KanColle Admiration – September & October Admiral Log

Heyo! Now that it’s November, plus with the Halloween mini-update released, I can now happily release the combined September & October KanColle Admiral log onto this main blog. Both months compressed for September being a silent month for this game on my end.

A lovely Kawakazes to enjoy in her festive glory during September’s round of festivities.

[All images taken from the KanColle web game + Photoscape.]

With the lovely September 9th update concluding the summer event, I just had to jump on to see what was new. It was something small, yet something small that added a lot to the enjoyment level, and my impatience to also reacquire my net to play KanColle full-blast again. Loving how each lovely is themed nicely.

October 6th onward ended up being a far better time for I could once again sortie at will. I could tend to expeditions, sorties, repairs, and quests all at my will without waiting & being at the mercy of wi-fi hotspot bullcrap. I immediately tackled 1-5 & 2-2 to gift my Littorio to evolve into Italia.


[Admiral Log]

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Gorgeous Hamakaze! My favourite, more so because of her white hair, blue eyes, fox mask, & how festive she is

– A lovely modest Jintsuu for a certain someone. [Sept 08, 2015]
– Amused by Urakaze with her foxy mask and that festive carnival gun of hers. Even those little plushies she’s holding. She rivals Hamakaze & Urakaze heh. [Sept 09, 2015]
I was still being catted, yet was able to have fun whenever I did manage to get to these lovely beauties in their festive wear. The update came on 07, and I was made aware of it on 09 with beauty results.


A bit Later – October 21th, 2015:

I was caught off-guard by the next update. It was such a silent update that I was unware of it until I checked up on the wiki….Thanks Naito & Tech for both being silent on that front, yet vocal on the other bits. It was a strange time that I’m not fully blaming/scolding them, just that I was left out of the loop at that time with Z1. Even so, a nice mini-update it was.

– A lovely Octoberfest version of Z1 to be happy with. Such a shame that Z3 & Bismarck never gained any, or the Yuu-chan.  I love them beer mugs in place of the turrets.[Sept 21, 2015]
This shot? Just admiring Hamakaze’s art in a simple 1-1 battle to also tend with a possible daily quest. [Sept 21, 2015]
Such a lovely formation with a Z1, Kawakaze, Hamakaze, & Urakaze. Almost family with missing Umikaze & such. [Sept 21, 2015]
Eh, I do not like Urakaze’s festive damage art. She’s damn busty, yet something I try not to have her damaged for. Pixiv art for that [Sept 21, 2015]
Same as above + jail-bait. I’d rather keep them at full health for this is highly awkward. Still interesting in its own bit, just something that forces you to keep them ‘healthy’. [Sept 21, 2015]
This is how I prefer watching Urakaze, if minus the depth-charge; +1 torpedo launcher [Sept 21, 2015]
How I prefer my Kawakaze. Such a lovely hungry expression, possibly fitting for a “Hungry Wolf” fleet. [Sept 21, 2015]
Z1, Kawakaze, Hamakaze, & Urakaze oddly had trouble with 1-1 that it had me briefly confused. Maybe I have to blame their low-level + that random depth-charge I gave them.


[October 01, 2015]

NOW I was made aware of both Kuma & Tama being given festive art. I was happily excited because they’re two favourite “fleet pets” for how awesome they also are. Amused with Chiyoda, Inazuma, Ikazuchi, while evening eventually aiming for Chitose, for her art. October 1st’s festive update was awesome. Loved it, yet had to wait till October 6th to get into it full blast.

A lovely Chiyoda enjoying her festive moment. Drink away while you can. [Oct 1, 2015]
Inazuma looking neatly festive. Wish she had a treat or something to go with her shyness. [Oct 01, 2015]
Ikazuchi being the funniest of them all because of her pose here. I’m imagining her dancing in (this fashion). She wins numerous points here. (Search up ‘Nurarihyon no Mago ED‘ while making sure the chibi’s dance; or this & this.)[Oct 01, 2015]
Kuma ended up receiving something overly awesome & beautiful that I wish I saw her longer in this. Love the cotton candy representing her name. Those yes of her being quite ‘lively’ in their red colour. [Oct 01, 2015]
Tama being a lovely kitty looking at something quite ‘stereotypical’ of cats. Quite lovely how she’s also blushing a touch. Gorgeous nya!~ [Oct 01, 2015]
I found out Chiyoda is as ‘well endowed’ as Takao & Atago. She even appears like she’ll pick a fight after being playfully teased with. This actually makes me enjoy her a lot more. [Oct 06, 2015]
– I was aiming for I-401 with about 5 tries to have gained Mikuma in return from LSC. Not disappointed, yet displeased Shioi is now refusing to be summoned upon my net return from Oct 6 onward. [Oct 06, 2015]
An amusing bit of side-note being me summoning Akitsu Maru like it’s nothing now. I was struggling before, now being able to summon her by taking advantage of her landing craft for expeditions & such.


[October 07 – 1-5 Hunt:]

The next day over of having my net restored I sent out a fleet to clear out 1-5. The now proudly ‘Kai Ni’ Jun’you happily having her fun, if stumbling a bit in her elegance while also equally as elegantly covering her lady-bits with her magic. I’ve been using the “tested & true” formation as previous to clear this with little issue. Instead of Jintsuu, I swapped her out with my Sendai because I actually prefer Sendai. Technohornist can tend to Jintsuu’s needs more.

1-5 Fleet Composition:

– Isuzu (Kai Ni): 20.3 cm | +10  Sonar | +8 Depth Charge.
– Hyuuga (Kai):
4x Zuiun
– Jun’you (Kai ni):
2x JU87C | 2x Ryuusei Kai
– Sendai (Kai Ni):
2x Sonar +10 | +8 Depth Charge

A lovely & newly Kai Ni’d Jun’you being all lady-like & elegant, also elegantly covering her lady-bits. [Oct 07, 2015]
First 1-5 Clear for October. [Oct 07, 2015]
Highly admiring my Jun’you while doing another sortie into 1-5. Love that shiny art of hers. [Oct 07, 2015]
– A proud 2nd clear of 1-5.  Isuzu clearing this round[Oct 07, 2015]
A nice third clear of 1-5. [Oct 07, 2015]
Sendai blasting that submarine flagship to bits for a 1-5 clear. [Oct 07, 2015]
– Isuzu happily taking the MVP, even though Sendai was, for a lovely medal tribute aimed for Littorio’s upgrade. [Oct 07, 2015]

  • 1st Clear: Jun’you damaged while appearing lady-like. Cleared all nodes smoothly with ‘Line abreast’ formation this time.
  • 2nd Clear: Sendai MVP with Isuzu & Jun’you cleaning up with Hyuuga. Isuzu KO’d flagship. Smooth sailing.
  • 3rd Clear: Sendai MVP with grunts first & flagship last. Smooth sailing. Hyuuga lvl 44.
  • 4th sortie: Sendai was targeted on third node that she forced a retreat. Isuzu lvl 61.
  • 4th Clear: Jun’you yellow on node 1; Jun’you laughing heavily on third node; 1-5 cleared with Sendai MVP.

That would make it 3 medals with this 1-5 cleared. I needed one more to gain a medal to form a blueprint for Littorio from 2-2.


Briefly allowed Jun’you to blast away in 2-2, for the fun of it & daily quests. Happily raising Mikuma’s level to 10, and above. [Oct 8, 2015]
I was hoping to have jumped back onto KanColle after my work to only be denied by KanColle’s maintenance. Was hoping to have sent out my expeditions. [Oct 08, 2015]
I was overly excited at the time because I went to grab a $25 CAD Visa giftcard to up the ship slot cap to 20. Instead, I came home to get denied playing KanColle because of a maintenance.


Came across a festive Nagara, this time keeping her because of my fleet cap incoming. [Oct 09, 2015]
I do love Nagara’s tan in the previous and this one, with this art being a bit more ‘tasteful’ as eye-candy. Still rough when compared to Urakaze & Kawakaze’s art. Even Hamakaze’s art also. [Oct 09, 2015]
Finally figured out how to do the payment side of things. I followed the tutorial to accidentally having purchased a dry-dock expansion ,something I cursed instantly & praised later. I’m happy I made this error. [Oct 09, 2015]
I also tried putting my pay towards the ship slots to only end up paying for a third drydock slot to repair/bath my lovely ladies in a happy accident. I wanted to up my ship slot because that ship-cap was just about to max out. From the ‘happy accident’, I put whatever was left to allow for a nice +10 ship cap the next time around. The error now allows me to more swiftly tend to each ship girl repairs without forming too-long of a queue.

My three MVP’s bathing together after some 2-2 brutalities. [Oct 09, 2015]

[October 2-5 Hunt!]

After those distractions, and work related restrictions, I was given another chance to focus on hunting in 2-5 for Littorio’s medal.

Fleet Composition:

  1. Bismarck Zwei: 381mm/50 | 38 cm | Type 0 Recon Seaplane | AP Shell
  2. Kirishima: 46 cm | 38 cm | Type 0 Recon seaplane | AP Shell
  3. Kongou: 41 cm | 15.5 CM Secondary | Type 3 Shell | Type 0 Recon Seaplane
  4. Akagi: 2x Tenzan | 1x Ryuusei Kai | 1x Type 0 Fighter Model 62.
  5. Haruna: 41 cm | 15.5 cm secondary | 12.7 cm AA | Type 0 Recon Seaplane
  6. Souryuu: 1x Ryuusei Kai | 2x Ryuusei | 1x Saiun

Happily 1st cleared 2-5 for three more to be dealt with. [Oct 10, 2015]
Happily 2nd-cleared 2-5 with Bismarck being overly eager to sink her foes. Bismarck wanted to level up to 68 while having Kongou clear up after her. [Oct 10, 2015]

Hiryuu happily gained from 2-5 boss node & from Bismarck’s eagerness.

Bismarck having a blast by decimating the flagship in a nightly battle for a third clear of 2-5. [Oct 10, 2015]
Bismarck having the best of time on 2-5 by blasting her opponents to bits for a 4th clear. Haruna also finally starting to have a noticeable effect on these battles. [Oct 10, 2015]
Bismarck MVP of this & previous battles. She also has another medal to add onto her name, as well as a gift to Littorio. [Oct 10, 2015]

  • First Clear: Smooth sailing with Akagi hanging in there with orange till the end. Happily cleared with no troubles.
  • Second Clear: Smooth sailing with Bismarck being overly eager by attacking the flagships. She wanted to level to 68, and possibly final form. Kongou swept up after Bismarck. Hiryuu gained from boss node & second clear.
  • Third Clear: Barely cleared with everything hitting harder on both sides. Bismarck cleared flagship in a night battle to gain a clear. Haruna & others cleared the rest. (Kirishima 63)
  • Fourth Clear: Once I’ve done equipment swapping for Souryuu, Akagi & Bismarck they all attacked more smoothly. Haruna was orange, yet still survived to the very end. All those lovely battleship cut-ins to have Bismarck KO flagship to happily clear the rest rest of the enemy. Bismarck cut-in to destroy the flagship to allow others to clear.

Let’s get those 4 medals quickly turned into a blueprint to allow Littorio to change into Italia! [Oct 10, 2015]
That glorious blueprint! [Oct 10, 2015]

Littorio! It’s your turn to be modernized! [Oct 10, 2015]
Italia! What a gorgeous view & upgrade! Being overly happy to be having an awesomely upgraded fleet. Italia, you’re awesome. She’s also a veteran in her own event she came from. [Oct 10, 2015]

[Mackeral Fishing Mini-Event]

This fishing event was both fun and highly frustrating at the same time. I could not partake in it fully, yet I did get a nice 9 fish out of it. Nice lovely ladies to pop in & some nice treats to be had. I was denied the full effect because the fish were placed in maps I could not effectively fish at, nor did I have the time from work. I felt this was an insulting event with how “difficult” fishing was, even if you do “overfish” in maps only because that banner was hiding behind a 30 fish cap. Yes, I understand it with Isokaze being a better reward then that stupidly slightly difficult fishing banner. Screw that banner……I prefer my Isokaze <3

Mackerel happily gained from 1-1 & 1-5 (9 of them) from the whole event. BF1 quest done, yet 1 short on BF2. [Oct 11, 2015]
Lovely Oboro sticking in my fleet the next time around. She’s happily lvl 10+. Love her art. [Oct 11, 2015]
Lovely Natori art with her also in my fleet (lvl 10+). [Oct 11, 2015]
Loving how Chitose popped up after trying for her in 1-5. I did have her before, numerous times, yet had to remove her because of fleet cap. Kept her this time because of eventual slot upgrade & her art. [Oct 13, 2015]
Loving Chitose’s festive art. Quite lovely, especially with that broom of hers. Keeping her now with her also lvl 10+. [Oct 10, 2015]
Surprising me how busty she is that she’s not all that embarassed about being “well endowed”. Did enjoy, and still do, enjoy Chitose more over Chiyoda. [Oct 14, 2015]
Being highly amused that Yuudachi, Bismarck, & Hamakaze paired up nicely to deal with the task at end. Their eagerness is what I love about them.

Amatsukaze happily Kai’d up from all those expeditions she attended. She’ll eventually see herself in my assault sorties. [Oct 15, 2015]
Kisaragi can now be happy she’s now Kai, and not sunk at the bottom of the sea. Just like with Amatsukaze, she also gained her levels from expeditions. [Oct 15, 2015]
Thanks to what I paid for before I was about t sneak in a +10 to my fleet cap. Was a rough week so I couldn’t do a +20. [Oct 16, 2015]
A festive Oboro happily gained from 1-5. Do love these festive arts. [Oct 17, 2015]
Muramase being all adorable and glorious. Loving her art. [Oct 17, 2015]
Just admiring the lovely little Ushio. [Oct 18, 2015]
It’s insane how busty the little Ushio is 0_o [Oct 18, 2015]
Akebono happily gained & locked. [Oct 19, 2015]
I happily cleared the fishing BF1 questline of needing 3 Mackerals. The 10 & 30 was an insult to me that I’m still holding a grudge to the whole flag + fish thing.

BF1 questline cleared! A lovely sonar added into my collection [Oct 19, 2015]
…And a lovely furniture fairy, eh? [Oct 19, 2015]
Akebono is quite amusing. I do wonder if she was able to fish up any fish. [Oct 19, 2015]
Decided to keep Oboro this time around with her being overly gorgeous. [Oct 19, 2015]
I’ve spent roughly 140-150 sorties (over three days) trying to acquire Isokaze. I sunk so much resources. I do love this Isokaze get, valuing her far more than the stupid fishing banner….Also, because I love my fish, she is a damn well good cook. I’m no masochist, nor sadist,…just that I must view Isokaze as a good cook while pretending to roleplay that she gained cooking lessons to give me greatly cooked fish 🙂

– Isokaze get! A Saber character in my fleet. [Oct 21, 2015]
My battered fleet + buckets with how many sorties I had to do. It was well worth the effort & pain because of Isokaze’s festive art. [Oct 21, 2015]
Oh! I’m so happy & proud I gained the lovely elegant Isokaze. She seems full of herself, yet hopefully in the proper alignment. [Oct 21, 2015]
This amusing cooking heh. I love my fish so she has to be a damn good cook.  I’m also amused how she calls out to Hamakaze in idle. [Oct 21, 2015]
Even when damaged she shows that air of elegance. Love it. [Oct 22, 2015]
Being amused by Akebono’s damage art. [Oct 23, 2015]
Was trying to pay my respects to Fuou & Yamashiro to only find them easily damaged from 2-2 huntings. I’ll nudge them closer to their more stronger selves. [Oct 25, 2015]
With the event wrapping up I decided to splurge my ( I guess I should say “our” on the expedition side) furniture coins on more festive materials. Happily purchased three lovely festive furniture in place of that stupid banner. Was even amused how they’re themed to each girl, as you’ll see below.

Once again amused by Hamakaze’s festive art that I enjoy admiring her beauty. [Oct 25, 2015]
Love how sassy Urakaze is by having that pop-gun. Those prizes look interesting that I’d even love to have a nendo Hamakaze, yet GSC is too something random to get to the desired Nendos. [Oct 25, 2015]
I guess Kawakaze’s art is a bit difficult to match up, yet seems “close enough” to her treats. [Oct 25, 2015]
I still do greatly enjoy Isokaze cooking my food. (Look at above paragraph if you’re going to call me an “M” for I am picky about my fish) [Oct 25, 2015]
A random Shiratsuyu popping up. I felt a tiny bit guilty for missing her festivities that I now locked her into my fleet. [Oct 26, 2015]
Natori, your damage art genuinely frightens me. You appear as if you’re going to do something fairly lewd. You’re also oddly busty 0_o. [Oct 28, 2015]
Been forced to can my 9 fish, with a loss of a few more, to save them from the event erasure. Stupid fishing event…..[Oct 29, 2015]
Bismarck happily reached lvl 75 while nudging me constantly to final-kai her. I’m waiting on December to final-Kai her because she deserves it greatly after all she’s done, and as a waifu of mine. I wanted to light-levle her as to not ruin her value. [Oct 30, 2015]

And that’s a wrap! No Shioi, no BF2 or BF3 quest done. I did however gain enough medals to remodel Littorio into Italia, gain more lovely ship girls, +1 bath slot, +10 ship cap, and Isokaze from the event. It’s a happy time for October’s accomplishments. Been a great September & October, if with constant hiccups.

Wanting to share my November accomplishments, yet having to wait till the end of November’s festivities. November has been a literal fun blast with accomplishments already being had. I can’t wait for December to also final remodel Bismarck <3. As of this posting, Bismarck is lvl 82 (Assume she’s now also higher when read in the future). All my shipgirls now range from level 10-92. Nice range.

Happy Hunting! Thanks for viewing!

[Happy Bismarck Halloween!]