Vancouver 2022 Summer Trip – Day 3

– A VERY special surprise was awaiting me this morning for something I would not forget, not even through sensation.

My friend is amazing. My friend is amazing for the very fact not only did he surprise me with a boat trip, a trip to a mining museum, and now this Ferrari. These sorts of surprises would keep coming even after the the surprises were allegedly noted as being done. It’s one of those things that made me start saying – “I’m not allowed to do it in Ottawa so I’m doing it in Vancouver” – type phrases, and similar variations of it. For things I was denied in doing in Ottawa I’ve ended up making up for it (with my friend’s help) in Vancouver. Making up for not being able to ride in a Ferrari in Ottawa, nor seeing proper fireworks in Ottawa (even if able), among other stuff. The Ferrari Festival organizers attempted to give me a pass to these Ferrari Festival, it just didn’t work out. My Vancouver trip was to let loose, experience new things, and to even get closer to the Japanese culture, which I had done, and much more. Like I said, I’ve ended up doing what I was unable to do in Ottawa.

The focus on this blog posting is mainly about being able to ride in super cars for the day of July 17th, 2022.

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– Having failed to capture it the first time, I captured it the second time.

Let’s just say I’m feeling like one of those 5 year old kids being told they’re going somewhere yet they’re on a surprise. My surprise? Sports cars. I did not know it, even upon arrival. We drove past some sports cars at a marina area to which my friend, sweating bullets, tried his best to keep it a secret. He told me to give him a moment, we’ll manage to capture proper pictures, etc as we drove past a group of sports cars, those of which he kept as a surprise. I was confused as to why we were going to this location. Boating? Seaplane? Nah, sports cars.

– Lovely Corvette.
– The lovely Ferrari I saw.
– Nice Audi R8.
– Lovely Porsche.
– Nissan GT-R.
– The whole squad of cars, just sitting there.

I know I could have probably pieced together my “surprise”, it was early in the morning and I’m still in an environment not of my own. Everything is out of my comfort zone, including this situation. I was lost as to what was going, why my friend was being strangely friendly with the guy, and what was going on. It gradually began to click more and more as time went on.

Was also busy thinking about my friend’s truck being broken thanks to the attempted Whistler trip causing the broken transmission issues.

It felt awkward all throughout. I felt a bit out of place.

– Friend and I sitting in the Ferrari, one of the many times.
– Nissan GT-R. Wish I took the time to actually take in the scenery of the Nissan. I wish we could have driven in it. I also wanted to be driven in it for one of my online friend’s negative attitude towards it. I wanted to do showcase this car out of spite.
– What a beauty.
– Inside the Audi.
– Inside the Porsche.
– The convoy begins!
– The cleanest group shot I can take of the cars. (phone wise). My Lumix has better images, those shall be shared in a bonus article with fully edited videos, etc.
– Audi’s lovely engine.
– Ferrari’s stunningly brilliant Italian orchestra.
– Nissan’s beautiful engine.
– Another attempted groupshot of the cars themselves, as clean as I could take them.
– The Audi turn!
– Love how it says Audio R8 on the door area.

A couple desired to drive the BMW which caused a weird happening in the gathering. It gave us a nice blessing to drive in the Ferrari twice (40 min), sadly, it means missing out on the Nissan GT-R, something which caused me to be hesitant in my answers. I also had to be silent in my videos for recording purposes, though happy that my friend was happy for driving the Ferrari. I still feel the wild nature of the Ferrari F430, appreciating it, even if I wasn’t vocal about it. I had to be silent for video sake, though Vlogging wise I should have probably been more vocal. A clip or two is shared further below these batches of images in video format with me being partially vocal while my friend is absolutely amazed by the raw power of the sports cars, especially the Ferrari F430.

– The Ferrari turn, times 2! We had to rotate between the cars taking the Ferrari twice. Porsche, Audi, then Ferrari X2. Sadly, no Nissan GT-R experience.
– Ferrari wearing its pride.
– Inside the Ferrari F430.
– Convoy time!
– Convoy appreciation.
– Everybody swaps while we wait in the Ferrari. Don’t worry, I got scolded for wearing those dirty pants. Bought new ones later.
– The Italian orchestra sitting right behind us.
– Now I know why there is a foot rest guard there. Holy hell………….
– The only car we couldn’t admire in its entirety.
– Further admiring this beauty.
– Nissan GT-R appreciation.
– Further admiring the Nissan GT-R.
– Another appreciation shot of the Ferrari’s engine view.
– And back to Vancouver we go (through some rainy patches) in his ‘boat-like’ crippled white truck with a broken transmission.

Where to next? Fujiya’s Japanese foods. I had to, it was on my list of places to go, things to do, and things to observe. I’m glad I went here, stocked up on necessary foods & drinks (C.C Lemon), even if my friend was highly furious, peeved to hell and back at the decision of coming here. More so thanks to his big truck with a broken transmission. He hated every moment of it. I bet he’s still overly furious with me for having come here in the first place.

I just don’t know what to say to ease his pain, just that this trip allowed me to do my trip for the many days longer using the food as my breakfast food.

– Exploring Japan’s grocery store in Vancouver. Everything was tiny and small portions. Vancouver seems to prefer smaller portions, probably thanks to inflation costs, or cultural preferences. Both? Has to be a mix of both cultural and “Justinflation” reasonings. Going to go ahead and blame Trudeau.

My friend wasn’t happy one bit. I at least made the most of it, though feel bad for my friend having to put up with my checklist. It had to be done. He understandably refused to go back being greeted once again to more traffic backlog.

– One of those median converters, as seen in San Francisco’s Golden Gate bridge.
– Another closer view.
– One of the many police happenings.

– An inside joke relating to a friend named ‘Delta’, or has Delta in his name.
– Hi, Delta 🙂
– HAHAHA! Ottawa street found at the Boundary Bay airport. Brilliant.

We ventured to Boundary Bay airport in hopes of seeing any remains of an airshow. None, just normal planes. Saw a few take off and land, others doing their various procedures.

– One of my favourite planes to fly in Microsoft Flight Simulator, and FSX before that. It looks awesome in person.
– Highly amusing seeing a float plane taxiing on land. But damn! Look at those overly roughly neat clouds in the background! Wild.
– A Katana flying around, an aircraft my friend has flown in real life.
– An interesting sports car.
– While shopping around for some needed clothing upgrades and replacements we decided to try some fake VR experiences. Home VR is far superior, by far. Not to sound like an snobby person, I’ll come off like that either way.

Bought new pants and shoes. Had to, was also being poked fun at, and I even hate how I appear in images. Also why I don’t really share myself on social media. I rather show off my digital persona over my IRL self.

– Oculus was down not allowing us to Beat Saber. This is why you go VR Index, or at least HTC. Oculus is a pile of trash, or most of the time. I forcefully dragged my friend into the fake VR experience so he could see what makes VR itself awesome. We played a bootleg version of Resident Evil. Decent.
– Bass shop with a nice Salmon fish tank and nice ceiling art, something you rarely see nowadays. Need more of these beauties.

Akari was nice, though certain things were off about the place. Atmosphere, the serving, and food were great. Some things were done hastily, or the meat was dry. Maybe my memory serves me wrong being another place, though am certain Akari had the overly dry meat of some sort. I was even partially deaf from all the elevation we had to deal with in the mountains. I was constantly going pressure deaf from the trip. All the elevation changes I had to deal with.

– Rainbow sushi. It appears sloppy making me prefer Umai sushi in Squamish.
– This was delicious. No complaints.
– ?????????

I genuinely recall ordering something else though seemed to have taken a picture of something else. I’ve genuinely confused myself. My meat was sliced up, dry, and take-out styled when it should have been juicer. Pictures aren’t lining up with what I recall.

More of these Super Car videos & pictures may be found in the ‘Bonus’ part of my blog posting. An index of my travels shall be posted on the top or side of my blog posting for easier navigation.

Super Car videos:

These are just quick snippets posted onto Flickr. Just a few teasers before I post them into a ‘Bonus’ article following after all these days are posted.

– Video – My friend accidentally honking as we make a turn. I actually facepalmed then laughed. I was in an confused state.
– Video – F430 Ferrari sample clip of a larger video collection. Roughly 40 minutes long with many videos before, during, and after this.

Being in those various muscle cars was a blast, if scary at times. My friend and I could have actually grown more white and grey hair from how scary the F430 is. You’ll see what I mean when you view the sample video above, and later the Lumix GF-1 captured video taking corners roughly, even slingshotting, something we were warned not to do.

This sports car ride was a blast. I know I was mono-toned, I genuinely enjoyed this. I shared my experiences with a few folks online with them being happy for me. One hated the Nissan GT-R, probably pushing my luck to not drive it. Shame. Happy we could savour the Ferrari F430 all that much more, even if I was quiet and almost emotionless. I was genuinely scared by how raw and unfiltered the Ferrari is. Those turns. Crazy. I can still feel it. I can still feel the raw power and the memory of my friend both laughing while being scared. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why we sign waivers.

I’m still thankful to my friend, even if I’ve pissed him off with the Fujiya Japanese Grocer situation forcing him to park in the small parking lot through peer pressure in presence form. What’s done is done, it’s….. It’s now a memory. What a rush; What a blast.