MG – Gundam Epyon (Endless Waltz) Model Kit

– Gundam Epyon – Freshly bought locally.

Similar to both the DJI Tello and Gundam Tallgeese, I’ve desired and eyed both for a long while. I’ve desired an Gundam Epyon model kit for so long, even if I have the figure and smaller model kit of Epyon in my possession. Gundam Epyon held a very special, if nostalgic, spot in my heart for how chivalrous both it and Tallgeese were. Everything was about chivalry, even if the Zero System noted otherwise. I’ve always wanted a drone (finally have two), I’ve always wanted a Tallgeese model kit (finally have it), and now Gundam Epyon. It may have taken me a long while to have acquired all 3 (or 4), I finally have them.

I’ve bought Gundam Epyon at a local hobby store next to the airport called ‘The Cave’.

(Disclaimer: The cat is not mine, cat belongs my roommate thanks to real world situation nearly sending me onto the streets.)

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Similar to Tallgeese, Gundam Epyon also contains the nostalgic aura of ‘Christmas’ surrounding both it and Tallgeese. Both have this magical vibe to it, emotional attachments, and perspectives. As one would view the gorgeous Christmas illuminations in an urban setting (downtown setting) you would imagine Christmas lights, decorations, Christmas trees, and music. Attach that vibe onto both Gundam Epyon and Tallgeese.

I’ve even drawn an more ‘organic’ take on Gundam Epyon during a school project, something I was mocked for by local classmates at school. I was always berated, mocked, and thrown under a bus, hence my hate for Ottawa, but that’s mostly beside the point. Gundam Wing was my sanity saviour, my escapism. While people were being moronic I had my Anime, Gundam Wing, Tallgeese, and Gundam Epyon to keep me attached to this world; From preventing me from suiciding. Everything is a guilt trip and a guilty pressure in society.

– Side of the box.
– This is where the fun begins!
– The lovely cockpit area.
– Always imagine being able to sit in a Gundam cockpit. With M.A.D.N.U.G VR you can! Those rough spots shall also be hidden.
– Admiration of Gundam Epyon’s beauty.
– The lovely gem on the chest, the beauty. Nice how the pastic covers the green sticker.
– The head and the upper body. Making progress!
– Now, that’s the Gundam Epyon I’m beginning to know and admire again. The intimidation is being regained.
– The impish shoulders. I don’t piece mine together until the very end. I find beauty in piecing it together at the end.
– The completed parts on “day 1”. The rest to be built for another day.

– Parts re-adjustment for admiration purposes.
– Curious cat curious about Epyon’s cable for the heat saber/blade.
– Cats sure love their boxes.
– Onwards onto the feet and hands! 🙂
– The legs taking shape.
– “The hips don’t lie”, or so they say.
– Prepping for legging.
– Wings can be deadly. Let there be flight!
– Let there be flight! Had a few issues having to tape around a certain section causing irreversible breakage. One side is looser than the other side.
– Stalled out on the wings. Gave me a bit of an issue.

A new day, a new round of progress.

– Once again, cats love their box. She stayed like this for a long while.
– After a very long delay I’m finally working on the weapons system for Gundam Epyon. The cable, the saber, and etc.

(On a random note: While finishing up Gundam Epyon I finally broke up with a Chinese scammer on Tinder after being scolded to use Tinder by my friend when I had my trip to British Columbia, Canada back in July 2022. I intentionally showed the Chinese scammer my Gundam Epyon model kit with them being curious, they were confused. They berated me while being confused as to what I was showing them, constantly full of negativity. They wanted me to do Forex trading, even Crypto. I was having none of that, only talking to them knowing full well they were scamming me. I wanted to see how far they were willing to go to degrade their fellow human fellows on this Earth. I wanted to arm myself with knowledge. A bit of this model kit now contains a negative aura of hating Chinese Tinder scammers. Bastards. Greedy bastards. They’re purposely taking advantage knowing full well the North American (Western) dating scene is broken with guys looking for a proper girl, one we’re losing on a daily basis. We’re losing a LOT of precious woman to fake political idealogies to which Western guys are seeking Asians. Scammers know this full well. Trust issues thanks to how stupid humans can be, especially politically and morally corrupted woman.)

Gundam Epyon symbolizes my battle between what I should and need to do. What I genuinely should and shouldn’t prioritize in life.

– Gundam Epyon with all the pieces set.
– Piecing Gundam Epyon together from the bottom up, starting with the feet heading up upwards, as one would naturally build a Gundam in the real world.
– Epyon’s intimidation gradually rising. The wings behind Epyon, the spikes on the legs, only the arms missing.
– Not as stiff as Tallgeese, though fairly bulky. The wings needing to be used as support. Loving the heat whip, the blades; The close combat chivalry focus.
– The mightly Gundam Epyon in its full glory. Loving the default detailing.
– The black cabling can be “molded” and positioned in any way you seek. It can be set in various positions to work around Gundam Epyon’s posing styles, articulation and limb movements. The wings can also be adjusted to be extended further, or retracted (as seen here).
– Gundam Epyon next to Tallgeese (Tallgeese sadly had a fall losing the hand. I tried searching, failed to find. Failed to also give Tallgeese another set of hands).

Flight Mode:

One of the best things about Epyon (similar to Wing Gundam, and Wing Zero) is the ability to transform into its flight mode. It’s both easy, if tedious, in doing so in model format. Parts go flying, a stand is required, and a lot of patience. A lot of parts tend to conflict needing to be done while at the most awake.

I’ve tried my best during the little time I had in placing Epyon in its flight mode. It constantly fought with me.

– Stashing the base of the heat whip and the blade itself on the tail whip shield base.

When weight isn’t part of the formula everything plays as it should. The moment weight is added into the formula everything starts going all weird and funky, hence my slight frustration when typing this up. I admire Epyon, I respect the complexities and rules required when building and handling model kits. It’s when things start acting up is when I start losing my sanity.

– Gradually putting Epyon in its flight mode. Wings extended, arms put into place, claws put into position.
– Alternate angle.
– Everything being put into place. Clunky, yet progress being made. The place you’re supposed to snap the shield into the torso.
– The shield needs to peg into the torso-hip area. Weird at first, if stubborn. Refused to click into place until I desired to “unplug” to transfer back into humanoid form.
– Epyon’s flight mode, genuinely impressive. Maybe not how I displayed Epyon, though everything about it is intimidating. When placed in its natural setting you would be scared of seeing Epyon.
– The heat whip being the dragon’s tail of Epyon. It’s still deadly in its flight mode just as it is in its humanoid form. Weight is a factor causing parts to shift and be awkward for my blogging purposes.
– Bring on the glorious Gundam Epyon! One of my better images I can admire.
– “Clunky” is sadly a part of this model kit’s traits. I can still happily admire it though.

I’m still happy with purchasing this model kit, even if it loves tantruming in my face and care.

So, once again, I’m loving these MG model kits. I respected Wing Gundam, now having Gundam Epyon and Tallgeese to finally show off my full pride of Gundam Wing series. For when people were vulgar, trashy, and full of bullying I admired Gundam Wing to its fullest. Had figures bought, model kits, and now (after nearly going homeless) I have Gundam Epyon and Tallgeese to show off. People may not understand both their worth and value to me, nor feel the Christmas vibes as I do off of them, they however both mean so much to me. I obtained both around the Christmas time, hid them, and built them up on the side whenever I was allowed to have a day off from work.

Gundam Wing represents my battle with my own sanity, with other people, and upholding/up-keeping my own sanity. Without Anime I would have suicided with all the abuse people have put me through from Kindergarten up until this present day, and most likely into the future. People are vulgar, people are toxic, people are trash. I know not all, though when you’ve worked through retail as well you run through the scum of the Earth. You run through the various “no fun allowed” types.

As for Gundam Epyon itself, minus the morale support factor, is a fairly awesome model kit. Very detailed when left on its own with the various stickers and decals. The plastic around the gem on the chest is well displayed. The detailing on the wing is fairly articulated, even giving off a nice trim. It radiates intimidation. The articulation is a bit larger when compared to Tallgeese which has the skirting tied to one another restricting mobility. Everything is stiffer, “older”, and more ‘regal’; At least military formal in functionality and appearance. Everything about Tallgeese radiates formalities while Gundam Epyon radiates intimidation and power. Everything about Tallgeese is about close-combat, finding your future, and finding yourself. The black cabling for Gundam epyon is that of wire cabling. It’s stiff, it can be moved around, articulated, and set in specific positions around Gundam Epyon.

There are a few issues, such as falling pieces, loose wings, etc. It’s all in how you manage to piece it together which makes it a battle in itself trying to get it all to fit together. Hands fall out, the wrist guard, the arm piece holding it together, or even the ear on the Epyon’s head. I’m tempted in simply gluing it all together, or simply leaving Epyon as is in its standing pose.

Both Tallgeese and Gundam Epyon, (coincidentally or ironically) seem to fit my personality types when viewed under the whole “chivalry” and “seeking your individuality” type circumstances, as noted in the show. It’s why I relate to Zechs, or at least can relate to the character in various ways of being a social outcast, etc. When a character and mobile suit is relatable you admire them. Both Gundam Epyon and Tallgeese both speak to me.