Happy (Belated) Sinterklaas Festivities! [2015]

Merry December 5th Sinterklaas festivities! My white foxy & Busou Shinkis were itching to have a photoshoot done. It was difficult, yet time has now allowed us to do some ‘quick-shoots’. Lovely gifts were also gathered from December 1st till the 10th for the 5th.

– A semi-chaotic (distracted) festive season with me trying to find time & balance everything. Shinkis admiring the December 5th festive mood.

[All images taken with a Lumix GF1 – Pancake lens.]

Ah, it’s that busy time of the year where I struggle to take festive images, especially for December 5th Sinterklaas event. Constantly busy trying to mend damages that 2015 made hoping for a smoother 2016. December 5th being a tinier (mostly Eastern European) version of the main Christmas event. The basic jist of it being shoes under the main window, or fireplace, to gain smaller gifts while having fun with oranges, mandarin’s, & similar.

I happily gained various small gifts (both for myself & Varakitsu) that we can happily celebrate the festive season with. Varakitsu happily gained her pinkish ‘open-top sweater’ from Coolcat, with special thanks to Kuraineko & Tieren from the ‘Ottawa Doll Group’. (Many thanks! Sorry for the trouble, yet many thanks!). Wanted to get her the white one, yet that was sold out, so I got her the rose coloured to match up with the ‘Canadian flag’ theme. I’m however now cursing all so slightly because Coolcat finally stocked the white ‘open top’ on their sweater…..

I also purchased my lovely copy of Xenoblade Chronicles X for the Wii U on the 10th of December, shortly followed by the main Wii U console after that by a handful of hours.

I even luckily purchased my Dr. Mario Amiibo from Walmart before it was all sold out. I saw the numbers decreasing greatly when scouting week-by-week basis.


[CoolCat Order:]


– Happily gained the rose open-top sweater for the foxy Varakitsu <3
– No tree yet. Not even the tiny one….Do however have a pair of footwear + a hat + Kohiru on top. Varakitsu’s top being what is gifted for her, thus being in front.

I forgot to mention that I also gained a small package of my own. Lovely chocolate with Ferrero Rocher, Kindereggs, & such which leaves opportunity to photoshoot later with anything forgotten. I didn’t take pictures because I’m still struggling with time, thus the quick-shoots also.

– Oh! Lovely Valentines packaging. Yes, belated on my part, though I can still pretend this is her Christmas wear. It shall be, while missing a cup of hot chocomilk & a 1:1 scale Varakitsu :P.
– Me & Tieren also being surprised there is a hidden heart necklace in there.

[Making me wonder if anybody though we were exchanging weed with the way me & Tieren interacted at our meet-up point. Both talking on the bridge with him giving me this red package with the cameras nearby probably assuming we exchanging something for drugs. Sketchy people in the area, yet still fairly safe. Such a silly though, if amusingly comical.]

– Such a nice lovely outfit. Gave me a deja vu moment with her original white (her first) knitted long top from long ago. [Link]. This one being fairly similar, if open topped.
– Renge heavily examining the sweater while Kohiru tries the long-socks on. Amusing sight.
– I find the heart quite neat. It’s almost Shinki size.
– Jiiii!~

While roaming about my local Walmart I found a lovely festive Stormtrooper. I had such a nice chuckle out of this that I had to grab it. He may join us in the next festive photoshoot outside of the box.

– Lovely festive stormtrooper that I’m itching to send to my Dutch comrade.
– Another distracted group shot! Describes my current situation well.
– “It’sa me! Dr Mario!~

Oh, how I played Dr Mario like crazy on my original Gameboy, until it was stolen by two white trash welfare classmates who are now a few decades older.  I still have the game, minus the original Gameboy. I remember what part of my city I also when playing it. Those nights as a kid in the car in the 90’s. Either way, I’m overly happy to see Dr. Mario in Amiibo form, as with remembering my childhood playing this game.  Heard it also has a 3DS version that I’m tempted in picking up.

– Oh, how I wish I could use this Dr Mario Amiibo in Mario Kart 8…Such a wasted opportunity.
– HA! A few sizes too big for the foxy Renge. Maybe it would fit the foxy Caster Fox more, after I find the extra funds to upgrade her broken Pureneemo body….


Foxy Varakitsu’s Open Top Sweater!

I’m surprised with how she looks in it. She looks even better when she’s standing, yet can’t stand her up in the interior area. She looks absolutely foxy!

– A lovely warm foxy feeling a bit rosy eh?
– Oh, such a lovely view <3
– Such impatience to also play the game that the tags, as noted with the fuzzy winter boots heh. Kon! I love this game <3 Love the open world, the music, the detailing in it, yet highly displeased with the character creation. Everything else is awesome.
– A second bonus shot with me priding purchase on Xenoblade Chronicles X Get + Wii U + her sweater. I’m hyped! (Lovely Vara ‘Canadian pantsu’ tease ^^)
– A lovely view of her foxiness + Xenoblade enjoy-ability <3
– A lovely ‘zoomed out’ of a shot with the fluffy warm boots. Kon!


Do hope you enjoyed this belated December 5th festive update & posting. I do apologies for these shots being ‘quick-shotted’ & rushed, yet wanted/needed to post these to make note of them. The fancier types shall follow in January, or so, when a new slate is given. I’m happy that I finally managed to have acquired the Wii U (Mario Kart 8 bundle) + Xenoblade Chronicles X for it. I even gained Vara’s lovely rose coloured open-top sweater, as with my Dutch Comrade’s military themed package. I’ll post up what my Dutch comrade sent me a few days later to pay my respects to him & to leave room for further photoshoots. Special thanks to Kuraineko, Tieren, & Naito-nii. You’ve been awesome!

That now just leaves a TV service & my computer to be picked up. Can’t wait for that PC get to finally get playing my games.

Merry belated December 5th Sinterklaas festivities!