r/Ottawa – No Fun Allowed

– Banned from r/ottawa, I hurt their sensitive feelings. Not even a valid ban, though a comedic one. Was bound to happen one way or another regardless of my tone.

I normally don’t want to post these things anymore, though have to for how comical this is. This all relates to the gradually increasing absurdity in Ottawa as the years go by with tribal mentalities telling people they’re not allowed to be human, nor do human things lest they get labeled ‘Alt-right’. With the r/Ottawa’s mentality, and how it’s moderated, you’ll get labeled ‘alt-right’ if you drink water, eat food, complain about rising gas prices, or simply try to be human. If you enjoy your hobby you’re shunned for it. It’s either you assimilate into the Borg, Star Trek style, or you complain trying to retain your traditional life style, something that is shamed on the daily. Even enviously viewed, or in jealousy. I’m blaming Reddit and Twitter here, not Ottawa itself. Though you do see Ottawa heavily tainted and polluted by these same radicalized folks on Reddit & Twitter.

Again, I’m posting this because Ottawa is filled with these infant-minded folks who want to go around causing chaos, piss on the War Monument downtown, or simply shame people for simply being human. I had my fun, I had my experiment. I saw how fake these people are. They had no genuine comebacks, only something kids in grade schools would come up with.

Disclaimer: I normally avoid Reddit always having negative experiences. I’ve had negative experiences from r/Ottawa (as shown), from r/KanColle, a few from r/AzurLane, and may end up with some on r/SteamDeck, if I do post on the last one. I’m sharing this needing to spotlight those in Ottawaians enjoying eating crayons and snorting glue pretending their imaginary villains are real. They’re still stuck in their infantile state needing to let go of the boogeyman in the hallway. There are those who are delusional, then there are those who are normal, yet get labeled ‘Alt-Right’ in envy for being in their natural state.

(Will I make any more of these posts? Hopefully not. I want to view this as a one time thing.)

Why was I banned?:

Let’s have a look, shall we? I’m aware those on r/Ottawa would say – “because you’re a clownvoy supporter” – to which I’ll remind them to wake up to reality. Reality doesn’t care about their feelings, and fiction is fiction. I’m however laughing at their drastic measures of resorting to a banhammer, something I predicted the moment I engaged with them. So, which comment was flagged? I rarely engaged on Reddit, I however had to.

– Topic header, as shown to me yesterday and today. Welcome the corrupted r/Ottawa shaming people for desiring a normal human life inside and outside of the Freedom Convoy situation. Whatever your alignment, R/Ottawa is corrupted through-and-through. No form of normalcy.
– Of course you had to find the weakest link in my roughly 10-comment commenting spree. I gave you the dirty laundry, you chose the one where I laughed at your idiocy the hardest :). It’s even a ‘Permanently banned’ HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Not a 2 minute ban, not a 1 hour ban, nor a 24 hour, or a month. It’s straight up ‘Forever’, the way ResetEra trains their followers to be radicalized terrorists on the internet. This is the way ‘ResetEra’ trains their forum users by banning them for “wrong think” if they go out of line for questioning simple behaviours. The hilarity. It was worth half-trolling, half being serious. I was still being serious to which I laughed at their ‘Covidiot’ term for being cringe while adding how Ottawa is a boring city (for these sorts of actions), and how Ottawa is even the city that fun forgot. You simply can’t have fun the way you do in other cities and places, hence why people go to Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, or even abroad into other nations. Ottawa is viewed as a sleepy farm village with a naively pampered outlook on life.

I live here, yes. Not by choice, by parental choice. Even they hated Ottawa constantly complaining about Ottawa’s need for their Canadian version of Communism tattle-tailing, controlling people (such as r/Ottawa), even breeding hate and villainy.

Ask any truly traditional European and Asian person who fled Communism rule, they’ll point out flaws in Canada. They have, they’ve been gaslit, as with how r/Ottawa has shown they do (view permanently banned).

– As for what I said versus the title. I agree I could have worded it slightly better, though my message still comes across in a blunt form. No use sugar-coating it. I was going to be banned regardless. No free-thinking and discussions allowed!

I’m genuinely laughing at how ‘Covidiots’ keeps being used. God forbid people live their lives, want to pay for reasonable food prices, affordable gas prices, let alone travel to see their family & friends across Canada and aboard. You’re not allowed to have your humanity, dignity, nor anything. The mandates prevented various folks from traveling, stalled the economy, prevented many things from happening. For example: the mandates have loosened up in Canada by half allowing people to travel more freely domestically, allow gatherings to happen again (view Ferrari Festivals, Air shows, Scouts, etc), among other happenings. What they view as ‘Anti-Vax’ is more to do with anti-Mandate by allowing more freedom to do things which were restricted back in the 2020-2022 timeframe.

To the people I commented they had no solid commentary, nor comebacks to return back to me.

Thirdly, Ottawa is a laughing stock in the world. Always laughed at for being a ‘farmer town’, for being a minor town with nothing to do, hence why folks go to Montreal, Toronto, and abroad. People abroad see folks in Ottawa as naΓ―ve folks with an education system relating to cutting paper and doing art all the time.

The Anti-Freedom Movement:

Govern me harder, baby! HARDER! HARDER! That’s it! HARDER! Lock me up and throw away the key. Violate those people for having something I myself don’t have. Punish them! Shame them! Make them starve! Make sure they’re harshly violated! HARDER!

I had to….. Bunch of insane masochists. This is what they genuinely sound like on Twitter with their sexual fantasies of being violated harder and harder, as if we don’t get taxed to death already. Gas prices going up, food prices constantly going up…. Everything is going out of our budget range forcing people on the streets. Or, if lucky, house-sharing. Not many people are fortunate. But hey, Trudeau is fine in his mansion with his sexually masochistic followers (those in R/Ottawa, etc) doing his bidding for them without them realizing. But yeah, let’s pretend this is falsely about ‘Racism’, ‘hated’, and ‘ignorance’. What a farce, now juvenile…. How idiotic.

– “We do not support freedom. We want to pretend villains are everywhere so we can punish people for doing things they enjoy. Activate more lockdowns, more restrictions! Throw people in jail cells gaslighting their more genuine pleas for a normal life style” – The sign

Yeah, this was never about what social justice thing they preach. They whine and moan about diversity and inclusion, yet spit on those who fight for actual peace and inclusion. You give them an inch, they’ll take a mile. It simply never ends. Truckers protested for freedom, to end all mandates, to allow everything to go back to what they were to instead be spat on in hypocrisy. These same folks never aided the Honk Kong folks either. They only whine and moan, restricting and punishing people both online and in reality.

There are those in Ottawa seeing things that are not there. They are delusional, they are crazy. It’s similar to seeing ghosts, or illusions. They double down hard pretending what they see is real.

The Responses:

As noted, these responses aren’t intelligent. They’re barebones, simplistic, with no discussion-worthy material to them. I’ve known more aggressive trolls on Twitter with more brainpower and will-power to push their nonsense than r/Ottawa.

– In all honesty I should be drunk. I haven’t drank beer since New Years…. Or maybe my birthday…. Either way, a long time ago. I did go to bed, just not drunk.

I need to purchase more ‘Zlaty Bazant’ (Gold Pheasant), or even a Sapporo drink. I miss my drinks. They always loosened me up nicely….

– View paragraph below.

Firstly, that’s gaslighting failing to see the bigger issue at hand. Secondly, the truckers shoveled snow off the roads and sidewalks, they cleaned up garbage, they cooked food for the locals, yet you spat on them. You urinated on the War Memorial to frame them, you tried to start a fire in an apartment complex, and you also forced a homeless shelter to false-flag a tweet about the homeless situation.

Trudeau could have simply talked to the truckers like a grown man, instead he became the most hated person in the world. There are those in high political positions in Europe hating on Trudeau for failing to converse with their people, especially when it game to the ‘Emergencies Act’. Hell, even a well known individual in USA is attempting to put Canada on a watchlist thanks to Trudeau’s idiocy. People refused to engage with him before, during, and after. Only the UK engages with Trudeau, rarely anybody else.

Waving a flag (even upside down) shows Canada is in distress. Canadians are patriotic people, they are allowed to wave their flags for being proudly Canadian, or are people supposed to be patriotically silent? Burn all the Canadian flags? Throw our Canadian identity away? Nah.

‘Fuck Trudeau’ is a genuine frustration with how his father screwed Canada up before, and how his infantile-minded son had done so after. Nobody admired Trudeau, only the weak-minded who give in far too easily to tribal mentality. People voiced their frustration to the various mandates, something which the politicians were forced to loosen up, yet are to ashamed to admit they had to do so thanks to the truckers. Their actions assisted in allowing us to have more wiggle-room, at the cost of showing where our actual freedoms lay. Tama & Pat King are both held as political prisoners for calling out the Liberal government, something we’ve always seen advertised in various Soviet-era movies. Russians always holding Americans, torturing them. Not very Canadian, eh?

Thankfully we were given enough wiggle room, just not enough when it comes to aviation and travel-based restrictions.

Also, to further answer your question… View the below image relating to the ‘Canadasairport’ Twitter account.

– With the Canada’s Airport Council’s wallets hurting they’re now screaming out in pain and agony, a little too late. Their hypocrisy has been called out, though noted as a genuine plea for help when relating to a brutal financial hit. Won’t listen to the ‘Freedom Convoy’, though people always listen to lost profits when money is to be made.
– Oh? What “reasonable folks” are we talking about here? The SJW folks who false-flag by urinating on a War Monument crying about Nazis everywhere (scared of their own shadows), or the ‘Canadian Freedom Convoy’ allowing us to see our families again?

Typical Reddit gaslighting tactic. As to be expected……..

Yeah, the reasonable folks throughout Canada want to regain their normalcy in life traveling to their family and friends without restrictions. They want to pay for affordable food, affordable gas prices, and just a normal life without being labeled fake “racist”, “transphobic”, or ” Alt-Right’ for desiring normal everyday life and needs. There are people who are revenge traveling making up for lost ground not wanting any more unnecessary and cruel lockdowns. Kids being homeschooled suicided after social happiness, dealing with various needless pressures. Then you had the elderly dying alone and also in similar social circumstances as the kids.

Humans are social creatures, people NEED to interact. Just like water and food people NEED to be social. Denying that kills them chemically, even mentally.

Also, to the comment of your “throughout the rest of the country”, people THANKED the truckers in massive numbers.

– Thank you Truckers <3
– Messages of thanks and gratitude.
– Thank you! Thank you! Many thanks, and thank you!
– The growing wall of support and thanks.
– Wall of thanks on a trailer billboard. Written in dirt.
– Wall of thanks lining the outside of the truck.
– More show of support in the truck’s windshield.
– MAJOR wall of support.
– Oh, hey? What is this? Oh! It’s EVEN MORE support! I love Canadian hospitality πŸ™‚
– Alternate angle.
– Oh, there’s more! πŸ™‚
– And more!
– And more!
– And even MORE support! Even in these backstreets πŸ™‚

Yeah, 90% of Canadians are in support of actual freedom while the 10% on Twitter & Reddit love spewing political garbage, banning people forever when speaking “wrong-think”. Have to swim against the stream or else you’re a moron, eh? Swim WITH the current. No use fighting it. Support your truckers, they provide you with your necessities in your home and your needs. You’ll have less strokes and health issues once you’re genuinely honest with yourself. Stop seeking enemies everywhere. I’ve had my fun on Reddit, I’m now laughing at you guys because of it. Learn to laugh, learn to enjoy life.

Who’s next?

– Late night social experiment πŸ™‚

Late night social experiment knowing full well I’m going to get banned so I decided to ruffle a few feathers for some quick comical laughter. I knew Ottawa Reddit was a cessepool of fragility, of toxicity, and villainy. Tons of circle jerking. Just look at all the downvotes I’ve gotten! Just because many people jump off a bridge doesn’t mean they’re right. They’re just suicidal.

I had my fun, I’m now laughing, and I’m now sharing it with those interested showing my experiences with Reddit. Both Ottawa and Azur Lane Reddit are the trash. Only there because I’m tracking the Steam Deck. You guys LOVE projecting your insecurities on others so might as well hold on the fragility yourself. You guys crack like eggs, hence the ‘Forever Ban’ hehe.

– The only way to be in the know is to keep tabs on your surroundings.

Not quite. I keep tabs on what people have said for blogging purposes, for awareness, and to even possibly laugh at them, as I had done with you guys. EVERY single person I responded to has responded back with some poor low-effort take. Nobody wanted to discuss, only gaslight in a simple manner.

Also, keep in mind I’m a blogger. People may hate my political blogging when following Anime, I however have to make note of things for blogging reasons, hence why your post is here. You guys love screwing around a lot for negative reasons :).

I simply wanted to nuke my access to r/Ottawa while calling you guys out, plus some extra side-objectives (all because I was viewing Steam Deck news on r/SteamDeck).

– I responded to this person because of their comical ‘Clownvoy Survivor 2022’ tag. How fragile can you be?! Insanely! It’s Reddit after all.

Saw this person before when trying to view the near-Tornado storm causing Power outages before. Tried to see if they had any relevant information. Nope. None. I instead laughed at this person (and those with the yellow tags) for how cringeworthy it is. You can tell who has been lied to, has become corrupted, and throws tantrums in the city when things don’t’ go their way. They bully people online (on Twitter & Reddit), and they corrupted the education system.

I’ve also laughed at how a news anchor on CFRA (radio) whined and moaned how ice companies refused (or weren’t pro-active) in shipping ice to a Ottawa in distress. I can tell you why, you SHUNNED the truckers. All of them. Because you shunned the ‘Freedom Convoy’ you shunned the whole trucker’s industry. You reap what you sow. If you treated your truckers with more care and respect you may have been gifted with more relief supplies, including the ice you so desired. You gave the truckers a middle finger, they gave one back to you. Especially the ice companies. Again, you reap what you sow.

It’s no lie Trudeau (and Watson) abused their power. They pushed things too far spawning the Freedom Truckers Convoy in Canada (inspired by Italy months prior), which in turn sparked protests around the world. From various points in USA, to Sweden, Finland, Alaska, Australian, New Zealand, various parts of Europe, among numerous other places. People were genuinely fed to to which varying levels of successes have been achieved. Various forms of restrictions lifted, especially in Canada (Ontario), among other places. Not fully, thanks to political corruption, though most.

You obviously won’t hear news of how those in Europe and USA shun Canada’s recent image of a dictatorship treating their citizens as trash. You won’t hear how Trudeau was blasted in Europe for the ‘Emergency Act’, let alone those in USA for desiring to put Canada on a watchlist of humanitarian abuse, or similar. CBC & CTV won’t show you that, nor will CNN. Have to always view it via alternate sources. We must pretend we’re fighting Nazis, even past WW2. World War 2 (to Royally Forked Up) hasn’t ended. Hilter hasn’t died, nor have won the war yet. We’re still allegedly fighting ‘Nazi’.

As for the last part: Ottawa has been known for being a very boring city. Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto all have Ubisoft, Nintendo, and other various game studios, Ottawa has none of those. Only random indie developers, tons of hackers, tons of social justice warriors, and folks who travel out of town to have fun. We’ve even lost our special KLM 747 access. We’re not special. Don’t get me wrong, the scenery and food is awesome in Ottawa, it’s however hard to find various things to do.

Anti-Vaxx and Anti-Mandate are two completely different things. One is vaccine based, the other is rules based. They always get flipped to control people. We however should know this, right?

– Also sharing this because of the cringy banner. The hilarity.

Imagine people being afraid of trucks and truckers with how they’ve been morally and politically corrupted. Imagine hating on truckers because you were taught they rape woman, burn buildings down, rob banks, hijack the stock market, or whatever random fantasies they have about whatever they do. Ottawa (at least the SJW types) admire their illusionary fantasies pretending their fiction is reality.

Here me out here….. Imagine being genuinely afraid of truckers and their trucks….They cleaned up garbage, they shoveled snow, they prepared food and yet still afraid. I mean, It’s like people being afraid of pilots for head-patting a kid before a flight. God forbid you give kids a toy on their flight across the Atlantic or Pacific.

Alright, I had my fun. I had my sarcasm… Time to wrap this up. They’re going to pretend they’ve won a war against the Romans during the Ancient times, or something. They (the SJW types) are very delusional and childish types trying to draw parallels in real world history in childish naive manners. They constantly thirst for blood. Yes, even actual blood…….

I’ll leave it on the note of ‘Rome Total War’ music.

Rome: Total War: Journey to Rome Part II

Lightly curious if any of them shall feel brave enough to call me out on here or on Twitter. I mean ,we’re all ‘Alt-right’, correct? We all desire a normal human life so we’re all pieces of trash garbage. We all must die for being natural individuals, unlike the SJWs who seem to have all the answers in life. We’re all racists and transphobes, even if you haven’t done anything wrong. You’re still guilty. This is how their system works.

(Will I make any more of these posts? Hopefully not. I want to view this as a one time thing.)