[VRChat] – Merry Christmas! (2021)

– Merry Christmas! Not the full crew; Two or more people missing.

Another year, another festive time to be cheery and positive. Even a chance to properly meet up with all your friends at the same time in the best condition possible. Theoretically. Since last year’s New Year I’ve tried my best to be on VRChat to simply struggle in the end only hopping onto VRChat a handful of times. You could probably count the number of times I hopped onto VRChat on your hands (and maybe your toes) making me wish I was allowed to VRChat more often. I’m certain I was allowed to, I’m implying life and adult things in life; Life responsibilities and obligations. Even so, I’m still happy I’ve met my friends in VRChat back in 2018 still hanging out with them in 2021. Even able to be on fairly good terms for hangouts, among other activities. We all wish for the same thing. Certain times are hit or miss, it’s all life’s take on RNG.

When it comes to festivities I would much rather do them on VRChat than anywhere else because of the immersion. It’s more true to its festive nature than anything IRL. It’s far more colourful, impactful, and meaningful when you hang out in VRChat over real world. The world, as nice at it is, tends to forget how to have fun. More so in the area I live in nudging me even more so into VRChat to see things in their more ‘exaggerated’, if true atmosphere. It feels like a dream is what I’m trying to say.

Also took me awhile to post more stuff on my blog thanks to some technical difficulties. Now that’s sorted, more blog posts incoming!

Article is broken into 4 parts:

  1. Solo exploration admiring the beauty of Christmas train world.
  2. Main Christmas Eve hangout with friends.
  3. Bonus images with Christmas vibes.
  4. Friend Images of event.

– Found this cool world while on my solo world hopping adventures. A train with festive cabins.
– Trying to reach for a present while a roommate goes “is the cat with you?”… I bet they saw me awkwardly reaching for the floor heh. Yeah.

The actual VRChat hangout on Christmas Eve – December 24th:

– Even though I was conversing with Hawk, Kobi decided to join me first. Spooky~
– Been trying to take more selfies with the new camera trying to learn the sweet-spot about it. Trying to personalize the event in my POV. Not narcistic, just in a way of “I was there”.
– Honk~
– Hey!~ Floofy/Hawk joined! Kon!
– Kobi got stuck in chat – P1
– Kobi got stuck in chat – P2 (we both died laughing)
– Hey! It’s a kobi! The size of a Busou Shinki. Nice.
– Poke! Poke!
– Cluckin Bell | Me attempting to punch Kobi
– Group shot #1
– Group shot #2 (With Delta this time).
– Floofy hugs. Flooof~ (Forgot to tease about cutting tail).
– (Insert various conversation points, one of which is Chillout VR with German censorship, etc).
– Awkward selfie. The split contrast.
– Delta showing off his new mechanical avatar.
– Well, that’s…..quite, uh…… surreal.
– Delta re-showing off mechanical Persona avatar. Failed to capture softer side of avatar.
– The desired POV.
– Interesting perspective.
– Party time~
– Shake it!
– Cooking up some good meals for the festive times. Snack on!
– Making me hungry desiring some actual BBQ stuff.
– *squirt squirt*
– Kobi had a craving for chips tonight. Constantly snacking on chips. I don’t blame him. Chips are good.
– Hawk chasing Kobi around constantly by poking him. Poke poke!~

– Up for some games and lewdness?
– Maiya and Kobi having a moment…… *shrugs*.
– Kobi doing an actual run-up hitting the pool balls.
– By default I win! 8 ball flung off the pool table on my end. Was probably pocketted somewhere.
– Photobombed by Kobi. Probably made this image all that much better by Kobi’s charm.
– What the above image would have been. Still floofy and foxy. 🙂
– While observing I overheard a cupcake fight missing out on all the action. This image is in memory of that ‘Cupcake fight’.
– Sad to hear, though an all too common occurrence. Delta went off to visit his friends to never come back for the night. You shall be missed! Time to put up missing posters on every VRChat street lamp in hopes he’ll be found again.
– Kobi going on about how he knows chess, asking about Chess, Maiya’s blue balls because of Billards, among other amusements. This is why I love VRChat because even randomness like this is given more meaning. Being this weird in IRL tends to lose its proper meaning and purpose.
– I find these sorts of gatherings more rewarding than other sorts. I was always left out, and partially am as an observer. Being left out of previous gatherings has left me dull in these sorts of conversations. Even so, I admire these hang outs a lot. They genuinely mean a lot to me for how memorable they are, like a dream.
– Kobi AFK thanks to his cousins raiding his house. Even asked Google to play farting noises, how to play chess, etc. Refused to listen to him.
– Quite a neat pose.
– I give Kobi props for this. The memories. His avatar was blocked for this causing him to hide and cry in a corner.
– Proceeding to cry in a corner.
– Crying part 1
– Crying Part 2 – Don’t leave ALONE.
– As these two have a great match I’m amused by Kobi drawing on the ball indicators. Had a nasty freeze, came back and was greeted by this scene.
– Hawk & Maiya’s bonding moment.
– Poi!~
– Hawk the chess master
– Hawk actually beat me in 4 turns. Wasn’t used to the chess board. He actually looks like a pro here, being a Mad Floofy Scientist and all. Maiya observing as Kobi gets wasted.
– Hawk’s UWU Floofy face I luckily caught before venturing into another world.

Poor Maiya brought us to a world for a good time to only bring us to a Japanese adult version of a good time. Poor Maiya. *laughs*. We laughed, Maiya hid in shame. Poor Maiya, everything is fine. *headpats*

– Maiya defying gravity as they hide in the corner.
– “Shut up! I don’t want to talk about it” – Maiya
– “Don’t worry about it. I don’t want to talk about it” – Maiya
– Hiding Maiya heh.
– As we placed more things everything went darting and flying off in every direction. Maiya even popped out of the debri.
– Dice head Maiya
– Uno Maiya
– Hawk’s new fashion statement.

Prop Hunt time!

– Seeking a Maiya.
– Pylon Maiya

They jumped into a game fairly quickly preventing me from joining the first round. I loaded in too slowly because of my situation caused by 2020. Things were choppy, though still manageable.

– New round I couldn’t join. I didn’t choose a prop fast enough. I was hiding in a car Maiya toppled in the underground parking. They wondered where I was, I was purged from existence.
– Hey! It’s a Hunt in Christmas attire! WOOOO!

Yes, I was hiding not because of my social anxiety but because of semi-tradition. Maybe it was social anxiety. It’s a hide and seek map, after all.

– Trying my best for these selfie shots. They’re a tad bit more painful to take now. Never know how they came out until you look in your screenshot folder.
– Kobi as a big statue, me as a Hippo on the ground below. I failed. All the fun and games were between Hawk and Kobi.
– Cheerfully recalling the rounds.
– Floooooof~
– Admiring Hunt’s avatar in various forms, themes, and alterations.
– Foxy Maiya
– Nail talk.
– Maiya turning into Delta.
– HEY! Kobi returned! Wasted. Kobi returned wasted greeting us with Hunt.
– Toot~
– Fitting avatar for a prop hunt.
– Floofy headpats. Maiya sadly had to go for the night.
– Floofy hugs between Maiya & Hawk.
– Possible betrayal moment?! Top 10 Anime betrayals of all time?! Maiya injuring Floofy? 😮
– Bzzzz Bzzzzzz (Brings back very nostalgic memories)
– While holding Kobi’s antenna’s we both snapped an image of one another. (Full context further below).
– Hawk and Kobi having a moment.
– Not to be that person, if this was a yaoi you’d have some girl fangirling right now. Very floofy though. Not into yaoi, though into yuri.
– Floofy bonding moment. Fitting background is fitting.

Midnight Haven’s Tree Decorating:

Hawk had to leave so we said our festive good nights. Kobi joined me into the next world then had to leave himself after that. I tried to stay as long as possible. Had to also leave missing out on an memorable photo.

– Midnight Haven’s tree decorating. By Hunt’s recommendation I joined.
– Tried for a selfie, I failed.
– Another selfie being slightly better. Still scuffed.
– Best images are those I tripod. Tree was being decorated with a star. I caught that part 🙂
– Selfie staring of the tree. Hunt supervising on the bottom right.
– Another shot of the happenings. Still scuffed.

Because I had to bail “early” (compared to pre-2020 standards) I was lightly frustrated when I saw a group photo a few days after from Midnight Haven. I crudely photoshopped myself into the image in the bottom left because I was still there, even in spirit at that point. I might as well be a mechanical fox ghost spirit. Kon!~

– Merry Christmas! Happy Festive times from Midnight Haven! WOOOOOOOO~ (I’m on bottom left as a Shinki Renge ghost). Humbug!~

Friend Images – From Hangout:

Hawk was the only one who seemingly took images so I’ll be sharing his POV of things.

– Delta’s warm smile.
– Maiya’s splitting headache. (adjusting headset)
– V!
– Renge the pool shark.
– Getting out-chessed yet still happy.
– V
– Having a floofy moment with Hunt. Flooooooooooooof! Headpats and headpats! The VRC way.
– Hey!~
– Foxy smooches?! Maiya’s adorable stare.
– Foxy bonding moment saying goodbye to Hunt. Maiya in innocent tears, or close to it. VRC is indeed highly nostalgic, memorable, and highly emotionally energized in various ways.
– Grabbling onto the Kobi moth. (image further above taking pictures of two taking pictures of me). Bzz!~ Bzzzzzz!~

Bonus! – #Smollverse – Hololive World:

Ame advertised a Hololive world on VRChat for us to visit so I desired to visit it after Christmas. Having forgotten about it sooner I had to visit this after Christmas.

– Ze Time portal. Very blinding.
– Yagoo’s hope and dreams. I also miss Aloe Mano and Coco.
– Ina’s room. Saw this in one of the Hololive clips on Youtube.
– Ina’s cute little Takodachis.
– Gura’s area with a trident. Flub-a-dub-dub.
– Poke, Poke!~
– Kiara’s cute German-esque area. KFC/KFP chicken, etc.
– Jiiiiiiiiiiiiii~
– Calli’s domain, something we hopefully all seen in clips. #Deadbeats
– Ame at a timed bus stop. VRC booted me with a log-out error. Had to re-join world in a second attempt of this image.
– As a shorty sitting on a bench causes me to see these sorts of scenes. Seeing all the rooms in this world, even the far off winter world.
– Merry Holo-mas!~ WOOO!~

I honestly find it interesting how I always looked up to people to only end up being rejected by them. Danny Choo? Partially accepted until being fully rejected by him. Nagzz21? Same deal. Though, thankfully I have memorable clips on my Youtube and this blog to look fondly back in respect. There may have been times I may have been both artificially stunted and sabotaged to not reach my full grasp in the VRChat area, I however still push through in various ways. I even admire Hololive for their entertainment value, even their life discussions. Even their semi-censored life stories and temptations in life. They freely discuss things which tends to both push the boundaries while also being highly relatable on human experiences of temptation and stress itself. Actual genuine harassment, bullying, stress, hard work to become a rapper, etc. I admire Hololive for being mostly true, even if certain parts are staged and artificial for entertainment purposes. Having high respect for Hololive I’ve even built a few Hololive statues with the help of my VRChat friends in Minecraft in respect for Aloe Mano and attempted a Coco Statue. Everything shall be far easier in a game called ‘Rising World’ with models being far easier to import. Aloe Mano shall always be remembered. She deserves a place on a tree, unless I’m oblivious missing various contexts, etc. Both Aloe Mano and Coco deserve to be remembered. Even if Hololive won’t acknowledge me for being overly popular, large (bloated), I’ll still look up to them.

I still respect Danny Choo for inspiring me to get into figure photography, getting me into Busou Shinki, and to do certain things I otherwise wouldn’t have, and etc. I’ll admire him formally, though frustrated by how I was basically thrown under the bus for not “being good enough”. I was struggling with life, I was venting, and people also threw me under the bus 2017 onwards for simply being human.

I admire Nagzz21 because of how genuine he came off as doing videos mostly professionally. While being abused by his community he would be pure to himself in various ways keeping things funny. In a very strange way it was overly wholesome, almost in a way a family is wholesome in that crude yet kind manner. I caught many of his streams as possible, interacted with Nagzz21 (clips on Youtube), and even met friends thanks to his adventures in VRChat. It’s thanks to Nagzz21 I’m where I’m at in VRChat, if organically or potentially artificially stunted by his community in some way. Maybe both. Even if I can’t watch Nagzz21 as I used to, I still respect and cheer for each and every one of his accomplishments, even if he no longer accepts my praise.

What I’m trying to say is I formally respect Danny Choo, Nagzz21, and even Hololive, even if I won’t obtain the recognition in return. I’m happy both Danny Choo and Nagzz21 partially acknowledged me, the rest I feel is artificial in nature of having been stunted, cast aside, and just weird. Hopefully what I was trying to say came through in a reflecting manner of the past. It’s because of them I was inspired to tackle figure photography, go on VRChat adventures, among other things. I may not do things perfectly, I however still do them semi-professionally. I’m only human.

I appreciate where I have come from, where I have traveled, though acknowledge I could have also done and been more. Life is life, and I understand why I am where I am right now.

On an unrelated note in a below image:

– Hopped onto a public world in a Japanese cozy apartment to be greeted with a rat infestation problem.
– Rat infestation is nasty.

Let’s end on an awkward sappy note relating to the above sign.

“Love is all you need”, which indeed may be true in an idealistic manner. People always claim you should visit therapists for your mental needs. Sure, though there is also a cheaper solution right under people’s noses. Simply acknowledge the person, acknowledge people’s interests, and do your best to make one another feel welcome. Not cliques or tribal mentality; More along the lines of simply acknowledging people exist. People fail to do this to instead stir up highschool level drama where it isn’t needed, people tend to suicide for not being properly acknowledged.

Most of the things in life can be mended by simply acknowledging people exist, their hobbies, their insecurities being protected, etc. These VRChat hangouts can actually heal the wounds, though not fully cure them. They can make people all cheerful and fuzzy so acknowledging people exist goes a long way.

I’m honestly thankful I have VRChat friends willing to hang out with one another for these memorable moments we can blog about, even if I have this sad habit of mood-swinging in my blog postings. Find people who are willing to hang out with you in a chill manner while respecting your hobbies. I still have this very nasty depression and social anxiety I still need to cure. VRChat is helping for the most part, though also damaged by it. VRChat is a double edged sword. I’m always admire the worlds in VRChat, they’re gorgeous, while also viewing any proper VRChat hang out as a dream.

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! 🙂