KanColle Admiration – April Admiral Log

Heyo! With the late April/Early May event on the horizon I thought I would post this log up before the rush. Logging my KanColle fun and adventures from when I last logged them when on a Bismarck hunt.

– A proud Bismarck being my new flagship of my fleet. Overly proud of having Bismarck in my fleet <3.

(All images taken KanColle web game; Print-screened into Photoscape.)

KanColle is a very fun game, even a few months in now. Was stressing out over not obtaining Bismarck during March that I was gradually losing my sanity over the cursed RNG that rotated Hyuuga into odd numbers. I couldn’t really do much, only basic dailies of attacking 1 fleet, another fleet, then 10 fleets. This also included the expeditions quests, even #20 expedition for devmat. My hunt for Bismarck was real while trying to make it as efficient as possible in obtaining her. Finally glad that came to an end on a very happy note, even with some nice bonuses. Now can focus at other tasks at hand while having actual sortie fun!

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– Chiyoda [lvl 15] remodeled once again after joining my fleet briefly in 2-1 huntings. [March 30th, 2015]
– Shiranui proudly Kai’d up. She’s one of my favourites while hoping she finds herself a Kai Ni form. [March 30, 2015]
– I did find Z1’s damaged art adorable and amusing with her patting that hat in a Bugs Bunny type vibe. [March 31st]
– YES! YES! FINALLY! A 5 hour build!……..But wait….Don’t celebrate just yet as I was given a Mutsu on my 6th try….Premature celebration. KanColle’s cruel April 1st joke with an added bonus of personal issues. Wasn’t a happy day. Kitsune Wednesday failed me. Bismarck didn’t want to be known as Foxy either.[April 01]
During all the resource stockpiling towards summoning Bismarck I formed a few tiny leveling fleets. Was slow leveling, even resource friendly fleets (in threes) to level, just level slowly. Everything to conserve resources while still doing the dailies aimed at them to swiftly summon Bismarck on a bi-daily basis in LSC attempts.

– Z1 leading the charge with Murakumo & Maya leveling up along side. They gained quite a nice share of EXP, if slow. [April 03, 2015]
– 6th Destroyer Fleet finally re-assembled after some difficulty. Inazuma was happily reished out of the waters to complete more quests. Even clearing 1-5 once. Had to wait on a more experienced Hibiki to return from a lengthy expedition that gave a nice realistic immersive vibe. [April 04, 2015]
– As long as the sonar works I’m overly happy to have them. Less sharing, less confusion, and more sinking submarines the Canadian way during WW2. [April 05, 2015]
– Kirishima proudly obtained from my 8th try for Bismarck. I wasn’t even mad. In fact, I was quite pleased and proud for obtaining Kirishima from LSC. It beats that idiotic Hyuuga curse I caught myself in. Haruna & Hiei both left. [April 5th, 2015]
– Loving Kirishima. Loving her humour, her vibe that I happily leveled her to lvl 2. I couldn’t manage to get her any higher due to how fresh her summoning was. [April 05, 2015]
– Kuma happily Kai’d up. My pet cat of the fleet happily Kai’d up with me obviously wishing she had her Kai Ni form. [April 06, 2015]
– Murakumo happily Kai’d up. This is of course in response to her obtaining her awesome poofy (almost like a sheep cuddly) Kai Ni. [April 08, 2015]
I’m absolutely loving the little details in Murakumo’s Kai Ni appearance. Loving how poofy she is (like a puffy sheep) in an appropriate ‘poofy cloud’ type manner. Her name has ‘cloud’ in it, thus the ‘poofy cloud’ appearance. To me, at a glance, I thought of a puffy sheep instead in a nice positive meaning. What surprised me was when I was pointed toward her nip-slits on her uniform. Wasn’t expecting those nip-slits that luckily don’t expose her somewhat flat chest thanks to her under-shirt or sweater (Example). If you wanted to think perverted you could easily bring up the thought of playing with her nips.

– Akatsuki proudly Kai’d up to be more ‘Lady-like’. I’m now expecting her Kai Ni to give her more of an elegant vibe with her catch-phrase being “Lady”, similar to Yuudachi’s Poi saying. [April 09, 2015]
– Maya happily Kai’d, also in response to her Kai Ni announcement a few days before this remodel. [April 09, 2015]
– Z1 happily Kai Ni’d right before summoning, surpassing my personal goal of lvl 20 to summon Bismarck. Being partially superstitious, I believe seeing Z1 lvl 31 assisted in bringing out Bismarck. [April 09, 2015]
– Bismarck GET! 10th try! 5 if you ignore all the Hyuuga curses. The main reason why I joined KanColle, and the main reason of playing this game. I’m overly proud to have her in my fleet, even as a flagship on occasions. I can finally sortie my fleet normally! [April 11, 2015]
Attempt results:
1) Hyuuga – 2) Maruyu – 3) Hyuuga – 4) Ise – 5) Hyuuga – 6) Mutsu – 7) Hyuuga – 8) Kirishima – 9) Hyuuga – 10) Bismarck*

I’m so insanely relieved and overly happy to finally have her in my fleet! Would have been better in March, but what can you do when you’re up against Japanese RNG and programming. Pokemon burned this into my mind of how difficult Japanese games are, even in that nice fun manner. I was mainly fuming over the fact I was given a very predictable and irritating RNG chance of Hyuugas odd numbers; Any other random ship on even numbers. Odd ones would always give me Hyuugas while even gave me any random ships. Glad it gave me Kirishima on #8, and finally #10 for Bismarck.

Bismarck is straight up the main reason why I joined the KanColle web gme. It’s thanks to her that I found a main ship girl to relate to. I found all the other ship girls unrelatable only because I wasn’t given a chance to know them any better, thus the Anime and playing them allowed me to know them better. I now have other lovely ship girls to escort her, even have her go happily hunting for Abyssals. I still do however wish she had a 3D model in a more free-roamy manner….That I’ll leave for mods in a game called “Rising World” once it opens up shop for mods and ocean biomes. For now, I’ll happily have fun with Bismarck in KanColle, and it’s damn fun. So proud!

I’m also taking my time leveling her up because of how special she is. Rushing the leveling would cheapen, even ruin the worth of Bismarck so I’m simply having her do dailies by transport hunting on 2-2. She happily helped me clear 4-1, 4-2, and even joined me on 4-3. Her and Yuudachi make a great pairing in my fleet. Great respect for Bismarck and my Yuudachi. Can’t wait for Bismarck to naturally catch up to Yuudachi’s level. Those blueprints going to slow me down.

Bismarck is of course my main pride of the fleet; I’m happy to have gained Kirishima from the LSC attempt. Yuudachi also being the main player. The three together being my proud main characters in my fleet; Nightmare Fleet.

– Proof I actually obtained Bismarck and wasn’t seeing things. My German waifu finally under my command <3 – [April 11, 2015]
– Yamashiro get from 2-2 boss node while transport hunting. Was happy to finally ‘Get!’ what I desired when I first started the game, just now not so much thanks to Bismarck & her ‘creepy’ personality. [April 11th, 2015]
– Happily fielding Bismarck to gain some battle experience. Such beauty <3 – [April 11, 2015]
– Yuudachi being the proud flagship due to her experience. Bismarck happily joining in to gain more battle experience. Kirishima also with her following somewhat closely to Bismarck. [April 13, 2015]
– The pain of being an Admiral taking command of ‘Fleet Girls’ when trying to progress and leveling them up. 1-5 G Node is brutal, as with 2-2 & World 4-1 progress. All those repairs…..[April 13, 2015]
– 1-5 G Node & Yuudachi both trolling one another a hell of a lot. – Yuudachi pops out untouched, as with 1-5 preventing me from clearing it. Yuudachi never attacks the flagship submarine so I never am able to clear the map for medals….I do however enjoy Yuudachi’s trolling behavior. [April 14, 2015]
– Oh! A Ta-Class Battleship! My lovely Bismarck vs Ta-Class Battleship. A beautiful Ta-Class Battleship at that. Wish I could capture and have that Ta-Class join my ranks. Such a beauty. 4-1 G Node [April 14, 2015]
– Yuudachi unleashing her “Nightmare of Solomon” on World 4 maps. She felt so at home there. I the game allowed Yuudachi to hunt submarines at night, which they are able to do, then that one survivor would have been sunk. [April 15, 2015]
– World 4-2 was also a fun map. Had to stop at H node once to then try again after. Three tries, or so I can remember, to clear this map in a fun manner. [April 16, 2015]
– 4-3 is a tricky map for my fleet. They were able to get to the G Node, just that it pushed my fleet to retreat due to damages. There’s no rush. I can go back and tackle it at another time. [April 17, 2015]
– Fusou fished up from 2-2 boss node. She startled me due to her turret size. That “V” shape also which made me briefly wonder what I was staring at. She’s also another whom I wanted earlier, yet couldn’t. Now that I do, I fear for my life thanks to her & Yamashiro’s dark side. Beautiful, just ‘dark’ with a sis-con. Their related quests were also tackled. [April 18, 2015]
– Yukikaze the Beaver happily Kai’d up. Wishing she gained her Kai Ni around the same time as Murakumo. I saw her on Twitter mistaking her for obtaining Kai Ni. Wish she did due to her appearing more ‘formal’. [April 19, 2015]
– Hatsuharu has been doing fairly well in my fleet. This is my 1-5 fleet hitting both the boss node & the G Node with no victory to be gained. They can hold their own, just can’t snatch a victory. Also set up this way so they can gain 1-5 experience. This is indeed my ‘Nightmare Fleet’, but in a ‘experience gaining’ composition. [April 21, 2015]
– Happy 2nd Anniversary to KanColle! –

I logged on to find myself being gifted a present and a free wall scroll celebrating the anniversary. Present being for resources, and wallscroll for hanging to celebrate the festivities. It was one of those covert updates that also added 70 new ship-girl lines. Oddly though, I can’t get Nenohi’s festive line, though I can get Yuudachi’s festive line. I can only hear Nenohi’s “Day” pun while I hear something along the lines of – “Today is a special day poi; Let’s have everyone have a magnificient party” – from Yuudachi. I love it, even if it may be pushing up a default line of some sort for the festivity.

– Logged in to find myself greeted by a present & expeditions. Yuudachi also saying some festive lines. [April 22, 2015]
– A lovely 2nd Anniversary wall scroll to hang up in your admiral room. [April 22, 2015]
– Happily trying to level up my lovely ladies, mainly Bismarck & Jun’you. Slowly, of course. Trying to level them through dailies and Jun’you to 25 for her Kai. [April 22, 2015]
– Souryuu fished up from 2-2 boss node. Quite a surprise because she’s quite a beauty. I’m quite pleased. Quite a rewarding Foxy Wednesday. [April 22, 2015]
– Hachi happily Kai’d up to join Goya, Imuya, and Maruyu. Happily assisting with expeditions to gain me required resources. [April 24, 2015]
– Kirishima proudly Kai’d up with the assistance of some 3-2 map assistance. Could have gone to World 4, yet wanted to test something out. [April 26, 2015]
– Kiso being my first ship girl to be maxed stats. I guess I can always have her consume Maruyu’s later down the line, if still given option. Proud Kiso was given max stats as the first. [April 26, 2015]
– Jun’you finally Kai’d up! It’s been something long overdue, yet it’s now done in a happy manner. Love her as a carrier & personality. [April 26, 2015]
– My proud German waifu – Bismarck – Finally reaching level 30 in that naturally paced manner. No rushing, just leveling when on daily sorties. Interesting red scheme on her turrets. [April 26, 2015]

I’m quite pleased and having loads of fun with KanColle. April however turned into a ‘resource stockpiling’ month thanks to the upcoming event so I couldn’t go as ‘wild’ as I desired. Can’t research, nor can I go on a hunt or other ship girls. Having to stockpile for both Bismarck and the event happening late-April for some more lovely ladies to join up. If I get lucky, and nothing gets in my way, then I’ll be able to post up a nice KanColle May log showing you with whom I obtained and how I treated them in the Spring event. Those new Italian ship girls to boast about is something I’m greatly looking forward to.

Goal reached! Bismarck Get! Being overly proud and happy that I finally have her in my fleet. Having her Kai’d up within the same month (without rushing) just makes her presence all that much more glorious. Can’t wait to get around to her lvl 99 bit; Both her and Yuudachi. Bismarck shall be first with Yuudachi following behind when given the ring, if I can spare funds to purchase another ring for Yuudachi to follow. I’m also paying attention to Kirishima so there’s no worries there as she’s also my new pride. Mutsu not that far behind either. All being treated fairly well.

If you’re curious for daily logs then I also recommend you to keep track of my – Flickr Feed – and my – ArcticuKitsuKanColle – logs in a more Star Trek type manner. I post up what I did on a daily basis, if noteworthy enough, while even just simply having fun.

– [Pixiv] Proud German Bismarck with a lovely expression. <3
Thanks for viewing and hoping to sail along side with fellow Admirals in the Spring event. Good hunting & Safe Sailing!