Shinki Renge’s Foxy Curiousity – Budding Nature

– Renge – Hanging around

This blog posting basically follows any left-over thoughts and desires left from last Saturday’s blog posting. A bonus addition to the first half dealing with my challenge to figure photograph figure photography after a Dutch person betrayed me, I was blamed for everything (many people left my social circle), now trying to get back into the swing of things. I’m overly satisfied with how my Saturday went. I’ve done what I wanted to accomplishing many of my checklists that day. I may have accidentally missed out on ‘Rolling Thunder’, I however still feel proud of that day.

I however annoyingly caught a cold from how chilly and breezy it was on Saturday causing me to obtained a sore throat the next day onward. When drinking water during a work shift I noticed something was off. It fully developed on the night of Sunday waking me up literally shivering (shaking) my bed trying to warm up. Friend and managers worried if it was Covid, I doubt it is. Seasonal, or with how windy it was. I was simply happy to be outdoors again. I’m noting this because its still on its way out while having effected how I nearly never took images of Renge today. I was having an internal struggle debating whether I should rest it off and regret not taking the opportunity, or how I should go, even if I may potentially collapse.

Previous Main Mission: Take images of Renge amongst the scenery
Current Main Mission: Take pictures of budding leaves before its too late. One image in previous blog posting, more in this one.

Shinki Renge’s Flowering Curiousity:

Decided to go in haste with Renge, my drone, and my Lumix GF1. Walked around for a bit following a path to find a perfect tree to take pictures amongst. It was just as breezy today as it was on Saturday. A nice warm day with the occasional cool breeze.

– Testing out this contrast on an image.
– Renge hanging around.
– Lurking fox
– The sun made it a bit more difficult to focus; Better results now than before.
– Hanging onto a branch.
– Came across a random foot bridge, Renge wanted to examine it briefly.

Mission accomplished on both Saturday and today. Done what I’ve desired, even if I may have accidentally missed out on ‘Rolling Thunder’. I wanted to document that though slipped my mind. A coworker visited that event, even reading up on how childish Ottawa behaved by graffiti’ing a local church. All the people who have done damage so far have been the government, the local Ottawaian anti-freedom folks, and those gullible enough to believe mainstream media claiming the “earth is flat”, and other slandering nonsense. While all that negative nonsense has been happening I’ve simply been taking pictures of my own figure photography tackling my own challenges, trying to cure my cold, figure out how to be proactive in other challenges, etc. Been focused more on self-care and achievements than any other thing out there. Yes, I do retweet a few vents because it roadblocks me.

When it comes to my figure photography I don’t desire professional images, only “fun” ones. That is something people forgot about even between the 2008-2015 era with Dannychoo,,, etc. Everything was ‘Pro this’ and ‘pro that’, what about your fun? I’ve experienced more negativity. Busou Shinki community recently desired me back in one way or another to share more Busou Shinki. I’m thankful for that, though not sure in which way exactly they still desire me there. Maybe simply just enjoying what I have in front of me. Language barriers and all makes things complicated, as with my fatigued grammar skills. I may have even scared 1 person from the Busou Shinki community away already from the mass-follow. Sorry, but I’m at the point where I’m just honest. I know Japanese folks hate confrontation, etc. Things need to still be called out. I however thank you guys/gals for being awesome! Thank you for all those follows, likes, and retweets.

Busou Shinki is by your side:

– >Wordpress failed to hold onto kanji characters<

I assume (with Google’s help) this means “Princess Daughter by your side”.

Salute o7

– HoRenSo – Japanese spinach, and Japanese Mantra of ‘Report, Communicate, Consult’. Was watching various J-Vloggers seeing what’s new in Japan having come across Japanese girls desiring ‘HoRenSou’ from guys. I agree with Dualroll’s comment. No objections. I’m still learning Japanese so I have no room for objections. The more I learn, the better. (HoRenSo Explaination)

I’m still trying to plan my way into Japan to travel, only if both Japanese government and the Canadian government can both be realistic. Until then, I can only flight sim, view vlog videos, and hate how toxic education system is having bullied me out of various school programs. Can’t teach in Japan (nor do I want to at this point), can’t work, though can travel. My travel side is planned out semi-firmly, though flexible to allow for other plans to take over. Everything feels “too late” now with how everything fell apart on mine and the world’s end. All those who bullied me, abandoned me, and treated me like some sort of villain have already made their way to Japan while I have to suffer from 2020’s effects. The 2020’s effect of losing my home, my father, and having to find a new place. Also, waiting for Japan’s boarders to open so I can finally note I’ve been there. I have to take the long way around which doesn’t require teaching, nor working. Ottawa is just not a nice city, no two ways about it when it also comes to these and stuff in general.

On a happier note, I’m happier having played more Lego Star Wars for May 4th festivities, something I really REALLY want to blog about. So many things I’ve desired to blog about, yet failed to.

– Lego Star Wars: Obtaining the Arc fighter from Episode 3 while seeing a comment about another favourite Starfighter, the N-1 Naboo Starfighter. The Naboo Starfighter was my favourite prequel Starfighter when the world hated the prequels. I loved the prequels, I loved the Starfighter, and I still do. Had a cool scene in Book of Boba Fett, then ruined just as quickly by milking the glory out of it.
– My lovely Naboo Starfighter. I love it! I even had a Lego kit in a similar style as the one in the image. Sadly, its in pieces “somewhere”.

I still need to acquire the Decimator (from SWG) and Naboo Star Fighter model from the board game. I’ll eventually make a blog posting for this Lego game, I still have to progress through it. With those things noted, see you in the next blog posting!