Happy Scuffed Canada Day! (2022) – No Fun Allowed

– Happy Canada Day!

Happy Scuffed 2022 of Canada Day! From Covid-19 nonsense, to Dictator Trudeau being a pile of trash, I had to find alternative means of having fun by seeing Ottawa being a whiny piece of trash. I had to go digital for my entertainment. Ottawa social justice warriors constantly whining about the ‘Canadian Freedom Convoy’, even tantruming online by using spambots account (which Twitter is known for being mostly bots) ruining Canada Day. Heavy amounts of security, mild levels of banning of the Canadian flag downtown, and just outright absurdities in Ottawa. My friend had better luck in Vancouver showing me pictures, even invited me to visit him, something which I sadly (and regrettably) declined having to deal with something in the meantime.

Ottawa just doesn’t even know how to have any amounts of fun forcing people to flee to other parts of Canada. Coworkers went off to Toronto, and equally horrid place in Ontario. VRChat it is, for me.

Note: If you want to see images in bigger sizes click the link below the image to link to Flickr. Had to start linking them from Flickr over hosting size and space. The blog post is split into two parts – 1) VRChat – 2) SJW Ottawa Nonsense; No fun Allowed!

– Sleepyhead Maiya joining me to venture to some Canadian worlds in VRChat.
– Floating about while hanging out on a boat.
– Canadian Lighthouse and northern lights
– Canadian shoreline, Canadian Tire, Ice Rink, Igloos, Goose Hunt, and Ferris wheel amusement. Nice world with catchy classic music.
– Canadian Tire’s ‘Point Shop’.
Lovely hockey stick and ice rink, our favourite (When it isn’t corrupted by faux-politics).
– Canadian Tire A.K.A ‘Points Shop’
– Our price is just waiting inside. A lovely Maple Syrup Hockey stick, among others.
– The Holy Maiya Moth has ascended!
– Maiya spotting a lovely Canadian shaped watermelon. Sweet!
– Our prize? A lovely Maple Syrup Hockey Stick! Very sticky and sweet! 🙂

From one Canadian World we ventured to another, not before visiting some internet meme of the backrooms. Tried to explore as much as we could while briefly getting startled by some lurking entities. We ventured to this ‘Canadian World 2020’ which is an awesome touch. I prefer the first one, this however is a nice touch.

– Maple Syrup moat, Canadian wall and Tim Hortons a a wood cabin. Very wild.
– Trying out some Molson Canadian from our Canadian Igloo home and igloo freezer. Chill moments.
– Nunavut touch with them igloos and rock statue. Very rocky.
– Semi group photo with Maiya and myself in Canada.
– V V Canada 🙂
Some quickshots with fireworks before heading off. Saw a few of them locally so I’m satisfied with a few over not seeing any.
– Fireworks fun! Simply missed the ‘Booms!’. I faintly heard them, even locally.
– Happy Scuffed Canada Day! (2022 Edition).

Tried pinging my friends with one desiring to play another game, another went to Anime Expo (hopefully encountering J-List), and others just doing their own random things. Ottawa itself may have possibly surprised me with festivities, I however felt sore and exhausted from the day before seeing the worst in humans. I wanted “me” time, hence the VRChat, even Tower Unite gameplay beforehand. And Lego Star Wars: Skywalker Saga testing out my external hard drive issues. A lot of gaming experiments. Had fun in every game I played, more or less.

The Fragile Bad Side of Ottawa & Canada Day – No Fun allowed! The City that Fun Forgot:

What spoiled my fun? This stupid crap. I should have genuinely taken up my friends’ invite of experiencing Canada Day in Vancouver instead of dealing with spoiled babies in Ottawa pretending the ‘Canadian Freedom Convoy’ violated their families, destroyed their freedom, burned down buildings, or whatever moronic bullcrap they spew on Reddit and Twitter. I swear they’re even bot accounts, hence why Twitter has been exposed as being majorly filled with bot accounts, something which is even plaguing Ottawa.

– “We do not support the ‘FreeDumb’ Convoy. Racism, hatred, Ignorance. Go Home! You do not speak for the Canadian People!”… I wanted to rip this POS off. This is so damn childish, it’s like watching your own kid eat crayons and sniffing glue. Grow up.

Oh, put a sock in it you infantile minded moron in an adult’s body. Always whining and moaning like the little drone that you guys are. It’s no wonder the traditional minded Europeans and the Asians who faced actual communism keep calling you out. How do you guys respond? By gaslighting them, tantruming, voiding actual harshness in the world, and even voiding the actual meaning of “Racism”, “hatred”, and “Ignorance” to meaning “I don’t agree with you on the internet” type meaning. Keep corrupting everything into something that it isn’t with crocodile tears and fake nonsense. Shut the fuck up.

Also, “FreeDumb” for Freedom? Really? How brainless can one be that they hate their own freedom in the world. If you want to be brutally violated then please be my guest by going to China and North Korea to see how harsh the world can actually be. The real world doesn’t care about your fragile feelings, safe spaces, etc. The same can be said when dealing with economics between other nations. Ottawa is filled with SJW morons portending they’ve been violated when all they’ve done is end up being brainwashed doing the damages themselves. The irony.

– Ottawa, the city that fun forgot thanks to Dictator Trudeau and Dictator Watson. A kid’s picnic cancelled. Heavy security downtown with false excuses used for ‘Freedom Convoy’ and ‘Protests’, yet it’s perfectly fine for ANTIFA and friends to destroy properly in USA and Montreal. Double standards.

The city that fun forgot……. That is Ottawa. Why is Ottawa boring? Because we have brainless morons in this city constantly destroying everything for the normal folks. For example, we have Shawn below gaslighting the situation……..

– A good example of a fragile moron named Shawn, and then a false flag by ANTIFA ruining everything. As per usual.

“REEEEEEEEEEEE!~” I want to be governed harder! Please govern me harder! Whip me! Slap me! Tax me harder while I dry up my savings account on food and cash! Let’s gaslight other people by calling them Alt-Right while I’m a masochist wanting to be governed harder! REEEEEEEEE!~

Shut up, Shawn. An adult with an infant mind……….

I find it amusing how flags were being regulated by banning some flags while allowing others. Canada is supposed to be a free nation, it now isn’t thanks to the whole – “Give an inch, they’ll take a mile” – mentality going on. Salami slicing, something Chinese themselves are very aware of. They’re using it on India and every other Asian nation in their area to gain control, just as we’re seeing with this whole LGBTQ and anti-Freedom movements. Give them an inch and they take a mile………..

– If you’re whining about the ‘Canadian Freedom Convoy’ then you don’t know what true freedom is. Only your plastic one. Should have joined the truckers, provided food to them allowing them to cook for the locals, and to allow other restricted folks to regain their freedom and dignity. You instead want to whine on Twitter about your fragile feelings. STFU. True Canadians are those that fight against Canada’s own version of communism, as Polish and Asians have noted. Heck, even Jamaicans, Haiti, and other races stuck in Canada seeing Trudeau being a Dictator. USA called us out with a watchlist, as have Europeans. Canada has genuinely fallen.

How Canada has fallen thanks to those who shun the ‘Canadian Freedom Convoy’ not seeing how people’s freedom and dignity has genuinely been effected. Or they do see it and they simply want people to suffer. The latter, not the former. How governments are playing around with what they can and can’t do, as we’ve see, with Canadian’s bank accounts being frozen, or arrested and re-arrested. SJWs, or this brainless twat (Pepe LePieux) allows such experiments to occur, to the dismay of actual true Canadians while feeling all happy and proud they’ve reversed progress in our history for their own pride and clout. Not worth it.

Ottawa’s downtown core deserved to be honked at if people didn’t help out their fellow countryman. Sit down and shut the fuck up. You failed to help your Canadians in need as Trudeau and Watson trampled on them. How shameful. Truckers provided food for others, we however shamed them. It’s your fault. Everything is your fault for your inaction, even reverse abusive behaviour of gaslighting the situation.

– The word ‘Far-Right’ no longer has any meaning in this world, similar to ‘Fuck’ and ‘shit’. Overused with no meaning anymore. Even “White Supremacy” has no meaning anymore……

Ottawa Twitter & Reddit has turned Ottawa into a fragile and infantile nonsense of a mess that it’s a “city that fun forgot” and one where you can’t even be proudly Canadian.

You can’t be human, you can’t drink water, nor can you eat unless you’re called ‘Alt-right’. Simply being human means you’re ‘Alt-Right’. It’s parallel to “you’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy” with how we’re being taxed to death, gas prices skyrocketing, and food prices being harder and harder to tolerate. People even going homeless, but yeah…. the ‘Alt-Right’………….

And you can’t even be proud of waving the Canadian flag, you’ll be labeled a “anti-Vax” when it’s more to do with anti-mandates. Release all the restrictions allowing people to regain their dignity, to have things as they once were. These Twitter bots sure are amazing.

– Dictator Trudeau…. The signs are there. Trudeau was a mistake, even before he was PM. He’s a horrible person before and during his PM reign. He’s emulating the Chinese, something even the Chinese citizens even recognize.

Being shamed in even having your actual freedom which now is shamed as ‘FreeDumb’. How fucking moronic. I’m not happy with this Canada Day thanks to Trudeau, Watson, and the SJW clowns of Ottawa. They don’t even want us to be happy. They want us to be miserable, that’s the whole point, among others. I should have at least gone to Vancouver to celebrate and enjoy Canada Day there in a band aid fix. Pretend everything is fine while Ottawa pretends its being harassed by an invisible enemy…….. That’s my loss and mistake right there.

Ottawa is as worthless as Toronto. I hate Ottawa, yet love the scenery. Good scenery, good food. Access to certain things while missing out on others. It’s no wonder Ottawa lost access to the 747 KLM to Amsterdam, nor has a Nintendo headquarters in Ottawa, or any other of those big names. Ottawa is a farming town, as my father put it. Ottawa is a fragile city with its own version of Canadian Communism, with special thanks to Trudeau and Watson. Even the SJW morons. There are indeed SOME good people, though the rest are morally and politically corrupted always doing the “you’re my enemy” type thing. Others are also unaware they’ve been corrupted needing to be tuned back to reality. They’ve forgotten their ways. It sucks. I wish we at least were back to the 2010 era, at least then everything was more “natural”, even if signs of corruption were still brewing in a seed form. Everything got destroyed between 2015-2017 to which you can’t even be human anymore to which you’d be labeled as ‘Alt-right’. Wouldn’t have to deal with this bull-fucking-shit in 2022.

– The more something is labeled ‘Alt-Right’ the better it seems to be. Ottawa lost its festive privileges for shaming every day individuals as ‘Alt-Right’. Drink water? Alt-Right. Eat food? ‘Alt-Right’. Take a bus across town? Alt-right…… You go shopping? Of course, you’re Alt-Right. Try to buy gas? Alt-right. Change the capital to some place that is viewed as ‘Alt-Right’, something that actually deserves it. Not Toronto, though Edmonton could work. I was thinking Vancouver, though that may be as politically corrutted also.

Ottawa forgot how to have fun. Just move the capital to some place that is still tuned in with the traditional life style. A nuclear family, a proper mindset, actually normal. No senile morons, two genders…….Actual normal which would be viewed as a sin by the SJW pieces of crap. If Edmonton is falsely viewed as ‘Alt-Right’ then I shall take it. The more natural fun we can have the more I’ll approve of that idea. Let the aliens take over Canada, let some alternate universe faction take Canada over….. Trudeau is a genuine piece of crap no matter what spectrum you’re on. Canada is an absolute joke thanks to him. Left or right, Canada has been fucked up by Trudeau and Watson, especially Ottawa’s downtown core, and surrounding areas.

To the Japanese following me, even reading this wondering about things in confusion, you guys should be well aware of this situation with how you peer-pressure people into suiciding. At school, at work, and even online. Look at how Hololive was harassed, then look at Japan, and Canada…… Corruption. If you’ve been taught ‘Canadian Freedom Convoy’ is evil then there is something wrong in your area, research why you’re being told such. Imagine trying to celebrate Japan’s national birthday to only get called ‘Nazi’, you can see why I’m peeved now, correct? Ottawa is seen as a boring city, especially known as “the city that fun forgot”.

Fuck Ottawa. Bunch of fucking morons destroying everything, ruining everybody’s fun. And by “fuck Ottawa”, I mean the SJW twats………… Meanwhile, I had to play various games, VRChat some Canadian Memories, even be sent images of Vancouver’s Canada Day from my friend. (May edit them in later, or not).

The following Tweet is the real Canada:

– True Freedom, not the fake “Anti-FreeDumb’ Twitter bots.
– In closing: Wishing a happy Canada Day to all across Canada, except to Trudeau, Watson, and his SJW morons. Fuck them, but praise the true Canadians of the land o7. (Fuck Trudeau!, fuck you! Damn Dictator! (Thank you Gina Carano for sharing this!)

My venting is over. Happy Canada Scuffed Canada Day!
(I’m depressed how horribly this turned out.)