August 15th, 2008

Well I did hint the date and mentioned it a few times on a gaming forum I moderated it. There are also people I told in detail where I am going on that day so I thought I put this here  as well.

(Link – MySite)

On August 15th I’m going to Europe! From Canada to Frankfurt to Vienna to Bratislava Slovakia. I’ll be there for awhile then off to Croatia Tucepi, back to Europe, then Czech Republic, back to Slovakia, and on my way back on the 21st. I’ll try my best to update this blog during that time and if I can’t then you’ll get a nice big juicy blog entry of where I went, tons of images and videos.

Crazy enough, a Star Wars movie also releases during that day!


Edit: July 05, 2010 – I fixed the embedded image with an image from the near future. The image was originally an Air Canada 777 plane image.