Vice News attacks Mangaka Industry

– Anime & Manga, a medium that is purely fiction and has no victims.

Something we’ve come to sadly expect from the ‘Western media circle’ has come to pass again, one berating and devaluing something dishonestly, something that truly isn’t honorable. How North America and modern Europe has fallen. No joke, how “western” standards have fallen to the point we feel “stunning and brave” attacking the Japanese over in Japan over their form of art and expressions, something we have no right to do. We can feel grateful to be given access to their medium, yet equally should be shamed for berating the hand that feeds us uncensored content, regardless of themes from their market. Everything Vice News had done with this “Anime is pedophilic” is all in bad faith slandering. All those insulted artists, music composers, and staff members all being shamed by Vice News and bad faith fake journalism.

Basically, Vice News released a video attacking the Japanese mangaka industry for being “too lewd” while falsely and biasly portraying their points in a skewed point. They even, inaccurately, noting various points, even using “morale” to shame the Japanese. They’ve correctly showcased the mangaka’s point of view, and allowed the interviewee to speak their mind, Vice sadly purposely forgot how to be neutral in this mix. They were too focused on tackling a problem that wasn’t actually there, or was being handled in a very Japanese way. Something that isn’t a North America, nor European’s focus. Help yourselves first before you help others.

To top it off, comments are blocked and Japanese can’t view the video. I shall share snippets of images while being half serious, and half joking (memes). I’m fed up with how ‘Social Justice Warriors’ have ruined the western medium causing them to (in envy and jealousy) assault what they can’t have; To assault the Japanese mangaka industry over a faux-problem. Youtube comments blocked and Japanese viewers can’t watch it unless they have a VPN. Vice News knew they weren’t winning this overly bias video hit-piece.

– People should be allowed to enjoy themselves in their private worlds.

According to the ‘Fake Feminists’, ‘Social Justice Warriors’, and the ‘Freedumb’ (Anti-Canadian Freedom group), you’re not allowed to have fun. You’re supposed to die at the hands of morally corrupted woman (hence, the Japanese Hikkimori problem; All males need to die), be bored out of your mind by the ‘SJW’ group, and not allowed to go out and about by the r/Ottawa Reddit group. You’re not allowed to express yourself, you’re not allowed to be you, all ‘males’ should die, and everything has to be boring and sterile. You’re not allowed to enjoy anything AT ALL. All these fake diversity groups and Social Justice Warriors are mentally handicapped needing actual proper Grade A therapy.

(Sidenote: Canadian Freedom Convoy happened thanks to Dictator Trudeau over-reaching and pressuring Canadians to a breaking point forcing the Trucking protesters to happen. People wanted their freedom back to live again, to eat, to meet one another again, etc. Same would occur in Japan if they reached a similar breaking point. There were spikes of rebellion, sadly squashed by the politically corrupted. Canada’s action sparked similar protests in almost every country in the world forcing their government to retract their oppressive draconian rule over COVID Mandates. Only Canada & Japan were the two remaining morons in the global stage, though mainly Canada thanks to Dictator Trudeau’s idiocy.)

I wish I was joking, people will claim I’m rambling, just look at the ‘SJW’ damage in Canada and USA. It’s also in Europe, sadly. People aren’t allowed their own bubble of privacy. They must constantly be shamed and shunned. No fun allowed, all media censored, or spewing political nonsense. Have that radio going at all hours, similar to behaviours in North Korea.

People have their own freedom of space, whether it be rap music, watching VTubers, anime, playing video games, flying RC planes, or whatever. People need their alone time, something these ‘Social Justice Warriors’ need to grasp.

– “You can’t force someone to stop just because you’re disgusted”.

Exactly! Now, shut the fuck up you moronic ‘Social Justice Warriors’, ‘Feminists of Japan’, ‘Fake-feminist of the World’, etc, you’re all fake and corrupted to the core. Just because something offends you doesn’t mean it should automatically be removed. Just because VICE News is offended does not mean Anime should be canceled. Grow a back bone so you can be immune to its presence, or go off-the-grid to where you won’t see it. Block it, ignore it. Out of sight, out of mind. Go outside, go touch some grass, go enjoy what the world has to offer instead of rotting in an urban jungle. We have our outlets, go find yours.

I don’t like certain things, I won’t go around lobbying various folks to ban it. Just not my style. Freedom of speech, freedom of expression. Everybody has the right to enjoy anything, even if it’s tame or lewd. The problem then comes down to us ‘Westerners’ (Gaijin) unable to enjoy it in the same way the Japanese can; Same professional and respectful way. Sure, they’re not perfect either. They’ve cummed on their figures, they’ve destroyed their bodies eating ramen soup, bullied others to death in school, and etc. At least when they care about something it is genuine. Most of the time.

People need their de-stressing zone and privacy. They need their sources of entertainment or else they snap and break, something Vice purposely doesn’t understand, even refusing to comprehend purposely while portraying a false narrative. Purely dishonest.

– And you can’t create laws just because of personal objections”

Canadians, Americans, and Europeans guilty for a lot of those, even allowed morally corrupted people to pretend they’re someone they’re not. Not even real Trans people, fake ones for Twitter clout. People pretending they’re someone they’re not, constant dishonesty, banning people for “wrong-think”, and just desiring to censor everybody just because they can’t have a good time like the other guys.

They won’t work hard for their jobs, nor their hobbies. They’re going around seeking clout while refusing to pull their weight. SJWs don’t work, they only whine and moan.

Eastern Europe used to be a haven of common sense, respect, tradition and morality. It genuinely makes me curious if it’s still that proper haven, or if it has also fallen to false ideals set by the EU, USA, and Canadian political idiocies. At least Japan knows what’s fiction and reality, the rest fail to comprehend it. Even my fellow Canadians are still fiddling their thumbs in the creative department, especially Ubisoft Montreal with politics shoved so far up the rear end they’re constantly exhaling turds.

– It normalizes the idea of having sex with adults (Minors with adults).

I want to say Gran Turismo encouraged me to steal a car from a racing track so I could have a speedy joy ride at my nearest race track. Similar with Microsoft Flight Simulator. Flight Sim encouraged me to go out of my way to sneak onto the heavily protected Ottawa airport to steal a King Air aircraft. Don’t believe me? Look on the news, I’ve become a real villain lately. I’ve done so much damage. I’ve done flips and donuts, as have other folks who play video games, watch anime, and read Manga. They’ve however done far more damage I could ever done. I’m bad at ‘PvP’ (Player versus Player) stuff. I can’t out compete other people.

Still don’t’ believe me? Good.

Fantasy is fantasty, fiction is fiction, and reality is reality. Japan understands and comprehends this, why can’t us stupid westerners. Oh, right…. We’re pushing an false political agenda, especially when SJWs can’t control the Japanese industry. Everything has to bend the ‘Western’ way, not the Japanese way. Everybody has their own culture, deal with it. As for the whole bit of “normalization”, nah. Japan follows a strict culture, the Western culture doesn’t. Sure, there’ll be bad apples, they however need to be weeded out in a more professional manner than to just “ban everything, everything is offensive” nuke manner. Banning manga in a nuking reaction is childish, it ruins it for everybody. For example, just because Fugu is unsafe for people doesn’t mean all seafoods have to be purged from people’s diet.

Lewd is lewd, and people have their normal frustration to deal with, as with their sexual frustrations. Everything is questionable, stick to what makes you comfortable. Sexual assaults and real-world victims should take priority over non-existent paper-kind.

– We have made a society in which children………

You’ve made a society where children play the ‘tribal mentality’ game. You have a lot of bullying, harassment, and suicides in school, yet you chose to deal with a fictional issue over a real-world issue. It’s no wonder real-world individuals are suiciding when you can’t even care for them, instead caring about fictional entities. Western Journlaists and SJW types have their priorirties purposely messed up in constant attacks to hijack Japanese culture, as they had done to other cultures, nations, etc. Look at how fragile Canada & America are, both the laughing stock of the world. Europe and Australia is there with them in the “we’ve failed our society” category.

Care for people who actually exist RIGHT NOW so they can live to see another day. Every news article always relates to a classmate (or a classroom) outright training their peers to kill themselves. Japanese kill themselves on the daily, lack mental health care, are mentally and socially abused by their teachers, yet the false priority is caring about Anime and Mangaka.

In a Western society kids are taught they can drink out of a toilet, be fake Trans people, not follow tradition, be dishonest with themselves, be false social justice warriors, and destroying everything around them into sterilization. Nothing would survive, everything is offensive.

Care about those that actually exist.

– CNN already played this blurring trick. Vice snuck into a manga store with a hidden camera to screw around with their bias news. Of course book stores won’t allow you to film inside, especially thanks to Vice being idiotic closing comments & banning Japanese viewers from viewing video. It takes one apple to spoil the bunch, thank you CNN! Now, thank you Vice News for being idiotic.

Yes, there are various themes, genres, and varieties to anime and mangaka. From safe to lewd, to humanoid to the insanely crazy. The more stressed you are in a society the deeper you go into fantasy while still being able to distinguish from fiction and reality. Japan knows how to do that. Most of the time, not all the time. It’s not perfect, I’m well aware of that. Yes, there are overly creepy stuff, yet so is the ‘Hello Pony’ stuff meant for Kids in North America, and the Furries inbreeding with themselves in incestuous ways. Furry community has been known to be morally corrupted, to breed with their own family, and to do overly gross things. Even knowing that, I haven’t went out of my way to ban them. I’ve voiced by displeasure with them, I however won’t become a SJW Karen to ban them.

From my point of view I view Furries as more of a threat than anything Anime or Japan related. My list of real-world threats would be ‘Fake Trans’ people pretending to be Trans for clout, then Furries, then people morally & politically corrupted by mainstream media to hate everybody around them.

The Vice News girl made a taboo move of filming in a manga store when she clearly was told not to. She even notes this, STILL going in with a hidden camera further betraying trust. This is intentional, she herself should be punished harshly instead of other innocent people held in custody by the Japanese police. She (and her Vice comrades) should take the places of those who are being held hostage for 1-2 months for petty crimes (even mistaken ones) viewed by the Japanese police. Would be fitting and proper for her bad-faith video berating Anime and Mangaka.

– “I can’t film this, every other page is lewd” – Yeah, no shit. It’s uncensored and free. You need to get out more, touch more grass. You need more time among the scenery of the world, less time in urban jungles. You need to see what the real world is like, darling.

“OMG It’s lewd. I can’t show you”

Yeah, that’s what going to a beach is like. You also have kids there in their swimsuit, as well as females with and without swimsuits, and even the guys in their boxer swimsuits. Well, at least in traditional European settings. Maybe, if lucky, you have them jacking off to one another, or whatever the preferred combo is when humans interact with one another. This shows you need to go see the real world more often and in unfiltered lenses. You may know how to speak Japanese, that’s probably the most you’re ever capable of. If not, get a less corrupted line of work, somewhere away from Vice. Get an actual uncorrupted education, do actual worthwhile things, and you’ll see actual proper results, not a dead line of work attacking everything in compensation of a shitty life.

A small disclaimer that not all Anime is lewd, it’s however viewed as lewd thanks to how sensitive western culture is. When it IS lewd that just shows how free traditional Europeans and Japanese folks are. They can comprehend reality, something modern westerners fail to grasp in this era in the age of ‘Social Justice Warrior” campaigning.

Remember the 1990’s? Various medias were uncensored. Everything was lewd, bare, and for all to see. Tits, breasts, and ass. Everything was exposed, even the blood and how the world worked. Kids throwing rocks at Wolves in older kid movies, or crazier Disney movies too damaging for the kid’s mind. Everybody saw everything to the point I had to pretend to be innocent pretending I was embarrassed regarding to lewds. I purposely tried to pretend to be “innocent” and “soft”, otherwise dragging that conversation onwards would be far more awkward. This is what folks throughout the years have seen one way or another, with or without a TV, magazine, etc. People were more “mature”, now everybody is a “pussy” to put to simply and quickly. The folks in the past also found various ways to view things uncensored, and in proper ways, even before the whole mechanical side of life injected itself into our lifestyle. SJWs can’t grasp reality, even refusing to, constantly blaming life for being a natural part of life. Always going against it, always so unnatural.

It’s honestly no wonder everybody flocks to Asian mediums when everything western is so fragile, censored, and painfully sterilized. Everybody used to flock to uncensored European mediums, now everybody flocks to Asian mediums in general for being the last haven of freedom and creativity. Everything nowadays has to be fake genders, Fake Trans, etc to the point everybody is sick and tired of it. NHL lost its soul, Formula 1 lost its spirit, and American cartoons are not what they used to be. ‘Westerners’ are in envy forced to copy and berate the Japanese, not compete. They can’t compete on a level playing field, that would mean removing the fake political garbage from their mediums. They don’t want that. They want to knock everything down to their pathetic level, as such Vice had done with their video, locking comments, blacklisting Japanese audiences, horribly skewing their point.

“If you can’t compete with them, berate them and slander them” – Vice & Western corrupted mediums.

– Such horrible censors, it however allowed me to view one of them. ‘Yam’.

The censors are so horrid I was able to spot one, ‘Yam’.

– Lewd ‘Yam’ doujinshi/manga.

Yes, it’s lewd. It’s like seeing people go to a Stripclub, yet this is safer not picking up any sexual diseases. We all have our preferences with this even (at a glance) being somewhat tasteful. It’s not something I could praise, it however falls slightly closer to the ‘tamer’ side. Maybe it is “trash”, who knows. People have their fatigue stress just as much as they have their sexual stress.

In a society where one gender refuses for various reasons other forms of outlets are necessary. “Work hard, play hard; Work harder, play harder”.

People destress harder the more abusive society is towards them. People need to work together, be more helpful, etc.

Also, I view this whole “every book is lewd” an overly brutal cherry picking nonsense just to push a false narrative. Yes, Anime is lewd, that’s because it’s uncensored. It’s free to do whatever it desires within Japanese laws. It’s been noted female mangaka are lewder than male ones, something Vice failed to note here. Vice’s point here was to – “Kill all man and shame all Japanese mangaka” – for not being able to hijack Japan’s industry from them. This is genuinely pathetic. Honestly. Cherry-picking to the max knowing full well that even beaches are full of swimsuits of both actual genders, yet shocked to find lewdness in fictional formats and real world beaches.

I may not be into “loli” stuff, Japan is Japan with its various forms of social torture people are forced to endure. Whatever keeps them alive is whatever keeps them happy and vice-versa.

– This relates to Anime & Manga how exactly?

Even before the age of video games, anime, manga, cartoons and comics people have been violently torturing and abusing one another throughout the ages. Romans taking up slaves, even violently abusing them in far more abusive manners than one could deal with in Japanese manga format. Heck, even in India woman have been gang-raped so horribly to the point of death, in a bus. Yet “fictional lives matter” somehow……. How exactly? Oh, right, you failed to hijack the Japanese animation & manga industry for your own abusive manners, instead berating every mangaka artist out there. Anime artist, music composer, etc. Just, pure dishonesty. Vice, you screwed up, and you knew it.

Did you know the UN (United Nations) openly violated woman and children? They are allegedly the “Keepers of Peace”, yet they’ve openly violated the vulnerable. On top of that hypocritical nonsense, they’ve even housed corrupted fake Feminists (even Greta) claiming Females are the only proper entities on Earth. Woman are the best, all man should die, and everything fake is real. Japan told them to “Fuck off”, hence why all these assaults on the Japanese mangaka industry keeps happening. They can’t hijack it, they can’t compete, they can’t destroy Japanese spirit as a whole. Yes, they can salami slice conquer Japan, as China is doing to India & the world, the UN can’t annex Japan for themselves, at least yet.

Maybe if they indoctrinate the Japanese at youth. It’s what Trans cultists do, and SJWs, they indoctrinate the youth then complain and whine as false victims when called out on Twitter/Tumblr for their abusive deeds.

– “First, these crimes are already occuring”
“Whether or not the manga exists.”

Exactly! As noted, people violently tortured and abused one another even before the existence of games, anime, manga, comics, etc. Japan standing firm in its beliefs, sadly gradually collapsing and eroding to Western pressure due to population collapse and other influences. Japan knows where it stands, something I hope Eastern Europeans still feel they know where they stand. Canada & USA was lost, as with America. Can they be recovered and redeemed? Who knows, people are fighting back with common sense again political corruption, the way Japan is trying to.

Give people outlets to unwind then you’ll find they’re much calmer and saner.

– There’s no evidence that this material leads to criminals to their acts.

Hasn’t in the past with ‘Grand Theft Auto’ in their various studies, neither would it for Anime/Manga in this period. People are highly stressed finding outlets to hide in and to destress. To unwind and have fun. The other folks doing the damage are in other areas of the crime, even ones having been failed by society throwing them under the bus.

The ones who are doing damage in society are those who have been outcasted by Japanese society, or as noted time and again via anime, neutral news articles, Japanese police outcasting Japanese youth, etc. Those doing criminal deeds are poorly compensating for something they have lost in their social life. Simply view male prisoners in the same jail screwing each other for their frustrations. And I mean actual screwing steaming hot jail sex…… You’re not into it until you’ve been rejected by society in various ways.

– There has to be a scientific basis.

Minoru Ogino politely, yet aggressively telling the Vice reporter to screw off for her bias nonsense. Japanese are polite, they’ll however tear you apart respectfully. Don’t piss them off.

Also, Minoru Ogino reminding us that – “reality doesn’t care about your feelings” – meaning that everything has to be with proof, not false fictonal “morale” stances. ‘Social Justice Warriors’ need to fight with actual grade ‘A’ logic, not – “My feelings are hurt, you need to change it for me” – feelings. Grow a spine, see the real world and enjoy what you actually enjoy in life. If it’s actually shameful then keep it in your bedroom, and only there. A secret is a secret for a reason. Bringing it out into public is a sin to your own kept secret.

– “Many countries have introduced regulations for ‘Morale reasons’.”

“Why aren’t you biting?! Agree with something on me! We’re superior, more “Moral”! We’re right, and you Japanese fuckers are wrong! Fuck you! We ARE MORALLY CORRECT, GIVE IN TO OUR SUPERIOR SUPERIORNESS! Japanese should have been nuked further during WW2″ – Vice.

Not the accurate quote, I had to however try my best at a meme relating to her – ‘Morale reasons – having seen that card played before. My grammar may not be proper, but I’m not even trying. I’m just laughing, mocking Vice and her. She looks troubled, and it shows. Politically corrupted Europeans (Britain) tried pressuring Budapest for not doing something a few years back playing the “morally correct” reason card. They play the same card, we always respond back with common sense.

CNN played the same trick Vice had played. It’s the same script, same concerns. It’s all nonsense.

– Out of curiousity, it appears CNN’s sins caught up to them. John Griffin was caught promoting pedophilia, training minors. View it for yourself.
– Scary. CNN John Griffin, also having made the same points as Vice has been caught grooming underage girls into sexual acts. The irony.

This now has me wondering how many at Vice are guilty of grooming, abusing, and luring youths themselves. This needs to be looked into by the authorities.

So, yeah……… “Moral reasons”… Pffft….. I’m just going to laugh at that and move on. Screw the SJWs.

– I think those rules are influenced
– by each country’s culture, set of values, and customs.
– There are countries that have outlawed the depiction of same-sex couples.”
– It’s based on the will of the people. That’s democracy.

Democracy is something the SJWs, Fake Feminists, Fake Trans, BLM, and other groups can’t comprehend, nor are willing to. The Canadian Freedom Convoy on the other hand knew how to do such, even obeying the planted firearms onto their truck by RCMP in Saskatchewan. British Columbia’s protest crumbled, yet Ottawa stood firm with its southern neighbors at the boarder. They still respected the law, yet refused to give up until the last moment; Until brute force was issued.

SJWs recklessly threw nails and dangers on an active highway endangering motorists (thank you, r/Ottawa for your idiocy), SJWs destroyed statues, devalued historical moments, renamed property, and burned down many churches and cathedrals from coast-to-coast-to-cast across Canada. Even social degradation, even to the point of people pretending to be Trans fighting with each other, companies upholding skewed values which don’t hold up in ‘under-pressure’ working conditions. You either work or you fuck off. People want their burger at a retail joint, or their out-of-stock romaine lettuce set at $4.88, or $11 (Romaine Hearts), not your fake ass coloured hair and fake beliefs.

People have voted in most cased, SJWs haven’t. When SJWs have voted it wasn’t in their best interests, further degrading a nation to the point of activating ‘The Freedom Convoy’ into action. If the time is ripe, another one shall emerge. Japan, mostly, knowns where it stands, minus the female abuse, suicides-harassments, and youth deplacement. Other than that, Japan knows where it is at. Some random abusive CNN & Vice fake journalist doesn’t, especially those tied to child groomers.

– It’s a comic book for adults that depicts a child – That’s it.

What the fuck is wrong with this Vice journalist. This is why we (Japan itself) view ‘Gaijins’ as barbaric. They’re always dictating what we must and mustn’t do. This is why we always hate housing foreigners in our for sale/rent homes and apartments for being so unruly, rude, disgusting, smelly, and abusive. They can’t make ends meet with payments, or are too loud. This is why we, the Japanese, hate Gaijing because you’re always this unreasonable, even unable to use chopsticks in our own traditional ways, refusing at times to follow our customs. Violating our woman, attacking our industry while copying our assets, and unable to compete with us on equal footing. Gaijins are always over-reaching with far too little etiquette.

Your Disney, whom we were inspired by in the past to create anime, has fallen from grace spewing political nonsense.

We, the Japanese, care about foreigners, just as long as you play by our playbook. Just make sure not to get caught by the police, they’ll keep you locked up for a good month or two before being free again. Do NOT mess with our police.

– Do you think this type of work should be protected?

As should any piece of art, regardless of its status and meaning. Every art should be protected regardless of its origins. Every book, painting, statue, name of a school, street name, and etc should retain its original uncensored context, otherwise everything spins into chaos and uncertainty. Everything becomes chaotic, sterile, and depressive, like a white lab room spawning insanity, the same sort of insanity brought on by various Social Justice Groups around the world.

Every statue, every piece of art needs to be protected and respected at ALL costs.

– I don’t see anything out of the ordinary. I think it should be (protected).

HOW DARE YOU! HOW DARE YOU go against our thoughts and doctrines! We came here to shame the Japanese industry! Everything should be censored by what WE (Vice & CNN) say! We have the power of the ‘Social Justice Group’, of the Fake Feminism Groups around the globe to make you bend! FUck you! Fuck you Japanese! Go die! How dare you have free speech and freedom! Give us your fucking Japanese Anime and Mangaka industry so we can continue spreading the “morally correct” ideals of Transgender beauty, of social degradation, of further abusing retail and trucking industries, and the destruction of art in general! I’M GOING TO COME TO JAPAN AGAIN TO HIJACK YOUR JR RAIL CARS FOR SOMETHING WORSE THAN A MESSY GAIJIN HALLOWEEN PARTY! All hail the destruction of Japan!

I’m just echoing out what’s going through the Vice journalist’s mind, if poorly. If you found offense at it then take it out on the fake journalists of CNN, Vice, and others, especially with how they’ve been caught grooming minors. Ironic, seeing as how they brought up these pieces to attack Japan, especially with the same attack points from both.

But yes, art should be protected no matter what, no matter the politics, and no matter the context. Art is art, it needs to be valued and protected. Disrupting and destroying art means you’ve failed at life, regardless of context. It’s funny seeing the Vice journalist lose her cool. The constant frustrated moments, the constant disapproval. She clearly is aware she has lost her battle, still fighting tooth and nail for it, even at the cost of respect and dignity; locked comments and blacklisting Japanese viewers.

– Regardless of issues over freedom of expression

One should still be able to speak their mind. One should still be able to enjoy what they enjoy, within reason and safety of themselves and others. Manga doesn’t hurt anyone, though it does deprive people of their own sanity in the ‘otaku’ world. People cutting back on their salary of food to buy figures, but that’s on them, not others.

Lewd? So what, people have their frustrations and pleasures, even the overly hated and overly creepy furry group. Everybody has their outlets. Care more about people self-harming themselves, suiciding, forced to suicide in school settings by their peers, and youth being displaced by police in urban settings.

– I don’t think people are born thinking they’ll become pedophiles

It’s more to do with neglect. You compensate in various ways (good or bad) for various natural needs in your life. The more you’re rejected, neglected, and refused the more you seek other avenues to cope in life. It may not be the best in times, you however find your ways of coping nevertheless. Yes, people resort to abusing real-world children, that’s however a “before” problem, not a “manga/Anime” problem. It was already there from when society neglected them. Japanese schools are notorious for monotony (tribal mentality) to the point of depression, suicide, social humiliation, peer pressure to the point people enforce this unity through cruel acts. If you live, you may pick up more disgusting forms of coping, Anime and Manga however aren’t the causes. Society is, as is the same around the world.

Similarly, teens who go without a father figure are more prone to becoming serial killers for a lack of a father figure in a mother only household. It’s becoming more and more well known, mainly in America, mothers who harshly divorce their husbands are more likely to nurture a more criminal-minded individual. A more natural setting births a healthier individual.

An emotionless family (especially in Japan) births a more monotoned individual, more prone to depression, suicide, among other negative side-effects. Even finding forms of entertainment as vile as shooting arrows into dogs, as noted in various real world settings and Anime. Anime reflects reality in various ways. Experiences are needed to form a fictional world. Or, you can simply Google.

– They’re likely conditioned to becoming pedophiles through Japanese society.

Through overcompensation in a biological sense. You naturally seek a mother figure, a father figure, and your opposite sex partner. For a male it would be a female and vice-versa. For something you lack you seek compensation, sadly leading into lolicon related situations, or opposite gender abuse. We live in a society eager to play hard to get more than it should, divorce more often, cheat more often, etc, leading into over-compensation, hence why various forms of mediums exist in the Anime and manga world.

The harder you work, the harder you play. Simple. The more you have to destress the deeper you’re willing to go. The nicer society is to its peers the better condition people shall be, and less suicidal.

Manga and Anime is simply a medium, not a cause of any ill wills. Any negative wills and feelings have already been there from the onset, especially in a society that encourages Tribal Mentality (drone mind/hive mind). Formalities above anything else.

It’s depressing Vice felt so compelled to regain her lost composure she had to ask a naive person, out of context, how to deal with an industry far larger than both of them ever would comprehend. Lewds are just a small element of Anime, story, music, and character development is a whole more important arch. People always focus on lewds thanks to censorship in the Western-sphere, it however is normal in the Japanese sphere. Freedom of expression, freedom of creativity, freedom of doing what you want is what is best.

Edited Addition (November 25th, 2022):

I’ve corrected and edited a few paragraphs above, even adding a few more forgotten thoughts. Vice was painfully dishonest and bias to the point Ogino noted his scenery “wasn’t so dark”. It was much brighter, more pleasant. Vice made the effort to screw him over making him out to be a ‘Yakuza boss’ all because Anime is ‘free and mostly uncensored’.

– So no issues? – Right. (No issues at all, only from Vice, Fake Feminism, & SJW morons).
– Region Block screen from a Japanese viewer (Source)

Vice News knew they were not winning this one at all. Not one bit. Sure, it may have 13k Upvotes, that’s sadly how many Social Justice Warriors are in the world. The reality is, it has 80% more downvotes than it does have upvotes, as noted by numerous commentors, and by using the dislike plugin.

– Using ‘Return Youtube Dislikes’ Plugin we can finally see 13k SJW morons upvoting while 31k (and growing) normal folks dislike this cowardly, and overly dishonest attack. If you’re going to talk trash expect to get hit in return, as Vice had been hit. Their reputation is further damaged, Western journalism is further taking a hit in credibility.

Western Journalism is damaged. It’s dying, becoming less credible as the days go by. It’s like listening to Chinese & Korean media nonsense. Vice News showing what Canadian media sounds like when falsely reporting on the Canadian Freedom Convoy, hence why I framed this on my blog for dealing with my zone of interest (Anime), and how Canadians are being shafted left and right.

– As noted previously, she breached Japanese laws of filming on private property. Japanese are very sensitive about privacy, even retail ones. (Source)

The lengths fake western journalists will go to destroy something they can’t have, even to destroy people. They even go as far as disobeying the Japanese to the point it destroys everything for everybody. It takes a few rotten apples (such as Vice & Fake Feminism) to destroy everything in Japan. Thankfully, VERY THANKFULLY, we have a large enough pushback from smart folks stalling out bad faith behaviours like this. Karma is swift and beautiful.

All hail freedom! All hail creativity! All hail Anime and Mangaka! Freedom of speech and creativity woooo!~