Gundam Reconguista in G:

– Loving the retro comedy being revived.

I was doubtful about this Gundam show at first to only end up warming up to it once it was put into action. Watching a PV is one thing, watching it for real is another. Seeing Reconguista in G in action actually made me enjoy it to its fullest while also seeing it going back to the retro fun. I laughed when I saw the cheerleader group because I see it as girls going on the offensive in their own girl manners. Girls being bold while bringing back their retro fun with them. I miss seeing this kind of boldness in girls with just popping up and leaving on their own terms while ignoring authority. If people are upset about this then they need to be kicked by these same cheerleaders because they’re just not getting the “fun” nor girl boldness part that once was in 80’s and 90’s school type anime where girls took the imitative. Girls were simply having fun, and that’s where the fun is.

I’m both familiar and surprised by this show at the same time because it’s pulling up old material while modernizing it for some added fun. Loads of serious, crazy, tragic, comical, and funky designs that one loves in Gundam. It even nicely pays respect to Turn A Gundam, UC Gundam, Zeta Gundam, and all UC era gundam shows. A reversed Char kick was even nicely spotted.

Goes without saying that I also enjoy the characters, or else I wouldn’t be watching. They’re all uniquely enjoyable while being pulled from all the old and new characters around. Mostly old UC era character fun by Tomino. Props to all the funky dancing as well by Tomino’s daughter.

I also have no fear of the soundtrack failing because all Gundam soundtracks sound awesome. This one sounded awesome when watching so I’m all hyped up for when it will release. It should also go without saying that I even enjoy the opening and ending.

If anybody claims that this show sucks should be a red flag for you to ignore them. Same with G Gundam and over-excessive “Gundam Seed sucks!” comments in trying to be cute. Just happily watch this without being anal because it’s genuinely fun. Even with the retro atmosphere it still seems to be the awesome Gundam show one can enjoy.

Any flaws? I see none. I only see people pulling up issues where there is none. The only flaw I see being from people trying to fog up people’s experiences with feminism, sexism, and crap like that. That’s highly irritating.

Thoughts: Highly enjoyable. I’m glad the old is being modernized and being brought back in this show. I’m loving almost everything about it, including the art and soundtrack. It’s all around enjoyable.


Selector Spread WIXOSS:

– WIXOSS Selectors gain access to ‘living’ and talking card girls.

If the depressing dark atmosphere wasn’t enough in the first season then you can have seconds with this second season. A world where card games are now crossing back over into the girl’s domain of granting wishes after winning enough games without losing three. Any wish needs their conditions to be met to be granted and…….corrupted.

If one views this as simple rainbow and unicorns anime just because you see kids and girls playing with cards shall find themselves quite…….depressed. You can play the macho card all you want, you can’t deny the constant moodiness of a depressing atmosphere. Even the incest wish that wasn’t all that incest related in the end due to how wishes corrupt.

I’m saying that I actually am enjoying this show so far now that Iona is now the main card. Rediscovering one’s motivation to find clues as to where Tama-chan is where this season two is going while adding more hard-hitting topics to play around with as the show goes on. It’s all pretty in a dark themed manner. I’d love to know how Iona will be used as a card to help battle and find Tama-chan now that she is gradually being accepted.

As with the first season I’m quite liking the OP, ED, and the soundtrack once again. All quite enjoyable as a whole. And once again, I keep being reminded of Busou Shinkis when I see the LRIGS standing on their table when defending and attacking.

Thoughts: Enjoyable. I’m enjoying this in between all the other shows that any hype is toned down. Even if the theme is darkened and moodied I’m still enjoying all the card battles, character growth, the up-and-downs, along with the conflict from one ep to the next.


Log Horizon – 2nd Season:

– A ninja’s furry being unleashed as a curse is set in motion.

I’m so over-joyed to see this back. I rushed through the first season while finding myself dying from a fit of laughter thanks to all the jokes being cracked. It happily continues off where it left off from the first season while reviving all the things that made it fun – jokes, politics, character development, and new issues to be solved.

Seeing the new OP using the same Database track is both hype-spawning and rewarding that I’m pleased they kept it as is. May seem lazy to some while iconic to others due to how awesome it is. Database is one of those OP that attracts people to a show in a way a PV (Trailer) should do. The ending track is also quiet comical. It’s all so amusing and enjoyable that it happily even borrows from its past image with it into season two.

I sadly can no longer say I enjoy the soundtrack as it simply sounds like an extension to Fairy Tail anime. I enjoy Fairy Tail’s soundtrack, just not when I hear it elsewhere. Log Horizon’s soundtrack no longer connects with me one I realized the connection. Still somewhat enjoyable when I do here it.

Thoughts: Highly entertained and amused. Seriously! This show is just too awesome thanks to all the seriousness, depth, and comedy value to it all. Episode 2 had me dying in laughter thanks to all the punch-lines and teases. So far a brilliant show from ep 1, s1 to this episode. A good example of what an anime should be.


Fate/Stay Night – Unlimited Blade Works:

– Shut up, Shinki! You’re fucking annoying! Read the mood you pile of shit! Read Rin’s body language and you’ll know she doesn’t give a shit about you.

Wow! I’m so glad I’m revisiting what got me hooked into the Anime at full force. It’s thanks to Fate/Stay Night that I’m here enjoying anime to its fullest with a little prologue introduction thanks to Gundam Wing. Seeing Fate/Stay Night being reworked on many routes has me being a bit worn out, yet still enjoying it greatly with the new scenes and perspectives added to it. They’re not just 20 minute episodes either, 50 min to be exact. A nice full hour of high-quality scenes, soundtrack, dialogue and amusement.

The only flaw I see in this show are any fans I haven’t paid attention to slamming this show to be “cute” with Shinji also being the weakest link. They even made him more enjoyable character which also has that double-edged sword effect of hurting you more as well. Screw you, Shinji! I can’t wait to see you suffer when you do…….I’m getting quite exhausted seeing Shinji characters in my Fate worlds…..Even Fate/Extra.

This remake is damn well glorious in that all characters ended up being visually attractive. Saber, Rin, and Sakura are to die for with their beauty with everybody else made to be more visually…..attractive. They’re too beautiful that you simply want to stare at them for hours on end. Even their dialogue has been beautified. Hell, Rin hops, dances, pouts, and behaves so adorably you’ll find yourself dying from cuteness overload.

The OP to this show is quite nice, just not as memorable as the first Disillusion I heard for Fate/Stay Night. It sounds more modern than memorable to me. I simply can’t get attached to it long term. I may have to leave the show age like wine to eventually find it memorable and appealing. It is indeed beautiful in Type-Moon standards in high quality. I’m willing to even bet the main soundtrack itself shall be glorious when released. Just not all that hyped as I once was.

Seeing everything modernized to full high-quality 2014 standards sure is reassuring and pleasing. Glad this is actually out without actually now feeling like a re-hash.

Thoughts: Surprisingly entertained. Even though I know what happens when I’m still looking forward to watching more of Fate/Stay Night from an alternate perspective. Simply seeing new scenes pop up from a different route is simply enjoyable along with seeing an overly adorable Rin, Saber, and Sakura.


Cross Ange: Tensi to Ryuu no Rondo:

– DRAGON vs Mecha battle.

Well, this show is turning out to be people’s guilty pleasure for those that end up watching this long-term. Why? People keep whining and moaning about how Fukuda is directing this show who also directed Gundam Seed Destiny. There are those that genuinely hate Destiny and those that want to sound ‘cute’ when mentioning how much Seed & Destiny sucks. Even though I know why I still find that quite retarded. The talk about rape and female-mistreatment in this show is also hyped to a high degree that even I accidentally found myself being caught being over-emotional over obvious script-baiting with which was a simple medical procedure done in a violating manner to demoralize stubborn “waste material”. This was done to both put them in place and to show the cruelty of the world they’re in. It was more of a physical check than a rape or violating a female’s body. Granted, any Norma found is treated like absolute pile of shit…..Real world example can easily be found when you look lightly or hard enough.

There’s something also curiosity spawning about seeing a Princess drop from a dream position and innocence to the pits of hell and back to some form of heights. A bit of a “U” shape from one world’s best position to a harsh drop and a rise in being a combat-hardened Norma fighting DRAGONS. That in itself is quite interesting. The added material then being how much of an innocent ass she was when telling a mother to birth a non-norma child to then cage a baby goes along the lines of “serves you right!” when bad situations happen to her. Same when she rudely dismisses other Norma’s good-will to then find herself being placed into comical and harmful situations in return.

The more I keep thinking back to process this show the more I find myself trying to defend it instead of shooting it down. Everything so far is justified, even if it is provocative, in that it matches our world nicely (minus the dragons) in how we treat one another poorly. Another bit being how woman treat one another in a prison setting that they’ll eventually resort to lesbianism (yuri in anime manner) to gain dominance and pleasure. Same with male prisoners to gay tactics to show dominance. This also goes to show how pampered we ar as viewers (just like Ange found out the hard way) because of how vocal we all became. We witnessed something horrifying so we all trigger WW2 era air raid sirens of obnoxiousness because of how uncomfortable we feel.

Find this to be all a rambly wall of text? A good example of showing how pampered you and I are is by looking at all the whiny reviews on every Anime related site. Another excellent one is how people absolutely fear breast feeding in public. Want a comparison to Norma? I already did by mentioning race issue we have. Look at how Americans enjoy sadistically torturing Chinese, blacks, Indians, and any Middle-Easterns.

There is also loads of fan-service to please the male fanbase, and the female side of things if they’re into lesbianism. Lots of dark sexual acts to light fan-service can be seen from one episode to the next. That part I’m shoving onto Fukuda for trying to both arouse and provoke his viewers. Everything is done to both please and to irritate at the same time.

I simply can’t find any actual proper flaws to this show to stop someone from watching. I can try all I want, I just can’t. Gundam Seed isn’t a reason, that bait at the end of ep 1 of a physical isn’t a reason, and same with any episode 2’s provocations. The only thing I can think of is that you can either handle mature subjects or fuck off and watch something else that shall pamper ones’ ego. That is what this show seems to be implying. Even though Ange is also naively annoying I can’t use that as an excuse either as it’s a way to show how she matures. You either love this show or hate it; I’m apparently loving this show if I’m still watching it. If it also wasn’t clear, this show is 100% not for kids. I’m just now worried that some stupid American soccer-mom may attack Sunrise over this show for feminist reasons (even though I don’t want to see harm to females) because this is also a form of “free speech” that one shall see self-censored over ill-viewed “Justice” (Pointing to Justice Girl in Akame ga Kill) for the right reasons done wrongly. I don’t want to see females harmed, yet this shows how females are harmed in real world settings. One has to see what they don’t want to see.

I have to praise the soundtrack for sounding awesome so far. The opening surprisingly sounds interesting. Same for Ange’s singing at the beginning of episode 1.

(I’m ignoring any “Gundam Seed sucks!” comments because it is simply being echoed to make people look ‘cute’ at this point.)

Thoughts: Guilty pleasure of enjoyment. This show goes to show how pampered us viewers are with how easily we can cry up a storm over real-world issues being animefied. DRAGONs vs Mecha also seems appealing with the music also being enjoyable. This show is both enjoyable and annoying to watch at the very same time for obvious reasons when watching. Expect your feet to be stepped on at every occasion.


Grisaia no Kajitsu:

– Just your “ordinary school” for those with “special circumstances”.

If there was ever a time that I actually approved of people hyping up an Anime is this one! I was originally going to pass this up for another ‘generic’ school anime to only end up finding that it’s actually quite unique. It appears to be a somewhat lightly dated Anime based on a visual novel (which it is) to the point of treating itself nicely to a healthy mix of VN comedy, Anime seriousness, and unique humour while also poking fun at character tropes like tsunderes.

This Anime has an interesting mix of seriousness masked, or even cleverly fogged up, by comedy that one could easily mistake this for your average everyday school anime, as I almost did, to the point of ignoring it. I was actually quite surprised as to how slow paced, serious, and interesting it actually is. It takes its time doing whatever needs to be done while spinning comedy occasionally adding scenes found in the VN into the Anime realm.

The music…..The music sounds awesome to me. May not be fully out there or fully shown to me, yet I can say that it sounds awesome for a show like this. It helps support the mood of this nicely with your typical VN music along with a serious one.

I’m happily taken in by the beauty of the animation, the art style, and the throw-backs to its VN origins. Everything about it is beautiful, even the cinematic style that it is in. All nice, even though it sometimes shows its slightly aged self along with its VN origins with a yellow Ferrari 360 popping up.

This show even gives off that new vibe of “Akuma no Riddle” with the students doing the harming at night while during the day they have their truce. Students by day, dark humans at night with their own shadowy spy. Was nicely hinted and shown as to what each specialized in nicely. I’m going to love this show from the looks of things. I’m now expecting things to go down along the lines of Little Busters, Kanon, Air, Angel Burst, Clannad, One Week Friends, and anything else that attacks the viewer’s emotions to feel sad or shocked.

Thoughts: Highly Enjoying. Enjoying the mix of serious issues being clouded up nicely with comical humour to the point it’s insanely gorgeous. Everything is paced at its own style that its quite enjoyable. Nice BGM’s heard so far at that.


Gugure! Kokkuri-san:!_Kokkuri-san

– Came in for a female fox to only end up being disappointed by a semi-perverted male fox.

This show is quite a strange one to me. I rarely venture into the out-right strange side of Anime comedy that this has me puzzled if I should watch or not. I came in to watch a troublesome female fox spirit to end up coming across a troubled male fox spirit acting as a troubled maid for a “doll” of a girl.

I’ll praise it for its hook in that it has an interesting fox statue and fox character, just that it’s aimed at an audience that isn’t my type heh. Humour is indeed humourous, just odd. Everything is neat about it with interesting ways of going on about that humour, again most likely aimed at the female side of the audience.

That little girl is such a troll by constantly calling Kokori out all to often just to mess with him in a comical manner. Him, and his buddies. She even wants to simply feast on cupped noodles of every type from every generation while Kokkuri simply wants to cook her a fine feast. It’s all comical silliness, which is to be expected from this show.

I had my fair share of laughs so it isn’t bad, just different from what I was seeking.

Thoughts: Enjoyable. I can watch it, just barely though. Nice types of humour to note with crazy characters aimed at the female crowd. Jokes still being overly hilarious.


Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis:

– Two clowns with one chasing after the main clown.

I’m going to admit that I’m lost, and still lost after watching the first episode. I need to see more episodes to know of this world a lot more thanks to all the confusion that was caused. A world filled with chaos and dark enjoyment. As comical as it was shown to be in a European Spanish side of craziness it still showed the world to be quite grim and cruel.

The two main characters sure are quite a clowny type. One stirring up trouble with the other simply trying to hunt him down like any two pairs from the Bugs bunny show, yet animefied. It’s all quite enjoyable on both, if not more layers. I’m actually quite enjoying Favaro being conflicted if he wants to be a ‘good-guy’ or a ‘lying-slob’ of a bounty hunter when trying to help Amira. He simply wants to get rid of his tail-of-a-curse so he can go back doing what he know best, being a scum of a bounty hunter. Also seen Amira can be quite a child-like human and demon of a one-winged demon. Interesting seeing how Jeanne D’Arc also wants has a bounty on her.

I’m worried that this may turn into another Blade & Soul anime with it being awesome a first to only end up flopping as time goes on. Blade & Soul and this are both apparently base on games turned anime to attract more gamers into their realm. If that’s the case then I fear that this just might follow Blade & Soul out the door.

I’m however enjoying the little I know of this. I’m enjoying Amira, the two clowns, and the soundtrack for sounding overly battle-worthy awesome. The OP not so much as it seems like a re-hashy type of past similar anime with the ED being more enjoyable for its type. More calm and artistic in style and music. Here’s to hoping I can enjoy it to the very end, especially with the art style.

Thoughts: Surprisingly enjoyable. I can see myself watching it as long as it stays fun and entertaining to the very end. Seems quite promising with a nice soundtrack and character types.


Donten ni Warau:

– The three brothers in charge of locking up criminals in their area.

Not bad. This could actually prove to be quite interesting, just not in my zone of interest. Three brothers tasked with locking up criminals and rebels in an inescapable prison during the Meiji era. One brother being the eldest “parent” figure, middle being one who wants to be acknowledged by older brother, and youngest simply enjoying his innocent youth.

I don’t mind the premise because it’s actually quite fun. Even love seeing more perspectives on the modernization of Japan from feudal to industrial stages. The whole thing, even if fiction, still shows how frustrated the Japanese were. If it was actually real turned Anime is the part that has me being curious.

Can’t really say much else as it really doesn’t interested me a hell of a lot, just enough to view perspectives.

Thoughts: Curious enough to watch. Seems interesting with the setting and characters, just not enough to stay appropriately hooked.


Akatsuki no Yona:

– From Princess to archer.

For it’s obvious theme I can see this being quite a turn-off to those watching male-oriented anime. This one is for the ladies while still being interesting enough for me to watch. It has that lovely beauty to it that hooked me into watching it for both the beauty and Yona’s maturing plot. The whole thing may simply be “too innocent” and too much of a reverse-harem for me to enjoy. Shall have to see where it goes and ends up as Yona matures throughout the show.

Yona sadly reminds me of a more innocent, yet kinder version of Ange from Cross Ange (read above) due to the whole situation of being dethroned roughly at the same age, same situation, but with a mix of same and different situations. Yona gets waken up more “kindly” with Ange being woken up more roughly with a harsh slap of reality. Both being overly spoiled, naive, innocent, and innocently-rude. Both find out how cruel their world is.

I have to also praise this show’s soundtrack and theme for sounding beautiful for being based in Korea, or maybe even neighboring areas. Whatever area it is, it is still quite enjoyable. Need more anime like this, Moribito, and “The Beast Player Erin” for taking place elsewhere in Asia.

Thoughts: Entertained. I’m actually quite curious to find out how Yona shall mature while seeing a side rarely seen on my side. Beautiful art, characters, and music in a more innocent side of things for the female viewers.


– Trinity Seven:

– “Please don’t forget about me.”

This one surprised me in how much more entertaining and fun it is than it’s other counter-part. This one seems to have a similar premise as the one “Mahou Sensou” but aimed at actual fun and entertainment instead of awkward drama and rivalry. One moment finding yourself in your own reality to then find the world around you has been destroyed and masked up by a grimoire. It isn’t bad, especially when the main character has to both remember and hunt down Hijiri’s actual location with a grimoire with the same appearance as Hijiri, among other look-a-likes. Possible theme.

The fun part of this show coming from a more understanding main character that actually pushing things at a swifter pace due to a more solid common sense for the main character. A more understanding main character who knows what’s going on around him instead of constantly questioning every single little detail. The other fun part comes out of the actual fun questions, dialogue, and scenarios each find themselves in. Quicker pace, better common sense, and actual fun is what makes this more fun.

What I can’t knock down Mahou Sensou over is the soundtrack area. Both Trinity Seven and Mahou Sensou both have awesome kick-ass music that one can praise. This one may be more so entertaining due to it being newer, more fun, and just more enjoyable.

The characters are indeed around the young loli-teen side of things. That’s the only part that bothers me. The rest however is perfectly fine, just as long as it doesn’t slip hard, or brutally hard as Mahou Sensou.

Thought: Highly Entertained. Loving almost everything about this Mahou Sensou revival that isn’t. Nice characters, music, and atmosphere of things.


Gundam Build Fighters Try:

– “I love Gundam! I love Gunpla!”

I’m so overly excited that Gundam Build Fighters is back! This show, along with Reconguista in G are both awesome anime that nicely pays respect to itself while making the whole show fun and serious at the same time. It has the perfect mix of kid comedy while being serious enough with added reference for the older Gundam fans.

There’s so many Gundam references that you can’t list them all in one blog post, nor can you spam it all on Tumblr or an image or forum site. It respects itself so hard that it goes overboard with the references by spamming each and every scene with as many mobile suits, mobile armors, Gundams, the references themselves, and cameos that you end up being highly overwhelmed. All in a way to hype up both non-Gundam fans and Gundam fans. It’s something AGE tried, yet failed horribly. It’s something Gundam SEED & Destiny tried but got flacked for because that’s what the internet does. As much as I understand the hate, I can’t go with it 100% when it comes to the Gouf, Doms, and Zaku Phantom hate when a Gundam related mobile suit appears in another show. There’s a limit to the hating.

This show as so many fun characters that you can connect with almost every one of them. All fun, tragic, and entertaining characters with their fun little pasts and backgrounds for you to connect with. This time with a Gunpla-happy girl taking the helm of the Gunpla ship. Any bitching about the show being anti-feminist is going to get flacked by me because the girls are taking charge in this one.

As per habit, I have to praise the soundtrack a hell of a lot in this show. It’s still awesome, it’s still hype worthy, and it’s going to only get better when the show keeps going.

Thoughts: Highly entertained. I’m just loving this show for returning on a high note as the first while retaining what made the past season fun. All those references to past Gundam series sure is fun. Loving the soundtrack as well.


Hitsugi no Chaika: Avenging Battle:

– A nice show of hospitality.

Glad Chaika is back to simply fill my Anime line-up. Even curious to find out the actual purpose and reason why Chaikas are around and why they are gathering the remains of the King. Things were spiced up further with the added bonus of a flashback to the King’s conflict and with a new Chaika being formed, or half-formed by a poor heart-broken Vivi.

I sadly can’t say much as there’s really not much to say at the moment. I can simply say the soundtrack is decent, the combat is entertaining, and that the characters are fun. Yes, even the new ones. They’re quite neat with more enemies and ways to obtain the remains being encountered.

Thoughts: Entertaining. A bit distracted when watching yet enjoying every moment that pops up. I’m curious to see where they find themselves and how they’ll reach their goal in a simplistic manner.


Psycho-Pass 2:

– Tsunemori is back, now more bad-ass and awesome than before.

I’m so glad this show came back with a season two. I was getting tired after the recaps came out to drag things out further. Season 2 grabs one’s attention immediately with a public bombing causing a high leveled area stress effect that then leads into more cautiously planned bombings along with Tsunemori showing how bad-ass she is.

This show simply shows that Anime is still going strong while keeping the viewer happily strapped to the screen in hype and excitement over what may happen next. The scenes of police escorts, patrols, while hunting the culprit down using common sense, instinct, and information to narrow things down nicely. How you’ve grown, Tsunemori. Each scene was quite special. When not focused on the characters I mostly enjoyed the police speeding along on the highway to get to various Stress-effected locations. Quite cinematicly awesome with the scenery being beautiful.

The new “hound dogs” sure is an interesting line-up. Two new characters, two returning all to hunt down related criminals in an interesting yet dark manner. Episode one also shockingly brings back an interesting mix of events to turn friends into enemies. Tsunemori now must face her problems straight on while dealing with past issues resurfacing. A more mature and calmed mind is needed, one she now has.

The soundtrack itself stays awesome with its nearly heavenly composed soundtracks. All new mixes with new enjoyable tracks to enjoy. Both the OP & ED are ones to enjoy in a similar fashion to the season 1 version. Musical beauty all around.

Thoughts: Highly entertained. Loving the hype-worthy levels of this show in how it’s going back to the nitty-gritty world with the same and new casts of characters to mess with. Tsunemori also being more enjoyable with how more serious she has become. Music is also highly praise-worthy.


Ore Twintail ni Narimasu:

– “Why did he turn into a twin-tailed girl?!”

If anybody needs some silly Japanese anime comedy then this show is perfect for you to mess around with. It’s so silly that I wasn’t sure how to react to this anime. At one moment it tries to be slightly serious with the next being overly playful in its theme that it just has fun messing around with crazy humour. It’s the standard comedy type serious anime out there to even help out destress you from your everyday stressful bits.

A silly anime to have simple fun with to make you laugh in obvious Japanese humour over a guy turning into a loli-red headed super-girl to fight perverted lizard-man out to harvest the power of twin-tails. Fear your twin-tails being stolen? Stay away from this anime in fear, or keep watching while idolizing the heroes of twin-tails.

A nice strong reminder to the Kampfer Anime comes to mind here as well as a guy is forcefully pulled into the world of gender-bending by having his gender swapped back and forth. This same concept is used in this anime for more fun crazy anime humour. As for the characters………They’re quite enjoyable for the Anime they’re in. Can’t say I’m really attached to any at the very moment. The most would be towards Aika because of her personality, reaction to a perverted taunt by a mother, while being the most reactive.

What about my ‘white hair fetish’, you ask? Partially working, yet not effective in this anime. Needs to be on the level of Koko from Jormungand and similar in craftiness and slyness. Even La Folia from Strike The Blood and Ellen from Vanadis being more attractive then our crazy mad scientist in this world.

Thoughts: Entertaining enough. I’ll allow this show’s silliness to entertain me as I play along with its craziness. What kind of humour shall be cracked as two or more twin-tailed girls is something I have slight curiousity over.



– Warzone wandering into another stalemate.

I’m trying to be as kind and patient with Argevollen as I can. All the budget seems to have went all into Argevollen itself and the Ghost unit that appears in episode 14 and after. This show is struggling visually that it ends up becoming obvious in minor scenes. It seems to have a great idea that needs to be remade with a higher budget and with more care for something as big as it has planned. It simply suffers budget wise to be fully awesome as Type-Moon’s anime and beyond.

I love the mechas, the mecha battles, and now now matured main character. It has a great premise, characters, and background. I’m enjoying each and every time a new character pops in to end up enjoying their presence on the screen. Every one of them contributes in one manner or another, especially new and past characters from flashbacks or current events in the show.

The mecha designs themselves are also enjoyable, if at times mockable with pervertedly placed weaponry. Sluggish mechas to quick aquatic type mechas to line your stalemate influenced battlefields with new prototypes struggling to further push the lines in a WW1-esque war-zone.

It’s all enjoyable with a decent sounding soundtrack. I’m simply hoping it ends up where it wanted to end up because it still does look promising and interesting. Sadly others aren’t as kind as me so they’ll grab a bat and bash this show because it’s the easiest thing for them to do.

Thoughts: Highly entertained. I’m still enjoying this show even if it is suffering at times. It’s still trying to be awesome with a limited budget. I still enjoy the characters and the depth it has so far. I’m blaming everything on the budget.


Akame ga Kill:!

– Chelsea being her awesome sneaky self.

Oh, how I’m loving Akame ga Kill right now. Loved it from the first episode till now with it going from overly serious to a slower-paced character and background builder back onto the main road with episode 15. As much hate as I see for this show I simply can’t see it justified, especially when I can enjoy it fully while unable to get upset as others do. I can understand the hate, I just can’t see it justified in how it prevents people’s enjoyment. Sounds more like nit-picking.

I’m loving the characters, I love the background, the mood, the style, and the way it sets itself up. I also love how each character is up for grabs for a death sentence. I’d even say the same for Akame and Tatsumi when eying Ga-Rei:Zero’s first episode. Its jump from serious to comical back to serious is something that also unphases me. I actually welcome it. I welcome comical jabs in the middle of a serious scene because I find that to be Japanese humour, especially when dark jokes get cracked in Jormungand. I’m however relieved Akame ga Kill decided to softly-revive itself for episode 15 with a new opening and ending to go along the more battle-tense situation shown in this the latest episode.

The only flaw I myself can find are those from the viewers and the occasional censorships here and there. I guess even the occasional skips and changes one might find in the manga not being found in the anime itself. The missing manga bits being one of its flaws and the whole ‘Naruto’ vibe (I guess ‘Ainu’ would be more correct) during one of Esdeath’s backstory in how she views strong vs weak. Other than that I see no actual flaws.

Oh, how I want the full soundtrack in all its full beauty and glory. I loved Jormungand’s soundtrack, as with Noragami and Witch Hunter Robin. I’d love to hear how awesome Akame ga Kill’s soundtrack would sound in full, if treated to the full respect as Jormungand and Noragami did. More so Jormungand here.

As much as people are disliking this show, which is also their loss for enjoying something entertaining, I’m enjoying this a hell of a lot. I love this show. I also love it when a light spoiler someone didn’t expect from the manga to appear in the Anime. Nicely done. I’m loving this anime because White Fox, who did Jormungand, is also doing Akame ga Kill so I can always expect great things.

(I have however been spoiled by spoilers a handful of times to know one of my favourite character is going to lose her arm and another newer member going to find herself KO’d on the ground. I’m cursing at the manga fans for spoiling the fun.)

Thoughts: Highly enjoying. Loving every episode of this, even if it did slow down and pick back up. It’s enjoyable, love the characters, and love the soundtrack. If I didn’t enjoy it I wouldn’t have watched it.


(Also watching Sword Art Online, Fairy Tail,  Little Busters EX. Can’t list SAO due to it recapping.)

– Favourite Autumn Anime:

Quite a tough one. Very tough. They’re all great. Between Vanadis, Griasa, Log Horizon 2nd, Gundam Reconguista in G, Psycho-Pass and Gundam Build Fighters Try I hesitantly single out Vanadis.

Why? It seems more fun to me with an interesting mix between fun, ecchiness, and seriousness. Anime needs to be fun as it is serious (points to Jormungand anime) so that’s why I also find Akame ga Kill & Log Horizon overly awesome. Can’t really count second seasons because they’re continuations of what’s already awesome as well. I’ve been seduced by Eleonora’s beauty and personality, thus is why I chose Vanadis. Loved the music as well By the next few weeks I’m sure it’s going to switch to either Gundam and Grisaia depending on content aired. For the first two weeks it’s going to Vanadis then others. Note that I’m not saying it’s the best, just more entertaining at the moment.

(Favourite Anime from summer still airing being Akame ga Kill.)


Summer 2014 Anime & Others:

Quickly going to list the Anime I ended up watching this Summer that I enjoyed and disliked.

  • Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya 2wei: Was some nice comical fun with some comflicts of existing. Poor Kuro struggled to find a way to co-exist with things now going to escalate further in S2 of Part 2.
  • Tokyo Ghoul: This show would have been more enjoyable had it not skipped and rushed itself, especially at the end. It had a nice style of story that was unique and awesome. Soundtrack was even enjoyable. Season 2 better compliment it nicely.
  • Aldnoah.Zero: The awesome enjoyable hype of the season. Everything that could die would die; Anything that could go wrong did. No mercy and all chaos and seriousness. I loved it to the point it hit the feels so hard that I now want to see S2 with the brutal and creative way it ended.
  • Tokyo ESP: A nice show that shot itself in the foot many times. The way it flowed and ended annoyed me in the same fashion as Tokyo Ghouls did. A girl who could pass through objects while one-sidely trying to fight for “justice” in an Emiya (F/SN) style ruined itself. It was enjoyable, just messy and uncertain of itself.
  • Mahouka: Even though this show was entertaining and had great moments, it greatly suffers from actual jokes and gags. It ended up missing actual fun that would have made it more enjoyable on the level of Jormungand. Same musical composer that did Jormungand did the OST for this that was 50% enjoyable. I did enjoy Mahouka’s serious school fun and moments it had.
  • Re:_Hamatora: Mixing both fun and seriousness that it didn’t quite mesh fully. It did mesh, just not in the cool “hip” & “Cool” fashion. I did however enjoy what I was watching, both the first and second season. It was all enjoyable. I’m glad it had fun in the way it did, and with the way it ended.
  • Dusk Maiden of Amnesia: Holy hell! This one sure surprised me, gave me loads of feels, and was awesome from beginning to end. It was both comical and serious that it mixed itself into both areas at once. Loved it for the comedy side, hated it for ep 7 of second-hand embarassments, while being engrossed in the seriousness of it all. I wish it was a two-seasoned anime as I initially thought. More fun that way. Music was awesome, characters were awesome, and that seriousness. I can still recall it due to how awesome it is and was.
  • One Week Friends: Loved this show for how innocent and pure it was in love. The Clannad of emotions in a more simplistic and pure side of love while trying to stay friends with a girl who remembers friends for a week. Such a great show that I would love to hype it every chance I got.
  • Buddy Complex – 2nd Season Special: The length of the second season pissed me off, yet I can say it was awesome to watch. It was done in a way that it would continue to loop itself back to episode one to the end of this special to the point you simply rinse and repeat. Can’t escape one’s destiny of infinite time-looping. Everything about this show was awesome, though sadly poorly received by simpletons.


This season sure dumped a hell of a lot of Anime on us that I’m both struggling and keeping up with the autumn season anime. I’m loving all the new shows while keeping up with the past season’s anime. Hopefully you can enjoy your anime without nitpicking because I’m able to do so just fine.