[VRChat] – Midnight Haven’s World Hop (August 17th, 2022)

– Selfie time! Myself and Blue meeting up again, headpatting. I missed headpatting Blue.

It’s honestly thanks to VRChat’s Vket Summer 2022 that I’m even back in VRChat. It motivated me enough to the point I used my Steam Deck to roam around a fair number of VKet Summer 2022 worlds seeing very cool avatars for Booth purchasing. It allowed me the opportunity to poke my VRChat friend in curiousity in generalities, and eventually VRChat stuff, allowing me to upload a newly bought avatar from Booth. I had to poke my silent friend to see how he was fairing, how he was doing, what he thought about VRChat, hanging out, etc. It led to one thing and another to which we then found out I was finally allowed to purchase from Booth, an avatar I desired for so long finally in my grasp. YATTA!~

He helped me out, I logged in once more (in VR) meeting up with an old chill friend, pun intended. Hunt, Blue, among others. I also sadly discovered others have removed me from the friend’s list thanks to the damages done by 2020. I was invited to a world hunt (or I probably let myself in) to which I made the most of it, computer performance and borrowed internet willing. As for the event itself, it’s a group called ‘Midnight Haven’ doing a world hopping tour, been on them a few times. Even their anniversary a few times. The World hopping event happened August 17th, 2022, leading into the 18th, thanks to EST time-zones.

What happened to Renge? Nothing. She’s still there, she’ll be back. I wanted to obtain this avatar from this creator for so long (a few years, and a few Vkets later) that I finally was able to. It took painfully too long to be able to purchase these again. My friend asked me about payment, I checked, I confirmed, I tested, and I cheered in celebration once I was able to purchase from booth again. I’m happy to finally have these avatars, the outfit, and aiming for more. I noted VRM use, something I need to also pass off to a developer who deals with a game called ‘Rising World’. One avatar may see multiple uses. Need to figure out how to convert Renge into Rising World material.

Midnight Haven’s World Hopping:

Had to world hop in some spontaneous fun. Tried to make the most of it while I could, hanging on as long as I could time wise. I’m honestly glad I could hang out with Hunt & Blue once again.

– So cute and fluffy.
– Blue probably wondering “have you taken a picture yet?”…. Yes, yes I have. I was snapping them like a selfie, as seen above.
– Photobombed by someone, though I was unable to see with how much my PC and the internet was struggling. The pain.
– This is all I could sadly see for my time at these world hops. Constant loading, unless we stayed for a decent amount of time. One of VRChat’s flaws is unable to cache avatars.
– Just a test picture revealing my second avatar (of the two) I’ve belatedly obtained from Booth. One’s a dress, the other is more casual. Classy. Discovered during a previous Vket event I explored.
– A lovely Kayak world which was surprisingly relaxing. Wish the Kayaks went faster, though was fun. I now want to do actual Kayaking.
– People gradually loading in, yet having fun on their own terms. I’ve failed to take a selfie of myself and others in the Kayaks, my only regret.
– Water glitch seeing both under and above.
– Struggling for that perfect Selfie with myself and the Midnight Haven gang.
– Capturing what I can while I can in hopes I can share. Sharing it regardless. Can still see my 2022 issues thanks to 2020.
– The Midnight Haven gang doing their thing.
– Jiiiiiii~
– Jiiiiiii~
– Taken a few minutes later, slightly improved. I see a fair amount of folks around Hunt and Blue.
– Chibi cuteness.
– Was lurking so I may have attracted a few odd stares. I was amused by the avatar types, the way people interacted, listening in on randomness (when able).
– Chesh looking for a new world.
– Time to play basketball.
– Someone sitting on top of the net.
– Cell games.

Lagged a fair amount, lurked a lot, and just tried to play around with OVR Advanced settings, etc. When left alone to my own devices I start doing random things by climbing walls, experimenting, etc.

– Hunt checking up on me while others noted getting a new graphics card. The 3080 series, or whatever they noted. I love the expression, fits the situation nicely.
– Things were getting overly awkward after arriving in this Justice City world. Too fast, high jumps movements causing me to miss out on Initial D drifting, among other happenings. Captured this interesting screen of an rocky avatar & Chesh.
– Pondering about Wayne and Batman.
– Dragon happenings around town. Even people stomping on hug pillows.
– Rawr~
– Only place I haven’t gone.
– Metroid world eh? Neat. Watch out for the teleporter.
– Ship.
– Solo exploring. Might as well, eh?

To my surprise Hunt came up to me asking how I’m doing. Lagging, stuttering, etc. Was a painful experience. Blue also came along to then have a group shot, something I was originally intending for Hunt and myself to do. I lagged for a perfect picture, even taking ages. I don’t even blame Blue for having a short attention span wondering when the camera would snap. I miss our ‘Friend+’ world hopping fun. This is just too much for me, but I’m glad I came along.

– Myself, Hunt, & Blue. Semi-Purposely took it this wide for lag reasons.
– Hunt and Blue having a surprising moment.
– Another attempt at a group shot, never know when you’ll have these opportunities again.
– Bless you, Blue. I know she’s laughing at something else. I was taking too long thanks to the stuttering.
– One of these images should work for something.
– Other folks came in to then catch on the computer problems I was having.
– Chance saw! Chance get! YATTA!~
– Nice! A lovely gathering.
– Talking about computers, how to obtain them pre-built, have them built, etc. It was purely that.
– On the mention of Canada, Ontario, Ottawa I befriended a buddy ‘Floofy’ in hopes of future VRChat amusements.
– Missed the Samus headpat, though this picture is cool.
– Always gotta point when saying something 🙂
– Camera blocking amusements.
– Headpats.
– Headpats and examinations of avatar accessories.

To my surprise, the above conversation was plainly about computers, how to upgrade my computer, where to obtain it, how the experiences were, how much I was lagging/stuttering, and just feeling the pain of Canadian hotness. It was just outright pain from an overheating computer, an aging computer (2015), how to get upgraded parts, etc. Found a place near me potentially allowing me to get a proper computer.

People gradually began to wander off to which we headed off to the world below.


– Jiiiiiiiii~

Startled my local new VRChat friend with a random camera in their face. They wondered what it was about as we both loaded into a new world.

– Kon!~
– Of course! It’s not VRChat without a mirror. I assumed they were watching a video. Nope! It’s a mirror.
– Mirrors.
-Pew Pew!~
– An avatar with many weapons. Surprisingly.
– Mirrors…………
– This oddly resonates with me. “Thank you for being here! It genuinely means a lot to me -W-“
– Shrugging.
– Seeing a growing number of mini avatars. Almost Busou Shinki vibes.
– Mini Chesh.
– Mini lurker.
– Amusing conversation to be had 🙂
– Good night Chesh! Sleep well 🙂
– Random growth spurt and headpats.

While lurking I overheard my friend going on about how various VR hardware developers have the wrong matching combination of headsets and controller set-ups how he favours certain types over others. Oculus controllers vs other types, and how if he had money to burn he would make his own VR hardware company to fit his own tastes.

Secondly, an interesting topic came about relating to VRChat implementing long-desired features for the community backlash for the Security update. If VRChat sells out to another company my friends may bail to Neos VR, Chillout, or whichever. I may have to follow them into those games if they do. I can’t be without my friends in VRChat. If Midnight Haven departs VRchat I may have to follow my friends to Neos VR, or whichever.

I also have another game to consider (Rising World) for modding potentials.

– Nyaa~
– Mini lurking.
– Blue getting booped and headpatted by a giant avatar. >.<
– Once Hunt leaves we all leave, I guess. I was leaving, Hunt left, and Blue took off.

Been an overly entertaining experience, minus the random lurkings here and there. I miss the VRChat magic from back in 2017 leading into 2018, though this is decent enough. Getting my grove back, just a bit. I always had those overly emotional dreams of the amazing fun we had with Naggz21’s VRChat videos, with the friends I’ve made going from world-to-world, the world BGM’s, and the fun we had. I occasionally have those random occasional nostalgic VRChat memory attacks, worse when its dreaming related. This shall fuel those nostalgic memories, in a good way. I hope.

Need to thank Hunt for loosely inviting me to this event, for Chesh and others still being friends, and for others for having me there. I’m even appreciative of the fact people acknowledged I was there, maybe a bit late than usual. Still appreciative though. My biggest memories are obviously with Hunt & Blue selfies, seeing my friends again to hang out, and the folks who decided to acknowledge I was even there. Thanks! Means a lot! Midnight Haven.

When it came to Nagzz21’s hangout people have acknowledged me, I however became sidelined after awhile. The same may happen here, and partially has happened. I do have many memorable fond memories from Nagzz21’s hangouts and meet-ups, after awhile you’re simply sidelined. We’ll see how far this goes with Midnight Haven and how many more events I can join up in. Not to knock on Nagzz21’s hangouts, they do generally feel the same. I however found it more exciting when being acknowledged, brought along, and have fun with people who actually want to converse. I need to do both more Nagzz21 hangouts & Midnight Haven, even if I was booted from Nagzz21’s Patreon for overly strange technical reasons I need to sort through later.

And yes, I’ll go back to Renge avatar. Just need a breather in other avatars. See you in future VRChat blog postings. Hopefully o7