Trip to Japan – Round 2 – Day 1 (2024)

– It’s time to head to Japan, from Ottawa, during an freezing rain incident & Ottawa airport computer malfunctions. A rough start to the second Japan trip.

This blogpost covers the day of January 25th & 26th while in Ottawa, Vancouver; January 27th upon arrival in Tokyo, Japan.

The time has finally arrived allowing me to travel back to Japan, if with many hiccups and painful moments for my round 2 travel back to Japan. Tons of painful moments prior to the trip, gradually leading into more happier, more memorable moments. I initially planned to visit Japan mainly for Sapporo’s Winter snow festival, something I would eventually succeed in doing, surrounded by other fun moments both before and after my Sapporo Winter Festival visit. A few final hiccups had to occur during the day of January 25th, and into 26th of January, 2024, it however all mellowed out after.

I suffered a case of “lack of sleep”, had a nose bleed at 7 AM, and was feeling highly under the weather from a season Cold/Flu during that time leading into my “rest day” prior to the nightly flight leading into a morning Vancouver visit. I had to take Neo Citran to stay normal for the day just to survive. I then had a rough on-off sleep till 12 PM, unable to sleep any longer than that. I also had to make note of Ottawa Airport’s various computer systems being down causing further chaos and hiccups in the airport. I especially noted these hiccups to my friends and coworkers. I basically spent the rest of the day last-minute packing, researching, and even obtaining a last few necessary things. I had to buy an additional lock and an Canadian address tag from Walmart prior to my trip departure. I basically coasted until the time was ready.

I struggled all day, and the same with Ottawa Airport. I even ate insanely slowly with how much I felt highly under the weather. I felt miserable, just like the freezing rain was the theme for the day in the city of Ottawa. Once it was time to leave I tried petting my roommate’s two cats, and Dog (Ziggy), with one of them giving me a highly sad “meow”. Jojo, the cat, gave me a sad “meow” when it was finally time to leave at 2:40 AM to arrive at the airport for 3 AM. I had to stay at the airport till 6 AM for my flight, three hours prior to leaving.

(The header image can be noted here for context. Quiet roads, freezing rain, and just highly reluctant in flying while feeling sick.)

Ottawa Airport:

It was 3 AM by the time I was let off at the airport. I was driven there by my roommate’s father. I said my final “goodbyes”, when I would return (February 19th), and to give Jojo & Ziggy a good headpat for me.

– AC341 – 6 AM – Gate 27.

I was initially confused at first, eventually figuring out my way. At first I attempted to go right, when instead, one should go to the left. When you feel under the weather (sick) you do stupid things, and that I had done.

– Trying to figure out my way throughout this airport. Trying to find my Air Canada check-in I had to go through.

I eventually found my way to the Air Canada desk to where I was asked for ID. I asked if she desired to see a passport, to which I was given a weird look. I eventually provided my passport after having made note her weird reaction. Some partial confusions were to be had, everything however was sorted in the end. Had to also adjust my luggage to have its tag applied. I was asked if I tended to WelcomeJapanWeb’s custom QR code stuff, something I’ve done last minute prior to leaving the house at 2:40 AM. I rushed through it at 2 AM, even print-screening it prior to leaving.

Once processed, I slowly started venturing towards my Gate, something I still had to guess. Everything was a guessing game. I took a picture with the Tim Horton’s Maple Leaf sign before asking a security staff where to go. They noted I ventured to the correct area to then be processed in security for my Vancouver flight.

– I look dead, yet still proudly Canadian.

Once processed through security, and even oddly rushed by a First Nation (Indian) staff member, I gathered my stuff, ventured around, and down the escalator to where I needed to seek out my Gate 27 for my Vancouver flight. I felt a little agitated by being rushed, yet somewhat happy I was making my way to Japan. I was reluctant, yet happy. Everything was forced, and outside of my control. I felt annoyed I was figuratively on a conveyer belt with things happening outside of my control. I needed to be in control.

(Was attempting to read body language waiting, and ready for when I could proceed through the metal detector, something which became highly awkward.)

– Instead of going left, I had to go right. Going down memory lane for my 2022 Vancouver trip.
– Ready to support the next generation! ARCFIELD. Highly quiet at 3 AM. Time to head to Gate 27.
– 3:32 AM, while waiting at Gate 27, I was given this notification of my baggage being available for Tokyo. Good news! My friend desired to meet up with me in Vancouver.

Was conversing with my friend in Vancouver via Discord messages, also while entertaining myself with YouTube at the same time, in hopes of meeting up for old time sake. I even, prior to arriving at Gate 27, I even spotted a women sleeping on those rest-beds in the area. Just something to note.

– This isn’t looking good. Light freezing rain still falling in the city of Ottawa, and especially when I had to fly out of the city.
– Constant freezing rain, snow, and to ruin my trip. I was cranky, tired, and sick. Sleep deprived.
– After a certain amount of time we were finally allowed to board the plane. 4 AM freezing rain, boarding at 5 AM.

This flight was fully booked to the point Air Canada constantly made note of giving passengers special treatment for their luggage to be handled a specific way. It would still reach your destination, however being placed in alternate places for the flight. You could only carry certain amount on board.

Ottawa to Vancouver – ACA 341:

Finally allowed to board at 5 AM, if delayed by 1 hour for de-icing thanks to freezing rain issues. Freezing rain stalled us out for so long allowing myself to view the plane on We didn’t move, and I had to indirectly deal with the Air Canada staff pestering the poor women in 17 C for her cat bag under the seat. Contantly repositioning it, pestering, and being annoying. The women apologized, to which I noted it’s fine. She didn’t say much after, probably noting I’m tired. I wasn’t annoyed at her, I was annoyed at the staff being too picky. Maybe it’s their job, they were needlessly making a big fuss about it.

– Let on the plane, seated at 17A. Seat B was empty, yet C had a cat owner who was pestered by Air Canada stewardess.
– Vancouver is indeed where I’m heading, if briefly. Just a stop-over, and to briefly hang out with a friend.
– Attempted to do a ‘peace’ sign. V! Too dark, dim. Tired.
– One of the better splash screens.
– Finally moving to de-ice, if only a few meters from where we were initially parked.
– Going by various snow removal and utility trucks keeping the airport operational during the freezing rain issues.
– Checking up on my flight to see where it’s at on flightradar and flight status.
– After about 40 minutes to 60 minutes (1 hour) we finally ended up moving for real (from the gate to de-icing).

During this whole process I was conversing with my friend in Vancouver about this situation, how to meet up, where to meet up, and what my status was. While waiting for the engines to rev up to its operational functions I could see a plane taking off, disappearing just as quickly, into the clouds noting very low ceiling. The cloud ceiling was severely low.

– Finally moving on the radar. WOOOO!~ (ACA341) – Boeing 737 MAX 8.
– Passing by a plane while noting this to my Vancouver friend who was tuned in to public airport radio.

Heading off to ‘Bay 6’ for deicing by ‘Iceman’. They were spraying Type 1 & Type 4 deicing fluid onto the plane. Sourced by my friend listening to public ATC Ottawa radio.

United Airlines goes by the callsign “Brickyard”.

Turbulence noted at 22-29 thousand feet, as noted by the captain. First hour would be rough thanks to the weather front stationed in Ottawa and area at the time.

– Air Canada Rouge
– De-icing.
– Video – De-icing of the plane.
– Can’t video the take-off. Too blurry.

Ottawa ATC: “Exit bay 6 left, alpha alpha, hold short alpha.

Taxi lights are on, taxing to the runway. Off we go!

– Video – Watching the freezing rain rush between the engine and the main body of the 737 MAX 8. Still ascending, and the Type 1 & 4 fluid blew off the plane.
– My inflight breakfast.
– Thanks to that 1 hour delay I managed to see the sunrise sooner than it would have otherwise been seen. Air turbulence could indeed be felt. In-flight meal service was postponed thanks to all the turbulance.
– From this point on I simply kept passing out. I slept from this point until we reached Alberta, or something close to there. Unsure if people around me were annoyed or not. My naps were absolutely painful thanks to my Cold/Flu at the time. Breathing was painful, napping was painful. I felt dry.
– Frosty window.

>Hours Later<

I woke up to a snowy Alberta and Calgary. My naps were painful, and I was always awoken by almost every sound. Painful.

– Snowy Alberta.
– Seeing the beginnings of the Rocky Mountain region.
– Hard to capture Calgary below between the engine and the main body of the plane.
– Gorgeous mountains!
– Just as cloudy as Ottawa.
– Nearly there, to Vancouver.
– Constantly cloudy.
– Constantly checking, constantly cloudy.
– It was cloudy from the Rocky Mountains all the way to Vancouver itself.
– Watching frost and snow build up on the wing while seeing the de-ice pushing and melting the slushy additions.
– This brings back memories, especially of places I’ve been to in 2022. Very fond memories.
– Video – Coming in on approach while a women can be heard panicking during both the approach, and landing. (“Oh noooo. Oh nooo!“)

Vancouver Arrival:

A nice smooth flight in. No complaints.

– Lovely wing view now having landed in a cloudy Vancouver.

Once I turned on my data I notified my friend of what the plan was, where I was, and about my connecting flight. I arrived at 9:05 AM, Vancouver time (PST).

– Being reminded to connect with AC3 at 1 PM PST at Gate D62.
– Observing other planes come and go. Even making note of special larger planes of Air Canada.
– My flight has landed, and I even noted it via (ACA341).

Made it to the Gate, rushing immediately to the nearest “exit”. Was told where to go, and how to get there.

– Quickly took a picture with this Aboriginal sculpture, just shy of various overly-formal Japanese business women in the area. Flight stewardess, etc for JAL, or some similar airlines. Seeing all those modest beautiful women made me happy. They reminded me I’m one step closer to being in Japan again. πŸ˜‰

Had brief trouble finding my way out, even how to meet up with my friend. I second-guessed myself a few times, yet was encouraged by my friend how to get out, and where. Noted where to meet up with me. After a short while a few people nodded at my presence, even noting they desired to obtain a luggage cart, and just being polite Canadians. After my friend eventually pulled up to where I was a car honked at him (rudely) while I hesitantly ran up to my friend’s truck, waving “sorry” to the guy who honked. My friend and I both noted the honking situation, and thanked one another for meeting up. General greetings, etc.

Welcome back to Vancouver“, even if I had to see some corrupted political garbage horribly displayed on Vancouver’s Skytrain station nonsense. You know, the fake gender political LGBTQ nonsense morally corrupting Canadians to death causing stabbings and robbing’s in every city it corrupts. I was happy to be in Vancouver, if briefly, yet nearly puked at the sight of the moronic cultish LGBTQ raping and violating other people all across Canada, USA, and the world. Vile stuff. I refused to take pictures of it. I love the Skytrain, just not Canada’s fake political nonsense both corrupting, and degrading Canadian core values on a traditional level.

– Going down memory lane.

I’m not going to lie, I was genuinely scared as to where I was being taken by my friend in fear I would miss my flight, and other concerns. I was genuinely 100% fearing me missing my flight, and even as to how far I was being taken for this memory-lane run. I’m happy I met up with my friend while reminiscing about our past trip. I even told him what I had thought and felt back then, something to which I corrected a few of my concerns during this meet-up.

We conversed about how great it was to meet-up, how the idiot who honked at him was an idiot, and about my bloody nose after flying from Ottawa to Vancouver in 2022 was a comical issue to my friend. We even conversed about how Fed-Ex area allowed their fences to be open allowing anybody to venture in and out, among other stuff. Tying loose ends. Even friend noting how he hasn’t built the Ferrari Lego set I gifted him.

– Seeing the overly lovely Harbour Airplanes.
– Seeing one of my favourite Harbour Air aircraft.

“Why didn’t you take selfie-pictures during your 2022 Vancouver trip?” – Friend

Because I looked like shit. You could literally see the depression on my face, in my hair (how long it was), and how everything was messed up. Yeah, sure, you can see my lips are dry from sleep deprivation, the nose-bleed at 7 AM, and my Cold/Flu recovery. It was as if I went into a dryer tumbler before being ejected out into Vancouver.

In 2022 I was simply a mop-head, while in Vancouver 2024 I faired far better. I happily took selfies of myself, and with my friend, even asking for permission on his end if he could be shared on social media.

– ORANGE license plate. The colour orange.

After taking a few memorable photos with Harbour Air planes I was led towards the Harbour Air restaurant again, as I was led there during the A380 British Airways – “Speedbird” – capture back in 2022.

– My friend had a beef steak, while I had a egg wrap and potato meal.

We conversed about everything. From returning my first Wireless gadget to Japan while Air Canada was on strike. Having to mail it from Ottawa to Japan, and even possibly being billed for the remainder until it arrived back in Japan.

– While taking this picture my friend was strongly reminded how he forgot to take pictures the way I do.

We conversed about how nice it was to be back in Vancouver, if Japan and Philippines are both better than Canada in various regards. The food, transportation, and other fun stuff. How I made note of trains, how I ventured around. How we both admired the Asian common-sense practices, for the most part.

I accidentally kept looking around, to which I may have indirectly scared off people nearby to leave the tables next to us while talking about various topics. I was on my way to Japan hyping it up with my camera, and how my friend just returned from his Philippines trip hyping up food and crazy situations on his end. How he flew there and back, how he was tucked away in those buses, and how common-sense Japan is with transport, roads, Konbini, food, and many, many other stuff. Both (Philippines & Japan) aren’t perfect, they are better in other regards. How neat the beach travels were, how fun train travel was. How I traveled, how I took pictures and videos, and with what program I used to put videos together (Kdenlive).

I would occasionally even make note of various things in the river seeing birds and logs floating in the current. Harbour Air aircraft coming and going.

Nearing the end of our conversation at the Harbour Air restaurant we ventured back to the airport lookout. We made more nostalgic conversation noting 2022, how I traveled to the lookout in 2022 (bloody foot & bad socks type), among other amusements. Just laughing, goofing off, and seeing the remains of the various snowstorms Vancouver had.

– The last remaining bits of snow from Vancouver’s snowstorms (plural) from days, and weeks prior. I had to watch the storms being near my flight date.
– Kon! Kon!~ Finally taking a selfie with the tribal Vancouver bear, something I hadn’t done in 2022.
– Kon!~ (Gang- Gang).

Using my phone’s camera to spot the location through the viewfinder gadget placed there for kids. We jested, conversed, and reminded ourselves of how we conversed with a guy in the area, among other things.

– Construction work. Seeing other planes roaming the area.
– CargoJet, one of my favourite aircraft with memorial memories. It even woke me up at one point when camping in Caltus Lake with friend.

My friend amused at how other people working at the airport’s south-end were staring at us, even amused by our presence. They were as curious just as much as we were of them.

– Mini Bombardier aircraft.

We eventually noted AC4 on approach to Vancouver, even seeing it land in person. He showed me it both on the flight tracker and in person, and I observed it from my end also. He took videos while I took a simple picture of it landing. Seeing AC4 landing signaled my departure from this area to head back to gate, if with a slight delay.

– ACA4 – Tokyo to Vancouver (inbound).
– ACA4 incoming. The same plane I would take outbound to Tokyo-Narita at 1 PM PST.
– Taking one last look at Vancouver surrounded by mountains. This is a mountain-focused image, plus an additional B.C specific older truck in orange.
– Unintentionally capturing a plane taking off while making note of a mini airport dog & smoke park.
– Pffft!~ Sure, why not. We need happy joking memories to make note of Vancouver. My friend joking he’s urinating in the dog park. πŸ˜‰

Walking back we continued to converse, sadly of things I’ve now forgotten. Just happy Japan, Vancouver, trip, and general happy thoughts in general.

– Propeller time.
– Just a random image, also indirectly noting snowy remains from the snowstorm days previous. Cessna Dr, cloudy Vancouver, and just thoughts.

While driving I also noted how I still wouldn’t mind living in Vancouver, if given a proper chance and opportunity to do so. Friend noted I can, if I’m willing to do so. I genuinely would desire to move to Vancouver, simply need the appropriate funds, to be hastily accepted/approved into British Columbia (without red tape), and to have my proper place of my own. I would have absolute fun being near Japanese Daiso, Oomomo, MetroTown, Japanese Konbini, and other fun places. Sure, it may get old quickly, but at least I would finally have a proper place of my own.

Sadly, Liberals and political activists are destroying Vancouver (and B.C) to the point it’s like walking over and around dog shit. You have to watch where you’re stepping in both Ontario & B.C if you desire a proper neutral experience, not one with crack-heads and perverted LGBTQ activists desiring to rape and violate women and children at every chance they desire.

It’s also been noted by numerous accounts how Japanese people tend to give up on Canada, heading back to Japan for their own safety. Of course there are those who stay, and then there are those Japanese who gave up on Japan, bored of what Canada had become to them. They no longer feel satisfied of the standards provided by Liberal Canadians, lacking transportation infrastructure, convenience store convenience (Konbini) as Japan would provide, and other common sense practices Japan itself has to offer.

When I was in Sapporo (2023) I encountered a Japanese girl named Kumiko who asked me if I was fine on Mount Moiwa. I was trying to scale the mountain’s hiking trail during very early spring. We eventually conversed further, if awkwardly, about everything, including how she moved from Tokyo to Sapporo, and even has been in Vancouver. She seemed to have preferred Sapporo over both Vancouver & Tokyo. Makes sense. Even Sapporo has better resources to offer than what’s in Canada, relating to Konibini, Transit, and other resources. If needed, one could simply fly anywhere they desired in Japan, or even take a longer train ride elsewhere. As much as I admire Vancouver for being far more scenic, and ties to Japanese cultures, it’s sadly artificially held down by Liberal brain rot.

– Hastily snapping images of vintage/retro RV vans in the parking lot, ones you only see in British Columbia now. 60’s-80’s RV Vehicles (Middle-left of image). (Image was hastily taken.)
– Vancouver’s lovable Metro Skytrain.

My friend even noted they appear ghetto, especially when compared to Japan’s JR trains. I agree, yet still have to give respect where it’s due. At least Vancouver is doing something Ottawa itself is too lazy and stingy to get up and running properly. Japan showing the world how train transit is properly handles. Vancouver comes in second place in this regard. As for Ottawa? Ottawa needs a lot of catching up to do. And it also goes without saying both Vancouver & Ottawa both have to drop the overly fake and cultishly abusive LGBTQ nonsense to instead focus full-force on public transit. Canada needs to focus on issues which actually matter, especially relating to transit.

– Once again admiring the Skytrain. It actually brought me around to where I genuinely desired to go.

We joked about the canoe person back in 2022, and others in the area. I also had to eventually spill my water from my water bottle in the parking lot prior to heading back to the airport. I also made node of others doing random things in the parking lot, stuff which I forgot now. I even showed my friend the landing clip to Vancouver noting how an Asian lady was yelling out – “Oh noooo!~” – making my friend laugh. He couldn’t hear it at first, eventually hearing it after.

My time was nearing so I began to push more in heading back. I was in a rush, and I had a long, long way to get to my Gate D62. Surprisingly far.

– Venturing back towards Vancouver Airport’s departure area. Canada, International, and USA.

Said our “goodbyes”, and safe travels. Off I go back through various security and checkpoint areas.

– Making my way towards my Gate sector to re-enter customs & security. Other people hogged this place making me seek out a higher vantage point.
– Air Canada – AC3 – Tokyo Narita – Gate D62.

Made my way to the washroom to let loose any bladder liquids as to not plague me on my lengthy flight. Better to relieve on the ground than in flight. It’s a neat trick.

Made my way towards security showing them my flight information, and asking them if the way I was heading was the correct way. They nodded, and I proceed to have my Steam Deck scanned for drugs in the secondary section. I then had to go through another round of actual security to be searched on the way back in to the actual airport area.

– Saw these neat sculptures making note of them. Various people always looking at me taking images. I glanced and moved on.
– There’s this lovely First Nation tribal area with a fish tank. it’s awesome! I love how scenic British Columbia is both inside and out. It’s especially so much better without the LGBTQ bullcrap. Honestly so. Being tribal, and proud of your First Nation heritage is fine with me.
– It was genuinely difficult taking selfies here.
– Ruined quick-shot. I wish I managed to take a cleaner, more proper image.

From then on I sped-walked towards my Gate 62, even passing armed security guards with rifles, winding passageways, and other areas. Just rushing, following signage to reach my designated gate.

– Hey! It’s JAL! Japanese airlines. WOOO!~ The overly formal Japanese women I’ve seen earlier were tied to this JAL, ones I had to walk past to head out to meet my friend. I didn’t take images of them, the thought however puts a smile on my face.

After a painfully long walk through winding areas, through scenic and narrow areas, I finally managed to reach my Gate 62. Prior to reaching Gate 62 I had to do a water-run filling my water bottle with water, the same water I had to spill out in the parking lot prior to going through ticket scanning, security 1, and security 2. Even a security dog was noted in the area (of security, prior to reaching Gate 62). I witnessed a person eating instant ramen with the airport water (hot and cold water). Neat!

– After a long LONG walk I FINALLY reached my Gate 62. My flight, AC3.

I tried to seek an area with a power port. All were taken, minus the standing types. I self-questioned if I should go up to the desk to have myself scanned for the flight. I left it as it, though it was however noted (just like my Ottawa to Vancouver flight) how people could volunteer to have their baggage given special treatment noting a fully booked flight. I tried catching up on Twitter/X, something which was impossible thanks to the bad internet connection. My data wouldn’t connect properly. I had to give up once my boarding came around.

Boarding the plane genuinely pissed me off. It angered me! I tried making way for the Air Canada stewardess, among other people trying to get to their seat, to instead be faced with people budding in line. You stupid twat-waffles! I was making way for THEM, not YOU. I then had to try to find my way back into the line, and into my seat. I openly noted on Twitter/X at how stupid passengers are of the non-Japanese variety. Impatience, impolite, and unable to follow instructions given by those staffed by airlines. Even willing to cut in line when I tried to be polite myself to others.

– I finally managed to sit at my seat at 34A, next to an elderly Japanese couple.
– 12:41 PM PST – Making note of Vancouver’s weather being heavily rainy for the next following days since. I laughed, mocking Vancouver. This is karma for their political garbage they keep spewing.
– JAL!~
– JAL!~ Duplicate, because I needed to make sure I captured the aircraft.

The Japanese elderly couple next to me attempted to plug in their devices to the power port. They noted it wasn’t working initially, though later it managed to work. Once they felt like conversing they also started noting my Ferrari sweater, how they went to see Formula 1 in Suzuka. Not sure what the old guy sensed, though once I noted how I seen it on TV, and such they both stayed silent for the rest of the flight. Did I say something wrong? Did you sense my sleep deprivation?

I don’t mind talking. I must have given off a bad vibe, or Japanese people (in general) are just that wary.

– JAL17 – Off it goes! Boeing 767-346(ER). Vancouver to Tokyo.
– Now off we go! WOOO!~

I’m genuinely relieved my seat neighbors to my right were of the polite and respectful variety. They may have hated me for my uncontrollable sleep-napping during the flight. I sadly had to deal with some overly obnoxious Asian male school kids (College or University) of the non-Japanese variety acting all obnoxious and uppity behind me. Constantly yapping like overly drugged up school girls. The main one appeared to be Korean; Loud upper-school type kids. Excitable. Not mature, yet always eager to gossip and giggle about stuff.

– WOOOSH! JAL17 in the air, and we’re to soon follow.

Prior to take-off the babies were singing the following:

Lalala, lalala, lalala, lalala.

Quite strange, yet amusing.

I was also notified ANA was landing in 5 minutes prior to my take off from Haneda. An ANA flight landing 5 minutes prior to my take-off. Japan hype!

– Making our turn towards the runway.
– Video – Take-off of AC3 from Vancouver to Tokyo-Narita. What a lovely take-off!
– Loving these views of Vancouver area (exterior areas).
– Port Alberni! Memorable place, that. (415 knots at 18700 feet). Tofino in the left.

Sidenote: Port Alberni is memorable for the drone images I took there. We stayed there, attempted to order chicken wings, among other food, to end up being treated like trash by the restaurant owners. My friend was also furious the next day making everything moody. We wouldn’t talk to one another, assuming everything was always my fault. While heading on the way back (from Tofino) we stopped to check out “The Hole In The Wall”, to which I could have either been kidnapped, eaten by a bear, or had a wild animal follow parallel to me. I’ve noted the trees moving while my friends wandered off ahead of me.)

– Our first in-flight meal on this lengthy AC3 flight.
– Rice and Chicken.

After take-off I tried staying awake for as long as possible before my body forced me to sleep. Thankfully, I tried charging my phone after the final Vancouver & Vancouver Island images were taken. The meal was provided at an unspecified time, to which I’ll simply note it here. I’m going to assume I ate this meal prior to napping and waking up again. I tried to stay huddled up, though when one sleeps the body becomes loose causing arms to spring out into the neighboring seat. I feel bad if I violated the space of the Japanese old lady.

When I woke up I found my phone to be charged. Glad I chose to charge it prior to my body forcing me to sleep. I found ourselves to be at the Bering Sea area when I woke up again. Maybe it was a fair amount of time, or maybe it wasn’t. From Vancouver island to Bering Sea is quite a fair distance.

– Making note of where we ended up during my main and numerous naps, eating, and also starting to play MineTest on my Steam Deck.

From this point on we (the passengers) had to deal with a constant screaming child of the girl kind sounding like a demon at times. A demon child with how she constantly screamed, cried, and constantly woke me up many times. It kept going, even into the landing phase of the plane.

My phone accidentally dropped under my seat needing to be retrieved. I apologized, even asked if I could grab my phone from under the seat. The poor elderly couple had to get up, yet I both thanked and apologized to them, hence my note of they may have been upset with me.

Cloud cover was also bad from Bering Sea to Tokyo’s outskirts. It was similarly cloudy with how British Columbia was covered with clouds from Rocky Mountains to Vancouver Island itself.

I would end up playing MineTest on my Steam Deck to further dig out, build, and place rails to build a train system. The remainder of my flight had me nap, build in MineTest, and struggle to stay awake. I had to endure the raving cries of the ‘Demon Child’ on AC3. The pain, the struggle.

– Inching our way towards Japan.
– Another meal provided nearing Japan.
– Kushiro!~ My Flight Sim 2020 buddy!~ I also wouldn’t mind visiting Nemuro,Shibetsu, and other nearby areas. Not in this trip, sadly.
– Noodle and beef, or what appears to be beef. Maybe it’s chicken.
– Proof it was cloudy up towards Tokyo. Once we reached Tokyo the clouds were kept at bay.
– Little-by-little arriving at our destination. Tokyo-Narita was nearing! I also wouldn’t mind visiting Sendai, it however would have to be on another trip. Aomori was also planned for this trip, sadly abandoned.
– The approach in how AC3 was to land constantly changed, and I also managed to observe the rough area of where the elderly couple were heading. I sadly forgot, and probably for the best.
– If I was to glance out to my right I would see the following locations.
– Approaching Tokyo & Narita.

The Asian teens behind me were hyping themselves full force this time, even noting Mount Fuji and Tokyo Skytree. The one at the window even using their DLSR to capture Tokyo Skytree, and whatever else they could manage. I found them obnoxious, and that comes with them being immature, as noted by their age.

They also noted Pilipino folks are allegedly:

Fili are dope, tight nit, etc

That’s their words, not mine. Shared it to friend who went to Philippines many times.

– The only view I could capture being this.
– As noted previously, the clouds around Tokyo were almost non-existent. (Attempting to also make note of a plane in the far-off distance).
– A plane can be spotted in the far off distance above the clouds. It’s hard to see. Need to zoom-in to see.
– Boat!
– Boat, and wider view. This is genuinely looking awesome.
– Boat behind wing.
– The plane gradually coming into view (above wing). Zoom in to see plane.
– This view started becoming more magical the more I processed this perspective. Japan to our right, a plane to our left. Also add in the after-effects of MineTest, a very basic Minecraft vibes.
– I wish I could have ID’d this plane parallel to us at the time.
– The “best” perspective I could gain at the time.
– Wing turn into Narita airport.
– Video – A 6 minute and 33 second video capture of the approach and landing into Narita-Airport. The AC3 flight also swayed side-to-side on touch-down.

Tokyo Skytree could briefly be seen, if briefly. Could hear the DSLR shutter sounds behind me. The sun being overly bright it was blinding. Not ideal for photography. At 5:26 (in above video) you could see the actual touch-down, the Demon Children screaming, and the plane eventually swaying side-to-side.

– A slow taxi to gate. ANA, Fed-Ex, DHL, ST,
– ANA, among other airlines. The vibe was surreal. The plane gradually became more humid as we gradually taxi’d to gate.
– ANA operating a lovely A380 in an awesome colour scheme.
– Air Peach also in the area.
– A380 ANA with an awesome livery.
Screenshot_20240127_153431_One UI Home
– Now roaming. No connection. And yes, I’m using an Mary Celeste from Azur Lane wallpaper, as provided my Azur Lane.

Official Arrival in Japan! Tokyo-Narita:

My second time back in Japan ended up being magical. Sure, I was reluctant to leave Ottawa thanks to feeling sick, facing numerous hiccups both directly & indirectly, and even having to deal with messy weather in Ottawa. I also fell asleep in both flights out of my bodily control. I however survived the flight, arriving with happy thoughts, so that’s always a bonus. The elderly folks probably happy I’m no longer next to them (I’m assuming such), while also now being able to proceed onto my next step.

My next plan was to get myself processed in both security and customs, obtain my luggage, to take the Narita Train Express from Narita to Ueno, and to pick up my Wireless gadget at my hotel. I also had to sort out my hotel failing to acknowledge my presence. I was worried I was going to be left stranded without a hotel, and without wireless. I had light backup plans in place.

– AC3 happily landed in Tokyo-Narita. The Japanese vehicles hit differently.
– Welcome to Japan!
– Welcome to Japan! (Selfie). I had to take off my jacket and backpack while struggling to take images of this. People were crowding the signage.
– Welcome to Japan! (Mario edition)
– Welcome to Japan!
– Welcome to Japan!

I’ve seen the above sign (in white) from another person who traveled to Japan on our first trip. She was from Midnight Haven, having arrived a few days later than myself there.

– I stupidly and tiredly took this picture. Sadly, my first impressions from other people in Japan could be considered “rude”.

After trying to walk through some more escalators a Japanese women may have been startled by my jacket zipper hitting the upper-column with digital arrow showing the way to go; The direction of travel. Unsure if she considered me vulgar, or rude. Can’t recall if she cursed back at me, or even under her breath, but I am sure she said something to me. She was in shock, or surprise as to how I could allow my zipper to hit the various parts of the escalator. The impression I have of that happening is there, yet can’t validate any insults aimed at me. A secondary impression being she may have been a potential “morally corrupted” individual, though I could also be wrong about that. I digress.

From there, I proceeded to go through various security and custom areas. I had to get my temperature checked (I was afraid I would be considered ‘Positive’ thanks to my Cold/Flu remains), I had to get my fingerprints checked (at a weird machine), and eventually allowed to proceed to have my passport checked out.

[Travel Log: Visitor Area, ID Machine (security/passport), Customs, Baggage.]

I was left confused, needing to ask if the way we were heading was towards the baggage. We were, it however appeared confusingly unnecessary. Seemed slightly draconian in various ways with how certain things were dealt with. Overly tedious, indirect, lengthy, confusing, especially from a long flight from Ottawa to Vancouver, and Vancouver to Tokyo-Narita. It’s easy to be confused.

From then on I was forced to wait for baggage. I would sadly end up waiting 1 hour while others found themselves trying to seek answers, to which they were led to an Air Canada representative. Many formal chatters were heard over the radio.

While waiting I ended up using the airport’s public WI-fi to play Azur Lane and Blue Archive.

Screenshot_20240127_164942_Blue Archive
– Blue Archive- Swimsuit Wakamo event. I was admiring Miyako’s bunny swimsuit in the middle of the image.
Screenshot_20240127_170214_Blue Archive
– Blue Archive – Wakamo Swimsuit get! WOOOOO!~ Japan gifted me a lovely, foxy Wakamo! My only final 10-pull (in Japan) rewarded me with a Wakamo swimsuit. WOOO!~

Thank you very much for the swimsuit Wakamo!~ Genuinely made me highly happy, proud, and boosted my morale for the rest of the trip. The mood was set as negative, now as a positive.

Screenshot_20240127_170221_Blue Archive
– Blue Archive – Yes, I pulled 50 pulls previously. Japan’s final 10-pull provided me with Wakamo. WOOOOO!~

During the wait I noted how hot and humid both Tokyo-Narita was, and AC3 upon landing. During the flight was fine, it was during the landing where the air was hot, humid, and dry at the same time. It depends on where you went with how it was either dry or humid. There is no denying it was hot, and I was forced to wear my jacket, especially for the eventual Hokkaido part of my trip. I’ve also noted the magical approach into Tokyo-Narita with the plane seen off the wing, and how horrible the ‘Demon Children’ were in the flight screaming like possessed little demons. The crying was foul. (Noted on Twitter/X)

More Azur Lane, more Blue Archive was played while waiting. Even Twitter/X to make note of various stuff. I even observed a Japanese family (a mother) get hit by a “no meat” signage people. She admitted in bringing in fresh-meat into Japan forced to give it up in a very naΓ―ve, yet open manner. They eventually (later) came around to me which I attempted to note I was waiting for my luggage (for an hour), and where my possessions were. I didn’t have any illegal substances, I however noted where my possessions were. I was hiding in a corner waiting for my luggage to come around, and same with others. They would constantly make their rounds with sniffer dogs to try and catch anybody with meat.

After 1 hour of waiting we finally had our luggage’s circulating on the conveyer belt. I eventually saw mine, even noting how the lid to the Canada address tag on the baggage was busted. Did that cause the blockage? Did my address tag somehow jam the baggage machinery? Was someone in Canada rude with our luggage’s? It had me lost in thought.

With the luggage finally collected, after an hour’s delay, I finally hurried my way towards the checkpoints, and to where the Narita Express train was located. I needed to hurry from the airport to Tokyo-Ueno area, and fast.

– Miku! We meet again, this time in Narita. (Can also be found in Haneda).

Narita Liner time!

Time to take the train to Ueno Station using the Narita Express, or Narita KEISEI Liner. The ticket notes Liner, so I’ll treat it as Narita Skyliner.

– We meet again, Tsunami! πŸ˜‰

Rushed to the Narita Express booth to purchase my ticket. I was signaled to the counter, to which I provided my PASMO & VISA for payment at 17:05 to catch an 17:15 train. I eventually paid (specifics were lost in the rush), and was even told how to use the gate. I put in the proper ticket into the gate (after an error), as suggested by the staff there, and rushed to platform 5.

While at Platform 5 I rushed to the specified car, even trying to flag a Japanese girl down in helping me validate if the train I was hopping on was valid. They ignored me, turning back around, heading onto the train. They refused to assist me, probably because I spoke in English. Annoyed, I simply headed inside assuming I was in the correct train.

– Found my seat, sat down. The two flights took a horrible toll on me. From dryness to a slight bleeding lip. I however safely obtained my Narita Express ticket for 17:15, Car 1 at 09A seat.
– I admire this visual view of what’s ahead of the train. What annoys me is now we’re in the sunset, as feared. Everything is becoming annoyingly dark.

Throughout the trip I would occasionally notice the Japanese girl. whom I attempted to ask for help ,looking back towards me. A few glances here and there, or maybe the scenery past me. Unsure if she was confirming what was happening, or was pondering about striking up a conversation, or simply making note of who I was. Or maybe it was simply scenery based from the window on my side.

All I desired was validation of being on the correct train and train car. That’s all. If Japanese girls want to talk you have to be more assertive about it. I gave you a chance, you chose to ignore me. Don’t be vapid. Be like the assertive girls from Anime romance shows, like Shikimori from ‘Kawaii dake ja Nai Shikimori-san’ Anime. Seriously. A more assertive, yet feminine girl/women is attractive.

– Making note of various locations, possibly even where an illuminated row of Sakura trees were located. Trees with pink lights on them.
– Once Google Maps loaded in (using train Wi-fi) I managed to discover where I saw those illuminated Cherry Trees. They may have been at Chiba New Town Chuo.

Chiba New Town Chuo caught my interest thanks to a few illuminated trees in pink colouring appearing as Cherry trees from a far, and from the KEISEI Narita Express train I was in. I saw it from the left window, and on top of a hill (above a road) while having a road behind it. I specifically recall urban buildings behind it, and may be even coincidentally located nearby the ‘Chiba New Town Chuo Station’. The icon provided by Google Maps notes it being a very illuminated town with all the illuminated decorations.

I tried attempting to get Bing AI image creator to provide a basic sense of what I’ve seen, hence why I shared an AI-related image here. I’m still kicking myself for being unable to capture such a lovely scenic view.

– AI Art representing a loose capture of what I’ve seen. It’s 50% accurate.
– AI Art attempting to replicate the feeling and vibe of what I’ve seen in Japan. Fails to capture the whole idea.

I’m certain people shall hate me for sharing AI art, I however have to share “something”, thus this. I’ve seen the illuminated trees appearing as Cherry Trees on the left side of the train. Left side, through the window, and I failed to capture the image in time. I’m still kicking myself over it. The trees were lining a road behind it, and below it, on an typically elevated urban hill (as seen on Google Maps), while following the KEISEI railway line through the city.

I attempted to note this many times, failing to capture exactly what I’ve noted. Even AI Bing image creator is making me livid in being unable to capture the magic, at least on a basic level. I admire Japan, especially for its nightly decorative illuminations. Japan is awesome.

– While having KEISEI Narita Express wifi access I also made note of the area around Ueno, especially to have it cached for when I needed to get to my hotel.
– Making note of where my hotel would be. I had it memorized, seeing as how I would be going dark without wifi access outside of airports and trains. I needed to confirm where my locations were.
– Just doubly confirming what “Sleepy” meant, if anybody asked. I wanted to make sure I was saying the proper term, not something which meant something else. I was genuinely sleepy from the whole trip. Sleep deprived, jetlagged, bloody nose at 7 AM the day prior, and everything.
– The weather was “fair” for the day, if with a dry advisory.
– The next few days in Tokyo would also be awesome. Funnily enough, it would snow up a storm in Tokyo once I reached Hakodate. The hilarity.
– Passing by various stations. Making note of trains, etc.
– You have to look past the reflection to see the Tokyo Skytree. You can see the Tokyo Skytree if you zoom in and focus hard enough. It’s there.
– See! Tokyo Skytree!
– A lovely view in the train. I genuinely admire Japan’s train system and networks.

Tokyo – Ueno:

Finally arrived, and now having to go off memory. Once off, I took pictures of other KEISEI Narita Express trains. I made my way through the gate, even using my Narita Express ticket through a gate. The gate ate my ticket, and I confirmed it by looking back. I even paused to look back to see if any were seen.


With my ticket having been eaten by the ticket machine gate I then proceeded to head to the nearby Konbini for food. If not then, I attempted to obtain it later, after having checked into the hotel. I now had to make my way to my hotel, what I assumed at the time, to be a shortcut. It wasn’t a shortcut. It was full of Japanese locals eating food at various restaurants in this backroad leading towards my hotel.

(Side note: Was noted in my travel log I ventured into a Lawsons for food, and I may have done just that prior to heading into the hotel, not after.)


Attempting to take a “shortcut”, as noted via Google Maps. The locals in Ueno weren’t happy with me here because they would bump and push me whenever I tried making my way through. Why is this foreigner here? And with a luggage? Because I’m currently geographically stupid, and I recently came off an AC3 flight. I was fresh off a plane, ignorant of what I assumed was a “shortcut” to instead be something more complex. Food related, and packed with people eating away. I simply desired to reach/hide in my hotel, and in a more convenient manner, something which was anything but convenient. I made my way through the mob, through a few intersections, and into the luxury-appearing APA hotel. I eventually made it to my hotel safety.

Made my way to ‘Hotel APA Ueno Ekimae’, confirmed my reservation (signed up), and even questioned where my WIFI gadget was. I was provided my gadget, my room card-key, and made my way towards my hotel room (via elevator)

Made my way to my hotel room, saw how neat it was, yet disappointed I had no real window. I was basically locked in the middle of everything else. I didn’t bother checking past, what I assumed to be, a faux window. Didn’t desire to scare the crap out of myself. I instantly dropped everything, opened up my WIFI gadget, hooked up my power cords to recharge my gadgets (phone especially), and catch up on Twitter/X. I turned on the TV immediately being greeted by a Gundam SEED FREEDOM movie special program celebrating everything Gundam SEED.

– Proudly settling down to my long-desired Konbini food. Sushi, Salmon rice-ball, and Craft Boss Milk tea.

Caught up with Twitter/X, Azur lane, Blue Archive, and everything else. Even noted to my roommate the situation. Even sharing Gundam with him.

While resting, and gathering my thoughts I went for a quick shower, returned, and found a fellow Blue Archive Japanese friend guiding me with what to obtain in Japan. I was being shown Blue Archive Konbini rewards, possibly with playing cards (or advertised on Twitter/X), among other hobby-related stuff. Japan is helpful when people are honest, and I admire that.

Once ready to sleep I simply left the TV on and fell asleep. Since I travel alone I always keep at least one light on, or at least a TV on with a soft light to ease the night. I scare easily, and this is one way to keep my mind at peace.


Bonus – From my friend’s perspective:

My Vancouver friend, Andy, tried making me feel very welcomed in Vancouver for the second time. We tried having more fun to make up for our lack of proper selfies in B.C 2022 trip. If people desire to call me “ugly”, or similar then I blame Ottawa for all the Liberal-related school bullying and workplace harassments I had to deal with. I’m not considered human in Ottawa, even though I was born and raised. If people align themselves as Liberals they’re vile human beings. Even so, I genuinely had my fun in both Vancouver and Japan. Both were awesome. I thank my friend for the meet-up, for the meal, and more memories to be had at Vancouver.

– Video – Friend video’ing me joking we flew in the Harbour Air aircraft from Ottawa to Vancouver. I love the Canadian colour scheme.
– Happily taking a selfie, even if I’m roughed up from the Ottawa to Vancouver flight.
– A picture of our meal from my friend’s perspective. He was reminded after I took a picture of mine. Lovely food, plane, and conversation we had.
– Vancouver’s bear got me in their grasp. RAWR!~ (Bear = Kuma, in Japanese).

That was an overly rough travel from Ottawa to Tokyo. Many hiccups, roughness, and pain. I however had fun in Vancouver meeting up with my friend, and again in Japan once I was able to make sense of everything again. The illuminated trees appearing like Sakura trees (pink), the trains, plane liveries in playful & decorative manners, to scenic Japanese locations, and all the lovely fun stuff. The good stuff was great, and the travel pains were just that, travel pains. The Vancouver hop-off to meet with my friend was indeed memorable, and noteworthy. I thank him for suggesting it. Was highly worthwhile, especially with the food and conversations we had. Sadly, my Cold/Flu would persist the next few days into Japan, something I would eventually shake off.

This is where my Japan 2024 memories begin, and let’s have fun for the next few days seeing how I enjoy Japan the second time around. Tons of awesome memorable moments to be had!