[VRChat] November 17th VRchat Anniversary

– Delta showing off his new avatar effects.

Its amazing how fast time flies while making memories and friends along the way. People come, people go, though the impact we leave amongst ourselves is interesting to note. Another year has gone by where I can once again celebrate my time in VRchat, even if I may or may not be viewed in a positive or negative light. Maybe neutral? Whatever light it is, I genuinely admire playing VRchat. Even if people may or may not think ill of me, my main focus is simply “having fun”. If anybody considers me evil or vile in any way then that is their loss. I simply want to have fun, thus that is what I have been having in VRchat. Its awesome.

Weird intro aside, I’ve joined VRchat back in November 17th, 2017 with special thanks to Nagzz21’s influence. I’ve seen the clip of his Neptune doll spreading so I downloaded VRchat loving it from the get-go. I’ve made friends, I’ve lost friends, and people simply in the middle. 

The following images was from our impromptu meet-up not expecting much. Just a quick 1 picture hangout which ended up becoming something all that much more. It would have dragged on for far too long, though my current situation wouldn’t really allow it to be dragged on till 5 am in the morning as we had previously when we first met up. Maybe it would have, it would have been weird however explaining my situation. Awkwardness.

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Again, I wasn’t expecting to take so many pictures from this anniversary of when I first started playing VRchat. I only expected one image though friends jumped on within 20 minutes, and BAM! It rolled out of my control, in a good way. Shame a few people missed this group shot, it is what it is. 

We missed our October 20th anniversary, though guess this makes up for that with how brutal 2020 is as a year. 

– Floofy hugs
– Floofy hugs, pokes, & etc.
– Showing off our new avatars for 2020 while I stay as Renge. Muu~

I chose the world ‘Town of Beginnings’ because that is where we technically started our adventure. This is where everything “began” for everybody in VRchat, for Nagzz21, and elsewhere. Technically it can be the hub, or the grassfield, though this works the best because VRchat was inspired by Sword Art Online (and viewed as such) in various ways. VR technology is what Sword Art Online hyped people about with the whole ‘Nervegear’ and etc. Its a similar case with the anime – [Bofuri] – where the girls also use VR gear to get into a world similar to SAO and Final Fantasy.  

An RPG Maker game was based here, as well as various memories. My biggest one is when my avatar maker game as the Game Master (Phantom) from SAO when I used my Oculus Rift for the first time. A lot of nostalgic memories were spawned here. 

– Hunt, Hawk, Delta, and myself.
– Eyes open version.
– VR slapping playfight. Only in VR 🙂
– Mini avatars and a moth avatar all because I chose a tiny Gura Hololive avatar 🙂 a
– Floofy stepping on mini Hunt.
– Spontaneous hugs are best moments; Spontaneous moments are best moments.
– Hawk hiding behind Hunt from Kitty in amusement. VRC moments at its finest heh.
– Hawk showing off his bed and how easy it is in hitting things when playing Beat Saber, Synth Riders & etc. Mind your surroundings.
– Joking about doodling on Delta’s face while he AFKs to eat. My jokes were taken seriously which fell flat. RIP.
– Picture taken by suggestion by Kitty. They declined a group shot because its “our” moment.

Thanks to Hunt’s friend we were shown a new world called ‘Sword Udon’ which is a dungeon crawler. Its basic, though its fun, something you can only do in VR. Now, if this was a full fledged game I’d play it. I’m sure there are some, though genuine ones would be great sticking to the basics and fun of things. 

– Waiting up on all players.
– Healing and stunned effects. Two healers as I wait on Hunt to tank for us.
– Healed! 🙂
– Caught off guard by Skeleton slaves who were stuck in their cells. They escaped swarming on us causing Hunt to aggro them for us to slay.
– Treasure!
– YAY!~ This is what makes VRC heh.
– We beat the boss! YATTA! 20 minutes because we were learning, though its the journey which counts more than accomplishing things. Thanks for the map, Kitsy 🙂
– Alternate image.

Delta, Hawk, and Kitsy had to leave just leaving Hunt and myself to world hop a few worlds before snoozing. This is where the second half of where the VRC magic happened bringing out the best of VRC. 

– Alien space terminal with various oddities. Got stuck and moved on. Couldn’t take too long pondering about the mysteries of space.
– *blinks*
– Genuinely spooky, if comical. *trips*
– We both agreed to end this on a spiritual note on a Phasmophobia note…. This is where things dragged out in amusement.

Because I love how you can take pictures in VRChat, and how people know me in taking numerous images, I took 50,000 images of Hunt’s avatar trying to get the cutest side out of him. His avatar is so photogenic it simply catches my eye.

– Hoi!
– 🙂
– 🙂
– 😉
– Tried the same for my avatars; Dark shadowy avatars…… (Azur Lane – Prinz Eugen)
– Renge – Shiny eyes and flame, as intended.
– Was meant to be our final ‘group shot’ for the night. It simply kept going heh.
– 😀
– UwU
– Hunt’s friends joined in allowing for some duo amusement (2 clue for 2 heads).
– 100% clues yay!~ Humu humu 🙂
– The hilarity in this is awesome.
– 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2.
– Muu~
– Its all fun and games until someone gets Sexy Team Rocket. *dies laughing*
– HUH?!
– What a blast. This is where I sadly had to call it a night. It could have kept going, loving how VRC is like that. This is the side of VRC I enjoy 🙂

For clarity: The whole ‘Seekers of the Lamp’ is simply a joke name. We really don’t have a name, its just a joke though using it because its just easy to label us as.  

What should have been a 10 minute session could have carried us into the 6 am mark of fun. Love VRC when it does that! Such a fun and a blast. If I knew it would be like this I would have invited others. Everything is so much more fun in VR, with more people and etc. The ‘Captain Obvious’ stuff, heh. Let us see if I can survive into 2021 for VR, VRC, or anything in general. 2020 has been a nasty year. Let us keep that journey going, though sad to see Nagzz21 part ways with VRchat in various ways. Various people treating VRC like a job being weird by handing in their resignation being highly awkward with it & etc. Like anime, people come and go with the season; The season having ended for Nagzz21. Can’t stick to the past forever. I’m simply paying my respects wishing people would simply have fun in VRC, as I had last night. Great times in VRC 🙂

Its great when you leave a lasting impact on VRC, or simply remembered for something. Leaving varying levels of memories is what I love about VRC because we had fun, and that fun needs to be shared and remembered. Cherished. 

– As Tirptiz pointing to my ArcticuKitsu name ^_^
– As Renge pointing at my ArcticuKitsu name. Yay!~
– Being a part of VRC before the ‘Big Boom’ was great, though wish we could go back to that time of hanging in public worlds without worry. I miss hanging with people out in public that it takes spontaneous fun & invites to have fun these days.

Thanks for viewing, lets have fun for the final bit of 2020 & into 2021! Let us keep VR & VRchat awesome 🙂