Vancouver 2022 Summer Trip – Day 2

– Bridging our way to our next adventure. Where to? Off into the mountains!

With the allegedly hated ‘prologue’ and a more enjoyable ‘Day 1’ having passed, now we’re onto day 2 of our adventure. We’re heading off into the mountains, hopefully towards Whistler, or so we attempted. Ever since the afternoon of Friday everything has been moody, cloudy, and just funky. My friend was peeved with the weather having to revert to ‘Rain-couver’, fearing out plans would be ruined in some way.

(Note: Any videos and Lumix GF1 camera shall be linked in final blog posting. Extra content shall be contained there, especially any missed images, etc.)

Trip Index:
[Prelude/Prologue] – [Day 1]

– Such a gorgeous view. These screenshots can’t do it justice, just that it looks gorgeous in person. The trains, train yard, the islands, among other small details we can’t capture. It may look “normal”, this image is overly special. The mood over the island.
– These tunnels reminding me of those in Europe; Slovakia, Bratislava’s tunnels, especially the Croatia ones to and from Tucepi.
– Colourful fence focus, even on this cloudy day of July 16. Also, a green bridge in the background.
– Something British Columbia does that Ontario is overly afraid of doing. Very Japanese, or at least in my point of view. Ontarians appear to be afraid of these sort of bridges leading into very crude and deadly intersections. I hate it. British Columbia is at least slightly safer in this regard.
– Holy shit! Here we go again. If you haven’t learned from Day 1 then you should swiftly learn how this was a non-stop “WOW! amazing!” experience. Every corner I took I was always amazed by something.

I’m well aware I was fairly monotone (and exhausted) when expressing myself in Vancouver. Constantly tired, constantly exploring, being overwhelmed by the scenery. At times I’ve genuinely shown my genuine surprise and amazement, other times I failed to from high exhaustion. I’m genuinely appreciative of these trips and expressions.

On top of my exhaustion, I’m actually amazed by how I managed to capture a moodier side to Vancouver in images. At least some things have turned out right. The moodiness bracing the Vancouver and British Columbia’s scenery. The container vessels parked in the water while the haze of the clouds gives a moodier perspective, that is still admirable. You couldn’t see much going higher into the mountains, at least you could see “something”.

An experience is still an experience. It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey itself getting to that destination.

– Moody Vancouver at the lookout area.
– View of a moody entrance to Vancouver. You can just barely make out the city scape.

I can genuinely and fully see why my friend was peeved by the clouds and the light rain, I can see it with my own eyes. Even in these images. He desired for me to see the FULL sunny Vancouver, something we’ve managed to do later in the day, and the days following. It was a blast.

– The rules and signage noting the do’s and don’ts of the area. People disregarded the drone sign later in the evening, the hilarity.

And with that, to make the most of it, out comes an overly curious Fubuki (Busou Shinki, type Ninja-fox-tengu) fitting the moody tone of the Vancouver area. Had to take SOME figure photography, might as well start on Day 3 with some moody weather.

– Fubuki examining her surroundings.
– Focus: Scenery. Had to fight with my camera to focus on Fubuki, constantly failed on that front.

I’ve constantly had to fight with my Samsung camera-phone to focus on Fubuki. I constantly kept cursing, venting…. Fighting. I kept struggling both here and in other places creating some overly awkward situations. I’m sure I could have been able to obtain slightly better images using my Lumix GF1. When you’re in a rush………

Two weeks…. Places to be, things to do. Friends laughing at you while radiating that aura of “we’re on a time-limit”. You have to do what you can while you can.

– Fubuki staring off at a cloudy Vancouver.
– Jiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~
– Hey, Fubuki. Where are we again?
– Thanks, Fubuki. Also, she appeared to be quite tense, hence the tense posing. Must be the ninja traits keeping her on awkward alertness.
– Hmm…….
– Natural focus being stolen away from Fubuki and onto the nature itself. Poor Fubuki.
– That’s a little better.
– God damn, this is amazing! I just can’t stop being amazed. THIS! This is a view I LOVE. Again, thanks to ‘Silent Hunter 3’ and ‘Das Boot’, and also thanks to it being natural beauty.
– Beauty. Some ships I spotted here “today” were also seen days later, anchored. ‘K’
– What a view. Honestly.
– 180 degree view the other direction noting the cloud ceiling.
– Focus is the fencing design.
– Fubuki deciding to venture around again during misty conditions. Container ships in the background. Wet.
– I partially gave up fighting with my phone’s focus just going with the flow at this point. If it works, it works. If it doesn’t then so be it. Even still, what a great shot this is. One ship alone with the rest in a line, at attention. Nice perspective.
– Jiiiiiii~
– You can partially make out Vancouver. The mood is still interesting, I’m amused.
– Jiiiiiii~
– I guess the focus is the wet bar hand railing and the cloudy mountain. I couldn’t win on this.
– Observing, making note of things.

A semi-shortish-long drive later………….

– Where did we end up this time?…….I mean, I knew, it’s still however all foreign to me. It’s all new.
– Welcome to the Lighthouse park! AH, yes!
– Blurry perspective of a beautiful scenic trail. Reminds me of Rising World game able to re-create this exact scene in there.

On a quick side-note:
Every time I’ve seen gravel pathways, wooden fencing, or something relating to wooden structures I would immediately think of a game called ‘Rising World’. Such a game is a mix of Minecraft & Skyrim allowing you to build anything as you would in Minecraft (modded), with “Skyrim graphics” allowing you to do whatever you desired. I could potentially recreate this pathway in that game, if I so desired.

On a secondary side-note:

This pathway also loosely reminded me of the movie ‘Jurassic Park’ thanks to the foliage. The plant-life is something that amazed me so much with how diverse everything is.

– Absolutely stunning.
– Admiring nature is something I can always do.

People are going to hate me for this comment, I’ll still make note of how this is wasted on fake social justice minded folks in Vancouver downtown, and those in Ottawa. People who believe Trudeau is some “God” or “Saint” is one of the reason why I had to take this trip to B.C; To explore the scenery, the nature, and the various other goodies British Columbia had to offer. While people socially degrade I made more glorious memories to look back upon, ones I can openly share here, and eventually onto Youtube (the last blog posting containing video & extra bits).

British Columbia is insanely beautiful, I love it.

– Admiring the natural beauty; The thicker trees than I’m used to seeing.
– These pathways were crazy in their inclinations. Up, down, winding, and exhausting. A good workout. Also, “I bet I can do this in Rising World” thought 🙂
– Nice. An interesting sight to see, even if it was a bit of a maze. We were all a bit lost trying to find the oddly elusive lighthouse.
– You guessed it, “Can I build this in Rising World?”…. And, it’s nice seeing these sort of wooden buildings.
– Studying the simple design. I need to learn how to build these simple huts, for Rising World sake.
– West Vancouver – Girls Guide – Orca.
– “The Lighthouse”….. Where? The pathway to these rocks also a bit rough.
– Phyl Munday House with some noteworthy Japanese & Canadian WW2 historical facts.
– Bravely and proudly Canadian (unlike the fake SJW-ism we have corrupting Canada). The true Canadians.
– Ah! It’s the lighthouse! But this is as far as we can go. But this is me with a drone, I can go further! 🙂
– We have another problem and a potential threat. What could it be? This eagle. I had to be cautious flying my drone.

>A few drone flying moments later, pictures first & video second<

(Batches of drone images can be found in the second half of this blog posting, further down at the bottom.)

– Birdy!
– Found a slightly better spot, thanks to the help of my friends guiding me around. People still around, though better than nothing to fly my drone.
– Hahahaa! Wow, that’s MOOODY! Look at the left of the image. Still gorgeous. I was still in a state of amazement viewing the finer details of life and scenery the camera was unable to capture.
– Mussels, my favourite. Or what appears to be mussels. They could be something completely different. Haven’t had some in a while.
– Seaweed/Kelp. Neat seeing these every few feet.

After a bit of debating we reluctantly agreed to venture to a WW2 pill box nearby. Not the best idea for the third person in our group, though had to be done for the sake of my trip. If I had more time to spare I could have always came back, it however had a slight sense of urgency to it. It’s one of those “do what you can while you can” moments. I can be hated for it, and I can hate myself for it, however had to get done for this and other situations.

(For example: I ‘SHOULD’ have gone to the steam clock in downtown Vancouver while waiting for a friend. It has to now wait for my secondary trip to Vancouver.)

– A neat WW2 era artillery pill box with the ugliest set of graffiti known to mankind. Wish people knew how to draw and graffiti proper markings, not this pile of trash.
– Obtaining that outer perspective while I could. It’s however a shame it’s covered by the ugliest set of graffiti known to mankind. Paint something more Vancouver, such as homeless people, or Orca’s, Seaplanes, or whatever.

My friend jokes I should find a job as a graffiti cleaner. I would, in a heartbeat. Screw this trashy graffiti. Draw more skillful art.

– Admiring some Native art, more pleasing than the graffiti trash seen above. Native American art has its charms.
– Off to the next adventure! And damn! Those cloud cover sure adding some interesting moodiness to the scenery.
– Beautiful! The clouds accenting the scenery well.
– I’m just in amazement.
– I’m nearly stunned in amazement.
– GORGEOUS! I love how the trees cover the mountains. No matter how many times I see this, I’m constantly in amazement.
– While the fake SJWs whine about the Freedom Convoy I’m here admiring the scenery. Even the cut in this mountain to make the highway, it’s amazing. I genuinely wish I had more time to calibrate further to the scenery. You start letting lose things that don’t matter to you, something SJW weirdos need to do.
– This is amazing. This Ferry port is something that gave me weird, if interesting vibes. Trying to recall if I either had a dream or was near a similar one in Southern Ontario.

Being around this Ferry port had me all mentally preoccupied trying to recall any trips in Ontario, or southern Ontario with similar parks to these; Similar Ferry ports to these. If not, it may have been a dream relating to this in a similar manner. It was one of those loose ‘Deja vu’ moments while not really being one, if that makes sense.

– Admiring whatever beauty I can while trying to find a drone flying spot.
– Gorgeous! Like what you see in Canadian survival movies from the past.
– Neat uprooted tree. Washed up, still highly impressive to be around.
– Impressive.

I genuinely can’t help but feel I’ve been around this sort of park-Ferry area in Ontario. It messed with my head while there, and even now when looking at it for blogging purposes. The vibe, the weird, yet neat aura. The background scenery is what makes this an awesome place.

– Beautiful.
– Not even a few feet and something else captures my attention. These rocks, the formation of it. Beautiful. British Columbia is simply full of beauty.
– Yes! Yes, my friend. Yes! I genuinely can’t understand the fake Canadians who worship Trudeau like a ‘God’, or a ‘Saint’. They WANT to have poor living conditions, they want people to suffer, to live in poverty. They WANT people to be homeless, to have no food, to gas for their vehicles. They WANT people in a dictatorship, hence the Freedom Convoy fighting for our freedom. The media in bed with Trudeau gaslighting anything genuine, even turning the Japanese on Canadians. Nice sticker! I love it. Real Canada loves that sticker.

It gradually clicked we were going to the Britannia Mines, another semi-surprise as we tried making sense of what to do, how to do it, and what to enjoy. We decided to visit the place, to tour around, and to just take in the scenery.

– Mining Cart. Of course, I’m once again thinking about the game ‘Rising World’ with this vehicle potentially being in that game.
– Britannia Mines hot Chocolate. Had to.
– Should have waited for this image instead. My food for a while. I wish they served actual big BLT’s, and if they had I may have missed it.
– Mining equipment. Just discussing various things, including how my dad may have been familiar with these mining gadgets having been a miner himself. Then a surveyor, and someone who worked along the oil fields rigs. My dad had a neat working record, something I can’t match.
– Kaboom!~
– I’m more mentally pre-occupied with minecarts for the ‘Rising World’ game.
– Nice! Genuinely surprised they have something this big and fancy at this museum.
– Perspectives are fun.
– Britannia mines area.
– Once again, admiring these minecarts for a game called ‘Rising World’. I just want to use these in that game. Even on their own they’re quite neat. They need better treatment and protection. Museums then wonder why these fall into “disrepair”.
– Britannia mines – 1920’s.
– Olden items.
– Admiring more minecarts struggling to obtain a clean picture without people in it.
– Minecart admiration.
– Taking a minecart ride through the tunnels.
– Minecart ride through the short tunnel.
– How to spot and find copper.
– Video – Mining drill demonstration.
– Minecart diggers in partial action.
– Video – Digger minecart demonstration.
– Mining light demonstrations.
– Another mine tunnel.
– Video – Shift whistle horn, louder in person. Was expecting three, not one long toot.
– Looking back into the mines.
– Mining vehicles needing some shelter. Nice seeing it in view.
– Mining core samples; Relics of the past.
– Mining core samples.
– More equipment laying about.
– Always fun admiring old-tech.
– Quickly admiring the past.
– Boom! Sights, and sounds.
– When looking at this polished abandoned building I couldn’t help reflect upon the Urbex (Urban Explorer) videos on Youtube exploring abandoned buildings similar to these. ‘The Proper People’, ‘Dan Bell’, among many others. It’s always fun seeing people exploring from their POV. I at least have a ‘safer’, if more of a “sanitized” version of it.
– Admiring the various details.
– This has a very peculiar vibe and atmosphere to it.

One thing that genuinely peeved me off was how everybody smelled pine, and all other sorts of smells, leaving me without experiencing a very pine smell. This show was very senses oriented, including smell, leaving me hanging on anything senses related. I was still recovering from my cold I had (took a Neocitran drink prior to my flight, as noted in Prologue) leaving me without some of my senses. Partially deaf from flying and traveling through the mountains, lack of smell, and some of my taste was gone, as it always does when under the weather.

I now need to find somewhere with a very pine smell.

– Appears various restoration is being done to the area.
– Taken at Shannon Falls viewing THE Shannon Falls. These crazy hikes sure are something special how they wind harshly up, down, left, and right wildly.
– Video – Shannon Falls.
– Video – Shannon Falls, secondary perspective.
– Various little streams I love admiring. It all adds up to the whole experience.
– A neat bird with a unique cry. Genuinely curious.
– HOLY SHIT! That is awesome. Epic.
– How the clouds just zip past the scenery. Even the town’s scenery is neat.
– Squamish Rail Museum finding neat trains.
– Viewing the inside of a train, something I’m not allowed to do in Ottawa, nor given a chance.

Clarification to the above caption:

I do say “I’m not allowed”, should be read in a more not really given the opportunity to do so. I’ve been to the Ottawa’s Science & Technology Museum on the east side of Ottawa with its uniquely cool light house, among other cool stuff. I’ve been there as a kid, I mean more on a teen-adult manner requiring you to go out of your way to admire anything of this level. British Columbia’s collection is noted of being of higher caliber and variety. More numerous.

I know whereto find trains, they’re a bit out of the way in Ottawa. I simply generalize for how painful it is to view fireworks, view trains, and all other sorts when they’re more in your face in Vancouver. Granted, these museums are way out of the way. I’m trying to generalize in a more of how you walk naturally stumbling across these things in a daily manner.

Context may still be lost. I tried explaining. Its my cover-all phrase for anything when it comes to enjoying things in life. I’m just not allowed to enjoy things in Ottawa in the way I have in Vancouver, and British Columbia. We’ll see who understands what I’m saying.

– Royal Hudson – 2860.
– Model trains.
– A neat ridable model train.
– Canadian Pacific
– Very crudely beautiful interior. A lot going on at once for a beast of a machine.

I scared the living daylights out of my friend as he was coming up. He wasn’t expecting me, nor me saying “hi!” in the manner I had making him stumble slightly in fear. Had a great laugh then, have a great laugh about it now.

– These trains are gorgeous, I love it.
– handful of others to view and admire.
– Trains of all shapes and sizes. Baldwin Locomotive Works 2.
– Lovely old vintage car, a surprise at a train museum.
– Troop Sleeper.
– British Columbia Business Car.
– 1934 Beautiful Vintage.
– Inside the British Columbia – Business Car viewing one of the vehicles.
– Viewing another cabin for the British Columbia Business Car. I would actually desire to travel in these cars’ cabin.
– 1817 Caboose.
– Exploring the area as much as we’re able to, still oblivious to what is inside the bleak looking train car in this image.
– Pump cars and various other carriages and locomotives.
– Colonist Sleeper.
– Other hidden vintage train vehicles and carts. I probably should have explored further to see what treasures be hiding.
– Lots of neat goodies in the area.
– Exploring these vintage cars is always an interesting experience, sometimes you’ll never know what you’ll find.
– Canadian National – Marjatta.
– Wide shot of both the trains and the gorgeous scenery. We’ve noticed it gradually began to clear up the more the day went on.
– These trains are rusting, falling apart, probably even being cannibalized for their parts. A few personal images later……
– The Great Northern.
– The Great Northern.
– Interesting Service train car.
– Inside one of the more refurbished train cars.

Was neat backtracking a little bit seeing various model kit displays, Thomas the Tank Engine, and various other stuff. Even old train grocer shops. We came too late to obtain any tourist oriented ice cream.

– Onward to adventure! Making note of the scenic mountains.
– Stopped at ‘Umai Sushi & Grill’ for some Japanese cuisine. I’ve tried out a Sushi Rainbow roll which nobody replicated the neat quality of in Vancouver itself. Here it’s nice, in Vancouver it was rough. Maybe one place had it right, others not so much.
– Enjoying myself either a Ramen or an Udon, can’t recall. Still overly delicious.
– An old Cuban Car! (I know it’s a Chevy, I prefer to name it Cuban Car).

Insert driving up to Whistler in hopes of getting there. Instead, went into a side-road to fly my drone to capture some shots, scare some birds, and my friend destroying his truck’s transmission further by backing up in a place he shouldn’t have. I also nearly soil my pants from either drinking the Sapporo beer or eating the Ramen/Udon soup. Maybe a combination, to which I horribly had to seek a restroom. An accident up ahead (leading into Whistler) prevented us from traveling further for a few hours.

A motorist crashed with a bike, needing to be air-lifted out. Both lanes were blocked preventing anything from happening. My gut was also complaining, forcing us back. If my gut was normal then who knows, maybe I would have seen Whistler? IF the beer and the soup didn’t interfere maybe we would have had a better, and different outcome. Hindsight in this case isn’t 20/20. Who knows how and where things would have gone.

– This news was also shown on Global News showing the air ambulance taking off from the stretch of the road. Sadly, I failed to take a picture of the one-sided traffic. I was in gut-pain.

– Culliton Creek Bridge – Heading back to Squamish to answer the nature’s call, and trying to diagnose the damages to my friend’s truck.
– Heading back through Squamish.
– Squamish Terminals. Had to take SOME picture.
– Clouds improving a fair amount allowing us to view the Vancouver area in a clearer manner.
– A much cleaner view of Vancouver city itself from the lookout.
– Gorgeous Vancouver city skyline.
– Once again, no drones. Two people were flying their drones up, down, and across. Every which way, in ways I wouldn’t be brave enough of doing. I needed my drone for the upcoming days, and various other plans.
– Tracking a vessel heading to its anchor-point, another even into Vancouver itself.
– Tracking this container ship heading into Vancouver itself.

DJI Drone SE – Drone Shots!

My main focus for that day was to simply avoid that eagle, and to just capture enough images to be satisfied. I had to go back to take a video with my friends bugging me about it. I simply forgot, especially when dealing with a $700 drone, and an Eagle eying up the drone. Then the various “what if’s” of losing your drone in an area you can’t obtain it.

If you’re worried as to why the drone may be “too low”, do keep in mind about the threat of the Eagle, and the various Harbour Air seaplanes roaming around. I can only go so high. Drone CAN go higher, for safety sake it had to stay lower.

– Viewing the lighthouse in a way others can’t.
– Was curious to see what’s below, hence why I flew my drone.
– Gorgeous shot! Now, if I didn’t have my drone I wouldn’t have had this shot.
– Snapping images of anything I deem interesting. Nice docks, and a little coastline.
– View of the nearby container ships from my drone, from the lighthouse area.
– Simple, yet nice shot. This is why I bought my drone, to see sights like these. To share them, to admire them.
– A rock formation we may have potentially been at, now viewing others as they have viewed the scenery below.
– Beautiful.

I’m well aware someone could ptoentially steal my images. They however won’t have the satisfaction of having taken the images themselves. Everything is better taken with your own hands. They may end up selling these images, they however shall be haunted by the inner demons till they die, and into the afterlife. I just love sharing what I enjoy. Share what you love, love what you share.

– Focused on a boat in the background.
– Attempting various angles. What about going on the left or right? I could have. Next time. Keep in mind that Eagle, and the paranoia of losing it.
– The Eagle still observing the drone.
– Or maybe just the scenery. The drone may mean nothing to it.
– Yes, I took multiple copies of the images.
– What’s below? A garden? Neat.
– Was curious about the building’s front-end. It has steps leading straight in.
– Further down the path you could see the wooden dock and lighthouse area. You can now more clearly see the Pill box. It’s thanks to my drone I even spotted it.
– Capturing various boat activity.
– The gorgeous scenery, even in cloudy simplistic form.
– Properly seeing the lighthouse, Pill box, and other neat scenery.
– Boats, water, and neat scenery. It’s just gorgeous. Better in person.
– While video’ing I noticed a person at the pill box, they’re in clear view here. The Eagle is still perched on the lighthouse. Everything as it should be.
– Possible camera slip-up. Just grapping images while I can.
– Neat Vancouver image of a plane flying over, the threat of one another for a drone. A boat, and just neat scenery.
– Highly active area, even on a cloudy day.
– Now way I would have obtained an image with my phone. My drone took this for me, nice. Shots only a drone could take.
– I’m just screwing around at this point taking images of random things. No way I’ll climb this, so just drone it :).

Hours later, and MUCH further down the road by hours. Near the crash site, noted earlier. Near ‘Tantalus Lookout’, and the area my friend further aggravated an already damaged truck transmission. Me in my gut pain, and scaring the birds with my drone descending back down. Even having to be wary of nearby power lines. Even piloting partially buzzed by Sapporo. Best conditions!

– Viewing the area around Tantalus Lookout. Not on, but near it. Note the powerlines.
– Those mountains are insanely gorgeous. Ignoring everything in the foreground you can really admire the beauty in the background.
– Absolutely gorgeous. Away from the screeching political morons, away from Trudeau. This is the spot. I’d rather deal with my problematic gut problems and nature any day hehe.

After struggling to venture back from Squamish to Vancouver with a broken transmission we made it back to the look-out. For the sunset, the lights. Pondering if venturing to Whistler would have been worth it. The real answer won’t be known.

– The awesome sight of the container ships and the scenery.
– Slightly higher by a few meters.
– Viewing Vancouver in a way your average tourist won’t able to see. THIS! THIS! THIS is why I obtained a drone, for shots like these. Granted, the weather could be better. Making the most out of everything you’re given.
– I’m in love with this shot.
– Some shots may appear to be duplicated, you may be right. It’s how much I admire the scenery.
– Capturing as many scenic drone Vancouver shots as able.
– Flying my drone around while two others do the same. I originally held back because of the sign ending up flying after others gave an excuse to someone else about drone weight.
– The shots I live for, and obtained the drone for.
– Of course I’m going to milk these duplicates. Not every day I go to Vancouver, let alone a chance to go to this lookout.

Great times! A few typical traveling hiccups here and there, it’s the standard fair of troubles. Again, about Whistler, it couldn’t be helped. Accidents happen, and my gut problems simply flowed in a direction forcing us to divert back instead of needlessly waiting for hours for everything to clear. Everything probably happened for a reason, though who can really say. I’m happy with the outcome. Hindsight isn’t 20/20 here, or at least isn’t for me. I’m sure I could have planned around the accident, I was preoccupied with other stuff. It’s a shame, we however made it up the next weekend.

I’m happy I saw and experienced what I had, from the inner coastline following the Squamish river. I’m genuinely surprised, yet thankful for having experienced the Britannia Mines, even if I was unable to smell the Pine. I’m still bummed out about the not smelling the pine smell. I now need to obtain a proper pine air freshener, or something.

I’m also genuinely surprised by the train museum. It had awesome relics my friend’s partner found. Best discovery. We even got lucky, in ways. Can’t say, but luck is awesome. Everything works in mysterious ways, at times. Umai Sushi and Grill apparently had the best sushi around, in that area, and possibly when compared to various Vancouver restaurants we tried. Some had better food than others, and others had better (juicer) meat than others. That day, Umai Sushi had the best chef in town for Squamish. I’m happy.

Even if the weather was “trash”, I’m glad I could make the most out of it. Seeing various landscapes, experiencing various things, and feeling things in ways I can’t document in a blog. I can only share pictures and videos, everything else is sadly undocumentable. I could attempt struggling with a VRChat world, that still wouldn’t do it justice. Even witnessing others flying their drone, how they flew it, where, and the excuses they made to fly the drone; The various discussions about where to fly the drone personally, and how to fly it around. The times I would have to press the issue and guide where to fly. Sometimes I even would be pressed to fly. Memorable moments. And about my drone, I’m glad I obtained it. There are moments I wouldn’t have captured otherwise thanks to it. I came fairly prepared, yet still was left confused, shocked, surprised by many things. Senses overload.

The memories from Vancouver are awesome, if now struggling to be made sense of as time progresses. Everything gets jumbled around. I’m trying to document what I can, while I can, to share my fun to others. My friend genuinely surprised me, something I’m still grateful for, even if we argued at times, or overheard weird comments. I’m just a tourist overwhelmed by everything in a place I haven’t been to before.

Great times. Day 3 is going to be a rush! See you there! 🙂