Happy Singles Awareness Day

Screenshot_20230214-030332_Azur Lane
– Happy SIngle’s Awareness Day (or Valentines Day).

Not something I want to celebrate, just note that I admire how Japan and Anime tends to make people feel better by allowing them to escape in an ‘isekai’ manner, or at least via video games and anime. While you have stupid ‘Social Justice Warrior’ creeps roaming around the internet sabotaging everything, including the real world I’m genuinely happy for Asian content, mainly from Japan. Azur Lane is Chinese, but it behaves like Japanese filling in voids Kantai Collection sadly refuses to fill, even dragging it’s feet in the process. Love how Anime is my lovely escapism, especially on Feb 14th weirdness.

Another V-Day, another wholesome message from the Azur Lane shipgirls, this time Boise.

Screenshot_20230214-030346_Azur Lane
– Valentines Gift from Boise
Screenshot_20230214-030351_Azur Lane
– A Valentine Gift From Boise
– Two Tirpitz V-Day gifts, one Kasumi, and now Boise.

I screwed up accidentally obtaining a duplicate of Tirpitz, though it makes up for the loss of Tirpitz Kantai Collection side in Azur Lane. I have yet to obtain Bismarck’s V-Day gift, even my precious Formidable. I have lots to get, yet many years to “waste” just to obtain those. I even had a late start in EN having migrated from JP onto EN missing out on Neptunia. The salt is real. I’m however thankful of having both Tirpitz and Kasumi, now with the precious Boise.

(Pixiv Source)

– Azur Lane – Formidable – Pixiv – Jeze

Intrepid’s Valentines Gift:

How adorable and admirable. Cute. Now you can shoot over shells of ‘Box of Chocolate Shells’ at your enemy, maybe even in spite ;).

Screenshot_20230215-123156_Azur Lane
– Intrepid’s sweet box of chocolate <3
Screenshot_20230215-123159_Azur Lane
– “Love can be sweet and bitter. Sometimes, it’s explosive”

And this is why I love my Anime, for how sweet and beautiful it is. Then there is the overly precious Bismarck (whom I ringed both in both Kantai Collection & Azur Lane).

Happy Bismarck Day!

My precious Bismarck from both Kantai Collection and Azur Lane, both being ringed. Happy Bismarck Day!

– Happy Bismarck Day! (Source unknown)
– Ringing my Azur Lane Bismarck, as I had done for Kantai Collection’s Bismarck ages ago.

The Salt – Rant/Vent:

Sorry, but I have to vent. I’ve already noted why I’m venting in the [Vancouver Day 16] blog posting, though because this is a V-Day blog posting I have to note it here also. Like I said, Anime is my escapism while the real world intentionally tortures and punishes people all around it. What was once normality degraded into the deranged. Venting relating to being unable to find companionship, as with numerous others at an alarming rate.

(Note: I’m well aware of the fact people hate me venting/ranting, negativity isn’t appealing. It has to be noted for Vancouver & V-Day purposes. I’ll shy away from venting in future blog postings, only sharing happier notes in other blog postings. Future blog postings shall be happier, as such as keeping a happier tone above this section. I’m also saying “females” to make it easier for typing purposes instead of girls/woman/women. Sorry, but put up with it while I’m also salty.)

– Tenshi-Sama

With the political climate we live in these days it’s awesome to see Anime getting romance right with traditional views and values in an traditional minded Europe (the ones I’ve grown up with) being on full display. What values? Slovakian values, specifically from my point of view. Females doing their utmost in being supportive, kind, warm, and helpful in every way, shape and form. Males being the hard working bread winners with both males and females aiming for a team-working balance keeping both sides in check and harmony. Team work. Well, at least that’s how a happy pairing should be.

Now-a-days? All males must die, including myself. I must find the nearest tree to kill myself for offending some blue haired freak screaming into their keyboard. I, amongst other males, must perish over hurt feelings, nothing more. Because of political weirdoes we (guys/males) are not allowed to have a girl, nor are allowed to live, nor be happy, or enjoy anime, nor celebrate our nationality. Everything is a sin, including Anime and Canada itself. False “white privilege”. Japanese folks aren’t safe either, they’re being labeled as “pedophiles” by the likes of CNN, Vice News, and every other “legacy media” out there regarding Anime. And on top of that, everybody is allegedly an “transphobe” for not accepting fake Trans people, same ones even harassing, doxxing, stalking, and bullying people for watching Anime, playing Hogwarts Legacy, and other nonsense.

(The quieter they are the more normal they are. If they aren’t preaching the more innocent they are, unless covertly assaulting people behind the scenes.)

– Tenshi-Sama

With how troubled Japan seems to be it genuinely is no wonder Japan is filled with Romance, Slice-of-Life, and Isekai Animes, same genres even severely, highly reliable to the Western world compensating for the lack of “love” and escapism from the fake Western modern day garbage. Granted, their society is built in a drone-like hive-mind. Culture related, not political corruption found in the Western world. A sliver of political gender corruption can however be sadly found in Japan thanks to Western pressures, yes. Sadly, ‘All males must die’ to the point males are now desiring to find their happiness abroad (mainly Asia; Philippines, or nearby), among other Asian folks. White and Black females are up in arms about this claiming “slavery” of Filipino women/woman (females), even labeling guys who are fed up with fake morale standards as alleged “Slave owners”. They’re known as ‘Passport Bros’, hated by every Western woman desiring harm for the male kind. It’s all screwed up, as Western females are. Japanese folks either solo, seek anime, or sadly suicide. “Too much work” for a woman, they noted. Or long working hours, at the least.

Yes, I’m alone. I’m solo. Yes, it’s my fault for pushing girls away while I was depressed during my school years. Granted, they were also at fault for failing to pull through on their end failing to comprehend “depression” and “anxiety” as severe symptoms. Such symptoms can be cured with the right hug, support, and acknowledgements. Such kindness and warmth was non-existent.

I wish at least one was as assertive as [Shikimori]. It’s now their fault more than ever for being in the lethal mindset of – “Kill All Males” – to the point of guys on Tinder failing to hook up with spoiled brat types on Tinder. Numerous guys on Tinder lured onto Telegram to be further scammed via Telegram fake investment groups of Chinese origins. Every other girl I met locally and in Europe had some form of issues with me making me hate them in return. Bullied, rejected, or obviously treated with disrespect. Frustration. Most Canadian girls I’m aware of have this horrible arrogance to them, even a lack of self-awareness and personality. Sure, they may be logical, though lack feminine charms. Such desired positive traits only found in past generations of females, in Asians, and Anime shows containing lovable Anime females characters. If rarely, some rare traditional Europeans of the rare traditional variety.

The happy people are ones engaged to their partners while the others stir up chaos all around. I’m happy to see genuine females supporting their male partners, it’s wholesome, as it genuinely should be. It’s no wonder people desire Asians when being denied, even forced to physically travel overseas to seek normalcy, a partner willing to both support and push them forward. They find happiness, not divorce or drained of their life savings.

– Shikimori – A tomboyish cute girl doing everything to keep her lover safe from bad luck.

An Anime named – “The Rising Of the Shield Hero’ – offended the fake Social Justice Warrior minded weirdoes calling them out how females have been noted of false rape accusations, as had been done to the main protagonist. The main protagonist facing vile threats, bullying, exclusion, and blackmail. He was forced to buy a slave Raccoon girl, one he made into a combat partner aimed on a more offensive role (sword) while he was forced into a defensive one (Shield). He pampered Raphtalia, even aiding her in leveling, spoiling her with food, and being your typical dense male, such as myself.

I can relate to Naofumi. He was bullied as much as I was, hence why I can defend shows like these. The constant bullying and harassment is what also makes him such an awesome character, even having to put up with society’s farce.

– The Rising Of the Shield Hero – Season 2.

Clannad, Air, The Rising Of The Shield Hero, Amagami, Shikimori, Dusk Maiden of Amnesia, Tenshi-sama, Yofukashi no Uta, among numerous others. TONS! Lots of Anime goodness with tons of awesome female characters, even of the loving and caring “waifu” variety.

– Tenshi-Sama Anime – “You’re a lot more approachable when you’re honest about your feelings.”

We can all admire females who are genuinely honest with themselves being as feminine as they can, in moderation. Not slutty, nor too masculine. Just being their attractive selves. I’m not talking perverse, or sexual, instead simply implying attractiveness in personality and appearance, hence the ‘gravure’ admiration of all males towards females. The “in moderation” proportions, tastefulness. For example, as with the various Anime girls noted, all have an overly fit physique, even an attractive personality devoid of any “Californian-style” sounding nonsense otherwise found in ‘Social Justice Warrior’ type females. Granted, not every Anime girl is “in moderation”, others have mountain-sized breasts, that example is obviously excluded from my range of Anime and examples for how abnormal they are. Everything in moderation is far more desirable, and within my examples.

I have no issues with an honest female. They always manage to knock me down a peg, something I’m somewhat relieved they’re able to do. Being able to joke, tease, and have a conversation with them on a normal level is as it should be, not the whole – “Kill all males” – or being perceived as a “creep”, as one local girl in Ottawa viewed me as. Being villainized by females is the worst thing. Shame. Granted, I’m not perfect, I’m only human. I live and learn; I breath and I learn……… Live and learn.

– Shikimori – I’ll become the me I want to be.

Looking at Shikimori herself (as a person) she grew as an ambitionless girl copying her brother in ignorance. She was a boring “nobody”. Thankfully, she found her drive to push her forward, even forcing her out of her comfort zone. Even becoming an attractive tomboyish girl simply to protect her bad-luck filled lover; To become a loving protector for her lover. Her youthful kid mentality prevented her from growing as an individual, her desire to protect a loved one pushed her further. A drive to succeed and to nourish her desires is what allows her beauty to shine bright and to be loved by all. Her desires made her more attractive, more approachable, more human.

“Honesty makes you more approachable”.

Now compare these Anime examples with blue/red/green/purpled haired morons in North American (and Europe) and you’ll find why males are dating and marrying abroad for those obvious reason, seeking normality. They desire these now shamed female traits. Males must die according to outrage culture.

– A Farming Life in Another World

Our poor protagonist in ‘A Farming Life in Another World’ found himself accidentally sinned by ‘God’ while given bad karma in his past life. An unhealthy body, bad karma, amongst other punishments fit for a sinner. After death he desired to be a farmer (as seen on a television program) to gain a new life in another world. He, once again, accidentally was placed in a dangerous world to tame it via farming. Sure, he was lonely, he however quickly gained friends by farming, by being himself, something in the North American and European world would be viewed as a sin. You’re not allowed to have friends, let alone a girlfriend. All males must die. God was later scolded by his daughter.

I digress. Through farming he eventually gained a loving companion, even assertively proposed to her (a Vampire) to be his loving companion lover. After months of solitude he desired companionship, now having it months later. He was becoming lonely, he desired to talk to someone, hence the assertiveness. We’re social creatures, we need interactive to live and thrive; To survive. They both befriended another, and another. It’s a fantasy all sane-minded males desire, not the more violent types other fake males are corrupted with. Sane males desire a more wholesome approach of risk and reward type challenges (and without cheating).

– Farming Life In Another World

I genuinely find it hilarious how even Asian females (Japanese girls specifically; Japanese mangaka and Pixiv artists) desire gravure type of situations. They desire to express themselves more “provocatively”, yet still in moderation. Being honest is indeed a genuinely positive thing, if frowned upon by the Western world. Even reassuring to be aware how Japanese girls/woman admire a more teaseful, if tasteful approach to life. They’re fairly devious, even on the level of a trickster.

Such examples can even be found in this wholesome Isekai show, the ‘Farming Life in Another World’.

– Jordan Peterson Ottawa Convention

It genuinely is a shame to be a part of the whole – “Kill all Males” – movement in the Western world. To feel and see the effects, even seeing guys partnering up with Asian girls more than their own ethnicity. It’s refreshing to see rationality win in the end. Sure, people find love in Ottawa, in Canada, and USA. Sometimes it’s short-lived, or it has to be bi-racial with white/black males paired with an Asian woman of Filipino, Chinese, Japanese, or other Asian nationality. Love, romance, and loyalty no longer mean anything, or at least less so than it used to be. Somehow “being friends” makes you “gay”, even ‘LGBTQ+’ nonsense. Even being a simple lesbian somehow makes you an ‘LGBTQ+’ freak, even regardless of various protests of refusing to be associated with such negative nonsense and filth.

– “SJW folks afraid to hear somebody articulate, say something counter to what they believe.” …. Truth.

Degradation of society.

Explains the numerous male guys and Asian girl pairings I’ve seen on the rise locally. When treated like trash by a corrupted woman? Go Asian. Oh, watch out! Tinder’s Chinese woman crypto scammers on the loose forcing you onto Forex to rob you of your wealth.

Tons of traps, shaming, and villainization for males everywhere. Shame. Hence, the Valentines saltiness. Love isn’t what it used to be. Shame.

– Farming Life in Another World

Anime romance displaying the proper romantic way of life, especially various Isekai type Anime. Proper warmth, support, companionship, and even love. Simple affection and desires. Natural biological flow should be respected through-and-through. Corruption of natural flow of life leads to death. Sleep deprivation corrupts the body, sleep well! I say, as I also fail to sleep soundly. We’re humans, not machines. I’m doing everything I can to better myself, even having traveled to Vancouver for two weeks to heal. Best decision. I’m even doing the same for Japan awaiting the results. I’m seeking positive routes hoping for positive results each and every time. No pain, no gain.

As noted in Vancouver Day 16th Blog posting I’m well aware airing this openly leaves me open for sabotage. I have to note how corrupted everything is, hence the struggle to find companionship abroad to regain normalcy. Noting this for blogging purposes. People always tell me to stay positive. Even when I’m positive, even sharing Busou Shinki, Genshin Impact, or other things that make me happy it always feels like I’m still in the wrong, or at least being made to feel that way. I still share what makes me happy, still feeling like I’m always doing wrong. I genuinely hate being cranky, it’s however how society rolls. I’m always doing something wrong, or it simply always feels like it. Sharing Anime, something that makes me happy, is something I genuinely enjoy doing, and shall keeping so. Same with Genshin Impact, Busou SHinki, Azur Lane, etc. Share what makes you happy…….

Share what you enjoy, enjoy what you share……..

I genuinely understand if normal folks hate my venting, if folks hate me, it however has to be said. I’ll always be hated so I can’t please everybody, only those in my hobby frequency, or shared experiences. It’s why Anime is admired as a form of escapism (positivity), and why guys are going overseas to find their other half while being told to kill themselves in North American (even Europe) social settings. Even makes me happy seeing Japanese girls being true to themselves via gravure-type Anime girls, something they seek themselves. I’m happy seeing other males with Asian female partners, even if envious they succeeded as I continue to suffer. Congrats 😉


– Dead Man Wonderland – Chocolate (Respect to those who understand WHY I shared this video 😉 )

Anime is bliss. Anime speaks the truth.