Merry Christmas! Renge & VRC Renge

– Christmas Renge | Tried checking out Vket for it to constantly kill my Valve Index & Steam VR. What I saw was nice.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to those who lurk, follow, and are reading this. Hope you had a lovely festive December. I’ve been hanging around having fun where able. Been fairly busy while also highly noticing Christmas Eve and Christmas has been a very wet and rainy day in my area semi-forcing me to enjoy any snow-related festivities in VRchat. It was raining so hard at night you could hear the rain tapping on the window similar to how loud branches hit windows. I’ve also been wanting to share for the longest time some more figure photography with Renge hanging around in a Christmas tree. Funnily enough, Jojo the cat (not my cat) jumped into the tree for some amusement. 

– Renge trying to find her grasp in a Christmas tree.
– Merry Christmas ^_^
– Renge holding on for her dear life as a certain cat named ‘Jojo’ comes crawling up the tree. You can see her grey fur peaking through.
– A certain cat coming for attention. Jiiiiiii~
– Had to convince Jojo to allow Renge to sit there for awhile. Her patience was thin as ice, though thankful she allowed Renge to have her moment.
– The Christmas mood hmm……
– Humu!~
– Humu!~ Humu!~
– Merry Christmas!
– As playful as both Jojo & Renge are, the former wouldn’t allow the latter to hang around anymore. A mix of playful fear at the same time. Can see Jojo’s paw pawing at Renge.

I genuinely wanted to continue taking more pictures, just… Phone was dying at 7% battery and the cats were getting far too curious. Jojo being the most playful trying to swat at Renge in an overly playful manner, if somewhat territorial. 

Fun times heh.

VRChat – Troubled VKet & Memorable Deer Onsen Christmas: 

Had a bit of trouble getting into the Vket world with the Gundam constantly crashing VRchat, SteamVR, and my Valve Index. My headset would just crash now forcing me to try it out in desktop mode whenever I have the time to play. A friend told me it may have to do with a brutal build up of a memory leak, something which I somewhat agree with. Its too complex and too powerful making me fear for people with less ideal computer set-ups than mine. My computer is already dated. 

At the very least I was able to redeem the night by many folds thanks to the ‘Deer Onsen’ world we went to for our casual group photo spot. Everybody came flooding from my friend’s list to visit my friend. A little bothered, though thankful I was able to see familiar faces from previous hangouts. VRchat shines the best when people go above and beyond to just casually relax and have fun. 

– Animated 2D girl billboards. The only thing I could take images of before constantly R.I.P moments.
– Lamp!~ | Someone I haven’t seen in a month has revived themselves to walk on frozen cold water.
– Shoving a marshmallow into a friend’s face gaining some amused reactions. Was genuinely surprised to see them drop by seeing how they were in a gathering in another world.
– Christmas in an igloo. Woo!~ Lit.
– Random angry-moth is angry.
– Walking on >Marshmellows<. Found friend randomly floating in the sky where I sent him flying.
– Another friend joining in shortly after the first two. The excitement of seeing someone after so long.

– Deer Onsen – Where we found out we can feed the deer! Wooo!~
– Group shot! Maiya wanted to hid behind their ‘lamp’. Myself, Maiya, Delta, & Hunt. A few others were invited, just busy with other things. Others chose to ignore invite, or doing other things. Merry Christmas! ^_^
– Friend of a friend joined, then it snowballed from there. This dude wanted hugs, thus we gave hugs, boops, and etc ^.^
– Trying to take a screen for an icon, though you can see what makes this world gorgeous.
– So happy I can converse and catch up with familiar faces. Blue dying laughing from Delta’s humour, me headpatting them, & etc. Good times, good times ^.^
– Shocked face leading to amusement. *laughs*. Have a seat, Yo!~
– Someone wanted a screen, thus I took one. They however wanted someone else to take it of them feeding the deer heh.
– Like watching a fatherly figure taking care of their daughter. *laughs*
– Who ordered a missile by drone order? | “It was Blue” | “EH?!” – Blue
– EH?!
– Gimme the box! NAW! | Sorry Blue, you gotta sign first. They wanted the box. They refused to sign XD
– Blue swatting away the lame joke. *laughs*. The punchline sucked, though still laughed at the reaction. Reaction was the best part of trying to steal the box and swatting heh.
– *Blub blub*
– *Blub blub*
– More and more people joining from ‘Midnight Haven’ as myself, Maiya, & Delta wandered our way up a mountain to view some night sky scenery. Jojo (cat) wanted to cuddle, thus I had to pet them. My buddies died from cuteness overload with how cute the purring was heh.
– Cheeese!~ | That night sky is why I wandered up the mountain.
– Angry moth is Angry.
– As noted, was petting Jojo who was sitting on my stomach. They were purring into my Valve Index headset all so faintly, though to hear her.
– Lagged so hard once people came rushing up the mountain. We hung out up here for a long while.
– Very lewd and crude jokes were to be had, among others. I died laughing at one point to where I had to mute myself. Unsure if I was obnoxious, though was amused by this hangout.
– Talking about random things like Tower Unite, Perfect Dark, Halo, VRC+, among other stuff.
– Things started to escalate where another instance of this world was open, where these cats and various avatars would spawn. I got lost in the confusion.
– Being checked up on every now and again.
– Meow~
– EH?!
– Cut! Cut!~
– Trying to cut Renge down like a lumberjack to a tree. TIMBER!~
– Delta going giant Stylet.
– Lego Foxy Maiya | >Insert various bootleg Lego jokes here<
– Moth party on mountain. Snow moths ^_^
– Person in a tree.
– Buzz~ Buzz!~
– Goodbye Hugs and Headpets for Maiya who is leaving. Delta also left as their audio was degrading. We ventured to a new map.

We ventured to a new world, though this is where my mood died down to lurking mode (introvert mode) because there were too many people. I couldn’t really anchor myself to talk to anybody so I simply kept wandering around, AFK’d for a few things, and even went into my tiny 15cm Renge mode. Few people made notice of my small Renge avatar, just nothing to regain my lost sleepy mood. I was genuinely tired from lack of sleep and work before Christmas Eve that I was happy with my simple VRC night. I’m genuinely thankful for the meet-up, just… I’m an introvert. Less is more for me in certain ways allowing socializing to happen where I can somewhat tunnel-vision and have fun. 

My VRC Christmas present was the photoshoot, pictures, the Deer Onsen world, meeting familiar faces once more, and just having a fun time. 

– Another person lurking, AFK’ing and doodling. Photoshoot around snowman & etc which I missed out on.

Not relating to this hangout, though feel fairly betrayed by Nagzz21 & his VRC crew for leaving me hanging. Leaving me hanging on the street type vibes & etc. I made a blog posting so I’ll leave it at that, though shall constantly feel betrayed, though genuinely 100% grateful and thankful he influenced me into VRChat. Tonight felt genuine to me with folks I hung out with, I’m thankful and grateful for that. I need to focus on my friends more, something I’ve been trying to do more and more.

For the next bit, other people not a fault, I went briefly world hopping before calling it a night. I was simply curious what VRC had for December.

– Christmas Tree! Merry Christmas!
– Simple Canada – Simple, though amused. VRC hated me here by disconnecting me.
– Christmas Village
– Japanese Winter Shrine | Reminds me of ‘3D Custom Girl’ program with these sorts of levels. A simple photoshoot type map.

Hunt’s Pictures:
A friend’s POV with more group photos. 

– Merry Christmas!
– Humu~ Humu~

Minecraft Christmas 2020!:

Its a shame my worlds keep restarting time and again thanks to some issue. I’m still however going to celebrate Christmas in Minecraft by crafting this Christmas tree with decorations, and even snowman. I had grander plans, though this shall do nicely for now 🙂

– Snowman caught in sentry mode.
– My Christmas tree for 2020. Desired to get to a snow biome, this shall have to do ^.^
– Looks great at night. Love it.

As for what I got for Christmas? Lots of snacks, treats, sanitizing stuff, and two gift cards. I would even consider hanging with VRChat friends as a gift because that’s rare to do nowadays. Even meeting familiar faces whom I have trouble staying in contact with.