Arcticu – 2022 Birthday

– VRChat – Gundam Cafe

It’s that time of the year again where March 28 signals my birthday! WOOOO! Normally people don’t care, it’s just because I blog I tend to make note of this, to which two friends and two VRChat friend wished me an Happy Birthday. Nice! Thanks for the birthday wishes, from them. I had my own plans to which I had a two-part celebration; Part 1 is eating local exotic foods, and Part 2 hanging out with my VRChat buddies in VRChat. It mostly went as planned. I had some loose back ups in place.

The day (as soon as I woke up) a cat was sleeping behind my back, the weather was windy and cold, with a touch of flurries. I’ve been sneezing the whole day (even while typing up the blog) with how brutally cold it was, as still is. For Wednesday (the next following days) we’re to get a mix of snow, ice pellets, and freezing rain, though today of all days had to be the coldest in the windy and flurries manner. I’m going to joke my blog mascot, Vara (Arctic fox kitsune personification) made it this cold just to tease me, to which I’ll laugh and joke noting I’m Canadian. I can brave this weather for my birthday. I also was hoping my Steam Deck would have arrived for my March birthday instead having to wait for it MUCH longer. Shame it’s still far off.

Food first, Genshin Impact second, and VRChat last.

The Food – ‘Edo Japan’ & ‘Chungchun Rice Dog Nepean’:

Seeing as how it’s my birthday I had it planned I would visit Edo Japan first seeing as how their food was neat, or so I recalled when I previously Ubereat. Wanted to check it out personally, eating in the retail now that our moronic draconic Covid mandates have loosened up some more. Had ‘Shrimp noodleful’ and the ‘Pork Ramen wonton soup’, both being good. Can’t tell if it had a retail burnt touch to it, I struggled to eat it all at once. Even so, it was good. Loved the shrimp, loved everything. Somewhat feel bad for being disconnected with the cashier having been frozen walking through the chilly windy weather; Beard all frozen, then moist from the frost. Had to warm up at location.

– Edo Japan – My two orders; Started with the left.
– Shrimp Noodleful.
– Pork Wonton Ramen soup.
– Chungchun Rice Hotdogs
– Chungchun Jumbo and short, both delicious with Spicy Mayo mixed sauce.
– Jumbo Chungchun. Highly recommended!

I personally feel Chungchun was the better option with how delicious it was. I would take more of them, granted I would be burping them out for hours, as I had tonight. Constantly burping out the uniquely delicious corndogs. I’ll genuinely go back there for more Chunchun. Highly recommended! I need to also taste test the bubble tea they have going on. I have yet to try the squid ink variation, among others.

I was going to get more, I decided to head home ASAP with how cold it was outside. Also felt a weird feeling of deja vu, especially when typing this up, as if I experienced this moment. This, and others. Everything (since years) felt like I’ve simply relived these moments. It gets worse when I’m tired. Even so, I enjoyed my food today. Sadly, minus the sushi. Planning to get more later half of the week.

Genshin Impact:

Three things to note with Genshin Impact. First, ‘The Catch’, a polearm weapon given to Raiden. Secondly, my birthday mail celebration, and third, Kokomi’s weapon fully ascended as I spent time mopping up the ‘Three Realms’ to obtain her final materials.

– The Catch! – Exactly the amount I needed with the game giving me exactly the amount of red fishies I needed.
– The Catch! At last!
– Hey! Thank you! Was hoping for something lengthier, this however is nice.
– Kokomi’s ‘Oathsworn Eye’ fully ascended after spending time obtaining the final materials, crown and all.

Been having a lot of fun in Genshin Impact, though not when it comes to forced grinding and boss farming. Once something is accomplished I am happy, such as exploration.

VRChat – Birthday Hangout:

I attempted to have a VRChat birthday hangout. With everything, whenever the years go by people have less and less motivation, time, or interest to really participate any longer with how life tends to flow. People get pulled elsewhere, etc. Life is life. New Year’s, sure. Everything else, not so much. Not as important, nor is my birthday. Not to sound arrogant, egoistic, just slightly deflated while still having to thank Delta for taking the time and effort to at least wish me an Happy Birthday. Thanks! Someone else wanted to join, however prevented. We talked a bit about model kits, glue, how to keep joints stiff for model kits, etc. The moment I noted to world hop he bailed on me. I continued exploring hoping to leave a big enough net for someone else to jump in. I stayed from 9pm till 12 am in hopes of more people to hang out like the good old days. Nothing stays the same forever.

Found some neat worlds, though.

– La Mer – Caught my attention for being a neatly lit world. Similar to anime, or dreams, this world is interesting in its simplicity, and it’s dream-like state. Especially how proper anime are drawn in these shades of contrast.
– Kon! Kon!
– Beautifully surreal.
– Nicely pairs up lights. Very artistic.
– Renge Shark – Inside joke/reference to when I joked around during a pool game (8 ball) with ears sticking out as a shark. Myself and my VRChat friends hung out goofing off, this is in reference to pool shark. (Reference linked here)
– Amused by the swimming mechanics in this world.
– Hey!~ It’s Delta! Thanks for dropping by, and thanks for the birthday wishes 🙂
– Deadpats for the Deltamon heh.

Delta sadly had to go check up on his other group of friends forcing me to roam around VRChat solo. Decided to venture to this ‘Concrete City’ world to which a story was told (in Japanese), though couldn’t understand it. Had to click a book to progress a story to which a cool tune was played in the bar. City being flooded, to which I recently had a dream my own city was flooded a few days ago.

– Flooded concrete city.
– YAY!~ Sadly, don’t know what the story was about. Someone depressed, or drugged up? Surviving a flood? Donno.
– Checking out a space ship home with a RC race game on it.
– Gundam Cafe – Visited its first variant, now this second one. Was awesome visiting this
– Excellent!
– Checking out the various posters. Cool stuff. Unicorn music playing, then Turn A music, then whatever the next one is.
– WOOO! MS Igloo diorama with Zudah protecting the drop pods.
– Kampfer 🙂
– You can’t see me……….
– Excellent retro designs. A perfect amount of tease…… Reminds me I need to obtain one of these. Mecha Musume
– Char’s Red Comet! I still have my friend’s Zaku II he gifted of me of this exact type. Nice.
– “It’s a Gundam!”
– Core Fighter

Amused by the video playing noting how people can relate to Gundam because it deals with real world issues in a grounded manner using Mechas. Gundams, realism, and proper politics. Not the gender political garbage that western media is now corrupted with since 2010 onwards. Gundam is respected (as with Anime) because it sticks to ACTUAL reality, something I admire it for also. It’s why UC Gundam era series are well respected, hyped, and enjoyed. Marvel? DC? Whatever. Garbage now. They used to be good, not now. SJWs ruined everything they touched, INCLUDING VRChat, hence why nobody really wants to talk to each other, betraying each other left and right. Drama, etc.

When things go negative I always have Japan and anime snap me back to the correct path with how grounded they are in reality. Not all of them, as they tend to suicide, follow American ideologies, unknowingly/naively support clout-bait, etc. Japan isn’t perfect, it’s however the only uncorrupted place on Earth when it comes to love for hobbies, sharing them, going above and beyond for creativity. When Japanese care about something, they REALLY care. I rather tune myself to the Japanese hobby, even if they may throw me under the bus knowingly or naively, whatever their reasoning, as a few had done for Busou Shinki side. A Dutch person threw me under the bus causing me to lose my passion for figure photography there and then. He stole my interest to which I still hate him for it, even in 2022 from 2017. We can’t be friends, though noting why I admire Japan while hating my westerners for causing other people to be depressed as they clout chase. Hobbies collapse, fandoms get destroyed. Give me Japanese hobbiests, such as the fg-site, or for VRChat, etc.

I’ve also been betrayed in the ‘Rising World’ community with how people blindly follow politics blaming Trump for everything believing everything the news told them. Or another German being so blind, loud, and arrogant to which they wanted to control my Rising World server to which I would have had no freedom. People are arrogant, egoistic and just refusing to be ‘grounded’ people to which I lost faith in humanity. Where are all the chill and normal people in the world now? Nobody seems to want to have fun anymore………I want my faith in humanity restored, it’s sadly now tougher than ever, especially when you’re constantly sidelined over trivial issues to the point you vent and vent. I need to find a Japanese avenue to connect with Japanese people before we all part ways in whatever manner life will nudge us. There may be Japanese folks who may not view me as positively, or shy away from me. I want someone that is still human, proud of their hobby, and just proud to share their interest in life.

Japan community in VRChat is holding it up while other people screw around causing other people to be depressed. A bit of a ramble, though still have this frustration still burning strong in me. Sorry, but it is what it is thanks to people out there.

– Saw this on Twitter to which I’ll poke some negative fun at myself. As the year goes by we celebrate things less and less as we part ways with those we know for various reasons. On a positive note I need to thank the 4 people who are aware I still exist in my social circle 🙂

Disclaimer: I’m not typing things to whine, or seek pity party. It’s a blog to which I make note of things, hence I make note of things as if I’m making an archive. It may be scuffed, it is what it is.

– Lastly, Renge in her natural habitat. A Japanese fox shrine.
– Kon! Kon!
– Kitsune~

So, yeah. Happy birthday to me. Congrats to me for obtaining ‘The Catch’, for eating awesome food, drinking ‘Zlaty Bazant’ (Gold Pheasant Slovak bear), and just trying to have fun in VRChat. May have to expand my boundaries now, if reality allows. I need to figure out where I need to be, where I need to go, and who will accept me for me again. I need to find my place in the world again.