Happy Canada Day! Busou Shinki Style!

Heyo! Happy Canada Day! If belated onto USA’s Independence Day. It was a very funky and overly soaking wet Canada Day that added onto some interesting bit of happenings for both myself and the city of Ottawa.

– Happy Canada Day from me, my Shinkis all to you. Varakitsu also, but she struggled to find a scenic place to say say “Hello” from.

Happy (belated) Canada Day to my fellow Canadians! It may be late a few days, yet something that I’m still trying to keep up with in tradition for my blog postings by sharing festive images of Canadian & European fun.

The stormy weather made photoshooting overly difficult in the morning. Was almost dark as night while raining buckets on & off.The weather did go away, just in that on & off manner by pouring heavily one moment then cloudy the next and back. I took these images roughly at the afternoon time when the clouds let up to allow sunlight before pouring twice over with heavy rain. Storm and heavy rain. One thunder was overly epic during this fun that it lit the place up with blue then thundered 5 seconds later (roughly 5 km away). Fun times. This storm, heavy rain & dense cloud cover forced the snowbirds from 10am to 12pm to be moved to 8 pm.

Because of this rain I sadly couldn’t allow Varakitsu to partake in the fun also because of her scale. I’m now wanting to look into making her a ‘nendo’ style figure through 3D printing by first designing so she can join me on a whim, Renge & Busou Shinki style.

– Happy Canada Day! Mizuki wanted in on the fun, even if kneeling. She wanted to partake in some manner.

– Mizuki insisting to hold the custom made Canadian flag for their scale.
– ‘Shinkis in a can’ moment. A fox & chopsticks amusingly poking their festive pride while Fubuki observes from below.
– Wave! Wave that flag happily, if known for her monotoned personality. (She however can be happy, faceplates not allowing.)

– Mizuki wanted a standing part also by trying to ‘steal’ the flag away from Fubuki. She wanted to run with it, or at least a standing or moving motion. Kohiru & Renge observing while amused.
– A gorgeous POV on Kohiru while holding one of a few of Varakitsu’s Canada pins.


– Fubuki happily grasping onto the Canadian flag as to not allow it to fly away in the windy conditions.

I do hope my fellow Canadians had a wet & safe time on Canada Day. Enjoying those snowbirds at 8 pm, the beer, the parties, the food, and just having a blast setting fireworks off. I tried to have fun where I could also, and it was with my Busou Shinkis and with the stormy weather.

Was wanting to share this earlier but this year is being an absolute pain in the rear end.

Happy (belated) Canada Day!