Varakitsu’s Kon Kero Kon

Greetings! Myself, Varakitsu, and Kohiru went out for some nice foxy and photography fun during one of Ottawa’s bright and sunny days. Wanted to show off Varakitsu’s new outfit she gained in a proper manner within this outdoor photoshoot to show off both her foxy self and the outfit’s beauty. Also hoping the title doesn’t mean anything stupid in another language. Running out of titles.

– A gorgeous foxy admiring some natural Ottawa beauty.

(All images taken with a Lumix GF1 – Pancake lens.)

I have been itching a hell of a lot trying to take Varakitsu and the Busou Shinkis outdoors in a nice break in the summer weather. I was aiming for some nice sunny weather (like today’s) with little to no humidity, no chilly rainy spells, or windy days to tip over Varakitsu from a breeze. Busou Shinkis fairing worse in those kind of weather. Today was more or less perfect for my type of photography fun with posing both Varakitsu and Kohiru. I took 121 images, of those 121 with 32 or 33 being sharable here.

You also may (or not) consider this being a bonus, extended, or continuation of the previous article of when I acquired this simplistic, yet gorgeous, outfit for Varakitsu. I wanted outdoor shots, which I now did, to show off Varakitsu’s true foxy beauty among something actually scenic and not forced <3.

– Weeds or not, these are gorgeous. Anything that springs up flowers tends to be my target for photography.

I’m actually overly pleased and quite proud of how Varakitsu appears in a nice glorious and beautiful arctic fox spirit roaming the Ottawa scenery manner. Her beauty both on and off the camera has me being truly proud of her beauty. Still a bit more to go with her customization and personalization of items to give to her. Can’t wait.

I also love the fifth up-right image below – This one! – for how serious and gorgeous she looks. Linked it here as well for those that may wander.

– That aura she gives off has me being all excited and proud

– Appears I keep sharing Mud Lake in various seasons so I might as well add this to my growing collection of the seasons. Loving the lily-pads, the lily-pad flowers and the wildlife I’m seeing. A scenic Ottawa is the best Ottawa.
– “Where is Kohiru?”, you ask? Right here. She has been admiring the Squirrels, Chipmunks, Canadian Geese, and these little flowers from her 15 cm tall perspective. Sorry, no baby grasshoppers. Big ones roaming at random and hard to catch on camera. Bonus points to those that know that reference.

I was basically just wandering around the area looking for anything either of the two to play to snap further images with to get very lightly startled by this well hidden frog who jumped when I went near it. It was both curious and scared at the very same time while oddly allowing me to take images of it. It did however allow me to take numerous images so all good.

I guess I should also note that I wanted to take images with Varakitsu posing with her ‘kero’ keychain from that previous article. I had it prepared for image taking…Forgot. I however did snap what may be considered a better image with an actual frog. I wanted to also crack a light joke saying how that keychain looks like the on Biri Biri from Railgun keeps trying to hunt down and admire in the show.

– Kero kero~
– Was admiring while also recalling all the Japanese photography done with wild-life and Busou Shinkis. I wanted my own.
– A fox and a frog (A bit rushed and messy due to me not being sure how much time the frog would allow.)
– Vara happily strolling through various scenic paths and trails, admiring the view as I admire the view with her in it.
– Took more images elsewhere to only ignore all but one (one above). Wasn’t pleased with the way they came out. This duck could have easily photobomed, yet didn’t because Vara fell and scared it. I actually did want it to photobom my image. I’m irritated by that chance being missed.

Didn’t want to leave the photoshoot at that. I wanted to have one final set of images to compliment those above with any overflow of ideas. I sadly once again forgot to use the kero keychain idea. Images were also dark because I was in a tree shade along with the clouds hiding the sun so I tried using filters to brighten them up to enjoyable and sharable levels. I actually enjoy these images so couldn’t ignore them. Had to ‘rescue’ them somehow. I hope you enjoy these last sets of iamges <3.

– A nice circle-skirt beauty with a lovely foxy tail poking out.

I sadly had to leave that there because Varakitsu seemed to have been getting too exhausted. Trouble keeping still and in pose so I just picked her up while being cautious on my way back for any more wildlife to catch on camera.

Quite an enjoyable photoshoot with more proud and happy Varakitsu images to add into my collection. More for that future book for Varakitsu’s second birthday. I also love how she looks with the flower. I keep trying to get her into her flower holding pose during this – This & This – in – This & This – photoshoot. The more times she does it the more it’ll be added into her awesome personality <3.


Nothing special. Just a simplistic still image gif image of Varakitsu posing among Ottawa’s scenic nature with the image switching from the one to the next. Just some quick and simple foxy fun.


Thanks for viewing and hope you enjoyed Varakitsu’s foxy beauty.