A’K’s Anime Viewing – 05/22/14 – R8

Heyo! A bit on the belated side, though that allows me to dig deeper into each shows I’m watching. A nice selection of Anime this spring. Some bringing back the old Anime goodies with others surprising viewers with awesome soundtracks and animation beauty.

– A gorgeous elegant foxy from No Game No Life anime. <3

(All images taken from their respected Animes with Fraps.)

I’m quite enjoying this spring line-up of Anime. I enjoyed the winter line up, and the same with this one. I’m however getting easily overwhelmed due to how quickly I can fall behind, get distracted, and miss out on certain Anime. I’m having to constantly do catch-ups while even giving my “first impressions” of this Anime a bit on the late side. I rate the spring line-up quite strongly.

Also, I want to pity those that keep saying Anime sucks or are for children. Anime is a beautiful piece of art fitting numerous areas, and it shows from one season to the next. I’m going to have to blame the obnoxious Anime fans for giving other people the wrong impression of Anime. I love Anime and I’ll be stuck with it for a long while to come. Well, that is if Japan would stop lowering its standards by censoring Anime, as it is doing constantly, by acting less and less mature as the year goes by. I’m hoping we won’t have the garbage Hollywood is known for.

I do enjoy what Japan still pumps out of their Anime industry, just hating the intelligence harming and the constant censorship. I’m however enjoying the mature side of what made Anime awesome that is depressingly censoring casual nudity and dumping things down in areas. My respects to the various creative censoring though. Anyways, enough of this rambling. Onto Spring Anime line-up before I get forced into a deeper backlog!


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Fairy Tail – (2014):

I enjoyed the first season a lot with the second running being more or less on the awesome level. It is highly enjoyable, the fans however are not. With the hiatus it took I’m finding myself also being easily distracted from the Fairy Tail world because it still takes place in the Grand World games with a new dungeon run. It is enjoyable, it still does provoke thoughts and emotions, and it still is neat. I do watch it when I can

I’m enjoying the new casts of characters of both friend and foe. It’s all new to me because I haven’t read the manga, nor am I into it all that deeply. I can enjoy it happily without feeling all that toxic feelings and emotions that run rampant in the fandom. Things are starting to pick up again that I’m gradually getting back into the fun and excitement I had from the past episodes, albeit with forgotten big and small plot and information vital to the flow.

My only gripe, if any, would be the noticeable animation/art quality drops in places. It had to be pointed out indirectly with me noticing the opposite of brighter and better quality in other spots. I don’t care if it the most over-hyped Anime. It has its nice moments for which I enjoy.

Thoughts: I approve. Watching it whenever I see it pop up on the list. A bit distracted from other Anime, though enjoying the new characters.


– A world filled with Magic with magic users being in high-depend in the more realistic manner.

Getting interested in the concept of a magic school had me all curious how it would flow. I was expecting something overly simple and quite bias to something a lot more complex with a world more plausible and realistic side of things. There are no wizards and one-sided magic vs technology. It’s all focused on students put into an academic environment to hone, raise, and weed out the Perfect from the not-so-perfect students to use in the greater world picture of politics. Magic merged with future technology for global control.

The focus we have in this show is all in the academic side of things for character growth while learning about the world around them. The world appears to be a beautiful and highly detailed that would allow for spin-offs and OVAs. We have a main character who’s magic is that more of a cyborg with his sister controlling snow and ice elements which tends to lean into an overly intimate romance couple being the shows subtle inside joke. Though, I have to admit I do enjoy the winter magic spells because of my blog mascot – Varakitsu – being an arctic fox in human form.

I approve of this Anime, even though the main character is that on the over-powered side. The characters are enjoyable, the soundtrack sounds like it could be one of the best, with the rest being interesting from the inside and out. The vibe the show gives off is enjoyable. The only thing I can complain about would be the whole incest bit that gets played around with a lot. It nearly crossed the line into actual incest of brother and sister intimacy.

Thoughts: I Approve. I like how deep the world in Mahouka is, with the same being said with the characters. OST is enjoyable. I also enjoy how technology is used along side magic. I’ll agree on any comment that says it is “predictable” with main character being over-powered. I’ll ignore that bit.

Seikoku no Dragonar:

– Taming your own dragon partner to fly in the sky as one.

This Anime started off by reminding me and giving me the vibe of “The Unbreakable Machine Doll” with Yaya. It gave off that similar vibe through art-style, concept, and the way it introduced itself with the school, dragons, and such. This show is however unique enough because of the dragons, though somewhat generic that everything involves dragons in that typical art-style and island shape. With such, it is still highly enjoyable thanks to the characters, the comedy level, the cuteness of Eco, the humanoid child dragon, and the whole teasing. I’m enjoying the whole academic side of things of how students are being taught how to raise and tame these dragons to be their partners (par) for their daily lives and life-style.

The show is quite tame at times, though highly perverted and ecchi on the others. Funimation’s side is censored painfully that it insults the Japanese intelligence of what they should and shouldn’t tolerate. On the flip-side it has enough ecchiness to barely pass into hentai related territory with tentacle rape, clothes shredding, and nude oil rubs in that yuri manner in a soft-core manner.  May have to watch an uncensored version of the show to see some hidden fun and some hidden wordings that may or may not be relevant to the show itself. That tenta-rape isn’t my cup of tea so I’m pleased that was purged, though the rest is fine such as the oil rubbing and the clothes shredding in the cathedral.

The soundtrack seems enjoyable on that simplistic side. It’s quite entertaining when you do hear it, with the OP being the most enjoyable for me when you see Jessica’s rich-lady laugh scene. Roughly 2 seconds before and after that being my favourite part of the OP.

Thoughts: I approve. I love the fun hidden in the show along with the whole dragon-riding in a school setting. It’s just fun seeing Eco being adorable, that OP, and soft-core ecchiness that doesn’t involve rape or tentacles.

Brynhildr in the Darkness:

– Being free is one thing, worrying about how to survive when free is another.

This show does get quite serious at times, even from a distance type view. All the “Witches” have been experimented, abused, used, and disposed of like useless tools. Even without clothes. I wouldn’t show this to any false feminists trying to ruin everything for the rest as this is all a part of the plot, though quite annoying to see how “the lab” treats these girls like trash. Kuroha has been experimented on upon an accident and released back into the world by escaping with other witches. The problem is that they’re all being hunted down and disposed of due to a master plan.

This show is all about these girls surviving on rare pills that can only be acquired through stealing from “the lab”, or to copy it by wasting months that these girls don’t. Spoilers, but minor ones. This show does have its fun by showing how these girls try to make the most of it through swimsuit fun, fan-service fun, and just crazy teasing and taunting in that school-life type of manner. I enjoy it for that and to see where it will end up.

The opening has to be the best part of the opening. It was even used as a battle BGM. I was hoping for an extended version of it due to how awesome it is, and how interesting the OST is in that generic manner. It’s still entertaining with a nice handful of tracks to listen to. I guess they had lacking funds to go the full km or mile to the level of other mainstream Anime. Still enjoyable regardless.

Thoughts: I approve. A neat dark show with an interesting perspective on things. Not acceptable when disposed of but neat in how these girls are trying to survive to live another normal day. Also needs an official extended OP.

Black Bullet:

– The Cursed Children shunned by society while also being society’s only hope of survival.

I’m actually quite enjoying this one. I was expecting to hate this due to Anime fans idolizing the lolis (little children) in the show. I’m actually enjoying the dark vibe in the show, how these Cursed Children are used in a proper form in the plot, and how the Gastrea are treated as a two-sided coin and not some blind enemy to fight. Everything appears to have a purpose with actual proper questions being asked, though not answered all at once.

I’m also enjoying the character types, the silly comical love-interests, and the whole friend-enemy rivalry. It’s more or less a free-for-all with everybody out to take advantage of others while even treating the cursed children as black people, or even the Chinese (American railway workers) in American society. Society doesn’t like the idea of these Cursed Children containing Gastrea in their blood, nor that they can be humanity’s last hope for survival next to a mineral named “Varanium” (which also makes me think of Varakitsu, my blog mascot) that harms the Gastrea.  This show is a nice mix of dark and light which makes it rated highly in my list.

The opening doesn’t really interest me.  The ED however does due to the singing and the art style with Enju staring at a swamp flower with it glowing similar to a moon-light flower. It’s beautiful. I have to also give my respects to the soundtrack as well for being quite interesting. I’d expect to be disappointed by quantity while hoping it’ll go for full quality when it releases. In the show it is use nicely. Quite catch and enjoyable. Even loving the art style, the animations, and the vibe the show gives off.

(Spoilers: I enjoyed the numerous scenes of the overly arrogant bodyguard getting owned numerous times by Rentarou. The best one being under a railway bridge venting when in a “no bullshit” mood.)

Thoughts: I approve & enjoy highly. It’s a very fun, yet serious show. I try to watch it on the night it pops on the list due to the fun that is this show. I rate this pretty high on my list.

Date a Live S2:

– The Hurricane/Typhoon Sisters

I’m just loving Date A Live and its second season. Sure, it is silly in that romance visual novel manner though quite enjoyable because it knows how to have fun. It even did a throw-back to season one by repressing Tohka’s spirit powers once again through that aerial kiss scene that she did in the first few episodes of S1. That’s what makes it quite fun and entertaining with Shidou tasked with taming all the Spirit girls that could easily destroy earth by sealing their powers. Similar to how I enjoyed Dog Days, Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere, and Oda Nobuna no Yabou, this show has that similar style of fun and seriousness along with their great soundtrack. Each character has a purpose and is quite fun to watch, maybe even possibly to even hang around with. The battles have also been ramped up with ship-to-ship battles, more areal related aerial combats, and more creative combat scenes.

I also believe Date A Live received both animation and art-style boosts from season 1 successes. It appears shiner and more fun, though still noticeable with the lacking budget to make it movie-like. The soundtrack itself is something to note highly as well. The reason why I also love this show is because of the opening and the soundtrack itself. It’s all nicely done that I enjoy listening to the soundtrack long after the first season aired and with the second season’s arrival through PV (trailers) with that overly awesome opening music.

If you can’t enjoy Date A Live then I shall be saddened due to the comical and ecchi fun it has. It isn’t afraid to have fun while also being serious on the side while even poking fun at itself on numerous occasions. More lovely spirit girls to enjoy in Date A Live 2.

Thoughts: I approve & Enjoy highly. I love Date A Live for its fun nature, the Spirits, and the soundtrack. Its all fun and enjoyable because of it being more comical while allowing for serious plot to kick in.

No Game No Life:

– No Game No Life being the Anime containing the fox girls and the kemonomimi girls in the “Beast Race”. <3

This Anime surprised me numerous times. It surprised me in PV form, when I picked it up, when I noticed Fox girls, and during all those fun games ‘Blank’ plays. This anime is so awesome and so much fun that I’m rating this highly on my list for how well it is put together, for how fun, how serious, well thought out, along how much it pokes fun at itself. This show is seriously comical that it keeps you on edge while making you feel like you’re actually playing a game at times.

I didn’t really jump into this for the fox girls, more so because of the PV had great music and was quite catch. I found the fox girls to be a bonus and a side surprise. A reward for watching this show basically. It’s just such a beautifully fun Anime that should represent why I enjoy Anime so much. The art style is gorgeous with that overly bright scenery, the bloom, the animation, the teases, the ecchiness. It’s all a perfectly well rounded and beautifully designed and colourful world. To add to this, it also happily pulls from other Anime related references such as the “No Objection” meme, Akari from Evangelion, along with Dola cameo thanks to a frustrated Steph.

The soundtrack is gorgeous as well with how nice it sounds. All those tracks sound awesome while also boosting the vibe and mood of the show to another level. The ending video looks visually pleasing while also sounding awesome. It’s one of the few ED’s I actually enjoy, especially when in full form. The full track of the ending has been on repeat a few times now and probably shall be in the future as well.

Lovely fox girls! All mine!

Thoughts: I approve while also being highly amused and entertained. This show is so much fun, the characters are great, and the soundtrack is awesome. The ED track in full is a thing of beauty, the art & animation is a thing of beauty, with the fox girls being a nice big cherry on top of the cake as that nice reward. I’m in love.

Akuma no Riddle:

– Female student assassins set to kill one target

Quite a serious show this is. You shall be surprised how serious it gets and how much emotions there are to be played with once you get to know each character, most of the time right near the end. All the young female students in class Black were sent to that class to identify and to assassinate one of their targets, which sounds easy until up until Azuma decided to protect her. A neat concept all the while riddles are asked before every assassination attempt to try and awaken Azuma from her blind slumber.

Lots of yuri-like moments to be had in this show. Nice relationships are formed behind the scene during their faux school life that each moment becomes saddening during the end of almost every episode. Lots of dark and grim moments to be had. The soundtrack and art-style both lend their hand in keeping this a fun yet serious and dark Anime in a world where the girls are locked into a giant school tower to try and assassinate their target, or to protect one in Azuma’s case.  I’d say it’s a said world similar to Noir and Phantom – Requiem For the Phantom in that each character is locked in a cage of assassination and killing.

The soundtrack is awesome. Neither the OP nor ED capture my full attention. I will however pay my respects by noting that the ending pays respect to one of each student per episode which is awesome.

Thoughts: I approve & highly interested. I’m loving how the atmosphere stays dark, especially when each character gives off those death stares. It has its dark and sad moments along with a nice soundtrack. Each ending pays respect to that character given the spotlight in that episode.

Fuuun Ishin Dai Shogun:

– A Fox demon of a Chiharu fighting Keiichirou out of misguided pride.

I’m going to outright say that this show is insanely weird and comical. It’s a type of show you could easily watch for a drinking party or during some drunken fun with a friend or two. It purposely goes the comical route with its comedy, action, and perverted ecchi scenes. It has all these jokes and gags that also add to its funky comical atmosphere that you simply watch this to vent away your horrible day or your anger. The setting is that of Nagasaki and Tokyo in the 1880’s when steam gave way to mechas and various kinds of inventions to give it that interesting street-gang and steam-punk vibe. Keichirou however has to use is virgin powers and feelings to control the giant mysterious mecha to its fullest without popping any cherries.

The animation is on the bright side and is colourful where it counts. It’s mostly a scenery type beauty with the animation being purposely horrid with slide-show action scenes with purposely done lazy animations in areas for hand or finger waving along with oppai movement. Think of that smudge tool in photo-shoot to move lines around, now you have a good idea. It does have properly done animations in areas when it counts.

Why do I watch this show? For the fun of it, for Chiharu, to see what kind of ecchi scenes it has, the two types of plots, the horny antagonist at times, and to see where this will actually go. I’m quite curious.

Thoughts: 50/50, though curious. This show is crazy that you simply watch it to vent away the day or to enjoy the silliness of it all while enjoying the plot it does have. It’s a show watched for drunken fun.

Soul Eater Not!

This one took me off guard when I noticed it on the list for viewing. I didn’t expect another Soul Eater related Anime to be made after enjoying the first one a lot. This one seems to be a prequel and a spin-off at the same time to the whole serious focusing on Tsugumi becoming a weapon with two Meisters while wondering to go with one or the other.

I’ll admit that it does becomes quite hard to watch when Tsugumi becomes too shy and blundersome in certain situations. I had to pause the episode a few time while also facepalming or giving that facepalming type face without the facepalm. I don’t mind where it’s going in that light-hearted manner, it just becomes hard to watch when Tsugumi tenses up in that shy manner. I do enjoy the characters, the reappearing ones, and the slightly expended setting though which makes me keep coming back to watching more episodes.

Thoughts: I approve. I enjoy seeing past Soul Eater characters making a reappearance while also enjoying the one character’s learning how to be a useful duo in weapon and meister combo.

Knights of Sidonia:

– Such a beautiful Anime when it allows beauty.

I had my doubts with this Anime with the constant whining I heard of its animation style. People were saying how weird it was but kept noting right after that everything was getting intense from one episode to the next. I have to agree on the intense bit. Sure, the animation and art-style are weird and strange from those that are used to more mainstream Anime art style. Because of such it allows for a grimmer world in space and a more beautifully detailed world.

It is a pretty interesting and unique world that Tanikaze and his photo-synthesizing human clones live in. Each person has been birthed by cloning with the choice of choosing male or female soon after their matured state with the gender features growing in after. As much as those on Tumblr would enjoy that, I wouldn’t. I’m more of a traditionalist keeping with male and female for humans so this would be quite a surreal world to live in, and insanely frustrating when we would encounter Tumblr morons in this world. I wouldn’t mind the newer generations choosing this type of option though. If you can pick your gender then good for you, it’ll hopefully shut you the more arrogant types of folks…hopefully. Everything is aimed at floating through space in a Noah’s Ark type ship with genetically modified humans so they could survive a long journey in space in that Macross manner of avoiding enemy. A space life while using the enemy’s weakest link as their defense.

The best part of this show is also how small little details appear big in this show. Take the quad-coupling (or more) when traveling from Sidonia to defeat the Gauna. I love that this show has the little things to make their world more lively along with how the mechas should operate in certain manners. The whole photosynthesis to consume less resources to filtering your own urine to assist with someone’s survival.

I’m rating Knights of Sidonia quite highly due to how much it is pulling from the 90’s Anime version in this spot and how awesome it is. All the seriousness you would find in the past is finally back in this Anime with the most awesome opening and ending I’ve seen for this type of show. Everything stays gloomy, grim, and voided like space itself. It’s always close to being depressing without really be depressing. It’s close to being realistic with lots of shocks and horrors to be expecting at the end of every episode. Something horrifying always happens in each and every Sidonia episode. The female bear also reminds me of a character in a Ghibli movie, which this show gives off on occasions, and is another reason why I love this show.

Lots of deaths to be had so be prepared when viewing. Quite dark and serious. (*For those that haven’t picked up Knights of Sidonia shouldn’t complain that there aren’t any serious shows this season. You’re purposely filtering out what you’ve been seeking. Blame yourself.)

Thoughts: I approve and highly interested. I love the serious vibe in this show and the whole vibe behind it. The OP & ED caught my interest along with the soundtrack. If you haven’t picked it up then do so or forever feel regret.

Blade And Soul:

– An empty though insanely skilled assassin named Alka.

This Anime took me by surprise with me expecting it to be sub-par, something like Super Sonico. I was expecting a cash-cow of an Anime, though this proved to show otherwise with how much care was put into it. It is such a beautiful Anime that it shows in the scenery, the characters, and all the blood. You care for everything in this world, Alka herself, and for those she meets along her way. One thing you should note is how much blood gets spilled throughout the show. All for a reason and all for a purpose to show how cruel Alka’s world is.

I’m even surprised to find that Alka herself learns how to be more human while also being the assassin that she is. It doesn’t really show in that obvious light of change, though it is there in that subtle manner of how she uses her blade. Both the protagonist and the antagonist are hollow in personality, yet have one to take notice of. Seeing an empty character seeking revenge on another darker one is surprisingly quite interesting. A dark & light clash if you will with both gradually regaining their lost humanity in which made them “pure” in their own vocation or world.

I’m going to have to say that the opening and ending fail to capture my interest. The ending is gorgeous, just doesn’t suit my taste. The soundtrack itself may or may not be interested. Haven’t really noticed the BGM when watching because I was more focused on Alka and her desire for revenge.  I quite enjoy seeing the various kinds of facial expressions Alka has.

I want to also note that I haven’t played the MMO, though I heard of it. I know of its style, just not enough in which this Anime dives into.

Thoughts: I approve. I’m enjoying each episode as it flows while loving the shiny scenery, the skimpy gorgeous girls (some more appropriately dressed than others), and the dark world Alka is placed in. 

Hitsugi no Chaika:

– Dominica Skoda is such a beautiful lady. Quite elegant and gorgeous.

I was going to ignore this Anime because of Chaika while also being interested because of Chaika. I do hope you know what I mean with that “love-hate” type vibe. I didn’t want to pick this show up because of Chaika’s younger appearance while also wanting to pick it up because of her supernatural abilities. I’m getting fatigued by all these loli-characters appearing in the Anime but I also can tolerate them for just a little while longer. Chaika and her sisters are quite cool.

I’m enjoying the more steam-punk version of this world fantasy medieval-ish world where magic and technology mix in that interesting mix. It’s enjoyable seeing our two troubled saboteurs trying to find work by scrapping the bottom of the barrel while taking pride in what they do by also assisting Chaika. They’re loyal to Chaika as a saboteur while also wanting to make the world more involved with them around. Sounds like our world with people trying to find work, yet can’t, because of various kinds of barriers. I’m sure people can relate to the brother & sisters here. All on a quest to gather the remains and to give Chaika’s supposed father and king a proper funeral. That itself is implied and noted as being fishy as it would cause a major imbalance in their world of some sort. Chaika herself is one of the biggest unknown in the show due to her sister(s) stirring up more suspicions and rumors.

The opening itself does seem neat, I however find a fault that it drags on longer than it should or that it uses the wrong set of scenes for its OP segment. I much prefer the ending with the singing along with a better fitting animated ending scene fitting for it. It’s more catchy. The soundtrack itself appears to be simplistic, though rarely enjoyable when I do make note of it. Similar to Blade & Soul I’m much more engrossed in the show than hearing the music.

I’m also amused that each character is named after some car and car manufacturer around the world. For example – Acura, Chaika, Skoda, and Scania. It makes me overjoyed to see Skoda as an overly elegant warrior lady and a dragoonier. My fellow Canadians don’t know what it is or think of that car as some pile of shit because “communists are the enemies of the world” and “Eastern Europe is a third world type section of Europe” which obviously offends me. Seeing Dominica Skoda as that beautiful princess-like figure just makes me overly happy after seeing some gorgeous cars in Slovakia, even if it is Czech owned.

Fredrica is such a troll of a character due to how she behaves while not doing her utmost to fulfill her and their desires on which they agreed on. Love her character that though.

Thoughts: I approve. I’m actually enjoying this, even more so when seeing Dominica Skoda and her name of a car brand I found unique to Europe. It is an enjoyable show with its great amusing moments and humor.

Oda Nobunaga The Fool:

– Da Vinci assisting with fortune telling through his cards.

I’m enjoying where this show is going. It constantly keeps me interested from one episode to the next with the various kinds of conflicts and happenings. I’m enjoying all forms of combat they go through, even heading to the West Star to save Jeanne D’Arc from being tortured in the west. Lots of seriousness and tension going on, even Jeanne D’Arc abusing.

This show seems to enjoy abusing Jeanne D’Arc in both the historical manner of burning and torture along with the fan-service manner. She can’t do as much as her historical counterpart (from the one I read up on) to the point where she can be as serious as the others. She annoys me with how much of a damsel-in-distress she is. I made note of it before, and I shall make note of it again. Sure, she had her moments. She still annoys me, even if her beauty does allow her to shine brightly over other stronger female characters. Go ahead and defend her, I don’t mind. I’m just saying that I do like her as a character, just annoyed she always has to be assisted. I’ll give her a point in stubbornness and a strong mental defense in how she sticks to what she believes is right to the point where blood starts pouring.

I have to say that I’m also still enjoying the soundtrack as a whole thanks to it being released. In and outside of the show of the show it sounds quality awesome to listen to. Can’t say much about the OP and ED because I enjoyed the first ones more.

I’m just loving where it is going because of how serious and comical it takes itself in the not so comedy manner. It constantly stays serious in its own manner by constantly adding conflict for characters to deal with. I’m enjoying that side of things thanks to how neat each characters are.

Thoughts: I approve. I’m enjoying all the conflicts and character tensions from one episode to the next. Soundtrack still sounds awesome. I’m still loving the progression of both plot and characters.

– Best of Spring Anime:

  • Best Anime: Knights of Sidonia (Tied with No Game No Life, Akuma No Riddle, and Black Bullet).
  • Best OP: Date A Live II (tied with Knights of Sidonia.)
  • Best ED: Blade & Soul (Tied with Knights of Sidonia, and Black Bullet.)
  • Best Soundtrack: Knights of Sidonia, Date A Live, Black Bullet and No Game No Life (Tied between those three).

*I know I’m cheating by saying tie but it’s that close for me. They’re such great shows that one can’t beat the other really in that category I mentioned. The “best Anime” is  because both are awesome; Best OP is tied with Sidonia because of the music and the opening sequence; ED for Blade & Soul dancing but not the music. I have the music side to Knights of Sidonia with Black Bullet’s ED for both music and beauty; Best soundtrack goes to those four because I’m hearing awesome tracks being played in those show. If the soundtrack itself will be as awesome is yet to be told. I’m also ignoring Nobunaga The Fool because it is a winter show. It would go into best Anime and soundtrack category for me.


Back Log Anime:

– Wizard Barristers; One Week Friends; Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii; Mahou Shoujo Taisen; Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou; Little Busters EX; Space Brothers.

The above being Anime I want to watch but can’t find a nightly slot for me to watch. I just can’t force myself to watch these either or I’d remember them horribly.

Winter Anime – Quick Thoughts:

Log Horizon:  Was very awesome; A must watch! Loved the vibe, the characters, the concept, music, OP, and the foxy at the end. I’m pleased it is getting a second season.
Noragami: Highly awesome; Must watch! Loved all the seriousness and the comedy being properly balanced out. Loved the character development of the supernatural with the slice-of-life. It was fun, tense at times, with a great OST and characters. I’d love another.
Inari, KonKon, Koi Iroha: Was a nice awesome side-anime. Lots of nice foxes, great slice-of-life, and just nicely down to Earth. It’s a nice perfect show for a calm day. It’s a nice beautiful piece of art of a show.
Tokyo Ravens: Was a nice watch for the action and music. It was enjoyable, especially with Kon and her true form.  I’m awaiting a second season, as that is the mood it gave when ended. It was enjoyable, though a touch annoying at times.
Witch Craft Works: Insanely amusing. A must watch with great watches with witches and role reversals in gender form. It was so amusing that I want a second season. More Witch Witch! The soundtrack is a thing of beauty.
Mahou Sensou/Magical Warfare: Wow….It could have been better. It was indeed enjoyable, it however tripped over itself and landed face first onto the pavement. It’s also purposely trying to force itself into a second season with overly weak reasoning and remains. A messy flop.
Buddy Complex: Was a weird show to jump into at first to find out that I saw similarities in it and Pacific Rim with the Coupling system. Pacific Rim similarities coming after with 3-5 eps in. Two pilots unlocking hidden abilities in their mecha by syncing their wavelengths to one another. The whole process sounded like a love confession and a wedding with it borrowing from Gundam related concept and time-warps. I enjoyed it, even for Hina while waiting for S2.
Golden Time: A must watch with insane amounts of emotions to be played with. It does drag on at times, but damn does it ever do a good job at messing around with your emotions. Memories are an important thing people take for granted with this show showing how important memory and relationships are. I love this show, though it briefly crippled me for a week or two.
Kill La Kill: A nice throw-back to the 80’s and 90’s Anime in that nice respective manner. It pays tribute while working on clothing puns to name things and to move the plot. This is one of the rare shows that actually deserves the rare hype that people put onto it. This, and Attack on Titan. The show, plot, and OST were all awesome. Character designs as well.
Strike The Blood: It was an overly enjoyable show. I’d recommend it, though people will say they’ve been there and done that. I enjoyed all the unique sides of this show to the comical and ecchi jabs it did. All the nice characters, music, and hilarious moments. One of those shows I wanted to watch every weekend.
Magi S2: Enjoying Season 1 had me enjoying season 2 as well. Great conflicts, look backs, growth, music, and experiences. Many hard hitting episodes to be enjoyed with signs of a season 3.
The Pilot’s Love Song: A nice enjoyable show reminding me of the movie “The Princess & The Pilot. It was obviously rough around the edges, though still greatly enjoyable. It could have used more funding for the music and story department, though still enjoyable as it still managed to send its message home to us viewers.  I enjoyed this, even if rough.
Gundam Build Fighters: This ended up being the best Gundam tribute one could have ever asked for! Gundam done in a Busou Shinki & Angelic Layer format with you still forced to control your Gundam through arcade means was the best thing to come around. Bandai hit a niche zone that Busou Shinki fans have been wishing for. OST is the best one could have asked for, as are the characters and the overly enjoyable battles. Season 2 is confirmed! GO WATCH THIS NOW! I wish Busou Shinki would make its third Anime like this. Konami JP, please! Make it like this and Angelic Layer!
Z/X: Ignition: This ended up being one of those curious side-watches to see how well this Anime would do. It did well enough to keep me interested while being a touch bit rough around the edges. It did well with controlling Entities in a card concept in a one card format to control and feed resources to your monster to do your bidding in a more serious manner than Pokemon. S2 faintly hinted at a S2.
Hamatora: I jumped on this in a hesitent manner to only end up getting overly hooked on it as I forced myself to watch more. I enjoyed the silliness as it ramped up into crazy seriousness. Season 1 left on a cliff-hanger that I’m now watching out for a season 2 for more crazy seriousness.
Super Sonico: I knew this wasn’t going to be anything special. It did well to show the music side of things, just not in the show itself. It was one of the more boring slice-of-life (enjoying the traveling episode that was more like a movie) with the meet being in Sonico’s breasts and in the ending songs. I’m still one episode short of finishing the show.
Gundam Unicorn: Was an awesome watch from episode 1 to 7. Everything about it was awesome, the music, and the message it has within it. There are so many messages people should make note of that was mentioned and brought up in this show. The characters were also awesome. I love how it connects with the other UC timeline by even going through time.


See you in the Summer Anime list!