Ottawa Doll Show – Spring 2014

Heyo! Went to take part in Ottawa’s Doll Show at the Ernst & Young Center (EY Center) next to the airport. I took Varakitsu and Renge with me to have fun at the doll show more at mine and OC Transpo’s pace of transit. Lots of goodies to be discovered for non-doll owners and doll owners a-like. Fun prankful Varakitsu to have fun with also.

– Doll display from 11 am onward; All sorts of dolls & figures to enjoy.

(All images taken with a Lumix GF1 – Pancake lens.)

I say that this doll show has to be the most chill (both meanings) I have had yet. Everything was all mostly peaceful while the weather itself decided to get all chilly, windy, with on-and-off flurries. It’s been enjoyable while even having to deal with Varakitsu’s arctic fox elemental pranks by making it windy and snowy when it was instead supposed to be raining. I’ll consider it a blessing because rain is horrid when you have doll stuff to carry. Same goes with Varakitsu not being able to pose outdoors. I’m however sad that I came in just as Tieren and Salica were leaving.

For the times I didn’t take pictures I spent going through my 3DS’s streetpass to see who I encountered. I gained new Mii’s to venture further in the Streetpass plaza. Quite awesome! I even had fun playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf while there.


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Making my way to the EY Center greeted me with strong winds, light flurries, and this interesting antique car for the wedding show. It caught my interest.

– A lovely antique car to have fun observing.
– Oh! Another one as I come through the door. Lovely!

I arrived at the Ottawa Doll Show to be greeted by some quick shock-and-surprise. Think that’s the earliest I came to a serious meet-up. I was however slowed down by the bus, even though it did speed through the transit way nicely. Took Varakitsu out of the bag, swapped her lagging, and had fun displaying her.


I went to take my picture-taking round to see what kind of goodies are hiding from me and others. Lots of nice tables, just not enough as there was last time. I’m going to estimate that 4-8 tables were missing.  Quite nice stuff to browse through even if you may or may not be interested in Dolls exactly. It’s always fun to see what hidden goodies they have. Take the fur squares or fabric for example.

– Beju Doll in all it’s ODS glory. The table won the best table there.
– Lots of antique dolls to enjoy.
– See anything of interest? I was considering getting some jewelry for Varakitsu. Even a snowflake type. Saw nothing that really made me want to “brake the bank” type feeling. There were nice ones though.
– I can imagine these being used in WW2 movies while having been used during that time period. Interesting stuff.
– I would have purchased all that you see here for my Busou Shinkis. I was overly tempted to…Held back.
– Various antique dolls from what seems to be from a different part of the world.
– Loads of Barbies and special named dolls. Interested? Might be handy for the Pureneemo dolls within the Anime community.
– More Barbies, if curious or interested.
– There HAS to be at least one person interested in Marvel, Sesame Street, or those plushies over there.
– Awesome! If Ottawa had a Dollfie Dream clothe commission mini-business that would be just perfect.

– Now if someone made a red and white version of that outfit in 1/3 scale I would have purchased that on the spot. A nice white fur line to add. I would have purchased it for Vara.
– Same goes for these two, if 1/3 scale type clothing. I would have purchased the left one quicker over the right one. Gimme! Please! 🙂
– I remember having one of these Cabbage Patch dolls when I was a kid. I’m also amused by these carry bags for them.
– Oooo!~ Teddy Bears! These look quite inviting to cuddle with.
– Lovely stuff! My dream may now turn what I’m seeing here into 1/3 scale Volks Dollfie Dream clothing. Do want more “luxury” clothing.
– I see a few things of interest in here. Want me to point them out? The chairs to the left and the RCMP boy to have Vara cosplay in.
– Once upon a time…..during our childhood memories……*Insert precious memories of little girls playing with now antique dolls.*
– May, or may not be, Busou Shinki type scale accessories to take interest in. All those accessories.
– Christmas antique goodies?
– Watching all those various Titanic movies now makes me want to connect that with these dolls.
– Or how about all those stories you hear of German fathers working on dolls in their workshop back before 1940’s on History Channel over other topics.
– Or all those Italian related movies dealing with WW2 or Italians in some way, shape, or form.
– These baby dolls are insanely life-like that I was caught off-guard my first time there.
– Barbie goodies galore! dig in!

…And my table rounds now done! Each table had each to offer something unique. I obtained a handful of goodies for each of my various scaled girls. Now back to ‘Dolls of Ottawa’s’ table with Dollfie Dreams and various other doll types.


– I love the pose she is in. Reminds me of Satsuki (Kill La Kill) and Saber (Fate/Stay Night) with that sword hilt holding pose.

– Renge’s little Fennekin enjoying himself on Varakitsu’s base.

– Play and dance us a lovely foxy tune! Foxes shall be taking over Ottawa! 🙂

I found myself constantly eying my phone’s Twitter mobile feed; 3DS for spot-pass and ACNL; And images I took on my camera. I won’t deny I was a bit bored. I did enjoy the doll show, the happenings, the time I put into the games, and checking on the planes and snow for anything new. It was still however quite enjoyable.

– Very cloudy, windy, with flurries falling.
– An interesting appearing Mercedes.

I came back to find Kita being outfitted with a new school girl outfit. She and the outfit both look lovely with both complimenting each other. I’m however staying away from anything school girl related and anything ‘Japanese’. I may obtain at least one Kimono or yukata from Cool Cat or Nightfallwalker whenever either decide to catch my interest.


– I’m now pondering if Varakitsu flipped her fox coin during bus transit that she turned rain into snow. That’s a food for thought.

– I have a feeling Vara is itching to flip our new fate for the day.

– I found something for Renge to chill on as well. Came with three beach chair. Kon!
– I’m highly amused by Renge’s antics.
– Obtained an RCMP barbie for both Canadian pride and to try and gift to Caster Extra whenever she gets a new body.
– If you look closely at the scenery and people you’ll notice flurries. This being the very puffy kind I noticed throughout the day.
– I’m actually quite amused by Varakitsu’s snowy antics. Was supposed to rain, instead getting snow flurries to have fun photo-shooting with.

And before someone points out that dolls can’t control weather in any way may want to note the following:

1) It’s a play-on ‘roleplay’ of Varakitsu being an Arctic Fox.

2) It is said that if you wish something to be at an object it shall grant it for you. Varakitsu being that object. Think of Japanese mythology of every object and item having a god & personality of some sort. Think religious praying statues, just on a more playful and more free note. All for fun!

– Varakitsu kept constantly snatching my unused devices so I purchased a Macbook pro for her. She can now join me happily in Minecraft heh.
– A little touch-ups here and there for her to be able to play Minecraft with me 🙂
– *Rocks out!*
– I find her supernaturally creepy though highly cute with that hat and winking. It’s an odd interesting mix. Not my type, though I approve of the cuteness.

– Making our way through the other door to come across this awesome car again. I had to get an interior shot of it.

I’ve become saddened once I noticed Varakitsu’s tail constantly shifting into odd attachments. Her tail was gradually giving way to the wire with the glue becoming undone. I panicked briefly before realizing how to mend the problem back at home. Some camera tricky to be had until then. I was quite amused by how those in the Dolls of Ottawa group kept petting her tail. Even I did at one point. I needed Varakitsu’s softness to cheer me up during the slow point in one hour.

Upon leaving the wind picked up greatly that it nearly blew off my hat. It was absolutely horrid that I had to hold onto my hat while making sure my carry bag didn’t fly off somewhere. Even with that wind I went out of my way to take images of Varakitsu on some nearby rocks before heading towards the bus. I had to.

– Chillin’, just like the weather. Brrrr~. (I’m used to the weather.)
– She surprisingly sat there if unaffected by the wind around her.
– Flapping of the Ontario, Canadian, and EY Center flag as Vara acts as if nothing is happening.

I’m now annoyed that I had to skip on plane watching. I got caught up in the moment to take the bus while even seeing them taking off and landing on the appropriately viewable runway. One came in on a wobbly approach thanks to the wind. The wind and chilliness didn’t help with me hopping onto the bus.

The only problem I had was the OC Transpo female driver in her 40’s or 50’s being a ‘no-nonsense’ type driver who scolded me for using “out-dated” bus tickets. This was on the way back when I was trying to pay my fare to get home. I’m glad she gave me a transfer, though now a bit annoyed over that ticket scolding. Let me use them up so I don’t have them any more, THEN I’ll purchase the proper coloured bus tickets. I had the proper tickets, I however used them up before and in the morning to the EY Center. It’s just so silly to vent about…..

It was all fun, all enjoyable. I’m now looking forward to all the spring and summer festivities to have fun with. A lot more fun to be had with more props. I can hopefully try and get back to my Busou Shinki pattern as well.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed the images. Until next time!