Arcticu’s May Thoughts (2024)

Screenshot_20240224_170938_Blue Archive
– Blue Archive – Wakamo (Swimsuit) – No harming the Sensei!

This shall probably be all over the place, something which may be viewed as “ranting & rambling” by other people. Simply desiring to both let my thoughts out, and to also share various backlog experiences & interesting stuff ever since I came back from my Japan 2024 trip (Sapporo Winter Festival focus). I even having to deal with stuff since I came back. That, and to catch up on some image sharing while dumping images all over the place. I’ll try to keep “some” cohesion, if at all. I need to let this out after much delay. Two, three months of delay? The reason why this was delayed is thanks to what I’ve noted at the very end of the blog posting.

I also made note of my March 4th to 7th hospital visit, and even an overly belated visit to Gyubee’s – Japanese grill. From one swing to the next. I’m simply glad to be a live, even staying “surviving” whenever someone asks how I’m doing. Yeah, I’m just surviving. Just surviving.

[Disclaimer: There will be “some” cursing and swearing in the Ottawa-Vancouver Transit section thanks to Liberalism destroying Canada, and attempting to destroy Japan in the process. Rape is allowed in Canada thanks to fake Liberal political beliefs, yet everything standard and normal is falsely viewed as ‘Alt-Right’ & Extremists.]

[Side-note: I died laughing when I first saw Wakamo (Swimsuit) from Blue Archive holding the rocket launcher, as seen in the header image above.]

Ottawa & Vancouver Transit:

Let’s get something simple out of the way, such as the rail networks in both Ottawa and Vancouver; How Vancouver has a FAR better transit network than Ottawa. I haven’t tried Montreal, they however recently implemented their railway network far more efficiently than even Ottawa. Sure, there was a Day 1 hiccup for Montreal, they however managed to mend that issue.

– Ottawa’s LRT Network, as highlighted by the red line. (Can be seen by default on Google Maps using transit features.)

Ottawa used to have a proper streetcar/tram network, sadly eliminating it for budget, and probably other lazy reasonings. There are still remains of such in Ottawa, yet it goes without saying Ottawa genuinely 100% needs an LRT network of some kind. It genuinely does, no matter how much Ottawa is known as a whiny city (the city that fun forgot). They always whine and moan about buses, something to which the LRT system would actually work in replacing in express zones, if properly implemented and handled. Ottawa is however too stupid for that, hence all the trouble we’re currently in, something Japan doesn’t have to deal with as much thanks to their ‘Japanese Rail’ networks efficiently implemented.

Ottawa, sadly, would much rather suck male genitals (and I’m not joking) with how much they favour LGBTQ bullcrappery, instead of focusing on actual transit issues. Let’s care more about fake minorities with mental delusions while being stingy with the transit budget, and cutting corners as much as possible. Ottawa’s LRT has faced many technical issues thanks to many cut corners, may arrogant nepotism running rampant. Similar incompetency can even be seen in Ottawa Senator’s hockey team being piss-poor in their hockey performance. Ottawa Senators would much rather pride themselve son LGBTQ signage on the rink instead of winning a game. They care more about mutilating bodies, raping people, and violating women than they do about hockey performances. Buy cheap, expect luxury results. Dig low, aim high. Reality doesn’t work that way.

What you put in is what you get out of it. The more you care about the LRT is th emore you get out of it, if appropriately allocated. No embezzling, no corruption. Just straight into the LRT project.

To recap:
Ottawa’s LRT is supposed to be extended from Western portion (Tunney’s Pasture) to #36, and down to #15. If Ottawa was smart (which it isn’t), they would have figured out how to finish the loop from #15 to the airport, via the southern portion. There is an LRT line running parallel to #79 going to the airport, if in two noted lines. You have to get off one to hop on another, something which was noted as inefficient.

If only people in Ottawa were actually intelligent…….. If fucking only, and pardon my language.

– The thinner orange line is LRT’s Phase 2. The blue thin line is how I would propose linking #15 (College Square) with the Airport. A nice loop. From the airport it could link straight back up into Downtown Ottawa via 74 & 79.

Ottawa isn’t intelligent. If it was they would have foreseen this issue from the get-go. They would have something similar to Vancouver’s SkyTrain, or something quarter as good as Japan’s rail networks. Instead of supplying specialized bus routes to-and from College Square area the airport they would have instead proposed a planned line from #15 to the Ottawa Airport, at least as a “proof of concept” manner. Ottawa has a ton of learning to do, and I mean a lot. Slovakia’s tram lines in Bratislava are even more desirable than what Ottawa is doing. Ottawa genuinely needs to learn from Japan’s JR rail network. They need to actively request assistance and aid from the Japanese JR rail group. Keeping arrogance, fake political stances, and ego aside, Ottawa’s various transit groups need to sort their issues out making everything genuinely efficient. Drop the fake political trash and get things working properly. When the going gets tough one tends to shed unneeded weight to make things as efficient and proper as can be. Not intentionally cutting corners, but actually making things properly functional.

I’m overly respectful towards Vancouver. I admire the foundation Vancouver has laid down, especially having ridden on it in various places. Vancouver made everything smooth and easy regarding the Skytrain to and from the airport. Ottawa? Too messy, too tedious. Everything has to be ONE line, and that it is for Vancouver, in regards to the airport line. Sure, you have to hop onto another line, that however is in the hub of things, not close to the airport. It’s similar for Japan in majority of the cities.

– Vancouver’s extension into Surrey, and other areas. A few pushes here and there, yet still not where it should be. View the two red circles with “?” in them.

Vancouver’s Skytrain has a nice proper foundation, it however needs to keep pushing deeper into other areas. It needs to go further into Richmond, further into Surrey, and I’m happy it’s connecting Langely. What about Delta? White Rock?

Instead of playing with faulty electric firetrucks, with LGBTQ groups sexually assaulting, stabbing, and robbing other women and children in Vancouver, they should focus on things which actually matter. Focus on the real issues. I’m talking about housing, Alberta’s drug care (B.C Intentionally sabotaging Alberta), food costs, and keeping both Canadian & Japanese groups attracted in Vancouver. Less political corruption, more actual worthwhile dignified projects to come half-as-close to Japanese efficiency. Granted, I’m well aware Japan isn’t perfect, it however has shown me where Vancouver needs to aim, and it’s not fake Liberalism destroying everything. British Columbia needs to drop its fake political baggage by instead focusing in expending the Skytrain further into Richmond, and further into Surrey. Maybe even linking into Delta, and others.

Rapid buses? Lazy. It’s especially lazy, even for Ottawa. Buses should be temporary, not something concrete.

– Metro Vancouver Transit Police refused to ID a black male sexually assaulting another victim. They desired to falsely humour the sexual assaulter by respecting the attacker’s false gender ideologies to not offend them.

When I arrived in Ueno, Tokyo, Japan on my first night there I was rudely greeted by this overly pathetic mention of how a black male, dressed as a women, sexually assaulted another person pretending to be a female while raping her with HIS penis. A black male pretending to be female raping a person with their penis, meanwhile Vancouver lowering their standards as to not offend the sexual assaulter’s sexual preferences. The Skytrain staff refused to ID the black male as an “black male”, instead preferring to respect the attacker’s preferred “gender preferences. The interviewer noted, in the above image, how “physical evidence is that of a genetic male”, and that’s that. A black male assaulted another person.

“Because we don’t know. They appear female, who is female representing”…….” But the physical evidence is that of a male”

“The suspect, we believe, has a penis”

– Metro Vancouver Transit Police refusing to properly ID criminal.

THEN IT IS A MALE YOU BRAINLESS VANCOUVER MORON! A MALE! IF THE EVIDENCE SHOWS A MALE, IT IS A MALE! Jesus, how far we have fallen as a society because of fake political delusional stupidity. No wonder Vancouver is turning into Ottawa, and why even the Japanese are gradually fleeing back to Japan because of your low-IQ idiocy. Pardon my language, but fuck you, and fuck off! Vancouver, shut the fuck up! You have to say it as bluntly and correctly as possible, that’s how to get to the point.

A black male taking advantage of loop-holes to attempt a crime, and that’s something they’ve done. They’ve played your delusional games, further preventing others from taking advantage of appropriately placed, yet needlessly stalled out transit infrastructure.

– The one of the numerous assaults of Vancouver, as noted by mainstream media. Many from 2023, and many more in 2024 where people would attack, bite, stab, and simply assault one another. This specific incident relating to loopholes for fake gender assaults.

Vancouver is genuinely beautiful, especially for it’s Asian population of the oriental (non Indian type) with Korean, Japanese, and Chinese being what makes Vancouver what it is, especially on top of the white-Canadian foundation of the area. The beautiful nature, the lovely city scapes in various areas (not all), sadly further polluted by fake political and grand fake gender ideologies destroying the city and British Columbia as a whole. Liberalism is a disease. Liberal politics needs to behave more like Japan’s Liberal-conservative stances. Traditionalism. This is honestly why we aren’t allowed nice things in Canada, especially with fake mentalities, and political corruptions ruining everything. We are not allowed to have proper infrastructure; Grand delusional political stances hold more priority in Canada, in Ottawa, and in Vancouver. We are however allowed to dress up as the opposite gender to rape, violate, steal, bite, knive, and harass other people all for fake LGBTQ pride. YAY!~ That’s going to help us get around the city, and Canada. YAY!~ We can be fake Trans Proud, while at the very same time ride fake Trans people like manual peddling vehicles around town! WOOOO!~ We can mount fake Trans people like horses, donkeys, and camels because that is what Liberal mindset is implying we should do. Stupid Twat-waffles. Liberalism is a disease. Install actual rail networks, proper extensions, and buses where they’re needed. If you need to go electric vehicles then use trolley bus format.

This is honestly why we can’t have nice fucking things in fucking Canada thanks to useless Justin Trudeau and all this fake Western political garbage destroying society. It’s also why Ottawa is the shit hole that it is. Vancouver needs actual properly intellectual people who can actually perform their tasks without failing. And they MUST offend the mentally disabled, and politically-driven, idiots in Vancouver to get the job done. Both there, in Ottawa, and everywhere else.

Even if I’m far more tied down by artificial barriers, Vancouver does occasionally call me via Air Canada’s Vancouver routes. The plane used always calls out to me, especially with it being an overly unique sounding Dreamliner.

– ACA345 – Ottawa to Vancouver. (787-9 Dreamliner)
– ACA342 – Vancouver to Ottawa. (787-9 Dreamliner)

Vancouver simply has things I need and desire, something Ottawa refuses to provide. I, at the very least, wished my parents chose to live in Vancouver, not in Ottawa. If they hated snow so much they could have lived in Vancouver. Then again, I wouldn’t have my close friend who lives there (desired to move away), and certain things wouldn’t have been what they are. Point being, I was given more independance in Vancouver, special thanks to Vancouver’s Skytrain.

I digress to make note of other “Ottawa impacts”. I discovered I could be found at an Ottawa Driving school waiting in line on a very hot summer day. I sadly failed my G1, something which infuriated me then ,and still does to this day. 2 times prior, 3rd time on that day.

– Finding myself on Google street view attempting to pass my G1. I failed. I can also be seen in my more depressive state having lost my parents, forced to live with coworker & his father, and simply being in a very down mood. Horrid COVID rules & regulations on the draconian side. It’s just not a very fun time to be anybody in Canada, let alone myself.
– I was born in Ottawa, I should at least be allowed to live and make an impact in Ottawa. I’ve been abused a hell of a lot by the locals, yet also thankfully assisted by others. I feel highly depressed in Ottawa, especially thanks to all the fake Liberal politics gripping Ottawa.

I’ve had more freedom and independence in Japan thanks to how everything is common-sensed based there. I could use any train, any sidewalk, and I could go anywhere I desired (for the most part). Cars for cars, pedestrian sidewalks for pedestrians, and clearly marked pathways for everything. I felt true freedom in Japan. I felt half that in Vancouver thanks to certain buses, but mainly thanks to Vancouver’s Skytrain. Everything urban feels glued together in Canada to the point I find it highly agitating and grating. Like a glued on slop of nonsense. Let’s stick this here! Let’s stick that there! Screw the transit! Let’s make people walk 45 million KM to get to where they desire…. At least light rail transit helps get you closer to where you genuinely desire to go. Buses are a lazy way of tending to things. Handy, yet tedious.

Being unable to have a drivers license, even at a G1 state, is genuinely highly depressing when even the public transit suffers heavily in Ottawa, and less so in Vancouver. Toronto simply sucks in general, it’s a “zoo-stabbing-city” with streets as parking lots. I’m not going to even explore Toronto, it’s not of my interest. Everything needs to go LRT (Light Rail Transit), or else Ottawa shall perish by dying a slow, and poverty-filled death. That’s probably the actual political intention, hence why Ottawa is always over-looked as a hub. Europe and Asia is always preferred more than Canada, and this is one of the may reasons why.

I prefer Vancouver over Ottawa. Granted, Ottawa does have its moments in other areas, such as plane-spotting and nature. Even various food chains and restaurants.

– A400M landing in Ottawa. Made a very loud unique noise upon landing. Sadly, I was the only one who admired this beautiful bird with others depressingly going, “Ya, so?”. I wish people were more enthusiastic. People are boring.
– Ottawa’s nature is probably the only thing left making everybody happy. The only rainbow I can respect is of the natural kind, the one after what appeared to be a sun-shower. The rain glistening like sparkling snow. Or, if one is in-tune with Japan, an ‘Kitsune’s Wedding”. Kon! Kon!~ (Grabbing groceries at the time).
– Canada Dash 7. Finally obtained a proper perspective!
– Ottawa is great for it’s vintage car showing. People proudly driving and showing off their beautiful older cars. Beautiful!
– The ONE time things have to go smoothly is when I’m renewing my health and ID card at Service Ontario, at Westgate Mall. The only time! The place was mostly empty, to the benefit of others and myself. Everything else is always out of my grasp.
– Ottawa’s LRT at Baseline Station, next to College Square. I enjoy seeing the work-in-progress, I however wish and desire for Ottawa to take this more seriously, and of higher priority. Yes, I understand, we’re in the middle of fake political pushes and agendas. You still need to transport people around, especially of the “useful idiots” variety.

Ottawa is always slow to the punch. It always does the most common sense thing last, and in the most laziest of manners. Ottawa pisses me off, especially with the growing number of hipsters and delusional political activists hell-bent on destroying Ottawa and Canada as a whole. They desire social and property destruction. They encourage sexual deviance, even as far as rape, violation, and self-mutilation. Don’t believe me? View that Vancouver Skytrain with the black male pretending to be female while actively sexually assaulting a women. Sperm was found splattered everywhere. It’s even encouraged by politicians at city and Federal levels. Special thanks to Dictator Justin Trudeau, and friends. Ottawa is an absolute laughing stock in the world stage, always laughed at. Nobody desire to play with Ottawa. Truckers are always punished, people are forced onto streets, and anything proper is only found far away, or in other countries, such as Japan and traditional Europe.

Bring common sense back to Canada, and into Ottawa as well. Vancouver also needs a rude awakening from their grand delusional idiocy. The way of life is a traditional life and mindset, not fake destructive ideologies. It’s even sabotaging the LRT system. Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic.

Japan Always Makes me Happy (For the Most Part):

– Happily bringing Arnval around Japan during 2023 trip.

Japan showed me something Canada doesn’t have, or fails to have now more than ever. And what is that? Honesty. Creative, common-sensed, and genuinely fueled passionate hobbies. People are true (for the most part) about their hobbies, especially going above and beyond to achieve them. In North America? You can gain “some” positive hobby stuff, just nothing which is lasting and fulfilling. It was fine briefly, and other people always tend to hijack stuff for clout gaining triple-digits (and beyond) impressions on social media. People basically being sluts for attention in the Western world, yet more honest in the Japanese world. Granted, Japanese folks also tend to cross the line by ejaculating on their figures, being vulgar, and etc. When Japanese are true, they are true.

Whenever I attempted to hang out with anybody in Ottawa they were always Liberal-leaning. Meaning? They weren’t honest with their true intentions. They were always compensating for something, blamed the wrong people, weren’t truly passionate about their hobbies. They may have been somewhat serious, never passionate. It’s like observing an android pretending to admire local and foreign entertainments, with a sprinkle of “Anti-Human” behaviour. Everything allegedly being Conservatives fault while Liberals are “Saints & Angels”. Nasty. Nothing truly human, as I’ve previously experienced in traditional Europe and Japan being far more alive and human. More enjoyable.

North American mentality frustrates me. Everything eventually leans into fake political Liberalism to where people fail to hang out, fail to be honest, and they instead defend actual violations. People flake on one another far too easily without knowing what loyalty and friendship means. People fail to comprehend what “friends” means assuming everything is “gay”, and not as a hipster word. I had far more pure fun in Japan, even if it was “Japan Face”. Japan folks who are passionate and proud allowed me to see a more magical side of Japan. Even if I was given their social “face” they still appeared to genuinely admire Japan showing me Japan’s various interesting points of views and perspectives. They always aided me, guiding me as to where to go, what to see, and even how to see it. Was awesome. Both times, 2024 & 2024), various Japanese locals would guide me around.

By chance, from Nara’s tourist guides, I was guided to Maizuru’s Red Brick museum. I would eventually discover as to why, and the wider Kantai Collection and Naval pride from the Japanese. Going off the beaten path to gain even grander respect, memories, and impressions. Their enthusiasm to guide me gave me a happier time in Japan! I even saw more naval pride for Yura (an WW2 naval light cruiser) when in Tango-Yura, west of Maizuru. Tango-Yura being connected by a Tango operated train line, hence Tango-Yura.

Tango-Yura prides itself on Kantai Collection, especially Yura from both the series and the World War 2 light cruiser.

Japanese have been noted (even Chinese, Filipino’s, & Koreans) in aiding you in photography by taking pictures, and guiding you side to side as if you were a model. They would recommend, and even support you, encouraging you along the way. Asians (not including India) would guide you in an intellectual journey in various ways. Everything is a learning experience.

– Google-created collage: Ottawa X2, Vancouver X2, and the rest being Japanese scenery,

It’s hard to gain such enthusiasm like that in Canada, especially in Ottawa, when everybody is currently in a mentally corrupted phase pretending to be ‘Transgender’, a part of a fake activism group, or some other fake activist-related nonsense. When Japanese people honestly care about something they genuinely show it, and it’s highly attractive. It radiates from them in one manner or another. Maybe covertly, or even overtly. You’ll know when they care about something.

A group of nerdy Japanese teens in Akihabara Japan saw me purchasing a full set of Blue Archive cards happily noting I’ve bought some as well.

Hey, he also bought Blue Archive cards. How nice“.

Actual genuine honesty is your best policy. Being true to who you are (and not fake gender transitions) is the proper way to go.

– Busou Shinki – Arnval – in Japan 2023 (Kamakura x2, Asakusa, Tango-Yura (Yura Shrine), and Mount Moiwa (Sapporo).
– Gundam Factory, Daiba, Train from Kyoto to Osaka.
– Trinity Hobby Shop – Synduality Noir – A piece of Japan in Ottawa, next to Westgate mall. Roommate forwarded me here.
– This whole section at Trinity Hobby is a replication of what I’ve seen across Japan. From Fukuoka up to Sapporo. The nostalgia, and the awesomeness I can enjoy this piece of the pie locally.
– Thai to Go (Ottawa) Singapore Noodles. Card holders, and two 30 Minute Sister accessories from Trinity Hobby.
– Japan (2024).

Japanese people actually desired to hang out with me, something I rarely, if at all, see in Canada. Everybody is shy, hiding, or reluctant to do anything. Everything is always an excuse in Canada. Japanese folk make it their mission to connect, to be friends, if it lines up with their hobbies. Japan is far more true to themselves than what I have seen with Canadians.

– Japan (2024) trip focused mainly on Azur Lane, with a touch of KanColle.

I haven’t forsaken Kantai Collection, Kantai Collection has however forsaken me. I’m not allowed to play KanColle, unless I use a software program to play it. I play Azur Lane for easier playing. More immersive, more fun. It even has AR mode. I still respect Kantai Collection, and the reason why I’ve visted Yokosuka, Kure, Maizuru, and Tango-Yura. I even desired to visit Sasebo, something I failed to do on my second trip.

– Japan 2024 trip – Figure photography with Yuudachi and Suisei.
– Japan 2023 trip.
– Japan 2023 trip (Sapporo focus).
– Japan 2023 Sapporo focus.
– Japan 2023 Sapporo Focus.
– Bonus: Vancouver 2022 trip – Camping Cultus Lake.
– Bonus: British Columbia – Various lighthouses.
– Bonus – Various Vancouver & Vancouver island lighthouses.
– Japan 2023 trip (Final days).
– Bonus: My European 2008 trip making me overly happy. Slovakia, Croatia, and Austria.

Seeing Canada slip down a slippery slope has me desiring traditional Europe back. Seeing Canada being fake political has me desiring a more traditional, common-sensed Japan, one where Western nations aren’t blackmailing, strong-arming, and openly sabotaging Japan with their fake political garbage. Japan was the most enjoyable on its more natural, more rural-urban areas (small towns and cities), and rural side of things. It’s traditional landmarks, castles, efficient trains, convenient stores & konbini, roadways, parks, and other non-political practices. Everything is Japanese, and Japanese itself.

If something goes Western it turns to trash. Japanese Towers turned into sexual violation structures for the morally depraved LGBTQ & other fake activism groups to violate other people for morally delusional folks willing to destroy Japanese values. Even a café on the outskirts of Sapporo sabotaging Hokkaido’s more cultural side of things. Standards and values are slipping, even in Japan. Japan should stay Japan, Canada should stay Canada, and everything should be made normal again. Everything is being intentionally sabotaged.

Natural beauty is best beauty. Meaning, honesty is best policy.

Azur Lane – Loyalty Wavering & Admiration of Escapism:

Screenshot_20240229_203124_Azur Lane
– Azur Lane – S.O.S

My loyalty to Azur Lane has wavered slightly. After having been betrayed, gate-kept, and over-stressed by Kantai Collection I was forced to jump-ship onto Azur Lane in hopes of connecting with my Canadian shipgirls from the World War 2 era. Azur Lane isn’t perfect (it is Chinese), it however is doing far more than what those developing KanColle have ever done. They’ve had far many more collaborations, many more events, and they tried branching out on numerous occasions. They however have far further to go. Sadly, Manjuu had a reason world-wide protest against how they’ve designed HMS Anson to appear similar to Blue Archive’s Cherino. She did not match the style of her fellow sisters, having to be recalled and replaced by another shipgirl. Manjuu fails here and there, and I honestly admit Azur Lane isn’t perfect. They aren’t even honest about Canada, Australia (ANZAC), Dutch, and other factions waiting their turn to be added.

Still, to this day, and with how many blog postings I’ve made regarding adding Canada’s naval fleet into Azur Lane, they’re still not present. It genuinely pains me. It pains me so much I can’t be fully patriotic thanks to lame excuses. I’m now at the point where I’m viewing Manjuu as being genuinely afraid of Canadians to the point they can’t add something simple as an “minor nation”. If you can copy and paste a naval fleet then do so. If you can change their paint schemes, their prefixes (HMS to HMCS) then do so, and if you can tease us with ‘Maple Monarchy’ then add Canadians into Azur Lane. Same thing can be said to Kantai Collection. But because Canadians are falsely viewed as Royal Navy under false technicalities everything has to be a pile of trash.

The day shall be highly glorious when we (the true real Canadians) are finally allowed to connect with our Canadian shipgirls in both Azur Lane and Kantai Collection. Until that day, I’ll keep making AI art of Canadian shipgirls until something officially solid comes.

– (AI Art) A Canadian shipgirl walking through Vancouver’s downtown marina area.
– (AI Art) A Canadian shipgirl standing in Vancouver’s downtown marina area.
– (AI Art) An adorable Canadian shipgirl curiously knelling on her battleship rigging (View the three pre-WW1 Queen Elizabeth-Class Battleships). Genuinely admire the overly massive Canadian flag cape.
– (AI Art) An overly cute idol-like shipgirl proudly showing both herself & her rigging off in a downtown Vancouver area.

I’m intentionally sharing battleship riggings on these Canadian shipgirls thanks to how Canadians attempted to obtain three Queen Elizabeth-Class Battleships pre-WW1. Canadians could have had HMCS Ontario, HMCS Quebec, and HMCS Acadia in their fleet to bolster their ranks. As paper ships, something Azur Lane admires playing around with, one should have that ability to research and put into action these proposed QE battleships in their humanoid, yet weaponized appearances.

And because Manjuu is now an overly bloated company I can’t even properly suggest Canadians. Trolls also swiftly latch on to gaslight, invalidate, and troll every comments, even if people eventually saw their beloved HMCS Haida roam free in World of Warships. Sadly, I refuse to play World of Warships & War Thunder with how cramped and limiting both feel. At least with KanColle and Azur Lane I could use photoshop; AR Mode on Azur Lane’s side to proudly display Canadians everywhere.

Again, if one desires for me to stop posting AI art of Canadian shipgirls then convince Azur Lane and KanColle to stop being scared and cowardly by finally, and properly implementing Canadians into their games. Let Canadians finally connect with their Canadian shipgirls. Any, and all, excuses are just that, excuses. One must add them in if one truly cares about naval history and gameplay loop. Until then, I’ll keep generating AI art until something official is created.

Screenshot_20240326_203612_Azur Lane
– On March 26th, 2024 I finally ringed HMS Monarch thanks to her MVP status in both my JP & EN account. Mainly my EN account now.

Before anyone gaslights me, shuns me, or trolls me, keep in mind real women don’t desire love, nor do they make any active (assertive) attempts as they once had. Maybe they do, they’re now being made the minority, hence these romantic escapism into Anime & other mediums to seek what has now been lost. Not just to me, but to other guys as well. We don’t matter to real-world women, only as walking wallets and fake rape-accusations, as noted in the first 2 episodes of ‘Shield Hero’ Anime. It’s why the politically corrupted ‘Anime News Network’ was offended by that show for calling out the real world.

I desire my escapism, and Azur Lane provides it. Sure, it won’t replace real-world women, but it can at least give me wholesome smiles, laughs, and happy memories in alternate ways. If women desire to be intentionally vapid then other males and myself shall stay “herbivore males” until women wise up. Once women desire to be modestly active and respectful again, then great. We can have fun again!

Screenshot_20240326_203720_Azur Lane
– Everybody desires to feel validated, even HMS Monarch. She was seen as a discarded papership, now a physical representation in the “real world”, at least in the Azur Lane world.
Screenshot_20240326_203737_Azur Lane
– March 26, 2024 – Happily ringed HMS Monarch for being an awesome shipgirl. The thought isn’t serious, though if she was real I would ring her ASAP. I wouldn’t let her go if she was a real-world women.
Screenshot_20240424_211727_Azur Lane
– Kaga (BB) – She doesn’t care what you do, just as long as you’re honest and genuine about what you do.
Screenshot_20240424_211842_Azur Lane
– Various event equipment obtained during various events. Echoes of Relinquished Time.

A new musical event dropped for Azur Lane, this time bringing the third musical event for Azur Lane. My favourite shipgirl, HMS Formidable, gaining her Muse form. Awesome! Tons of story dialogue to be had, as such with Formidable having a potty mouth (Pain in the bum), and being highly unladylike, and a trio of Yandere told to “get a room”.

Screenshot_20240425_123829_Azur Lane
Screenshot_20240425_123948_Azur Lane
Screenshot_20240425_124026_Azur Lane
– HMS Formidable (Muse) – One of my favourite shipgirls.
Screenshot_20240425_124945_Azur Lane
– Kongo Muse with an Alice in the Wonderland vibe. The cat.
Screenshot_20240427_000301_Azur Lane
Screenshot_20240427_005415_Azur Lane
Screenshot_20240427_005535_Azur Lane
– Formidable Stamps get!
Screenshot_20240427_031532_Azur Lane
– Alizarin Support Towel get (equipment for shipgirls).
Screenshot_20240502_025239_Azur Lane
– Cute little Shinano-Chan, one who has a pillow as her rigging. She scolds you when you touch her inappropriately.

Gyubee’s – Japanese Grill (Merivale Location) – March 20th, 2024:

As I’ve noted previously, Ottawa is boring on the social level of things. I had to ask everybody, including the kitchen sink, if anybody desired to eat. Things turned complicated, yet was finally able to eat out at Gyubees after much poking and pressuring. Nice!

Gyubee’s (in Merivale) is always fully packed making it highly impossible to venture into. One has to go in off peak-hours to even eat there. Parking lot is always packed from 6 PM, till maybe closing time, making eating there a genuine luxurious experience. It’s worth it. It’s worth the $70 Canadian.

– Finally eating out at Gyubee’s after a lengthy period of time.

The reason one can sense hostilities in my wording comes down to being flaked out upon. I either struggle to find interested people, or people can’t go thanks to their religion, or my friends are in Japan themselves. Ottawa is socially boring, now more than ever. Everybody I asked was tied down, refused, or was unable to. I’ve also observed this place being renovated into a Gyubee’s restaurant, yet I always have to be the last person in. I always have to be bullied, rejected, or flaked out on needing to scold people for flaking out on me.

I’m peeved with how everybody else managed to go to this place prior to my going there. I saw it being renovated, and I shared it with people in my social circle. Even still, it felt like I was the last one to go there. Everybody always has to steal my god damn thunder in this God forsaken city, the same city always holding me down (holding me back), bullying me on a Liberal scale of morality.

Even so, I’m honestly thankful and grateful I was finally able to enjoy this place; The lovely meal eating as much as we could. Both my coworker-friend and myself pigging out on almost everything on the menu. We ate so much my friend nearly felt like vomitting his food. My friend didn’t vomit, he however groaned with pain constantly.

– Poi! Yuudachi next to some raw meat ready to be grilled.
– The best parts were eating the various sausages and shrimp.
– Lovely sausages and shrimp! Some mushrooms to go along with it. The salmon was a bit trickier to deal with thanks to how the heat had to initially build up.
– Some grilled sausages, and Yuudachi going “Poi!”

We had a very casual conversation about Calgary, Japan, and how we’re trying to date women. Trying to state our directions and goals in life. I had to also tell him how I fair with women, and how I had a memorable encounter with one in Sapporo’s Mount Moiwa when a Japanese girl was concerned about my well-being on the mountain. I was huffing and puffing, and I told him about Kumiko. Sadly, I don’t know much about her, only about what I’ve stated in my Sapporo 2023 blog posting. She was simply a passing Japanese girl slightly concerned about me being there.

My luck with girls is poor, especially thanks to their piss-poor egoistic attitude, or assume I’ll sexually violate them, or stay huddled up, and other introverted anti-social behaviour. Or they’ll flirt with other guys leaving others high and dry. They only seem to care if they themselves can gain something from you, or if they can act fake in any way. I would much rather find that one special “unicorn” (as someone else put it) finding girls on a more natural level, as I had done in the past. I used to converse with more natural girls back in the 1990’s, ones who were assertive, curious, and approached you just as much as you would approach them. The same deal with how Kumiko had approached me on Mount Moiwa back in 2023, concerned about my well-being in a loose sense. I was huffing and puffing, yet fine. I was simply making way for her.

If more girls could be like that (more assertive), and like Shikimori from the ‘Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie’ Anime, they would genuinely be more attractive and more lovable. We would love girls who are more assertive. I miss when girls/women behaved more openly, more like proper human beings. Other foreigners to Japan labeling Japanese girls as – “vapid” – seems highly appropriate, especially with how I was ignored on an Ueno-bound train heading into Tokyo during my Japan 2024 trip (Day 1). I just have no luck with girls, and I’m basically hanging back thanks to the behaviour of other girls & women. If they desire to be retarded, vapid, and egoistical playing stupid games then I’ll hang back, like an “herbivore male”, as Japanese girls call them. Sure, I may be bothered not having a girl, but at least I won’t have a slut, nor a bitch, as Japanese locals call such girls. And yes, I’m also aware that being assertive also may come off as being a scam-girl seeking profit.

If women can be women again (like old times) things wouldn’t have to be this stupidly moronic. My coworker friend also wouldn’t have to deal with MILFs fake-praising him on dating applications. I even warned him, he ignored me. I genuinely, and outright warned him about MILFS, even showing him highly deranged wives physically abusing and torturing their husbands. Headlines, and such. Once people burn themselves do they listen. Idiots……… I warned you! I warned another coworker about his love life, he didn’t listen and was burned for it. Everything is a god damn farce.

– POI! This food though! This food is delicious! Shrimp and sausages. I love shrimp.
– Beef, shrimp, sausages, salmon, corn, among other stuff.
– Clams! Surprisingly good, if small. Poi! POI!~
– We eventually learned to cut a few pieces of meet to grill. Tons of shrimp, beef, sausages, and other fun stuff to grill.
– Lamb pieces. I attempted to recall my moment in Sapporo when I was moved from one seat, to the next, then the next, and then finally able to awkwardly grill my own food on a finite grill. The Ottawa experience came off as far better for me, something which I enjoyed more than my awkward Sapporo one where the female staff were unsure how to handle me there.
– Video – Happily grilling my food (Lamb pieces).

I’ve also attempted to encourage my friend to try out Tako Yaki, maybe if a bit aggressively, to which he only tried one, and I had to eat the rest. Shame. I recall my Japanese version to be crispier in Osaka 2023. Hard to tell now.

After my lamb pieces we eventually had ice cream, something we genuinely enjoyed at the end.

– After a lengthy while we had some

I’ve actually enjoyed myself at Gyubee’s, and I wouldn’t mind going back. I would happily go back, if I can find more friends who aren’t pinned down, tied down, or simply flake on you for weird reasons. I need to find more social friends.

I’m genuinely far more satisfied once my coworker-friend stopped flaking on me, eventually finally deciding to go, as we had initially promised. If I only had a proper partner in crime things like this wouldn’t happen. I’m happy I enjoyed Gyubee’s, and I would go back again. I wish people were more honest and true to themselves. Same goes for women being dishonest needing to behave more womenly and less slutty and bitchy. This is also why I see white males with Asian girls/women as their partners and wives. Women have failed. Gyubee’s was awesome though, and I respect that. Gyubee’s gains high praise from me.

Mini-Lego Building – Resting (March 20th):

The same day I went out to eat with a coworker-friend, I had to rest at my roommate’s basement after all that food. I was bloated. While he was playing his game I decided it was finally time to build my Lego sets. They were sitting there, I had to build something.

– A Minecraft Fox Lego Set obtained from Vancouver 2022.
– Finished Lego set. Kon! Kon! One can even see my Steam deck behind the Lego set.
– The interior.
– Mandalorian Lego Set.

Figure Photography (Of the Casual Kind):

– Suisei, Mio, & Yuudachi.
– My whole gang on top of my prized card collection. Roommate’s dog, Ziggy.
– Card holder, Suisei, and Kasumi card from Azur Lane. A Kaga pin from Kure, Japan.
– Kasumi & Kasumi; Suisei and Kaga.
– Azur Lane’s Formidable (Japan & English version), Kasumi, and Kasumi AR Mode.
– Proof I have HMS Formidable in English and Japanese.

Ottawa – Snowy Forecast & Thunderstorms:

It’s funny how Ottawa was still hit very little snow of trivial value. It still desired to snow, something which it snowed. Some stuck, others not so much. It was a very mild winter, something which was better experienced in Japan’s Hokkaido province with snow gales, snowstorms, and other fun wintery weather mixes.

– Snow on March 24th, 2024, into the next day.
– Snow, and more snow.
– On March 26th I happily purchased both the Snow Ice of Cookie & Cream, and of the Milk Shake variety. I attempted to seek out local alternatives, even importing options. I have to obtain from my usual snack shop. (Murmansk from Azur Lane’s AR mode). (Japan’s LOTTE ice cream)

This is what I mean! Japan makes all the fun stuff. Japan has the actual good stuff to consume and enjoy, while Canadians have to scrape the bottom of the barrel for any of the good stuff. For example, Krispy Kreme exists in every other Canadian city, just not in Ottawa. Why? I don’t know, but I can guess it’s because we are a Liberal-oriented city. You know, the “no fun allowed”, and “the city that fun forgot” settlement in Ontario.

The same city which shunned the Freedom Convoy, yet proudly supports BLM, fake Trans garbage, and every other fake nonsense. The fake stuff which funnels the actual stuff into other major city, just not Ottawa. Yeah, Ottawa is genuinely a “toddler city”, I agree. I digress.

– First real thunderstorm happening at 1:40 AM, and then properly at 4:30-4:50 AM with the loudest & brightest thunder.

Three thunderstorms were to be had for three nights, the third one having only two lighting and thunder moments. Just three noteworthy thunderstorms at the end of April, and between the hours of 1 AM and 5 AM; Mainly at 4:30 AM

Fast Food Experimentations:

With all these advertisements to get people to eat various gimmicks and foods, I thought I’d bite on a few here and there. Thought I’d experiment to see what’s what, for science. If I’m going to be knowledgeable then I must be aware of what foods people are selling, and where. I’ve always done this for various places.

– Pizza Pizza – Snack Box – Coke, Popcorn chicken poutine, curly fries and classic chicken wings for $24 Canadian. Something like this should be $17-12, not $24! Absolute stupidity.

For something so pricy, it doesn’t even look as advertised in the menu. Sure, it has curly fries, and wings. It doesn’t look close! It looks half-that, and I’m well aware of how fast-food joints “dress up” their food on toothpicks and such. This genuinely angered me.

Popcorn poutine? Was a bit better. The food was decent, you however wouldn’t catch me ordering this in a casual manner. For science? Sure, but not casually. I genuinely desire to chew both Dictator Trudeau and those in the top seats in Fast Food corporations for artificially inflating these prices even further, especially during the time people are going homeless, and becoming stingier with their wallets. Screw this and your fake political garbage. I’m talking about fake artificial economical inflation, and not of the proper kind. Similar to how Loblaws doubles and triples their food prices, and how gas stations were caught inflating their prices to gouge more from your wallet. It’s all a farce. Makes me livid.

– Dipping into Japanese instant Green Tea using Azur Lane’s AR mode. I had to drink some tea while feeling sick (Cold/Flu).
– Trying out the new Tim Horton’s Red Pepper Pinwheels. They gain my stamp of approval. I love these things.
– Flat bread pizza – Bacon everything was a disaster. (1595 Merival Road)

I waited around 30~ minutes for my order. I gained my donuts sooner than my pizza, something which I was told lasted around, or more than half-an-hour at a Tim Horton’s in Ottawa’s Meadowland’s & Merivale Road (next to Red Lobster). Yes, I’m going to call them out because they hired overly confused staff. Over-worked, under-staffed with tons of confusion. With how busy that location is the place needs another staff-member and another oven. It needs more care and attention. I get it, fast-food joints hire people at the lowest expenses, hence the lower results. Similar to how Tim Horton’s Victoria hired literal kids to work in their backrooms, those appearing like 7 year old guy and girl, one whom my friend scolded for not knowing how to do their job while sleep-deprived himself.

What’s the problem? As noted above, and how my Boston Cream donut (on the right) melted, and how little toppings was placed on my pizza. It isn’t even half, nor a quarter of the necessary amount. It doesn’t even look like a pizza.

– Popeyes with two-piece chicken, yet missing out on fries. The brown container contains ‘Buffalo loaded Poutine’, something which caused me to sleep horribly in the night. It also missed out on the nuggets. I received no fries on the left, and no nuggets on the right. Fast food joints are failing me!
– Upper view looking down.

If you’re curious about the plushies, one is from Yokosuka Curry, and the other is a mascot for Kure. And then a round 2 to see what a real Flat-bread pizza is, without the rushing.

– Two pinwheels, one flat-bread pizza, and two items from the over-prized grocer, Loblaws, being crispy Chicken sandwhich and Sushi.

I had a far better result this time around, yet still see Tim Horton’s being stingy with the toppings. There needs to be more on the flatbread pizza, as advertised. Stop pissing me off. It’s better, in the 80-90% range, yet still appears to be highly held back on. I get it, fast-food, new trainee at the time, and the way things are. It appears every Tim Horton’s staff are confused as the next.

– Flat-bread Pizza – Bacon Everything: It’s better, it’s enjoyable, just not the best.
– Enjoying some rare summer vibes at a park while eating my sushi and crispy chicken sandwhich on a rare spring sunny day. A nice park relaxing moment. Kasumi from Azur Lane.
– If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. If Fast-food joints are going to cut corners then I might as well find quick-and-easy ways to prepare food my way. Shinano-Chan’s AR mode for cuteness effect. I only ate 3, leaving others for the next following days.

Blue Archive – Happiness:

Blue Archive has kept me happy in times when Azur Lane has failed to do so. Many wholesome and adorable moments, as well as grim and relatable moments.

Screenshot_20240404_213342_Blue Archive
– Proudly recruiting Ichika on April 4th in a lucky recruitment! WOOO!~ Luck was with me here.

Just as I was lucky with Ichika, I was also surprisingly lucky with the recent Railgun T collaboration with Blue Archive. I happily gained Shokuhou Misaki, Misaka Mikoto, and Saten Ruiko. I didn’t have to waste too many tickets and gems. Only a few here and there.

Screenshot_20240430_223659_Blue Archive
Screenshot_20240430_223825_Blue Archive
Screenshot_20240430_231610_Blue Archive

I’m genuinely happy with my RNG here, even if other people won’t celebrate it with me on Twitter/X. I feel alone, once again. Nothing new there.

Screenshot_20240402_233239_Blue Archive
– I feel Ichika and myself can relate. We can only hold so much patience in until we both explode. I feel we can connect with one another on a temper-level.

Japanese people have attempted to tell me (via social media) to relax, and to chill out, yet my temper is what it is thanks to my environment. I’m surrounded by morally corrupted idiots who believe being LGBTQ somehow makes them special allowing them to rape, violate, and sabotage both property and media mediums (Anime, Cartoons, movies, games, etc) while assuming they have an “get out of jail for free” card. They’re retarded. I miss the time prior to all this mental delusion when people were still naive, yet still normal in some way. They still had various forms of common sense making them more desirable than some delusional activist willing to mutilate their body. Japan is my peace, and I desire to escape to Japan.

Canada makes me angry, Japan makes me happy, and my connection with Ichika is relatable.

Screenshot_20240402_233340_Blue Archive
– “So why don’t every single one of you join me in hell?” – Ichika blowing her top.
Screenshot_20240402_233756_Blue Archive
– What?! I admire the way you do things. Once shit hits the fan you do what needs to be done, and I admire that. 😉
Screenshot_20240402_234447_Blue Archive
– Honesty is best policy. 😉

And this is why I admire Blue Archive. For the relatable characters, for the story, the comedy, the music (especially the music), and theme. It’s all awesome, something we all miss and desire in our real-world. We desire some sense of normalcy, something these girls themselves strive for in their chaotic world.

Microsoft Flight Sim – Japan:

As I’ve stated numerous times, Japan makes me happy, and even in it’s digital form. Even if Microsoft can’t produce proper stable games to save their lives, they can however briefly provide a platform to explore Japan before their own products implode on themselves. Their flight sim clients tends to perform worse the longer the client is running, eventually causing an ‘Crash to desktop’ (CTD) to occur. It’s so bad it hasn’t been fixed for years, yet it’s going into 2024. Even so, I had to connect with Japan via Flight sim to satisfy my desires of being back in Japan. I desired to explore places I’ve been, haven’t been, and places I desire to go. Many things are broken, but many elements are negatively effected by fake political activism. The flight experience can still be slightly rewarding, just not by much. So much for a neutral flying experience. You’re even forced to be fake ‘LGBTQ’ in Flight Sim, something which makes absolutely no sense…. It’s all a farce.

– Proudest, yet spooky moment flying past an ominous Mount Fuji. Very cloudy, yet rewarded with a digital glimpse.
– The presence is like kneeling to a God, and that’s how I view it.
– Roaming around Tsushima Island when whole of Japan was covered in clouds (April 8th, 2024)
– Roaming around Tsushima. Landed, taking off after.

I always take off from where I last left off. I had a few sessions taking me from Narita to Tsushima, Busan, Narita, and aiming for Kushiro. From there you can see where I flew. I flew from Kushiro aiming for a fly-by past Sapporo, into Russia, North Korea, South Korea (listening to Stellar Blade videos & how to punish Sony for their censorship tactics), flew over and past both Busan & Incheon/Seoul towards Taiwan. Had a lengthy flight towards Taiwan, flying over various islands connected to Eastern China.

My stupid Microsoft Flight Sim (2020) client decided to stutter, lag, freeze, and then crash to desktop at Taipei. I was furious. I was seeking out a place to land! Stupid politically driven client. I’m not joking! Everything Microsoft does is politically driven, yet fixing bugs and errors is last on their list. My specific issue is years old! Years! They care more about Trans people, token black people, Ukrainian politics, and any politically driven drivel and bigotry than they do about their supposedly “neutral” flight sim. Canada’s scenery is still broken, and I view it as karma for how politically corrupted Canadians are themselves. Serves them right, being a Canadian myself. You reap what you sow.

– Flying from Kushiro, over both Korea, and into Taipei where my client CTD.

Hospital Visit – (March 4th to 7th) – Ottawa Queensway Carlton Hospital:

I had to make a sudden visit to the hospital after some undisclosed complications. An infection started to grow in the general groin area requiring a visit to the hospital after my work-shift concluded. I was unable to stand, let alone sit, and my ass hurt from the general fatigue of the infection in the other region. All because I’ve done something stupid in Japan, something I’d rather not get into detail about. Only a select few people know, and I haven’t told certain close friends. Only two people.

I basically went home after my shift, cleaned myself off, and headed to the hospital to wait over 9 hours. I had to be tested twice (before and even prior to my eventual entry into the hospital examination), noted my situation general, and even was eventually allowed to be checked up on. They noted the severity, even belatedly noting my fever was caused by the infection. It was severe infection. I sadly had to miss out on a few workplace shifts, and even accidentally missing out on a banking appointment I had on March 7th. I was discharged too late for that one.

– Emergency Room #1

I was put to sleep 3 times, the third one knocking me out the longest. I was far groggier on the third. I basically came into the hospital without eating much, or any food prior to going to the hospital (only eating chips from the vending machine). I was also encouraged to washroom as much as possible, something I’ve done.

– Emergency Room #1

I was in such a bad state I had no time to cut my hair, my nails, nor my beard. I had rough sleepless nights the nights prior, as stated by my fever causing my heart rate to be higher than normal. I was stressed, and with an infection. I had a high heart rate at the time. Highly fatigued from the infection I gained.

– 102 heart rate at 4 AM in the morning.
– I was placed on numerous IV’s, something I dreaded having come here. I assumed I would come in, get it sorted, and head out. I took a few naps after the first emergency room run.

From here I would stay one night, then the next, then the next, all while playing MineTest on my Steam Deck to get my railway running. I was also trying to get my phone charged, playing both Azur Lane, and even Blue Archive. I even caught myself tossing and turning the next night, partially ruining the IV connected to my arm. An old guy was ruder (blunt) more than he should have. Helpful, yet someone I was agitated with. I however respected a fellow Slovak guy who tended to me whenever able, someone who was also sadly verbally assaulted by an old hag (as noted below). He was overly kind, yet overworked and spread thin among the patients. Once I settled into the hospital I actually enjoyed the standard food provided to me for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Even orange juice for the night. I however didn’t enjoy being tethered to the wall, nor scolded by certain hospital staff. Wish I could have complimented the Slovak guy about Slovakia, seeing as how my parents and my influences come from there. Born in Canada, yet have Slovak influences.

I had to also hear a few cases of ‘Code White in Area C’, and even one relating to pregnancy. Was turned from one severe code to a more severe code.

I was constantly poked, prodded, and even in necessary embarrassing moments to stay healthy. I once became agitated when one moment I’m told I can lay down and urinate in the urine bottles, and the next scolded and instructed to take my IV machine to the washroom and back. Because of the IV machine I was forced to stay in bed longer than I should have. They were probably annoyed at me just as much as I was annoyed at the equipment tethering me into the wall like a ethernet cable for a computer. Some parts were fun, other parts not so much. I disliked being next to an ungrateful screaming old hag harassing the nurses when they were also tasked with helping me out. Constantly crying in pain, whining, moaning. An elderly old hag in her 80’s to 90’s being vile. Even complaining about a fire drill, one which lasted for far too long.

The nurses, and the head specialist, always kept me hooked up on the IV machine to pump as much drip into me as possible. All the necessary medicines, antibiotics, and all that lovely types. Even one being overly cold causing my left arm to go cold. Uncomfortable. I even had one of my trusted friends visit me, providing me a charger and a morale boost. He only came once, and that’s that.

In the third room (the pregnancy’s & child-birth zone) I felt more restless. I was placed there for the final 2 days to make room in the room I was prior. They couldn’t wait the final 1-2 days. The buildings were of older design putting me more at unease. Seeing older structures and designs really makes me feel paranoid about things. Thankfully I had a male roommate, even hearing about the Kanata shooting of numerous people. He even played cards on his phone.

– At least I had a good view.

And some images of the in-hospital food services you get. I used TB from Azur Lane to “decorate” the pictures. Something is better than nothing. TB was my partner while eating. After having not eaten anything prior, and during my 3 operations, I was finally able to eat the next day. I was starving, and I would stay craving food the next following days.

One of the nurses even noting my fever could have caused me my death, or implied it. My infection made things highly dangerous, hence the numerous days at the hospital. I thank them for their vigilance and the care. I would have stayed longer, I however had things to tend to making me highly cranky. I also desired not to be scolded by certain hospital staff over certain issues.

Throughout my experiences some nurses were better than others. Some annoyed me, others were angelic, and others were here and there. I preferred the overly hospitable kinds, the ones who tried to make your life in the hospital as pleasing as possible. The one I disliked were those with passive-aggression in them. If you want me to do something then tell me straight. Don’t leave me guessing. Next time state what you desire of me openly. If you want me to washroom in the washroom, and not in the bottle, then state that.

– Day 1 meal.
– One of my favourite! Salmon and asparagus. I enjoyed the salmon.
– My final day meal at the hospital was this chicken salad, and I was happy.

I was finally discharged for 1 PM on March 7th. I had stuff removed from my person, even the 1 inch long needle stuck in my arm’s vein, and got dressed. I said my quick good-byes, my “thank you’s”, and how the food was great. I wouldn’t mind staying, but I also didn’t desire to get scolded by hospital staff. I also had an appointment to tend to, something which made me frustrated. I wasn’t frustrated at the hospital, I was frustrated at the appointment. I’m aware I could have called to rebook, I however wasn’t unsure about the number to call back, if I could call back, and how to call back in a hospital setting, etc.

1 PM, I rushed out the hospital. I felt drowsy and fatigued, yet tried to go as far as possible. I took a strange detour out by heading the wrong way, unable to find a proper exit sign. Once found, I walked out feeling strange, yet excited. I made my way towards the 88 bus stop, asked how to pay with the Presto Card, and eventually hopped on once the bus arrived. Too many gangsters and hipster-wannabies on the bus. It annoyed me. I was still in hospital mode desiring the most convenient way to both the College Square (Baseline), and home. Eventually hopped off, crossed a few roads, and nearly got ran over by a hot-shot wannabie in their stupid car. Constantly revving their car, being impatient, and just pretending to be hotshots. Unsure if they were able to tell if I came from a hospital, I hope they eventually realized. They would have made me gone back if they had realized. Bought me some sushi at Loblaws, sped walked back home, and that’s that.

My friends desiring a debrief, something I’ve told them. I told them everything which had occured, and why, while not going into certain specifics.

Ottawa – Eclipse:

It was neat experiencing the scenery darkening gradually around the area. Becoming darker, even surreal. From my perspective I viewed it as being on the Moon, or even Mars, with how the light was shown to be dimmed there. It was neat seeing the area around being both lit up and darkened at the very same time.

Ottawa - Eclipse (Edited)
– You can see a lovely halo around the sun.

And that’s that! I guess there are certain benefits of being in Ottawa, something you wouldn’t capture in Japan at the time. Japan has so many things going for it making this eclipse a drop in the bucket. I would have been busy tending to other things. Then again, I’m genuinely grateful for finally experiencing a neat eclipse, one I have missed many times previously.

Various Final Thoughts:

– Stellar Blade, a game I strongly desire to play on my Steam Deck. Sony made 100% sure to prevent people from playing this game, censoring and sabotaging it at every possible point.

Stellar Blade & Sony:
I genuinely desire to play Stellar Blade, I however can’t thanks to Sony Playstation’s active sabotage. PS3 was my final Playstation device, or even PS Vita. Both are out of comission in one way or another. Refused to get a PS4 with no active Gundam game announced, and similar for PS5. I now, more than ever, refuse to even go near a Sony Playstation device for the following reasons.

  1. No proper Gundam game was made for PS4 & PS5. No VR mode was considered for any Gundam game to take advantage of PSVR, or VR itself on PC platforms.
  2. Censorship. Plain and simple. Everything censored on Playstation is uncensored on other platforms.
  3. Sony butchered ‘Samurai Maiden’ in general, and on Steam causing people who voiced their feedback to get banned for intentional censorship. Intentional politically-charged mistranslations, censored character, bad gameplay, and no Steam Deck support until months later.
  4. Intentional sabotage of Stellar Blade, forced locked exclusive for something which was initially going to be a PC release. Sony intentionally caged, censored, and went against their word on Stellar Blade’s censorship noting one moment there is none to actively censoring whatever IGN desired Sony to censor. Sony strong-arming Shift Up to butcher their own game because IGN had ill intentions to sabotage the game.
  5. Sony is no longer a Japanese company. They sold their souls to an American devil turning any games prior, during, and after into a political mess. Supporting Sony is no longer supporting a Japanese company, only an American politically driven demon. They intentionally allow American +18 lewdness and sex, yet censor anything Asian. American bias and Asian sabotage.
  6. Korea Maxim: Model Agency had to call out Western grand delusions about women simply being fit women after IGN France, France, and anything Western being highly vulgar to normal and healthy women. Women aren’t allowed to exist in western society, nor are they allowed to be well endowed, modest, healthy, or even of womenly gendered birth. They mocked the fake ideals of Western society twice, or even more times.
  7. Sony isn’t your friend, now more than ever. If you desire to be normal Sony will destroy you. Sony seeks politically-charged destruction of Asian and Japanese society. Only fake politics reigns supreme. All hail Sony! (All Hail Hitler!).
  8. Just as much as Sony doesn’t desire curvy, beautiful, and healthy women, neither does Microsoft. Hence, why even Microsoft games are as trashy as Sony’s mediums. Corporate political corruption and intentional sabotage.
  9. Sony censored Tsukihime, meanwhile Nintendo Switch version and artbook has been left untouched. Asians and Japanese are offensive to Sony, eh? PS5 censors everything Asian, yet Nintendo allows everything as is.
  10. Japanese folks are calling Sony ‘KUSONY’ (Kuso = Shit), hence “KUSONY”. Basically “SHITSONY”. Nice!

I’m happy with my PC and Steam Deck, thank you very much. Fuck Sony, and I wish any Japanese attempting to be patriotic towards Sony (assuming it’s Japanese) finds their path in the world soon. Don’t be loyal to Sony, they’re no longer your friends, or never were in the first place once they’ve gone American (had an American branch). I hope they wake up to see where their allegiance can actually be found at. It’s not with Sony, nor any AAA game company and studio, that’s for sure. Everything has to be about fake political garbage, and fake Trans LGBTQ bullcrap. Nothing truthful, nor honest. All fake. Shift Up Korea was being honest, Sony sadly sabotaged them by also keeping them contained as an exclusive. Foul play. Stellar Blade should have been an all-platform release, something Sony should now burn for. Hypocrisy, censorship, and foul play.

Rising World (Arcticu Empire):

The game is similar to Minecraft, if with more realistic graphics. While waiting for the game to update I’ve used Bing AI to come up with a few banner and flag ideas for my Arcticu Empire. Red and white, and with a fox on the banner. The somewhat fragmented ring around the fox face could note “unity”, and other similar manners. Always seeking balance, knowledge, and exploration.

– Arcticu Empire Navy
– Arcticu Empire – Main flag.

– If you’re a normal, non-politically charged individual, you’ll be considered “Alt-Right”, or even “far-Right”. If Liberals saw you then consider yourself a faux ‘Nazi’. Liberalism is cancer. You’re an alleged “extremist” for desiring a normal life.

Thanks for reading. And, as noted, I did say this would be quite winded, and maybe all over the place. I had to make up for the few months I’ve missed thanks to various health issues, hospital visits, work, and feeling under the weather. I had to make up for lost time from when I came back from Japan till May. That’s a fair amount of time to make note of many things. As of April 24th, 2024 I gave myself a haircut returning my appearance to how I appeared in Japan. That nice low buzzcut. I don’t care what people say, I admire not combing my hair, and I’ll keep doing that. I’ll be stubborn this way.

Now that I’m all caught up we can return to the glory of Japan! The glorious Japan 2024 trip in both images and video format! 😉