Foxy Ottawa Belated Blooming

Kon! I wanted to try and capture Ottawa’s natural blooming today with it still being on the belated side. Took Varakitsu, Renge, and Sharatang with me to try and make the most of this insanely slow natural growth in Ottawa. Had loads of fun.

– Varakitsu happily enjoying herself among the blooming Crab Apple trees.

(All images taken with a Lumix GF1 – Pancake lens.)

I wanted to give Varakitsu’s second year a proper photo-shoot after all that stressing on her first year of arrival. I wanted to take images of Varakitsu in a more photogenic and scenic manner as much as possible by heading over to the Experimental Farm’s garden area, then to a small park area next to Dow’s Lake on the bike path area, and into Commissioner’s Park with all the tulips.

I was originally going to head to the Experimental Farm’s area only to end up getting dragged over to the other side while behaving like a moronic tourist at the round-about area. I never crossed one properly so that confused the shit out of me, especially with the drivers being morons thanks to an east-end crash. I walked through the various type of crab apple trees planted, down a pathway and towards Dow’s Lake bikepath where I took more photos. Finished it off at Commissioner’s Park with the lovely tulips in the area from the now finished Tulip Festival the day before.


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There was enough of nature to play around with that I actually managed to have fun with it all. The garden area of the Experimental Farm was still more or less empty due to how long it took nature to trigger to start blooming again. I had fun with the Crab Apple trees, the tulips, various flowers, and just nature itself.  I’m mostly relieved that my local doll group I’m in were busy today to meet up due to how free I was to wander around. If I had someone I’d be tied down by only having half of the images.

– A nice relaxing sit on a lovely Crab Apple tree branch.
– That beautiful smell from the trees with a lovely foxy Varakitsu.
– I also kept Varakitsu in her sweater due to the windy conditions that made it all that slightly chilly.
– A foxy Vara mimicking Sharatang from last photo shoot.

– Could stay among these trees for a long period.

– I’m in love with these images that I do hope this feeling lasts long after the post button triggering.

– Beauty being held in a foxy palm.

– Such a beautiful tree with a gorgeous smell.
– The rest taking ages to bloom.
– Beautiful sight to see.
– People were amused by this shot when they drove by with Vara posing on the opposite end of the street with the white tree in the background. An annoying shot to take, though rewarding every time I now recall those smiles.
– These Ladybugs were almost everywhere. One was on the back of my shirt to the right next to my neck. Even had a spider on my right arm I had to fling off. These types of insects I can tolerate. Also colour I’m not used to seeing.
– Another painful shot to take, though fun and rewarding now that I have a happy climbing fox. She kept slipping off the bench with her heels keeping her in place. Lovely shots!
– A beautiful fox among beautiful scenery and nature.

If you haven’t noticed by now I was trying to redo some of my past images while going for new ones. Lots of nice experimentations as well on the side to try to bring out awesome images for both of us to enjoy. Varakitsu returning to the bench where she posed at in her younger form for a doll group shot. I’m still quite picky about how she appears though still enjoying the images a lot, thus me sharing them here for all of us to enjoy.

– Come now! You should know by now I keep my eye to the sky to spot new happenings, like yesterday’s Air Canada 787 Dreamliner flyby on my Flickr account – 123 456789 – Images. Wish it came from North to South or zooming lens. Both be nice.
– Varakitsu finds a small patch of red and white tulips to pose in front.
– This ladybug seemed to have enjoyed Varakitsu’s tail until shaken off.

– Silly birds kept dropping these pinecones in and around the area I was in. Around 3-5 fell when I was in the area.

– Vara’s feet started to pester her a tad; Trying for a deja vu moment of Varakitsu cleaning her shoes for when she fell into a flower bed a year back.
– Her high heels were starting to get dirty so I had to clean them a tad bit.
– Sharatang curiously (though seriously) examining some special garden hedges with a bird pool behind her.

– “Pluck thou my flower, my dear” still rings strongly in my mind whenever I lay eyes on Sharatang.

With Sharatang observing the flowers, and Renge with tending to the flower garden beds, I caught Varakitsu climbing another set of blooming Crab Apple trees. She struggled a bit to climb and to stay in place, though she managed.

– This tree was less willing to have Varakitsu, or any of her companions photograph themselves among the blooming flowers.

– The tree she managed to climb and to rest up against is such a trolling one. All the important bits of the tree are missing on the right while being on left. I’m assuming someone also cut the tree to be that way to be such a pain to take figure & doll photographs on, or a storm cut the branches off.

– Adorable. The pedals were falling around the tree in this area that Vara, Renge, and Sharatang all enjoyed themselves with the fallen pedals.

– I find this adorable. Well worth the effort of constantly putting the pedals back on all three with the wind constantly blowing them off and to the right.

– Varakitsu appears to be a slightly bit impatient with a hand gesture movement involving the pedal in her hand and the Shinkis next to her.
– Vara wanted to pose among the Tulips on our way home before we both got dragged over towards the other side and into Dow’s Lake. This was supposed to wrap up the photo-shoot.
– That proud foxy pose <3
– Guess this crystal of hers explains all the distractions and detours I got myself into from this point onward heh.
– Not to mention all the attention I got from all the bugs and people in this beautiful city in Canada called Ottawa.
– A little too short for the tall tulips. Still looks nice.
– I do love my Canadian Arctic Fox of a Varakitsu.
– They did look beautiful being the little bit that was in the area.
– Made my way to the other side towards Dow’s Lake finding this lone set of flowers blooming on the tree.

I wanted to once again finish this photo-shoot session with Varakitsu along a trail with her just walking around with her sweater hanging on her shoulder and back. Her hair made that difficult so I had to experiment a few times. Was hot so made sense to finally rid her of that sweater. Just felt awkward when I had two picnicking girls sit up on the hill near me with me expecting them to get vocal, which they didn’t. Phew~

Was also amused to see a duck and a canoe go by at two different times.

– That’s more like it for the 20*C weather that day. I however feel like something is interfering with her figure hmm. Either hair or sweater.
– Guess it’s no use worrying due to trivial worries. Just enjoy the weather and the photo-shoot 🙂

– Not bad. This area (Dow’s Lake) still looks gorgeous.
– My third distraction that kept me in the area a bit longer. Was worth it for this, the tulips, and Varakitsu with tulips. Two birds with one stone type thing.

At this point I was getting overly tired while graving some food. I just wanted to go home to only have my creative side of mind forcing me to take images of Varakitsu among the Tulips. Two birds with one stone thanks to that. Worth it! Was nice helping out a couple take images among the Tulips. Especially nice to get something out of it photography and satisfaction wise.

– That looks awesome, and a bit painful, with Vara posing among the tulips. Had a person ask me about her so I told him where to find more images and what she is, the make at least.
– Both me and Varakitsu both misjudged the tulip fencing’s height. This one ended up looking more natural once I spotted the pain in her arm.

– Jiiiii~

– There was a mini walkway heading into the tulip bed that I didn’t make use of. I’ll wait for a flower swap during a June meet-up here to make use of that. Maybe these Tulips shall stay, or might not.
– As nice as the orange ones were let’s put her among the red ones to match her top. Kon!

And now my shoot ends for real. I left on one of those road-rage worthy obnoxious honkings on the way home. The lane heading east on Carling Ave was packed with cars provoking loads of honking thanks to a car crash out east and LRT construction. I wanted to take 1-5 more images…Just constantly wanting to take more images.

I’m overly pleased with this photo-shoot that I’m also overly relieved that nobody in the Doll of Ottawa group actually accepted my invite for a mini-meet. I was able to roam freely to gather these types of images. No regrets, just unfinished photo-shoots to be had next time around; More ideas for next meet. This now makes another photo-shoot checked off my checklist.

I’m pleased with how Varaktitsu appears in these images, the little appearance my Shinkis made, and what I took images of. Shall properly take images of the Busou Shinkis in the next round of outdoor photography.


Thanks for viewing and hope you enjoyed these images! I actually had fun so hoping others shall actually enjoy these as much as I had fun taking these images.