[NSFW] Varakitsu’s Sexy Teaseful Clothing

Kon! Here is the real and actual package post of Varakitsu’s clothing. She received another haltered top and another lovely sexy lingerie set from CoolCat. Wanted to get her something fancy and something neat at the same time.

– Varakitsu’s clothing package came in exactly on April Fools.

(All images taken with a Lumix GF1 – Pancake lens. NSFW because of sexy lingerie set & teases.)

I actually wanted to hold out on getting Varakitsu new goodies for a little bit. CoolCat decided to show something sexy and awesome during that time that I had no way of resisting so I went to purchase her the sexy outfit with a red haltered top to go with it. I was waiting for a chance to get the red haltered top (I let it slip during December) so I got it this time around thanks to the lingerie set. Wanted to obtain the sexy lingerie set before it found itself sold out, which it didn’t yet as of this article which all so slightly bothers me from the fund saving side. Both are worth the get with both actually being pleasing to the eyes. More goodies to share during the summer outdoor photo-shoots with more to look forward to on both sides of the screen.

I also want to apologies for my April Fool’s joke if anybody was offended in any way. I would most likely be the most as I wanted Ahri, said I did, yet didn’t. I’m still looking into getting her and Yukikaze when the time is right. Not leaving blogging either…That was just stupid April 1st text fluff.

I was however amused that my package came in quietly during April 1st.


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I love how these outfits look on Varakitsu. The red haltered top brings out her beauty and the sexy haltered lace lingerie set brings out her sexiness. I find her more adorable when in the right pose. When her hair even manages to play nice. You can’t blame me for wanting to get these lingerie sets because they actually look awesome and exotic for someone like Varakitsu. It also tugs on my preferred female fashion for the following past many years. Something about white haired girls and white clothing that just tugs at me.

I’m hoping the images are of good quality. I approve of them, just not sure if you will. I’m hoping for a nice photogenic summer to give the full compliments of both the haltered top and both sexy lingerie outfit sets that Vara wore during December and even now in those brightened and scenic images. That is if everything plays nice once again.

– Renge also examining Vara’s new outfits.
– Red and White outfits. Renge is just a touch confused? Day dreaming of herself wearing these outfits? XD
– Vara swiftly preparing herself to wear the new outfits. Also, did you think I’d have her bra-less? Need to properly cloth my foxy XD
– Ooo!~ This actually looks awesome on her. It’s much better seen in person.

– “Oh?~ Do you actually approve of this haltered top? Perfect.” – Varakitsu
– Renge wanted to briefly play with Vara’s haltered top as Vara changed into her sexy lingerie.
– “These appear quite comfy! You’re a bold one, Vara. A bold one. How I would love Mastah to give me these selections of clothing.” – Renge
– “If I was to give off humanoid bodily heat, this clothing article would be of perfect use during Canada’s brutal winter solstice cycles. A perfect red blanket” – Renge
– All the lovely pieces of the sexy haltered lingerie set. Even comes with a lovely necklace for her to wear.
– I was actually quite surprised that this pantsu was more like a fancy thong, and not like the garter belt of the previous. Comes with a nice shiny gem to add to that sexiness.
– I had my doubts with this lingerie set. It is actually quite sexy and quite beautiful. Especially the pantsu that reveals all.
– The necklace has to be one of my favourite part of the set because I can now mix-and-match with other clothing parts. A bit of a pain to attach, though worth it in the end.
– Whoa! That’s actually quite……cute and beautiful.

– As cute and sexy as she looks, she did have quite a bit of trouble keeping the haltered top covering her breasts. The breast area slips off easily.
– Quite gorgeous! I like!
– Vara casually adjusting her garter straps.

– Poor Vara having to constantly cover her breasts due to the constant slips. Makes her look cute though XD


– I actually quite like this lingerie set. Quite simple, fancy, while even bringing out her curves and features in a simplistic manner.
– The detailing on her back is quite awesome. The fancy design around her lower torso on the front and back area. The pantsu straps even compliment the design further.
– The pantsu-thong however has trouble holding onto Vara’s fluffy tail. Had to get a tiny bit creative for her to wear such. May simply relocate at another time. The other lingerie set did manage to hold her tail perfectly well.
– Like I said, the lingerie set brings out her best features. <3

– The front stomach patterns was also the reason why I grabbed this lingerie set. It’s quite lovely and beautiful. It attracts the eye while also teasing you as a foxy would.
– All that came today with the added headband that wouldn’t go on because of her ears. The haltered red top is also a thing of beauty.

I lied. I also obtained four packages of Pokemon booster cards out of simple curiosity and a new habit. I wanted to see with what cards I would be rewarded with. I obtained a lovely Pokemon EX Skarmory and Emogla to add into my collection.

– My Pokemon Ex card collection keeps growing!
– “Double the trouble. You may want to look up at the cards, and not at my lower eyes for your health and safety.” – Varakitsu.
– “If you are that interested…..” – Varakitsu
– “Now you are simply pushing your fate. Not even I can save you from such at this point.” – Varakitsu.

– “As you insist. As I may not be able to save you at this point, I shall nudge your fate further into seductive despair. Enjoy while you can.” – Varakitsu

– Just some red to bring out Vara’s whiteness. Some red to go along the white in a Canadian flag type theme.
– That necklace sure is beautiful. I think she just may find herself wearing it more often now from this point on.
– If it ever bothers me I can always swap it with something more seasonal themed for her.

– Another lovely visual tease, this time swapped around with her holding the sexy lingerie set happily.

I found it oddly interesting how her sweater complimented her haltered white top. Maybe it’s just me, though I did find it quite visually pleasing how it brought out the redness more while also covering it up nicely. It then had me struggling to find a proper match for pants that I may simply have her wear her white trousers with her white sweater for her outdoor adventures. The blue shorts semi-agreed with me, the white skirt was more troublesome, while the other parts didn’t really click. Have to do more experimenting.

Also quite unsure if those blue shorts and white leg socks compliments or not. It looks neat half the time and tacky the other half.

– Quite gorgeous she be.
– “Curious? I shall indulge your curiosity with something sweet” – Varakitsu
(View below for full meaning)
– “……Here. Have a golden sweet treat to sweeten your taste buds.” – Vara
– “……Or would you much rather have an illegal egg for my Master’s brother-like neighbors in the southern geographical region?” – Varakitsu taunts as she gestures towards the egg with her eyes and words.
– “Have I caused confusion in your decision making thought processes? Excellent. I shall tease these sweet treats until you decide.” – Varakitsu says in a happier teaseful self while bobbing the Ferrero around.
– “Time’s up!~ I shall indulge myself in some illegal egg activities that happens to be legal for those considered Canadian. As for you, these four golden beauties are yours. A divine delicacy.” – Varakitsu

Excellent! The two clothing actually fits her perfectly. The setting/background maybe not, the clothing however does. I need to wait for things to green and warm up so I can have the outfits compliment her further while possibly trying to avoid people due to the sexy level of the lingerie sets heh. The haltered top I don’t mind. I was surprised by the beauty, detailing, and how much it brings out her figure while adding to it. Well worth it for both!

The only problem I can find with the sexy haltered top would be the lack of space on the back of the pantsu to stick the magnet for Vara’s tail. I may have to simply move that up to a proper spot. Secondly, I couldn’t have Vara wear the fancy headband now thanks to the tinier ears. It’s not really the fault of the lingerie set as it wasn’t made for her kitsunemimi arctic fox self. What might be would be the garter straps being a tad bit too loose along with the breast area slipping to expose her nipples. If I was to colour her nipples pink then Varakitsu would be all the more shy while covering herself appropriately. She might tease more in that shy manner. She would however hide her exposed bits at the same time. Fun fun! 🙂

158 images with 69 upped here. That number with the type of outfits. Amusing. No complaints from me about Canada Post or anything this time around. I was instead caught up with Minecraft Realms for the Canadian release of rebuilding what was once lost on it with friends. I built up spawn with the next free time going to be used to find a place to settle and rebuild Arcticu for the next 6 months. Maybe even longer than that at that. It’ll stay as long as I’m interested and however long Minecraft Realms stays.

Thanks for viewing and hope you enjoyed the images & Varakitsu’s teasing side. See you in the next article!