KanColle Admiration – June Admiral Log

Heyo! That time to make note of my KanColle adventures, this time late May & early June to make note of. This being all the things after the overly fun Spring 2015 event that gifted me Katsuragi, Littorio, Kaga, and lovely others. This one containing a happy Bismarck Zwei <3.

– May 19th brought us a night rainy wet update to enjoy Kongou & Shigure’s lovely birthday. [May 18, 2015]

With the Spring 2015 event over my fleet went back to being more ‘silent’. I went back to trying to regrow my resources, buckets, and to collect the wet season’s furniture. I added a new wall, new back-wall furniture, and even the overly comical battleship fairy poster, among a few more. Quite awesome. If you want, you could also consider this article to be a ‘clean up’ of the Spring Event.

Loving this rainy season update with how Shouhou appears in it. She looks awesomely elegant, outranking the ‘elephant’ Akatsuki with her Kai Ni. Shouhou needs to be more youthful like that. Akatsuki is also awesome with her Kai Ni in that new pose, yet me feeling a bit underwhelmed with a chance to make her appear as unique as Hibiki in Kai Ni form. Still awesome.

Happy birthday to both the real & KanColle versions of Kongou & Shigure! Happy birthday! Glad you’re both high levels in my fleet; Kongou being in her 50’s & Shigure in her Kai Ni.

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– When logging in on May 18 this is what we found – “Thanks for 3 Million!” [May 18, 2015]
– Suzuya happily remodeled to Kai in response to failing to reach such during the Spring 2015 event. She was supposed to be my key player in Kai for with modernizations to pack a punch in E5. [May 18, 2015]
Both Littorio & Bismarck requesting to be remodeled during and after the main event. They want to be more awesome with priorities going to Bismarck.

– Littorio requesting to remodel with only 1 medal at the time. [May 18, 2015]
– Bismarck proudly requesting to remodel to Zwei with only 2 medals on hand at the time. [May 18, 2015]


1-5 Medal Hunting Run:

Went on a fierce run to try and gain as many medals to remodel both Littorio & Bismarck up to their next versions. 1-5 was a bit of a pain thanks to how much that map leveled up thanks to my HQ being quite high. Still managed to beat it thanks to my lovely ladies, and with the help of two Japanese Admirals. Thanks!

– A perverted Iku (I-19) fished up from the third node during my runs. [May 19, 2015]
– 1-5 cleared within the same day! Another lovely medal! [May 19, 2015]
– Medal! Yuudachi, Hyuuga, Jun’you, and Jintsuu gaining the glory from 1-5 [May 19, 2015].
– 1-6 unlocked, yet never taken advantage of because of me going on a medal hunt. [May 19, 2015]
1-5 Record: HQ 80 –

  • Yuudachi Kai Ni: 12.8 cm turret | Sonar Type 3 (+10) | Type 3 Depth Charge (+8)
  • Hyuuga Kai: 4x Zuiun (seaplane bomber)
  • Jun’you Kai: 2x Ju87C | 2x Ryuusei Kai
  • Jintsuu Kai Ni: 2x Type 93 Sonar | Type 94 Depth Charge


I never really knew how easy some of these quests were until I went to scan for ones I could easily check off. Happily nudging myself closer to the marriage quest to wed Bismarck with, and hopefully Yuudachi after such when I can pay or expansions and another wedding ring.

I spent a long while trying to level up my other ladies to have them catch up to the others. Was easily distracted that 2-5 took a bit to get to, yet not distracted enough to level up the ladies. A combination of Rising World, real-world issues, and weather causing me to level my ladies instead of going into 2-5.

– Ah! So that’s how easy it is to gain those barrels for the expeditions. Quite handy. [May 20, 2015]
– Hatsuharu happily joining the max stats club. [May 21, 2015]
– Takao proudly Kai’d up to join her sister, Atago in modernization also [May 21, 2015]
– Oh wow! Hiyou! You’re insanely gorgeous that you light up fleet nicely! That proud red & white beauty and elegance! [May 21, 2015]
– Sendai happily joining the ‘Max-stats’ club. All those modernization doubles to consume. [May 22, 2015]
– Hiyou, even when critical red, has a lovely ass/aft/stern and elegance to her. Such a lovely rear – [May 22nd, 2015]

– 2-5 Medal Hunting Run:

Finally! Finally I wasn’t distracted that I finally went on a 2-5 medal hunt. First sortie made it straight to the north with Kiso knocking out the flagship with her cut-in. It’s do-able, yet a major pain in the rear to accomplish with my first fleet that I had to switch to another formation. RNG has so much fun trolling and toying with me that it took quite a while, same with 1-5.

First clear was on 23rd with me becoming frustrated and distracted. The other three were all on the same day with a FBB fleet to do the proper clear.

– 2-5 – First sortie & clear with Kiso’s cut-in delivering the first clear. [May 23rd, 2015]
– Kiso’s moment of glory with first clear barely won <3 – [May 23rd, 2015]
– Shimakaze finally remodeled to Kai thanks to her expedition EXP & assistance. [May 26, 2015]
– Hamakaze fished up on the third clear. She quickly (instantly) became my favourite thanks to her pixiv art & her hair style. Also because of her bust size. [May 27, 2015]
– A nice happy final clear to this trolling map! The total of medals now being 3! [May 27th, 2015]
– 2-5 cleared with a medal gained! Total brought up to 3 while also having Bismarck work for her own medal. [May 27th, 2015]
 Previous Fleet – First 2-5 Clear:
1) Takago – 2) Atago – 3) Maya – 4) Suzuya – 5) Kumano – 6) Kiso
(This is fairly winnable, more so thanks to my ladies being more experienced. Better their level then better the outcome. Lucky shot by Kiso cutting in)

– This Session’s Fleet – 2-5 Clear 2, 3 & 4:
1) Bismarck – 2) Kongou – 3) Kirishima – 4) Akagi – 5) Haruna – 6) Souryuu
(Fairly easy. Watch out for RNG to eject you on F Node, or to rig battles by claiming poor results. They also enjoy targeting Akagi & Souryuu)

This is to both assist and to make note to myself for future sorties. Both fleets did well; Second doing the best in this hunting.

Rainy Update #2:

Akatsuki & Shouhou both gaining higher praise and repsect thanks to this update. Shouhou happily outshining the lovely ‘elephant’ of an Akatsuki in her Kai Ni form with her more traditional beauty. Love this event, and I love Shouhou twice as much thanks to how elegant she appears in this update. Akatsuki looks awesome, just not as lady-like as Shouhou, yet still greatly welcome to reach her Kai Ni for actual elegance.

– Loving Shouhou’s beauty in this. I wish they would modernize it to this style <3 [May 29, 2015]
– This update makes Shouhou appear elegant on the battlefield that it’s awesome <3 [May 29, 2015]


– 1-5 – Medal Run For Actual June:

Surprised I could even do the actual June medal run with the crap I’m having to deal with in real life. Spent roughly 7 hours being trolled, toyed with, and abused by this map with me being relieved to finally have cleared it. Finally cleared for June to gain the final 4th with both Yuudachi & Isuzu helping with equal 2 clears each.  Bismarck remodeled to Bismarck Zwei! Fuck ya! I can happily praise Isuzu some more with her being one of my major long-time MVPs.

– 1-5 For the actual June to reap the 4th and final medal for Bismarck. [June 01, 2015]
– Isuzu gaining the final glory for 1-5 to gift me a medal with a 1-hit KO of the flagship on 4th clear.

– Blueprint get! 4 medals to switch to 1 blueprint for my lovely Bismarck waifu [June 01, 2015]
– Bismarck Zwei now roaming free within my Canadian fleet. Time for more chaos heh. [June 01, 2015]
1-5 – First two Clears:

  • Yuudachi Kai Ni: Type 3 Sonar | Sonar Type 3 (+10) | Type 3 Depth Charge (+8)
  • Hyuuga Kai: 4x Zuiun (seaplane bomber)
  • Jun’you Kai: 2x Ju87C | 2x Ryuusei Kai
  • Jintsuu Kai Ni: 2x Type 93 Sonar | Type 94 Depth Charge

1-5  – Last two Clears:

  • Jun’you: 2x Ju87C | 2x Ryuusei Kai
  • Hyuuga: 4x Zuiun (Seaplane bomber)
  • Isuzu Kai Ni: Type 3 Sonar | Type 3 Sonar | Type 3 Depth Charge (+8)
  • Jintsuu Kai Ni: 2x Type 93 | Type 94 Depth Charge

Yuudachi worked the first two times, even the four in previous main clear……It’s however more troublesome and trolling. I was recommended to use my other proud fleet girl – Isuzu – to make things easier for me, even to put them in the order you see above. It can be done in both, easier on the second.


2-5 – Medal Hunt:

Happily went on a 2-5 run with it being fairly easy.  Yes, even if the RNG is being an ass. Tuesday forcing me to deal with 3 of 4 clears of 2-5 with my sorties being stopped on the fourth one thanks to being ejected on one, Jun’you being 1 hit into red, and same with Bismarck on another. RNG making excuses as to why I can’t win by also claiming my ladies missed. I guess the equipment my ladies had didn’t help, yet they can still clear with 7 recorded clears (once before & this run).

I also managed to obtain Akitsu Maru through LSC when aiming for I-401 (Shioi). I still didn’t get her, but I am happy with Akitsu Maru. Happy with that, yet irritated by both RNG & for shooting myself in the foot by using up necessary resources aimed at completing 2-5. I shouldn’t have done LSC.

– Happily obtained Urakaze on first clear of 2-5. [June 02, 2015]
– Akitsu Maru happily gained through LSC when aiming for Shioi between 2nd & 3rd 2-5 clear. I am genuinely happy, yet irritated over shooting myself in the foot. [June 02, 2015]
– Bismarck Zwei showing her power on the field, if handicapped a bit. This being third clear. [June 02, 2015]
– Kirishima delivering the final 3rd clear blow. Still S-Ranked thanks to night battle. [June 02, 2015]
– Akashi gained on what was supposed to be my legit 4th clear of 2-5. One flagship left with her gained as my reward. Welcome, but fuck you 2-5 RNG! Thanks for Akashi! She was who I was aiming for before also. [June 02, 2015]
I love it how the first sortie of June 03 had my ladies all fired up by putting everything behind their shots. Bismarck even hitting harder, yet still poorly, allowing for three southern nodes to be cleared in a breeze. It was smooth sailing to the very end with some minor hiccups caused by ‘misses’ & Bismarck’s poor equipment selection. Overly proud with my ladies that I was also able to start on Littorio’s medal gathering for a blueprint. I shall of course go back to obtaining one for Littorio.

I also believe it’s about time I level up Hiei to swap with Bismarck if I can’t ind a good balance on Bismarck’s equipment slot. Assuming the turret penalty is also being the issue here.

– Final 4th clear of 2-5 thanks to Kongou’s cut-in. Bismarck attacked a grunt to allow focus on flagship. [June 03, 2015]
– A bit hasty & excited I obtained another medal that I nearly lost this MVP screen. Kongou won 2-5 with another medal gained. 1/4 or Littorio. [June 03, 2015]

– After-Week Worries – Kako Update:

Had some extra time to spend after Kako’s Kai Ni was released. Her awesome bad-ass remodel that made me drop my jaw in surprise with how awesome she looks in the long hair & punky blue eyes style. Quite awesome! I tried to level her up in my own manner while also trying to get into 4-5. I had a happy accident that I beat 4-3 with low-level ships to then beat 4-4 in the same night also. I wasn’t happy when I found out that 4-5 unlocks after needing to beat World 3 & 5-1. That pissed me off. No +1 medal for Littorio. Fuck my luck! I’m constantly worrying. I guess when I get back on my feet I can spam 1-5, 2-5, & eventually 4-5 for medals……

– 4-3 unlocked in a ‘happy accident’ manner when trying to level lower-leveled ships. Took a gamble & somehow won with Bismarck at the helm in tutoring the ship girls. [June 12, 2015]
– Some 4-4 fun with it being a neat place to level up the ladies. [June 12, 2015]
– Kirishima happily clearing 4-4 on the third go. [June 12, 2015]
– Mutsu & friends clearing the map with Mutsu taking the 4-4 clear glory.  Furious I could not unlock 4-5 to try my hand at getting another medal for Littorio. [June 13, 2015]
– Tatsuta happily Kai’d up from her expedition experience. Can’t wait for her & Tenryuu’s Kai Ni because they deserve it. [June 14, 2015]
– Kako went from lvl 1-8 for a quest, then 8-25 after finding out she has an overly gorgeous Kai Ni. Now to get her to the cooler Kai Ni range. When allowed to. [June 14, 2015]
Tried to do 3-2 with it denying me like crazy. Spent the weekend leveling the girls at 4-4 to see how far they could go. Irritated how cruel 2015 is so I now have to spread things out much further while watching others accomplish stuff in KanColle when I can’t. Would love to see a KanColle mod (even an RCN add-on) to Rising World to have fun both online & offline.


It’s been a more relax moment thanks to how the post-event tends to feel like a ‘break in the clouds’ after a storm, or when an exam is done. The worst is now over with you able to loosen up to focus on other tasks. This is what this June session was about, if still focusing on medals in an event mindset.

I’m glad I was finally also able to clear 1-5 & 2-5 to remodel Bismarck to Bismarck Zwei with the medals gained. Medals to convert to blueprints. Littorio is next, then Maya. I’ve been struggling a tiny bit to level up my ladies enough to reach the Kai Ni mark for Jun’you, Hibiki, Maya, Murakumo, Ashigara, & Akatsuki. Recently being Kako now. They’re all above 40 at this point nearing their leveling mark. I’m also overly happy to be leveling up Hamakaze to the point of reaching level 20. She’s my new pride that I shall work hard in rivaling Shigure & Yuudachi in levels. She’ll be my heavy hitter while ignoring stats.

This article originally wasn’t originally supposed to exist, nor should I have been able to finish the Spring event, even seen Shouhou rainy art, nor remodel Bismarck. It even been typed out in a ‘running edit’ manner. Because I got lucky this article contains happy feelings and thoughts instead of frustrations. I can leave June on a happy note, not a frustrated incomplete one. Hope I don’t miss out on any important events. I shall try to keep updated on KanColle the best I can, and would much appreciate it if I could be kept up to date.

Congrats to my Bismarck for being spoiled with a blueprint to remodel her to Zwei!