Vancouver 2022 Summer Trip – Day 1

– Venturing towards Mud Bay Park while on a friend’s bike.

(Note: Image contains many images from Flickr, may take a long while to load. Blog posting is image heavy. If anything fails let me know in the comments, I won’t know otherwise.)

The actual Vancouver’s Day 1 has begun. After a funky sleep I’ve pondered about where to go, what to do, and how to do it. I checked my Twitter, fiddled with Azur Lane, and even checked the weather to see what’s up. At 8-9 am in the morning I ventured to a nearby McDonalds for a meal (didn’t want to cook) to fill me up. I saw how nice the blue skies were, how cool the nearby mountains were. This is the dream. No, really… I know I’m sugarcoating this, I was influenced by living nearby big and small mountains, as such in Modra with the Small Carpathian mountains. It’s always awesome being surrounded by mountains. My morning was calm, confusing, if processing my new surroundings. A random (maybe homeless) person wished me a ‘good morning!’, something I tried saying back to him. Good morning! Came back, rechecked the weather to wonder what I should really be doing… Briefly may have used my Steam Deck to then eventually (frustratingly) decide to just ‘YOLO’ (You only live once) the situation. Might as well just stick through it and do it.

(Disclaimer: If you have issues with my grammar then you try blogging as swiftly as you can while being yelled at by people, told you don’t matter, and having to struggle with embedding Flickr’s pictures into the blog posting. If no pictures show then simply head over to the Flickr side of things, or let me know something is broken..)

Trip Index:

My Adventure begins in earnest:

I’m actually venturing around! Holy crap! I’m actually seeing Vancouver (on my friend’s second-hand bike) in some manner, especially with how I loosely planned it pre-traveling. I charted a route, I ventured to Mud Bay Park, even worried how the weather would hold up. I basically tried beating the weather. Rush against time. I already wasted a fair amount of early morning time, especially messaging my friend via Discord.

Also, thank you “Floofy” for gifting me ‘Admiral Dreadnoughts’. Much appreciated!

– Stumbled across a perfectly timed train to record for Flickr, especially with Mount Baker in the background. Nice!
– Video of a perfectly time train. I accidentally let slip the F-bomb when startled by rain droplets I was racing to beat. I desired to fly my drone before the rain front hit Vancouver area, especially Mud Bay Park area.

I was happy to finally see trains out in the open and exposed, something you would have to go a bit out of your way to find back in Ottawa. Everything and everybody is shy about everything, especially when it comes to trains, drones, or anything anybody loves and enjoys. I know where to find trains, I would however have to go into much more effort to capture Ottawa’s trains than I would with Vancouver’s trains.

What I especially loved about British Columbia is how exposed these trains were. They may seem ordinary to those living there, trains is what shaped Canada into what it is. People taking things for granted while I admire almost every form of transportation.

– Admiring the bird wildlife. It’s fairly different from Ottawa’s finding more agile birds there than in Ottawa. Was observing what I could.

The rain decided to pick up a fair amount, though emulated what I’ve experienced in Tucepi, Croatia by simply sprinkling. It was a decent sprinkle, though enough it kept me hiding under a semi sheltered info sign. I was cursing to my friend via Discord about the weather deciding to head back to play on my Steam Deck. I’m glad I stuck it out gaining valuable, memorable pictures and videos in both Drone and phone captured form. The rain lasted roughly 5-10 minutes. Thankfully wasn’t much. It was enough to frustrate me though.

– Mini Panorama of Mud Bay Park. Note the clouds. It was clear blue earlier in the day, how frustrating.

Seeing the rain actually give up I decided to bike slightly further to my desired location. I considered biking towards Boundary Bay airport, I decided against it not having enough water for the way back. My hydration level kept me locked to Mud Bay Park area.

– Interesting seeing the water level this low. Flew my drone over this trying to reach a nearby ‘island’ type formation.
– Panorama shot of Mud Bay Park with the low tide.
– Panorama #2
– A lovely view of the railway bridge and with Mount Baker in the background. What a gorgeous sight.
– Such a gorgeous sight of Mount Baker, something I can now jokingly consider Mount Fuji for the fun of it. I did venture to Vancouver to also connect with the Japanese side of things, something I’ve had done.
– Tried to capture close-up shots of these trains missing my chance. I always packed up my drone, moved to a new spot, and unpacked it wasting precious time. I managed to capture this shot in frustration having missed my chance of flying near, and over it. I’m still happy I have SOME shots of these gorgeous trains.
– Image taken AFTER my drone fly-by. I missed my opportunity, waited, failed to capture any other trains. I heard the train honking in the distance, disappointed it never honked on this side.
– Was confused as to what happened here. Did someone set a fire off? An accident? Nah, it was Boundary Bay’s airshow on April 15th. I failed to take advantage of their airshow. I saw it from a distance, just not up close.
– Another alternate perspective of Boundary Bay’s airshow from a distance.

Received an odd call and voicemail about some automotive parts from ‘Ben Automotive’, or something along those lines. Someone has been using my ID in Ottawa for dentist, automotive, and other scam/ID theft related nonsense. Pardon my language, but “Fuckers”. Genuine “fuckers”. That’s the only time I’ll curse on here, or try to keep it as such.

– Mud Bay Park – Panorama #3. I found it oddly strange how the environment (these parks) appeared burnt, dead, and just…. dry. I’m well aware it’s summer, it’s near the coastline having fair access to water. It’s like grass in Ottawa during winter, spring, and late fall. It’s weird.
– I found Mud Bay Park to be neat. I would consider it to be loosely like Ottawa’s Britannia Beach, yet focusing on the park only. Or half of Andrew Haydon’s Park….
– If it wasn’t for the cloud front I would bet this would be one of the more enjoyable images. Even so, I still find it fairly visually pleasing with the whole low-tied, greenery, etc.
– Viewing across a drained water area to what seems like a clearing at a nearby island. Focus is on the grey spot across the “pond”.
– “Love, Live, Laugh” – Wise words from a lovely painted rock 🙂

Exactly! Everybody should love, everybody should live, and everybody should naturally laugh. Enjoy your life, connect with nature and stop stagnating in cities with the whole of B.C pretending LGBTQ+ nonsense was all the legit fad. As the internet memes love to say, “touch grass”. Do what I did by venturing through nature, admiring it, even being partially recalibrated back to reality. Just look at me when I stagnated in a city environment, depressed to the point people hated me. I had hate mobs further driving me into madness, voiding my hobbies, and treating me as a villain. When you reconnect with nature everything becomes natural again making you go “was it really worth it?”… Nah, it wasn’t. You start cutting back on things that actually don’t matter, reverting back to the basics.

For example, when you get busy with something you start shaving off various web games, various habits, and just do what you need to do. It’s like how a vehicle shaves off unnecessary weight by going as fast as it can.

Love people, live naturally, laugh happily (through the soul).

There is a reason I focus on things other people generally consider “boring”. People are “rush! Rush! Quick quick! OMG, I’m going to die now!” phase not focused on things that actually matter. Before someone says I’m rambling again, next image!

– Horses! How I want to ride on a horse. I’ve done a very awkward double take on this cycling back, probably confusing these poor girls. Sorry! I just wanted a picture of these horses. I could have taken a better shot, this is how it ended up. Reminded me of the time I rode on a horse in Modra on a ranch on the ‘Small Carpathian Mountains’.
– Random image just noting the scenery. Earlier in the morning I’ve seen a blue car I failed to capture. Appeared to be a blue old muscle car (Ford, Dodge, or something from the 90’s). Wish I caught the vehicle on camera. I was in a rush to beat the rain. Also, Chevron :).
– Surrey sure has some lovely roads, even bike-friendly ones. I love it! Love the median, love the bike lanes.
– Tried to capture the mountain view the best I could, something I’ve seen earlier in the day. This genuinely reminds me loosely of Modra, Slovakia. I tried making note of this to my friend, shame it most likely flew over his head.

I basically walked back to my friend’s place with how punishing the hill grades are. Very steep. Even walking was painful. My friend’s bike was fairly helpful, and I did bike back on flat terrain, I failed to use the bike from then on. It struggled to go places, was more stressful than the other bike I used, and was second hand with when braking felt like you’ll flip over. It rattled. No disrespect to my friend, I felt unsafe also. Friend did jab at me for that, the priorities changed to me being further jabbed at, to Skytrain, bus, and just walking. I had exploring to do. It simply required me to be on foot more than a bike. The bike would simply get in the way, or so I believe.

The Drone Perspective (DJI Mini SE):

I bought my drone a few months before my trip for these very exact moments. I won’t share the video aspect until later (in their own blog posting), I however will share the numerous images I’ve had taken with my drone there to capture things in alternate perspectives. I was also rushing to beat the rain front (caught me as I arrived near Mud Bay Park), rained a bit, then let up allowing me to do my thing.

Few people observed, probably said a few things. Nobody called the police, or behaved as I’ve seen them behave on Vancouver Subreddit. Nobody was phobic of drones, thankfully. I mean, one, but that’s in a later blog posting in another location.

– Trying to go as high as I can testing the winds, climate, etc. Nice perspective.

I’m well aware I was “boring” with my drone simply pushing my drone straight up, 360, then down. I didn’t want to lose my drone, or at least “just yet”. More things to admire until then. I was being safe and cautious with my drone to allow me to capture more for the two weeks.

– Quite interesting seeing the illusion on my phone screen versus the actual features in these images relating to receded water.
– Nice general landscape and gorgeous mountains in the background.
– Looking east towards more farming land, construction site, and other familiar and unfamiliar landscape. Mount Baker commanding respect in the background.
– For what appears to be filled with water sure had none, or very little water. I also desired a train shot on the bridge, failed. Still love the shot.
– Obtaining more decent views the more comfortable I get.
– Focus is more towards the highway and the background. I’m aware that’s against the rules of photography having to center your subjects… The focus is highway and the faint view of the cityscape at the back.
– Quite interesting seeing how far the water had receded. The actual versus the illusion, especially when viewing it through a tiny Samsung phone screen.
– Always hunting for the neat alternate perspectives.
– Like a groundhog would peak around its scenery, I’ve done similar with my drone. Some overlaps of scenery and visuals are unavoidable. Also, as previously noted, train in the background. Hard to make out, just look towards the back left of the image.
– Panic train focus! Panic! Train! WOOOO!
– Panicking trying to focus on train (right side)
– Mud Bay Park – Mimicking Windows 10 log-in screen wallpaper style.
– These trains shall be the death of me. I just can’t win. Missed another one! REEEEEE! I’m happy I still acquired one on my drone 🙂
– Train over bridge, hehe~. Yes, I’m losing my mind, and I had done so when trying to capture these trains. Like I said, these trains would be the death of me.
– Train on the other side! Trains! Trains! Everywhere! I just can’t capture in the perfect magical moment though. Fumbling around hahahaha!~ I tried searching for a train tracker, similar to ‘Marine Traffic’ and ‘Flightradar24’ to find none.
– Trains! Oh, and look! Look on the highway, a blue doubledecker bus returning from Richmond, the ‘321’ route bus :).
– My actual favourite picture. TRAINS!
– Yes, I have a lot of these for whatever reason. I love trains, alright? Blame Ottawa for being an overly shy city hiding everything fun “The city that fun forgot”.
– Switching focus I decided to examine the bridge these trains venture on.
– Curious as to what they’re constructing here. Guess I’ll have to find out when it’s either done, or if someone is willing to tell me.
– Spying on construction workers. Nice.
– Graffiti on this? Such poor taste for low IQ folks. At least try for something more artistic. It’s a lovely bridge ruined by brainless twats.
– Taking a peak back at the airshow with DJI Mini SE drone POV.

I nearly lost my drone at Mud Bay Park to the point it beeped at me with low battery. It had roughly 20% battery left, yet it still whined and moaned at me. Still tried to auto-pilot its way back I had to fight with the controls to get it back safely. I jokingly told my friend I lost my drone just to see what he would say. He sadly didn’t react in the way I hoped for being fairly monotoned. Ah, well…..

My drone did act up, it nearly destroyed itself….. It’s a learning experience.

– Flying my drone at a random Surrey Park taking in the scenery from a bird’s eye point of view. I can see both downtown Vancouver & Metrotown from here.
– Even though the weather was trash for those two days I still gained a fair amount of decent pictures and videos from this.
– Such a gorgeous place with a nice backdrop of mountains. It’s a shame this city, districts, cities in cities, and the province have to be ruined by faux-politics with fake diversity. Shame. People have these gorgeous scenery and views, it’s a shame it’s wasted on them driving the cost of living up further on morally corrupted individuals. Genuine shame.

“The Surprise”:

Was told to be back by a certain time that day (July 15th) for a surprise. The one of many surprises. Rush, rush, get dressed “formally”, and just get there.

– Crossing through one of my new-found favourite bridges commanding a fair bit of respect, or at least from me. It also decided to rain for real this time. My friend wasn’t happy with future plans requiring clear weather.
– One of my favourite perspectives is having a birdseye view all around, especially to the north; Towards Vancouver & Metrotown and the mountains.
– Alternate perspective
– Metrotown radiating an ominous aura, especially to the unfamiliar. It was an overly strange aura, something which I eventually scouted out later finding it interestingly neat.
– Welcome to Vancouver proper!
– My focus was on the Trollybus, something I’ve seen and view as European from Bratislava, Slovakia. I always find Ottawa to be inferior to Bratislava in many ways, especially transportation wise.

Side-Note: Relating to Trollybus, Bratislava, and such, I had to note I always find it depressingly comical how start-up fake journalists for CTV, CBC, and etc always take a negative jab at Bratislava’s transportation network. Always whining, envious, and aggressive towards anything Slovakia. They complain about how the superior transportation there is obsolete, dated, and etc trying to prop up our own infrastructure in Ottawa. I always find it comical at how envious, needy, and inexperienced those fake journalists are. Now? They’re probably complaining about the Canadian Freedom Convoy, Trump being raided, etc. No real skill or talent by them. Disregarding all that, just look at how much Vancouver also managed to accomplish with their Skytrain, Trolly buses, and bus routes. The Skytrain is the best part. Be nice to see Ottawa compete with that with their LRT.

On a secondary side-note: I wish Ottawa was intelligent enough to have their LRT running on the same level as Vancouver’s Skytrain, Sapporo’s trams, and every other nation in the world. We always buy at the lowest price expecting the highest results. Ottawa is so god damn lazy.

Ottawa, the city that fun forgot and bans you on reddit when you don’t hive-mind like a lemming.

– Of all the classic cars I’ve missed I’m glad I have at least one! WOOOO!~ I missed SO MANY.
– Oh? We’re going deeper into Vancouver? Interesting.
– I’m actually loving these banners.
– Capturing anything I can, the best I can.
– Vancouver is genuinely a neat city, it’s however a shame it’s wasted on rotten minded faux-politics. People stuck between concrete slabs needing to touch grass to recalibrate their mind back to reality.
– Such a neat sight, minus the faux-political nonsense I’ve seen. It was as clean as you can get it, especially with the homeless being MIA every time my friend tried showing me.
– I’d rather respect the First Nation art than the faux-LGBTQ crap. I’d rather respect them, and the 1% true trans people over the 99% faux-trans folks. This is true art, right there. Why can’t all graffiti be like this, honestly.
– Classic car! WOOO!

After some slight road-rage, poor driving skills on other people’s fronts, and frustrations, we’ve arrived at our location. It’ll be awhile until I was clued in. It’ll make more sense as we go along.

– Low-flying Beavers, explains the no-fly zone in the area. Even if I was to fly my drone I’d destroy these beautiful birds by mistake. If not by these birds, then by the Hawks and Eagles roaming around.
– That is LOW. Very low. Love the low rumble of these Canadian planes. Now this is, NO JOKE, the actual TRUE Canadian aura. Remove all the faux-politics, THIS is the TRUE Canadian experience.
– Even if the weather was trash the clouds still sure brought out a nice moody contrast of the city, the mountains, and the area. A nice indent in the mountains.
– Still confused, and slightly paranoid of the water, it still took me awhile to make sense of the situation. Are we eating out? Are we flying in a plane? Are we boating in those small boats? A boat museum? What are we doing?!
– These low fly-bys are having me hyped. The low, yet loud rumble of the engines is bliss.
– Eh? Making slightly more sense, still confused. With how rushed we were I was given no time to process what’s actually happening. I was still left in the dark. I mean, I was aware we were going on a boat, it’s just…. Everything was made overly vague.
– Ah! Finally that makes more sense. I’m still left puzzled as to what to expect.
– Holy shit! That’s painfully close! So close that even my camera views it as close. Cameras love viewing things further away than they really are. That’s insanely close.
– Nice!
– That’s quite old-timey American.
– Britannia, only because of Britannia beach in Ottawa. Yeah.
– Quite a neat old-timey set-up with an interesting view. I may not be good with water and boats, this was actually very interesting. Announcer was very quiet, though had a neat sense of humour.
– Cruising water-side.
– Downtown Vancouver sure looks gorgeous.
– And we have a take-off!
– Container ship focus. Admiring how busy Vancouver is.
– Canadian Beaver! I love the Canadian paint scheme. Loving it.
– Viewing the Canadian themed Beaver taking off. WOOOOSH!~
– Cruising around.
– Admiring the gorgeous scenery.
– Friend pointing out the cruise ship in repair.
– Inching closer and closer towards the bridge.
– Admiring the beauty from on top of the vessel. Even taking a peak at inside the helm.
– Video: Admiring the music while listening to a cover of one of my favourite music tracks. What this video fails to capture are the senses, the emotions, and the aura (the atmosphere). It was amazing. My coworker even texted having me text back to them I’m on a boat cruising around.
– Finger photobomb. Even so, I love the scenery.
– Love passing under the bridge.
– Nice. I’m just overwhelmed right now.
– The best view of the paddles taken hastily as to not lose my camera. I was in constant fear of my camera over my own safety. I would constantly decline being near railings.
– This is absolutely stunning. What I failed to capture in flight is something I’m now capturing on a boat, and in a blog posting following this one with a drone.
– This is gorgeous and the true Vancouver experience (thankfully missing the faux-political nonsense).
– Just constant amazement going from one POV to the next, and back. Just trying to take all this in.
– Someone is off in a hurry.
– Constant new sights and perspectives keeping me attached and amazed. All these container ships, docked.
– Heh.
– The barge, the crane, the mountains, and the little bit of the sun. Still stunningly amazing.
– The barge-crane doing its thing.
– The first time is magical, the second time onward is just impressive. No matter how many times I’ve seen this I just love the view.
– Keeping my eyes fixated on the container ships. Even partially on the helm with the captain steering the ship.
– 90% of the magic is contained in these images missing out on the final 10%. The wind, the sounds, the atmosphere. It’s impressive.
– Holy shit……. Yup! Still impressed.
– Still amazed I’m taking all sorts of images from various angles.
– Well, that set-up sure is …. unique.
– I can’t help it, these boats are amazing. Also, it goes without saying we don’t have this back in Ottawa, we’re a river city also playing with fake politics, shunning anybody that has fun, and a “city that fun forgot”. The closest we got are yachts, fishing boats, ski-dos, and amphibious tour buses. My Slovak side would be better tuned with this with all the Danube River traffic from Bratislava. Taking a speedboat cruise from Bratislava to Vienna and back. Ottawa is useless in that regard when compared to both Vancouver & Bratislava 🙂
– Accidental duplicate of the above.
– People off to dinner/supper allowing me to get this neat shot with a Canadian flag. Well, neat shot at least to me.
– I just can’t stop admiring these gorgeous container ships.
– And another for the ‘Das Boot’ submarine movie scene early in the movie set in La Rochelle. The feast before the crew head out to sea. Also had Silent Hunter 3 game vibes here.
– I’m sure this is what people wanted to see instead, now you can. I’m here also for the same scenery, hence two weeks forth of travel. I wanted to stay for a month, I wasn’t really allowed to. I could have booked a hotel, it wouldn’t have worked out either way.
– The feast has begun! The sneaky camera shot 🙂
– The barge that got beached from a nasty winter windstorm. Still beached.
– My first actual meal since reaching Vancouver. Haven’t had a proper meal for 24 hours, only a Japadog. A meal fit for a king heh. I stuffed it as much as I could loving every bit of it, including the salad.
– Nice view around Vancouver. Amusingly enough, this is a place we would visit in the future.
– Amused by the water taxis.
– Something I’ve seen from the bridge above, yet failed to capture. Gained another chance from the boat.
– I love this form of art, not the retarded tag graffiti you see painted sloppily under bridges, etc. I wish people doing graffiti would do it this way, not the retarded way.
– Noted to be Dutch emulations of floating houses.
– Funky.
– Back to the beached barge we go. I have to laugh at how dramatic Global News in Vancouver dramatized the barge of “people had enough, it HAS to go, or else the world will end” type news segments. Let those people poop their pants, this is an amusing sight to admire. The media has turned people fragile, it’s hilarious.
– This barge confused me during this tour, it later sunk in that it’s for the fireworks show. The ‘Festival of Lights’ fireworks show between Canada, Japan, and Spain.
– I can’t help it, the container ships are amazing. Especially with the sunset.
– I NOW find it hilarious we passed by the fireworks barge. This all ties in crazily.
– Like an RPG game everything has a purpose for my trip in Vancouver. This barge, the observatory, and the places we’ve visited. I’m amused.
– Sunset is almost like fire above the vessels.
– Me and my duplicates shots…..
– Now back to blue, eh?
– And back we go.
– This is absolutely stunning. I’m genuinely amazed.

It honestly leaves me baffled and frustrated how this is wasted on hipsters, faux-politics lovers, and LGBTQ radicalized folks in Vancouver. A city like this is honestly wasted on such people, on Karen type people I’ve witnessed, and the brainwashed folks by the media. It’s honestly sad, especially knowing just an hour drive from here you can be in the most beautiful parts of Canada.

Why, oh why does Vancouver have to be corrupted. Homeless folks I can understand (B.C = Bring cash), otherwise, everything else is just baffling to me. The other half is obviously Trudeau’s fault. I’m assuming when you’re contained in a city your brain rots into jelly needing nature to recalibrate, I guess. Touching grass (and observing the scenery properly) genuinely recalibrates your brain.

– Love the scenery, even the boating types. Such beauties we all take for granted.
– Canada Place, insanely gorgeous.
– Admiring the mini-Ferries. I believe they were called Sea-buses, or similar?
– With the lights on, that’s impressive.
– Bliss.
– Chevron Floating gas station just chillin out in the middle of the water.
– Harbour Air all parked up for the evening and night, especially the Canadian themed one.
– Alternate view of the famous floating gas station.
– Absolutely loving the Canadian themed Harbour Air plane. True Canadian pride.
– Amused. People chillin out while having view of the Killer Whale, the Olympic torch, and the scenery.
– Alternate view of the ‘Constitution’. Was a nice ride, old-timey vibe. This is what I view as true Vancouver experience.

Bonus Mini-Tour:

Taking a stroll through the Vancouver harbour area. Friend wanted to show me various areas leading up to the Canada Place finding it all neat as we went along.

– People on the balcony while taking the shot of various boats moored to the side.
– Loving how gorgeous this is.
– Beautiful.
– Nice elevated hut.
– Now THAT is impressive, and the proper blue tone. That ice blue tone is perfect.
– Amazing!
– That’s absolutely amazing. This was the perfect moment with other nights not being as glorious as this. It was other tints and colouring. This is the perfect colouring on the perfect night.
– Lego Orca Whale. Nice.
– As much as I fear water, I also fear heights had to awkwardly be this far away from the railing. My friends laughed at me….. It’s no joke. Even in VR I would sweat and start having genuine panic attacks. Breathing heavily…… It’s brutal.
– Not gonna lie, this little section here reminded me of Tokyo, Japan with its fancy light workings, trees, and slight fanciness.
– Friend took me to where he wanted me to see the Canada Place, I actually enjoyed it. Again, fear of heights. I gained a nice perspective out of this.
– Heading back I was amused by this sign. Nesting Crows in Area.
– White Ferrari.

Bonus: But wait, There’s more!:

There was more to be seen, such as a Ferrari shop and a bootleg Ferraria auto mechanic shop.

– Ferrari’s stored in what appears to be an automotive closet.
– See that small blue car in the back? Think back to Top Gear with Clarkson driving the smallest car. It even made BBC news when Clarkson drove it through the studio on live TV.
– Neat car collection.
– Turning the corner we see more Ferrari’s in the actual Ferrari store. Some even being worked on by being fixed and tuned.
– Tuned and fixed, even that one non-Ferrari in purple.
– That’s amazing.
– They got some nice lovely models here.
– This one probably the type I would see more often in Vancouver.
– Yup! This one appears to be the one I would see fairly often.
– What a grumpy Ferrari.
– The old ones you normally see in Ottawa.
– Interestingly stacked Ferraris.
– Tunneling our way back to base.

With that, this concludes day 1 of Vancouver trip. It contained both my trip to Mud Bay Park and the surprise boat ride around sea-side Vancouver. Was also shown a bit extra with the touristy Vancouver locations and the Ferrari’s, that’s awesome. I also can’t help it, I genuinely was mesmerized by the beauty of the container ship out at sea. It even reminded me of ‘Das Boot’, of ‘Silent Hunter 3’, and also because I haven’t seen it from an Ottawa native point of view. Granted, I have flown over oil rigs, windmills, and other boat traffic when flying to and from Europe, just not like this. It overwhelms the senses. I’m also thankful to my coworkers for texting me wondering how my trip was going, that’s how you care about people. Instead, other people enjoy flaking on other people in weird anti-social ways. Probably why they’re so fixated on fake political nonsense. May even explain all the Canadian Karens in Vancouver and Ottawa. The scenery is what had my jaw to the floor, that was impressive.

Still overly grateful and thankful for my friends and his partner for these surprises. Everything was awesome. Insanely overwhelming, harsh on the senses, yet something to always look back on. I know I’ll be frustrating my Twitter followers constantly hyping up Vancouver. Deal with it. I, unlike others, admire what I admire. I’m true to my feelings, or at least most of the time. Everybody else loves hiding and being fake. Everybody else loves blaming people, flaking on people. I’m going to share what I truly thing, even if it hurts people’s feelings. Share what you love, love what you share. Even if the Japanese are peeved with me you guys need to be honest with yourselves also. Probably explains the suicide rate when you keep the pain within. You need to express yourselves, even if taught to be drones of society. At least express your true feelings online. Be happy, as I’m trying to be. I may be cranky, that’s because I’m trying to knock down various barriers, especially ones people have placed there for weird (probably selfish) reasons.

This was a nice healing trip. Worth it!