Vancouver 2022 Summer Trip – Prelude

– On my way to the Ottawa airport July 14th, 2022. A friend willing to help me travel to Vancouver by giving me a ride to the airport.

At last! The time has come for me to both travel, to share, and to hype up my trip to Vancouver and its surrounding areas. Before that, I need to share the ‘prelude’ for things to come while noting I’ve taken loads and loads of images (many gigs worth) unknowing if I would have another chance to travel there or not. Who knows, maybe Canada the allegedly “Free-est country in the world” may continue to turn into a dictatorship the longer we stay with Trudeau in power preventing people from traveling ever again. Friends and other folks being unable to travel, other people being treated as “terrorists”, ‘Alt-Right’, and criminals simply for desiring food prices, food, and fuel prices to normalize. Everybody is a terrorist under Trudeau’s point of view causing everybody to revenge travel around Canada (and the world) to let loose their frustration and pain, if only by a little bit. I’ve done so as well by traveling to Vancouver, also having desired traveling to Vancouver for many years now. 5-7 years? I wanted to visit both Vancouver & Japan for the longest time, one of which I have accomplished, another I still seek and strongly desire to do still. It was a very much needed trip I needed to take. I was at peace while there, once again frustrated I’m back in the same spot.

These blog postings shall be numerous, as shall my videos. I’ve basically archived my trip to Vancouver in almost every manner, again, not knowing when and if I shall be allowed to go back to Vancouver. Who even knows if I shall even be allowed in Japan? I’m allegedly a Canadian terrorist, according to Trudeau and his lunatic Social Justice warrior wanting to decimate everything in their path. My trip to Vancouver holds many meanings and purposes to me, as noted below:

  1. To visit a friend (and hopefully hobby friends).
  2. To get culturally and physically closer to Japan and its culture.
  3. To heal from Covid-19 stress, pains, and fake-politics hypocrisy.
  4. To explore Vancouver and its surrounding areas
  5. To scout out places to live
  6. To take drone shots and videos
  7. To take images of various planes, locations; Documenting everything I find interesting, or simply curious
  8. As #3, to simply heal by having fun, letting loose, and doing things I was unable, or not allowed to do in Ottawa.

I’m well aware (and I further discovered) that Vancouver is a much larger morally corrupted province than Ontario. Even with that noted, the scenery and other “districts” (or mini-cities) attached to Vancouver managed to eclipse them out by a vast amount. All the fake LGTBTQ+ pride in Vancouver & in every B.C outskirt cities painted on streets, shop windows, and all sorts of places promoting lack of dignity I ignored it as ramblings of delusional & ‘drunk’ individuals. Basically view them as ramblings of people believing “the world is flat” type a thing. There may be a very VERY few genuine LGTBTQ+ folks, they’re however painfully far a few while the 99% are delusional freaks. I respect the quiet sane 1% over the 99%. I’m grateful the scenery of British Columbia eclipsed the delusions far enough out of sight and mind everything else stayed mostly normal. Once you hid too much in a city your brain tends to rot needing to venture back out into nature to recalibrate.

Again, I’ve had more fun scenery wise and culturally; Enjoying B.C through other ethnicities while ignoring the fakers in British Columbia. Roaming around admiring the classic cars, flying the drone, enjoying awesome restaurant food, exploring malls, neighborhoods, taking figure photography among the scenery, visiting museums, exploring Japanese side of things, and other negative happenings spun back into positive. The adventure and certain pain evened out into awesome stories to tell. All the fun and positivity I had has been mostly captured in images and videos I’ve taken, even the hype allowing me to ramble about Vancouver. I just love the more scenic and cultural side of things.

Now that’s noted, time to note my trip before it becomes weirder in a wall of text.

To view more images please head over to my Flickr account:


(If the link breaks for Flickr simply look for ‘Subtrance’, or add this ‘photos/30785433@N02/’ after the default Flickr URL. The links you see under images link back to the original photos linked onto Flickr.)

Onwards to Adventure! Boarding for Vancouver – Flair 384:

My flight experienced some funky cancelations, delays, and madness causing me to vent and stress days prior up until boarding. I was originally supposed to go Friday, I went Thursday, I however had to stupidly mess around with Flair’s support with various technical issues surrounding them. I kept calling them to only be unable to get through, to be hung up on, to then eventually let them note too call back to find myself speaking to someone who sounded bluntly African. Heavy African accent causing us to not understand one another causing them to hang up on me. Further frustrated, I eventually left them a text message to be “refunded”, yet not openly told I had a flight change. I found this out a few days after when checking my Flight status desiring to fly Air Canada instead finding my flight was altered to July 14th, not 15th. It was shifted ahead to Saturday, something I was unable to do, hence the customer support troubles and hassles I had to deal with.

Now stuck with Flair, I had to go with them. (F8384)

– Ottawa to Vancouver – Various timetables with my flight noted in yellow as delayed.

Dropped off at the airport I waited to be checked in. Waited for someone at the Flair booth to be active to find others waiting, others making their way to their area, and myself talking to a worn down guy (rough looking) flying to Vancouver also. I eventually also later found out he would be my “friend” flying to Vancouver, though we failed to exchange contact information. We conversed, we talked, we even noted how this would be my healing experience from all the Trudeau government’s idiocy (not openly, just experience wise), and how we should just let go and have fun in life. Less political garbage, more scenic beauty enjoyment. He let me through, I checked in, and I later found him at the gate and behind my seat in flight.

Welcome to Flair Airlines where the flight is great while the customer service is hampered by Trudeau’s moronic idiocies. I wish I was joking. I had customer service issues, it was all Trudeau’s genuine fault.

I’m well aware I keep blaming other people, just note that I’m understanding of the situation. Trudeau’s grasp on Canada has turned into a sneaky Dictatorship preventing people from doing more human things they’ve previously done elsewhere. Other countries have gradually returned to pre-Covid19 levels, Canada hasn’t. Neither has Japan. Dutch have lost their sanity while farmers fight for freedom (as had the Convoy Truckers), people are traveling enmass in a ‘Revenge travel’ spawning further hiccups and delays. Some people may indeed be selfish, others simply need to heal, just as I had to heal in this ‘revenge travel’. A necessity.

The main problem stems from Trudeau’s idiocy in how his Covid mandates have hurt air travel. They fired/laid off genuine workers, prevented certain types from coming back, and various staffing, food shortages spring up from that. Various false scapegoats are then brought up and then everybody pretends your average Joe working 9-5 making ends meet is some alleged Alt-Right terrorist Nazi Convoy freak. Yeah, your average Joe McDonald highschooler employee is an Alt-Right terrorist….. Well, at least everything went smoothly with others doing damage control. Thankfully I haven’t experienced what happened in Toronto where people were stranded, even having their possessions stolen by other people. Others would come into the airport to loot from baggage’s.

Thank you, Trudeau. Damn Muppet.

Admiring the planes from an alternate perspective. The atmosphere is unique.
– Ottawa Airport (domestic) POV. Snapped to compare to my 2003/2008 POV.

I may sound “frustrated” and “angry”, maybe I am. I genuinely had fun in Vancouver, I however get overly peeved at fake politics. I’m also making note of these for blog posting reasons, hence the constant “ramblings”, or such feedback relating me to “rambling”. I have to make note of things while I can, hence these blog postings tend to contain raw information “from the moment”, type of thing.

Where is my happiness? In my pictures and videos I’m sharing. In my hype of constantly wanting to share my trip to others, even if it may appear to fall on deaf ears. People appearing to go “yeah, so?”. Regardless, I’m still sharing my pride and happiness of having had genuine fun in Vancouver, even if people may or may not be flakey.

– While arriving at the proper Flair gate (before it changed) I saw a military ‘Husk’ doing a fly-over. A practice run, or similar.

While waiting I basically plane-spotted, talked over Discord with a friend in Vancouver over voice, helped another passenger charge their phone, and just trying to pass the time. I plane spotted, played Azur Lane, made sure my things were in order, belatedly refilled my water bottle, and just tried to get better.

Something I hadn’t noted is how I caught a cold/flu having to drink ‘Neo Citran’ before my flight. Even days before. I was still slightly under the weather fearful they may side-line me preventing me from going. I had to go at all cost. I flew peacefully and soundly, if deaf by the end of the flight.

Was fun watching planes moving around. Being towed forwards, backwards, landing, taking-off, and just moving around. As boring as it may seem to others I’m highly interested and happy about all this.
Gate 28, the gate I originally was supposed to leave from. It shifted to another gate.
Air Canada taxing to gate.
– Waiting while weather threatened to rain. Half rain and dry divide at the airport.
– Moody weather.
– Swoop landing.
Swoop landing, with smoke.
Swoopity Swoop.
Unmarked plane. Not even on Flightradar24??? This plane has me curious.
Highly curious about this mystery plane.
– Curiousity still there.
Hi CRJ, how you doing? Nice landing by the way.
– Nice smoky landing.
– Plane spotting is fun. Love seeing these planes do their thing.
– Just admiring this Air Canada birdy.
– Off to adventure this one goes.
A nice set of airport action right here. Loving it. Tug, Air Canada, PAL Airlines, and Air Canada. What’s PAL? It services Eastern Canada, up to Ottawa.
Nice. A 737 Max, similar to my Flair flight.

(Below is a video of an Air Canada flight landing at Ottawa airport.)

– Video of an Air Canada flight landing into Ottawa. One of those random moments while also having to capture something while I can from this perspective.
– More plane-spotting. PAL taking off.
– Hello again, Air Canada. Woooosh.
– I’m absolutely loving this Swoop perspective. The detailing.
– And there is my Flair Flight! 2 hours delayed! WOOOOO! And not Gate 28, more like 27.
At last! Touch down!
– Smoky landing.
– Flair enroute to gate.
– The slowpoke has finally arrived.
Flair now off to be gated. One hour wait then we can finally head off to Vancouver!
Now bored, I decided to snap more images of planes. Westjet with its smoky touchdown.
That’s such a one-sided experience. Most of the action is on the left side of this picture…. Interesting.
Helicopter buzzing about. Even buzzed around while boarding the Flair flight.
Finally! After a 2 hours delay we can finally board our flight! Also, one of the guys I was helping out in the red hat. Flair seems to also be a flight of hipsters, not that it’s a bad thing. Found it amusing. Sadly, we had to suffer with fake politics, something even various Japanese people have been fighting in their local Japanese airline flights. That being? Wearing masks. Ended up with a bloody nose at the end of the flight.
– Turning it up to the Max now! 737 Max Flair Airlines 384, that is.
Captured a cockpit view! HAZZAAH! I win 🙂
We’re finally off! I want to get to Vancouver! Quick! Quick! 🙂

The pilot noted the delay was from a delay in Calgary, basically being a knock-on effect. Basically like dominos. Cause-and-effect.

Not a bad perspective for a budget airlines. Still comfy, still mostly reliable, comfortable, and elegant. Still presentable.
Lots of great views, great perspectives. I may have agitated some people around me, I however had fun noting the experience. Again, who knows when I’ll be allowed to go to Vancouver again with all these draconian mandates, nonsense, and weirdness going on in the world.
What a familiar sight when compared to my Flight sim experiences.
– Love the various things we tend to fly over, such as this quarry.
– Flat. I wonder what part of Canada is overly flat and farmy…. Geee, have to think about that for awhile hehe.
Sure seems overly rocky here. Curious what these mountains are all about. Could this be the Rocky Mountains? Are we in British Columbia now? Yeah, I’m being snarky trying to add humour here. Once I saw the terrain shift into rocky mountains I was glad we were nearing our destination.
To think I would even be able to driven through these mountains on my final weekend admiring the beauty before, during, and leaving the province.
– Shame I wore my red Ferrari sweater causing this to happen. Regardless, still overly gorgeous.

(Another Flickr video relating to a fly-over the British Columbia mountains.)

– Flying over the gorgeous mountains.
– That insane beauty.

Arriving at Vancouver:

After a very swift decent into Vancouver, and some ear-damaging decent… Babies crying…. We finally touched down in Vancouver. Was mostly an awesome flight having used my Steam Deck to test-play Dinkum, and even properly play Titan Quest. For my friend? Frustrating. He failed to see me land on the proper runway thanks to a Westjet propeller plane hijacking the northern runway. My plane landed on the southern runway. He still took images, however not the ones we desired.

I also hoped to have met up with Vancouver anime folks I met online, none greeted or conversed with me before, during, or after the flight. Shame. Granted, I could have pinged them also, or even made things easier. Friend told me to ping them, or it may have also been Twitter’s fault for artificially hiding tweets. My logic was if they see my tweets (liked them previously) they should be able to see my tweets at least once during those two weeks. Guess not. Reclusive types, too busy, etc, maybe.

My next tentative trip “may” happen in Spring 2023, shall see. Or I may get screwed over and go homeless. It’s either one or the other for me.

– Flair Airlines has landed in Vancouver! I repeat! Arcticu has landed in Vancouver! At the cost of my friend being peeved at a Westjet propeller plane for stealing the runway. Sent this to my roommate, he didn’t respond. Two weeks of silence, two weeks of Vancouver enjoyment! WOOO! (not sure why I didn’t upload this onto Flickr).

I was a bit frustrated with how there were no proper indicators as to where the baggage pickup was. I followed the crowd, they kept pealing away leaving a smaller and smaller grouping….. I eventually figured I had to go into an overly strange glass gated door bank safe area to get my belonging. I then had to further wait another few minutes until I obtained my belongings. I at the very least arrived safely with all my things? All things considering, a fairly smooth flight.

Hey! Trudeau! Thank you for the dry bloody nose, you twat. From wearing the stupid mask for so long.

– Arrived at Vancouver! Image taken shortly after I received my baggage. Nice displays.
– Chaotic arrival area needing a proper re-design and tinkering. Worst planned section of the airport causing my friend to vent in frustration.

It’s overly interesting to experience, harder to note in words, how surreal meeting a friend after 10 years felt. Is that really you? The flight’s been great, sorry I’m deaf. Let’s try to get some Chinese food at ‘Circle 9’ in Richmond. They’re the only thing open after 8 pm? They only accept cash? Can’t eat Chinese food? Alright, let’s go for a Japadog then!

I saw this Japadog truck being both my first (and last meal) I ate in Richmond coming in and leaving Vancouver in a flight. I wish we had these in Ottawa. I also forgot where a more restaurant-oriented Japadog was found, as noted in a Vlog video relating to Japadogs. An error on my part. I wish they would expend into Ottawa, I would be their occasional customer.

– Friend joked how I freshly arrived in Vancouver with Japadog being the first thing I ate arriving into the city. It’s at the Richmond area next to a big TNT, a place I would pass a few times during my visit.
– Rabbit! A few of these rabbits roaming around near Richmond Centre area.
– My chosen Japadog menu item.
Domo? That seems very Japanese to me, yet we’re still in Canada, especially in Vancouver.
– Heading off to my friend’s place while trying to make sense of the scenery I’m seeing. Am I really here? Did I really fly to Vancouver? I’m actually here?

Going around was fairly weird. Once we left the airport we tried to get non-existant Chinese food, instead bought a Japadog, may have went back to capture a faint A380 landing (first failed attempt out of 3), went back to T&T to buy food which was barely there, and then ventured to my friend’s place. Was also weird hearing Hololive’s track playing on the radio while shotting at T&T, as noted below.

– 10:50 pm Vancouver time, 2-3 am Ottawa time. T&T Supermarket plays anime songs, or at least Hololive ones. WOOOO!

Final Thoughts/Ramblings/Ventings For the Prelude:

I’m also aware people are further going to alienate me for my ventings about fake politics, about Trudeau, and how I’m simply rambling in my blog postings. Do note I’m genuinely happy and overly pleased I even traveled to British Columbia, to Vancouver, Tofino, Lake Louise, and all those places in-between. I however have to note what I felt at the time or else it’s not a blog posting. I have to note everything I felt, I thought, and what I experienced. Granted, some things I obviously omit, others I may have accidentally omitted. It’s just, the proper side of Canada wants to “Revenge Travel” while the fake part wants to pretend normal people are ‘Alt-Right’, ‘Terrorists’, etc constantly treating your Average Joe as some pretend enemy of Canada. As of August 8th, 2022 it’s even been noted various medical staff have even fled south, away from Trudeau’s growing dictatorship, to simply make ends meet. Better pay, conditions, and less Dictator Trudeau hypocrisy. In Canada there are harsher medical conditions, harsher employment rules, and more harsher mentalities all thanks to Trudeau. People being conditioned to hate each other…. Common. This is why people travel, to heal, to escape, and to try to keep away from political garbage. While in British Columbia I’ve even felt the effects of these draconian mandates causing shortages in the mountains (bars & pubs; missing menu items), in retail areas, obviously when flying Flair & Air Canada, and other sectors. Then you have other groups of humans treated as sub-humans as proxy-racism. Revenge travel!

Do note that my actual happiness is in the pictures. TONS of images. I even have videos I shared, and shall have a happier tone from the next blog posting onward. Again, I refused to take images of the fake LGBTQ+ pride, it has no worth or value. It’s all puffy smoke and mirrors not reflecting the Vancouver as I’ve actually seen it. The Vancouver I’ve mostly seen was happier when it was Asian, Indian (India; Surrey), neutral, and its own Canadian identity, not the fake hypocritical fake-politics side of things. Heck, I haven’t even seen that many homeless people there after it made the news firefighters struggled with tent-cities lining the street requesting these homeless folks to be removed and relocated. Homeless people were few and far with barely any to be seen. I “may” have shown that seeing how homelessness is a growing problem thanks to Trudeau, fake-politics, and the general nature of how pricy British Columbia is, let alone Canada. I genuinely wanted to hang around Richmond and Vancouver, something I struggle to do back here in Ottawa in my own neighborhoods. Everything is boring, now twice as much thanks to my trip there.

Two coworkers texted me checking up on me while in Vancouver. A Mexican anime friend messaging me about the Langley Vancouver shooting while I was there wondering what was going on. Everybody else basically didn’t care if I was alive or dead, nothing new there. Nobody would have cared if I was shot dead, died in an earthquake, or went hungry during a local power outage. I appreciate the gesture of my coworkers and my Mexican anime friend have shown. The state of social media has been bent in an anti-social way nudging people flake on other people, to pretend others don’t exist, etc. My friend has been telling me to ditch social media and I agree with him. I’m however stuck with it for a little while longer. I can’t just ditch my Japanese Busou Shinki friends, though others have indeed ditched me from the Japanese Busou Shinki circle. I’ll still share what I can, while I can. The moment the Japanese Busou Shinki folks turn on me is when I shall most likely ditch Twitter. Maybe.

I came to Vancouver to heal, to experience both Vancouver and Asian (mainly Japanese) experiences while seeing where the wind would take me. My friend sure had surprised me with all the various surprises I shall note in upcoming blog postings. Insane stuff. Vancouver has indeed healed me to the point I refused to leave, yet had to. I wanted to stay, I wanted to keep away from Ottawa’s pretend enemies, and away from other idiocies. Granted, Vancouver had its fair share of fake politics of its own destroying its own province, they’ll figure that out when they hit that brick wall. Hopefully. Probably not.

Also, blogging wise, certain stuff may end up out of order as I try to follow each day of happenings, that’s just the nature of things. I took images and videos on my phone, various others on my Lumix, and even more with my drone. There may be a few bonus blog postings following the main ones. Please do try to keep up, as I shall try to keep up with my own stuff I’ve done in Vancouver. Various videos shall be uploaded onto Youtube when I’m able to tend to them.

I’m very thankful and grateful to my friend and his friends for the experiences. Some frustrating, others mainly positive.