Varakitsu’s Simplified Dress Beauty

Greetings! Kero kero~. I ended up impulse purchasing something for Varakitsu once again because it looked neat. It also apparently came with a little frog keychain that reminds me of biri biri from the Railgun anime.

– Some simple elegant clothing with Fennekin observing.

(All images taken with a Lumix GF1 – Pancake lens.)

I’m actually quite pleased with the simplicity of this outfit. As you can probably see it also seems to fit the European style of things, as seen on my bed. I’m always looking out for anything that can improve Varakitsu’s visual likeability in any form. This one simply adds a nice casual touch to things in that nightly even manner. Just imagine a night walk in a park or something on a nice spring, summer, or fall evening.

I obtained this outfit because it showed “1”, which is an annoying way to sell your products. I’d prefer a much more accurate stock counter if one is even going to be listed. I did however recieve this nice little package on an amusing note when a Canada Post delivery guy caught me as I was leaving the main door with a “You must have seen me coming”. That I did, just not in the full meaning. I saw one, then another Canada Post truck with me going to check the main mail box. Nice positive way to obtain your loot.

I also was going to take these images outdoors, the forecast however didn’t seem favourable. I instead took images indoors due to how “unfriendly” the weather was being for this kind of photography. Even worse for Busou Shinkis.


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I was also surprised to find a little frog keychain snuck in as a little gift. I’m happily going “kero kero” because that’s the sound frogs make in Japan. It also reminds me of biri biri from Railgun Anime.

– Interesting designs. Actually looks neat in person.
– Kero kero!~
– Lovely casual outfit and nice ‘kero kero’ keychain XD

I should probably say “as per usual” because the breast section of this outfit has a habit of slipping around. Now what outfit gave me that similar trouble? *thinks for a moment* – Oh, right! This outfit! – [NSFW] Sexy Lingerie set #2.

– This really does remind me of European type old-fashioned design. I love it. Love how this dress also spreads nicely around her in a circle.

(I’m finding the best way to take images of Varakitsu is an angled top down view of her. Not down or directly pointed. More at an angle of 50 or 60 degrees or so.)

Yup! Lovely nice casual and simple outfit that has that nice touch of light elegance to it. Nice and simple with it being more or less quite easy to put on her. The only problem I had was attaching the straps behind her neck because it’s a button that loves to get stuck in Vara’s hair/wig. The second troublesome part being how it’s eager to expose Varakitsu’s breasts with the slightest of nudging.

I also wanted to take these images outdoors because of how much more photogenic she would be while also being complimented with nearby nature. I’m however somewhat happy and pleased with these images. Going to now wait for the final warm and sunny days of Ottawa to take images of her in this and in her two lingerie sets. I know I keep saying this every now and again….I’m looking into swapping Varakitsu’s head and eyes for something other. When I do I’m hoping shall have that more of a foxy appearance to her.

Varakitsu is now overly pleased that she stole my chair throughout the whole shoot and upping of this article. She looks overly gorgeous in this outfit.


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