[VRChat] – Happy 2021 Scuffedly Good New Years!

– Trying to gather at an updated Times Square for 2021 celebrations

Happy New Year! Can we finally say “good bye” to the cursed 2020 and welcome in a happier 2021? Can people finally behave more positively, or shall I find people being constantly negative about everything? I’ll continue sharing what I love while I can, though there are bound to be hiccups as we ride this train called “life”. For those people who have foolishly burned social bridges in haste and impulse shall consider their surroundings in far more seriousness. A lot of people were hurt in 2020 so we should have fun while we can in that positive manner. 🙂

I came to hop onto VRchat to celebrate the New Years with my VRchat buddies, and those who desired to tag along. As per tradition, thanks to VRchat folks back in 2017, I’m now celebrating my New Years in VRchat because that is the best place to do it. My city is anti-social, thus I am as well, though thankful for all the kindness and awesome memorable moment folks in VRChat have given me from 2017 onwards. Thanks for all the kindness, all the fun coolness, and etc. 

Disclaimer: If anything sounds weird in this blog posting then do consider I may still have some left over Bacardi running through my body (my system), a hangover of some sort, and I’m extremely tired from late December working madness. I may be accidentally either blunt, or even vague. VRChat was overly fun last night, even with the hiccups. I also have brutal stomach pains

– YEAAAH!~ Maiya happy to see a Floofy Mad Scientist returning to VRChat after some cable problems.
– We’re gathered, though lethargic from how hectic things have been. Someone has been playing 6 hours worth of Beat Saber, Synth Rider, Pistol Whip, & such. ^.^

Exhaustion is fun, thus why we hopped onto VRChat for various reasons. When exhausted VRchat is the best place to unwind. We can unwind, we can hang out, and we can celebrate New Years because VRChat is build for that kind of thing because of the various worlds and how we interact with everything. This one was however different, as you shall see further below in this blog posting.

In the above image I’m also highly amused by the Gouf from Gundam appearing in VRchat. I may not know the reference, though happy I see Gundam. 

Below, a friend crashed, I was going to go world hopping, a friend went to see another friend, and another one stayed in Times Square. Time for adventure!

– Fox Shrine, perfect for the Foxy Renge.
– Spooky Moth is Spooky.

I was amused to see more ripped Phasmophobia levels in VRChat allowing us to examine all the cool spots. The great thing about this is they even kept the flickering light gimmick with the flashlight flickering every so often. My friendly moth and myself had fun just checking out this world desiring to play this game again.

– A
– A certain moth is unamused.
– “Reaching”
– *Dancing*
– *Trying to place UV light on bookshelving*
– Look! A handprint! (These handprints are scattered on almost everything.
– Humu~ humu~
– “What was that noise?……

After scanning everything, we left. I tried to seek out worlds I’ve seen advertised on Twitter to no avail. Just wouldn’t come up. I was then dragged along to play billiards, though saying this in a happy tone. Was shown the world and we had fun goofing off. 

– That smugness.
– Had to use Prinz Eugen model because Renge is too short. I won by an amusing happening hahaha! I hit the white ball too hard causing it to smack into the 8 ball making it zip everywhere at lightning speeds. It bounces all over the place hitting all the walls falling into the pocket. HA!

From ‘Gameshark Maiya’ to ‘Gameshark Arcticu’ because of that weird moment at the end haha! I still feel ‘Gameshark Maiya’ has a cuter ring to it. Lots of amusements to be had here. While playing this I also thought of the Switch game ’51 board games’ and such. I really want to come back to this Billards world because it works so smoothly. Reminds me of ‘Tower Unite’, or even ‘Playstation Home’ type smoothness in various ways. 

– Tried to be sneaky by hiding under the treehouse, then above it while being silent. My camera was spotted. There is just no hiding with the new UI and icons over people.
– Ah, the place where we all met back in 2018. The memories.
– Hawk was tired from his lengthy VR session he stayed sitting.
– Group shot. Tried to sneak my way in a photo with everyone.
– Asperagoose. Geese, Goose,….. I find this avatar overly amusing though people probably may not know why. I’m not expecting people to know why I was dying laughing silently.
– Duskitten! Heyo! Glad of you to join us 🙂 I’m glad someone took my offer on Twitter seriously, or maybe just naturally hopping on. I wish you stayed on longer, even through the weirdness that happened.
– This is the closest I’m getting to a group shot in VRC with how scuffed everything turned out. After taking the image I noticed people looking at me funny because I did the rock-on! gesture for picture.
– This image cracks me up and I even died laughing when I saw it. “why are you laughing?” Because Maiya seems highly uncomfortable with Hawk leaning over. XD

This bit honestly cracked me up as everybody then jumped in on the amusement. I feel bad if I may have been obnoxious with many jump-ins and etc, though genuinely laughed at this. Its as if Maiya is saying “help me” with their avatar expression. Great bit of humour here :).

– Random Image
– Random image.
– Hawk getting spirited away ^.^
– A Synth Riding friend trying to help out Hawk heh.
– Random image.
– Random Image

Hawk, sorry for scrolling through the backgrounds too quickly. I was trying to find the “perfect” one. Wasn’t trying to annoy you, just find a cool one. They don’t have previews on the menu.

– A loving photo taken right before disaster. RIP.
– Eh? – “Unusual client behaviour”.

Saw people disappearing one by one wondering why they were leaving. I was then booted. I was sent back to my private world (home world) where I stupidly left. Before the whole error thing I noticed avatars and worlds were showing ‘No Image Found’ which led up to those error messages. 

No images found, error 1, private world, error 2, and then I hopped off stupidly trying to get back on. 

– RIP. This kept buzzing at me because I couldn’t connect.

This is the part where I couldn’t even connect to Discord’s voice call. I had to Discord on my phone while watching a friend’s stream on Discord. The fireworks, how he conversed with people, and etc. I went to wish my hosts a New Year, was offered Bacardi taking one test shot, then two more after remembering why I don’t drink Bacardi. I hate how it tastes like fire water, as ‘Natives’ used to say in general. Or at least from a dialogue in Transport Fever 2 campaign of North America. I’m more of a beer person, such as Sapporo, Zlaty Bazant (Gold Pheasant), and etc. I’ll drink any beer, though have my preferences. It has to be smooth with no kick to it.

I’m genuinely surprised by how fast and how hard it hit me, even how long that crazy buzz had lasted. I couldn’t type coherently to people as I wished them a Happy New Year. People knew I was wasted, drunk, and everything. That really hit the spot. I only had 4 shots, no more. That small shot glass you see.

– Watching a friend’s stream as we talk to one another while even watching the stream. I even feel I may have passed out briefly at one point while watching the stream for how harshly I was buzzed. Love this image because it has Toronto on it, though wish it listed Ottawa instead of Toronto.

I have to note though that we (my buddies, and myself) assume VRChat was purposely sabotaged for New Years while also being heavily populated by folks unable to celebrate New Years elsewhere. All the traffic figuratively broke the bridge causing it to fall into the river. My three other friend were able to stay in VRchat, though in a ‘Sword Art Online’ manner of being unable to venture elsewhere. 

With this, I’ve even saw people throwing VRC+ under the bus by using it in memes & etc. 

I’m IN! After two hours of madness we were finally let in at 1 am EST time. Server issues for VRChat were mended and we were all able to get in again. I missed two hourly New Years celebration, though got the one after. I was however in a ‘wasted’ state. I tried making sense of everything around me. 

– We’re In and I get to take images with Hunt! YAY!~
– Random Image
– Party! Funny watching Hunt stumbling after having a few drinks. He had a bit of everything.
– Drunken dance ftw~
– A creature in their natural habitat?
– Random image
– Yeaaaaah!~
– Finally got to celebrate another New Year in another timezone. Yaaa!~
– Welcome to 2021! 🙂
– Gathering.
– AFKing Hunt, Delta lurking, and just chillin’.
– Hmm…..
– I’m glad a certain someone decided to join us one more time before things became wonky and late.
– Random image.
– Followed a friend to a dream-like world to return in a dream-like state. Friend was showing off his new world which would release ‘tomorrow’. It all feels like a dream.
– Jiiiiiiiiiiiii~
– Was trying to find out where everybody went, they were at the restaurant area. It was late, I couldn’t figure out what to do next, plus I was ‘wasted’ so I simply left to go to sleep. I passed out there and then…….

Friend Images:

– CUTE!~
– VR hands out. Humu~ humu~
– Scrambled Moth (AFK’ing Maiya)

Even with that nasty VRChat hiccup we still made the most of it. I played Azur Lane up until it was time to VRchat, we explored, we joked, we had fun. Other than a proper group shot we do have an impromptu one which saved the night. Drinking Bacardi made things all that much better for me, especially seeing familiar faces once more. As long as I had fun its been a perfect night and I won’t place blame on anyone as others (outside my social group) had. Even if it was scuffed it was highly memorable so I’m happy because we can take things away from the festivities heh.

Happy New Year! Here’s to a good 2021!