Shinki Renge’s Foxy Flowering Curiousity

– Renge with a dated ‘Arctic Fox’ flag from the good old days of Busou Shinki era of fun.

After a fairly lengthy time of absence Renge finally saw herself exploring outdoors again. Noticed she had a few neck problems, still deciding it was still tolerable enough for a few more pictures before she may possibly be stay dormant in her fox den from now onwards. We decided to head for Ottawa’s Experimental Farm on this glorious day to take advantage of the gorgeous weather. Before that though, I had to stop over at ‘Edo Japan’ for some quick Miso soup and 8-piece Alaskan Salmon sushi, and even at Loblaws for an additional Sushi salmon bento for the next day over. Was craving both sushi and miso soup for the past few days to this.

Today was even a great day to try warming up my photography skills after years of hiatus (since 2017’s harassment & alienation) relearning everything I had lost since then. Someone told me in a DM not to worry about abusive hobby folks, about the abusive Dutch folks giving myself a challenge to get back into the figure photography mix. Not a path change, just a challenge. I agreed to take up that challenge, even if they hadn’t worded it specifically that way. With that noted, images may be blurry regaining routines and habits once forgotten with future ones being less so. Genuinely felt good being out and about, felt live again, something political Ottawa hates people doing.

(While the media and SJWs on Twitter want to whine about truckers & bikers invading Canada 1:1 to Soviet Russians & Nazi’s they can be retarded as much as they want. I want to focus on the nice sunny weather, the nice awesome day, cycling around town, and even purely focusing on taking images of Renge amongst the budding flowers.)

Let’s start with Edo Japan’s food.

– Edo Japan – Alaskan Salmon Sushi (8 Pcs), and Miso Soup.

I was expecting a bigger bowl of Miso Soup, it is what it is. I’m happy to have eaten at this place, though a little frustrated by how busy it was. Unsure if I unintentionally kicked a family out simply by staring at a place to sit. The introvert in me became highly agitated to which people noticed me behaving awkwardly. Not a big deal, just noting this for blog posting purposes. Even left that place in an awkward way. Bought some sushi, shrimp-kabobs, a drink and changed gear to cycling for some figure photography.

While cycling around I had to test out my new phone’s panorama mode, something I enjoyed on the Pixel 3A while now using the Samsung S20 FE. Too big to share on Twitter & Discord making it a blog exclusive image. I enjoy coming to ‘Carlington Park’ now, especially for this view which seems to be taken for granted.

– Carlington Park – (Pano) – I love the scenery, this POV, and how everything stands out neatly.
– De Havilland taking off heading towards Toronto looping around in an odd way. Looping around north-east instead of aiming for southwest. May possibly be confusing it with Moncton destination.

It’s honestly amazing how further these plane appear when in your point of view they appear so much closer. You could make out the detailing while cameras fail to capture those same details your same eyes can.

– Standard image viewing both Ottawa and neighboring Gatineau mountains. Well, mini-mountains. Coworker was curious if we have a mountain, now I can show him the general landscape.
– Carlington Park – (Pano) – Another panorama trying to capture the visible skyline from east to west. Have to zoom in for this one.
– Experimental Farm – (Pano) – Overviewing an interestingly elevated portion of the bike path. Zoom in to see things further out.

Arriving At Target Area – Experimental Farm’s Garden:

With how nature is starting to bloom I wanted to FINALLY capture the moment trees start budding. After all these years, even as far back as 2010, I finally feel happy I managed to do something so belated. And with Renge! These images could be considered a “warm up” from the long hiatus I was to take, even a forced one. Depression caused, 2017 harassment, 2020 Covid & SJW nonsense, among other issues. Gradually getting back on my feed again, better late than ever. Either way, I’m hoping these images are a sign of things to come. I’ve been pushing, now pushing with Renge. There are more plans I have in mind.

– Air Canada – Rome to Toronto flight. Heard it, caught it, shared it.

It made me happy enjoying the weather, getting out, admiring the scenic beauty. Sadly, I’m constantly reminded how trashy Ottawa is. How I’m surrounded by morons, though thankfully “respectful morons” allowing me to figure photograph for this blog. I was genuinely surprised by how busy the garden area was with a wedding gathering going on, folks relaxing, kids roaming around, among other amusements. Makes sense for the gathering with it being Saturday, and all.

– Renge’s Arctic Fox pride o7
– Some parts were blurry as I tried to figure out how to regain the focus option. I genuinely forgot how to use my Lumix showing far too many blurry face moments. Figured it out AFTER this photography session.
– Painfully blurry! Still warming up.
– Yay!~ Renge’s proud.
– One of my better images, if sadly blurry. Renge’s true foxy pride showing through, regardless.
– Casual Renge. This image seems “sleepy” to me.

Was around this time when a local Ottawa & Japanese couple came along. Two teen-type punkish folks making things awkward for me not knowing what to say, how to photograph. Hearing Japanese I awkwardly peaked over and looked back at my stuff. The general awkardness simply came from expecting Japanese people to find the boyfriend of the girl’s being Japanese.

Arigato gozaimasu~“, says the girl to her Japanese sweet heart as I stupidly peaked over expecting to see Japanese folks. *shrugs*

Way to trip me up. For being pinned down for those many years I feel at a loss when it comes to these sorts of situations. It genuinely tripped me up, especially not having the ability to travel to Japan since 2010. Nice to see, and I’m happy I saw that odd occurrence. That’s another one for the books of awkwardness.

On a side-note:
It’s funny (interesting; Ironic; hypocritical) how Japanese folks are able to travel the world while other folks can’t travel INTO Japan. Even then, I bet Japan will further punish people by using the outdated Covid testing further preventing others and myself from going, even IF I am vaccinated. I have various friends who want to meet up between Canada, USA, & Japan, we can’t. COVID, hence all the ‘Canadian Freedom Convoy & ‘Rolling Thunder’ protests. Oh, but you’re an ‘Nazi’ for wanting to meet your friends, how evil and scandalous. Meeting your friends is worse than pedophilia and violating woman.

These thoughts aside, let’s move on.

– People taking pictures of “plants”, firetrucks going by, and just “generally busy”. People did not know how to drive in this part with the round-a-bout nearly running people over, honking, etc. Ottawaians are “polite morons”. I don’t know any other way to put it, just “polite morons”.
– *Insert Classic Firetruck noises here*.
– Poor Renge, you’ll see her neck is broken further down.
– Plane taking off while looking for a proper place with trees with growing buds.
– Highly scuffed image of a flight from Vancouver returning back to Ottawa. On approach on the eastern side while tracking it on flightradar24.
– This image frustrated me. Not wanting to get rid of it I slapped it with filters making it “shareable”. Budding of the trees! RETRO!
– Azur Lane – Swiftsure.
– Azur Lane – Hood
– Azur Lane – Vampire
– Hard to tell with plane’s contrail on the leftern side of image. Hard to spot, though still seeable.
– Canada Geese! They’re baaaaaack!~
– Ottawa’s biplane roaming around, or so I assume. All I could hear is a bi-plane roaming around with a nice melodic WW1-WW2 sounding engine. I miss these types of sounding classic planes.

After swapping back and forth from figure photography, taking pictures of planes, Azur Lane images, I gradually wandered back towards where I started finding a perfect opportunity to take pictures of Renge balancing on some garden divides and the sun-dial. Still with my guard up with people around, though still enjoying the nature trying to capture “blog worthy” images to share.

Shame they had to be blurry. Everything is perfect, except the blurriness.

– Flower focus!
– Plane spotting, as per usual. Even when cycling as safely as I can.

– After all these years (since 2010), Renge’s neck finally broke fully. Trying to figure out a solution curious about a fix. She may have to become a home fox relying more on digital appearances more than ever now. May have to change to a new Shinki capable of traveling, or be far more cautious with Renge here on out.

Other than Ottawa itself being moronic wanting to treat other people like villains, I’ve had a great day. Nice warm spring-summer type day with no clouds in the sky, no yelling or anything of that sort. Knocking things off my bucket list. Upholding my own promise of my own challenge, highly satisfied. Genuinely a good time. Just nice Japanese food, sushi, cycling, videos and images, as well as new fond memories of Renge taken amongst scenery. A nice day.

Figured out how to use my Lumix GF1 camera with future images going to be hopefully better. Was fun piecing the puzzle back together from two devices to share in this blog posting.

See you in the next blog posting.