Happy Sinterlkaas 2020!

Belated blog posting for December 5th, 2020. 

– “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…” – Gura

A bit on the belated side, though happy (belated) Sinterklaas day! Yeah, on December 5th where you put slippers/footwear under the living room window, or even the fireplace, to obtain small gifts. You basically obtain small appliances, chocolates, or even simple toys for kids. Whatever those in tune with this festivities feel like gifting.

To keep it short, I was simply too exhausted unable to blog this out on the 5th. I was angry, exhausted, frustrated and just zoned out. Only now was I able to finally blog this out, now happy having done so.

Also, I want to re-note how highly disappointed I am in Twitter for people losing their way. Its become less of a place to share your interests and more into a public shaming ground.

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

I just simply love Gura’s pure energetic take on Christmas. I shared the following clip of Gura (Hololive) singing that special Christmas song with my friends and coworkers finding they prefer this over what they hear on the radio. So much charm and magic to it.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!~ Wow, it’s so mystical! 

– For the longest while Renge wanted to do more photoshoots, finally able to wish people Happy Sinterklaas. Yay!~

Ferrero Rocher because you get small gifts on December 5th. Renge wanting to gift the joy of Sinterlkaas.

I feel bad for Renge though because we no longer take casual walks, nor photoshoots as we used to. She has seen better days, and her neck snapped on me when she took a tumble. Its somewhat fixable, though time is getting to her. Nothing can escape time, not even Renge.

– Glistening once again~
– Hunt & myself just enjoying the Christmas vibes in Japan.
– Doko?~
– HI Hunt! How ya doin’
– Adorable ^_^
– Eh?~
– Stunning.

For the past decade & 5 years I genuinely wanted to go to Japan, though keep getting roadblock constantly. I’m simply not allowed to go while others appear to venture there on a whim. I genuinely want to experience Japan’s Christmas because it feels far more artistic, scenic, and far more genuine than what I’m used to seeing in North America. Europe tends to have Christmas in a far more traditional manner. I love it when Christmas is done in a pure and traditional manner. 

I wonder if I’ll ever visit Japan.

– I find blue-tinting the scene is far better.
– Gorgeous.
– ^_^
– Best perspective.

With the whole Covid-19 pandemic VRchat is the best platform to have fun, to experience holidays and festivities. I genuinely love the memories I have made in VRchat. I love my past experiences having learned of this Sinterklaas festivities in Slovakia, Europe. I love how pure festivities are there, or were. Who knows how Europe treats their festivities now. 

Also, to note for blogging purposes was how I heard three seperate Chinooks flying by while having my headphones on listening to music. Flew by three times to and from a place between 6-7 pm EST on December 8th. Cool stuff.

Also, for festivities purposes, have another Gura cover (slowed down by her fans) for comical musical enjoyment. I simply love Gura’s singing in this sort of energetic manner. 

Stay warm, stay safe, and have fun celebrating in December. I highly recommend trying VRChat for the very shy people because now is the best time to do it! Shame I’m however feeling restless and in pain. My back hurts, muscle pains, and etc. Enjoy what you have while you can. 

“Its Christmas, Oooonce a-more” – Gura