Varakitsu’s Knitted Long Top

Hello fellow fox minions! Finally managed to purchase a casual outfit for my lovely foxy – Varakitsu – to look nice outdoors. Missed two events to have her shown in such an outfit but was busy recovering from her summoning to even do so. Time for some simple foxy fun!

– Cool Cat’s knitted long top set (white).

(All images taken with a Lumix GF-1 – Pancake lens.)

Been looking for a patriotic type outfit for Varakitsu, not really finding any when I searched. Was gifted both the white wig and the simple kimono (or something close to such) by Salica, along with the fox ears by Kodama. A nice friendly start and kind assistance by them both. She however needed a nice simple outfit so I got her the knitted long top set in white from Cool Cat because it looked the most fitting for her.

I had a bit of trouble with the fox ears. I did a band aid fix to it by duct-taping the glue & magnet back onto the back of the skull cap. Simple, yet effective.


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For those that haven’t stayed in a loop may want to read the following to know Varakitsu more, or skip to the actual article section below.

Basic Info:

  • Varakitsu – Vulpes Arctic Kitsune (fox); She is based on an Arctic Fox.
  • White hair, blue cat/fox eyes, owns two swords (one being Fox’s Fang), in a youthful 20’s appearance.
  • Wields ice/snow ability based on Canada’s winter.
  • Blog mascot based on Canadian winter. Renge is the proxy-mascot while she is the main mascot
  • Birthday of March 6th; To gain a tail each year. She currently has one, yet not openly showing it. Trouble summoning her first tail.
  • She may be kind, though be warned of her calculating pranking side. She will prank you good! She will be highly ecchi only when feeling either highly amused or bored and troublesome.
  • Other is hidden in her lore, one I’m still having troubles filling out.

I felt like taking images of her in her night gown before switching over to her newer outfit. If a few images.

Still seeking a “cleaner” fox ears, fox tail (up to 9), her Fox’s Fang sword, pants, shoes, and her main outfit. Her main outfit being the real pain in the rear due to the style of it, or the lack there of in North America. Troublesome finding someone willing to make the outfit. Trying to steer away from Chinese Dresses, kimonos and similar.


Knitted Long Top Set – White:

Varakitsu seeming to be pleased with her new outfit. Now she can wander around looking nice and beautiful. A nice winter white to suit her foxy style. Similar to Caster’s Santa outfit I was worried that her bust wouldn’t allow the outfit to pop on. I’m glad they did because she looks awesome now!

It arrived nicely on a Kitsune Wednesday, but that shipping was killer. Ah well, it was worth it so I’m not complaining.

– Came with a hair-band, knitted long top, sleeves, necklace, and what I’m assuming is thigh stockings. Completely lost on the last one.

Not sure how many will notice that I actually put her outfit on backwards. I’m not all that bothered after I found out AFTER the shoot because well…..It’s one of those outfits that look nice either way, I say.

She came with a nice white necklace. Quite nice, yet had one of the Renge moments with it being longer than what I see on the shop site. Again, not all that bothered because she can play with it.

– Her ears failing to attach onto her head, magnets came loose in her head.

– Renge jokingly tried to pull her zipper to expose her beautiful busty ‘eyes’. Kon!~

Renge became Vara’s new (teddy bear) toy heh. Quite beautiful she is and I truly can’t wait for all her intended accessories to arrive. You guys seem to be as curious as I, and I’m glad I have people helping me out in beautifying her. Much appreciated and thanks!

Also, it appears that the rainy weather brightened up the shoot gradually as it went on. Awesome! I can’t really take nice images of her indoors, not unless I use the couch and this fancy chair. Waiting for May for the Tulips and the Crab Apple trees to both bloom in full for beautiful images.



Varakitus and Renge both came into my room to sit. She was happily playing with Renge until she tipped over side-ways, poking and waving Renge around while hearing Renge’s screaming back at her. Rowdy heh.

Need to also note that Varakitsu seems to be able to pass off as Koko from Jormungand. That foxy-dragon of a girl in charge of the HCLI weapon’s dealing group. I could easily pass her off as such if I can get her various outfits.

– Weeeeee!~ Seems like they became the best friends HA!

Awesome. Glad these indoor images came out nicely enough for me to be able to share them! I like them, now I hope you guys and gals do as well. Curious as to how Varakitsu will behave and evolve as months and years go by. The 9th one having me doing something special.



Have a handful more images to share, yet not enough for a new article. Added more indoor images of Varakitsu images in this thread. I’m enjoying her new-found beauty with the knitted long top. Quite adorable and gaze-attracting. Also had one of those Japanese Beef & Soba noodles made for me, enjoying it happily. Varakitsu also trying it out with an observing Renge. The Sake shots for the full moon we had from 24th to 27th. Drink up if you’re into kitsunes! 🙂

(Looking into getting a bra, pants, and shoes for her. Online shops making it hard for me to acquire so shall take some time. Pantsu peak considered to be a foxy tease :P.)

Peace and foxy Dreams!