Arcticu’s July Blog Venting & Image Dump (2023)

– (June 5th, 2023) Ottawa’s flaming sunset from Quebec’s nearby forest fires.

This blog posting shall be a mish-mash of various things. It shall be all over the place, yet mostly in the the timeframe it happened from latest to earliest. Various thoughts to make note of while not making a blog post for each and every one of them. Sure, it may be a very messy blog posting, yet with how crazy the world is lately (and how busy I am) it is forced into this sort of pattern for this blog posting.

My growing case of depression is also forcing me to make blog postings like these. I’m frustrated with many things simply desiring to share things as quickly as possible in a ‘one-batch’ manner, as I had done for previous Canada Day celebrations.

– (June 6th) While walking to work I managed to capture a lovely Canadian RCAF Hercules flying over. On someone’s radio a lovely retro tune played, a nostalgic one.

I love catching the ‘Royal Canadian Airforce’ Aircrafts flying around. This one being an ‘BRMA51’ flying from Ottawa to another westerly base. I managed to overhear one of the special Grand Theft Auto: Vice City music relating to “A flock of Seagulls – I Ran (So Far Away)”.

– It’s great when Ottawa blasts nostalgic music from the 1990’s to 2000’s.

– Romance Anime being top priority in people’s viewing line-up

For one, we now live in an – “Kill all Males” – society, whether people want to believe that or not. I’m aware my Japanese followers dislike me saying that, I however am being as honest as I can be. Guys are suiciding more than ever, and I even had a male coworker take his own life back in February of 2023, only hearing about it back in April (after my Japan trip). People want to escape and connect with things they no longer allowed to have (such as myself), while gravitating to things we can relate to, and desire. It’s why Isekai was #1 (even if people say otherwise), and why slice-of-life and romance Anime shall always be number 1. It’s grounded in high amounts of escapism, relatability, among other factors. When I watch Anime (romance Anime) I even end up connecting more than I should, even crying at the end of it. More like tearing up feeling like crap the next few days after. Even so, Anime is poetic and it hurts the emotions so much to the point you gain ’emotional damage’ from it’s relatability. It’s all I have left, and without it I might as well be dead.

Western society has taught woman that they need to be treated like royalty while not putting any effort into any relationship leaving males high and dry (or more like low & dry; Depressed & suicidal). Western woman were taught how to take things the lazy easy way out, now they’re feeling the struggles of that whining about things being more complicated than it really should be. What you put in is what you put out, even if woman are telling other woman to only put 20% of effort in with another guy. No! It has to be 50-50; No If’s, and’s, nor but’s about it! Western woman are now trash causing guys to seek love from other nationalities, even overseas. I’m now seeing a rise in males with over-seas Asian partners, now more than ever before. Sadly, this even causes scammers from China (and elsewhere) to take advantage via Forex and Crypto scams. Guys are just not meant to be happy anymore, same with myself. Screw this world.

As for myself? I’m depressed as heck thanks to woman being as dishonest as they can. I’ve been abused by them in Slovakia, in Ottawa; School settings and work. They treated me like I was nothing in Slovakia, and even worse in Ottawa. Granted, there have been proper ones, they however don’t last and others are also taken. They’re also coworkers who come and go, while others are intentionally sexually assaulted just because they’re bratty teen girls. Anime is where I find my escapism, sadly. Anime is great, and I’m glad it exists. It’s poetic, intellectual, and proper.

And yes, I haven’t been on a date in years, or at all. Coworker asked me this, I told him I haven’t been on a single date. I’m not allowed to be with them because they said so. They themselves said so both directly and indirectly because I’m allegedly “creepy”, or things just don’t develop. Nothing is organic in this world, everything is plastic and fake. Girls much rather be bratty while being raped and violated instead of being treated as proper girls, or so I’ve witnessed. Yes, even if they say otherwise. They want that “bad boy” who violates them. At least the Western females who are morally corrupted and broken prefer the rough treatments. I prefer the proper girls, as those found in Anime shows who go above and beyond for those also returning their gestures in equal amounts back to the loving girl. Traditional woman, basically.

(The romance Animes shown in JList’s tweet is something I’ve watched, and highly enjoyed. I made note of the various screenshot. I may make a separate blog posting on them.)

Ottawa was blasted by wildfires from the Quebec province causing everything to be smoky, orange, and hazy. It caught me off guard when it first happened wondering what the heck was going on. Eventually you could smell the burning wood. Gradually even admiring the burning smell…

– (June 6) – Smokey sun.
Screenshot_20230607_122509_Azur Lane
– (June 7) – Nelson obtained her Retrofit in Azur Lane.
– (June 9) – I’m a plane spotter, I spotted this Airbus CC-150T Polaris (RCAF) HUSK04 doing its rounds.
– (June 11) – Spotting this lovely retro vintage green Ford pickup truck.
– (June 15) – Spotting this Globemaster taking off. It caught me off guard having to take a hasty image of it. (BISN11)
– (June 15) – BISN11 – RCAF (Above plane in the above two images).
– (June 20) – 2 rabbits on this side, 2 others on the other side. A total of 4, or more. Tons of rabbits everywhere.
– (June 25) – Lots of forest fire and smoke effecting Ottawa. Could smell burning wood with everything being foggy from all the smoke. Can see smoke swirling around the light posts, etc.
– (June 26) – With Canada day fast approaching I spoiled myself with some special meals.

An Anime Mexican friend suggested to me in trying out Poutine, sushi, among other meals for Canada Day. This was my ‘Pre-Canada Day’ celebration with Sushi, Edo Japan’s Shrimp noodles, 4 Asahi beer (no Sapporo beer at the time), and some bonus meals.

I was genuinely unsure as to what to do for Canada Day, especially with how Trudeau told us how we weren’t allowed to Celebrate Canada Day. No fireworks in Toronto, Calgary, nor Vancouver (Calgary reversed their decision), yet everything Canadian is offensive in Canada. The irony. I asked friends and coworkers if they desired to do anything with half of them being busy, and others being unsure.

Canada is morally and socially fucked up. Pardon the language, you’re simply not allowed to celebrate Canadian things anymore over fake political nonsense. Trudeau destroyed Canada, and nobody is allowed to be Canadian. KanColle and Azur Lane also refuse to give me any Canadian shipgirls so I can’t celebrate there either. It sucks being a Canadian now.

“No Fun Allowed!”, in all its seriousness.

– (June 27) – Sitting in a park to unwind. Watching planes flying over while keeping an eye on storm clouds.
(June 27) – Admiring the plane flying through clouds.
– (June 28) – Visiting a Korean grocer named ‘OK Mart’ while trying out their Salmon Roe for $15 Canadian. Good food.
– (June 29) – OK Mart’s take-out section.

Azur Lane – Italian Event (June 29):

Partaking in an Italian event – ‘Reflections of the Oasis’ – event. I happily obtained Andrea Doria, Gorizia, and Attilio Regolo.

Let’s just say that I was feeling miserable at first. I gradually became happier with my OK Mart food, with my three Azur Lane shipgirl gets, and other fun happenings. Everything escalated into pure happiness with myself and other folks having fun.

Screenshot_20230629_112310_Azur Lane
– Andrea Doria
Screenshot_20230629_112320_Azur Lane
– Gorizia
Screenshot_20230629_112620_Azur Lane
– Attilio Regolo

– (June 29) Happily capturing this flight for my coworker who desired to travel to France.
– (June 29) What the heck was that?! I saw it darting through the forest fire smoke-filled sky, it was this CHETA62 aircraft. An Alpha Jet Model A.
– (June 29) Doing some errands catching this overly smoky red sun during its sunset phase.
– (June 30) Capturing this lovely smoky sunset the next night over while doing more errands.

Happy Canada Day!

I couldn’t give this section it’s own blog post because of how minor it was. I didn’t celebrate Canada Day in a way I could share on social media. Only in spirit, lacking any fireworks, festivities, or even a Canadian shipgirl in Kantai Collection or Azur Lane game. I’m not allowed to be Canadian, Trudeau and his supporters said so. I’m not lying, nor am I saying this loosely. It’s all serious. They clearly said Canadians are vile entities needing to be purged from their own nation. Everything has to be First Nation and ‘Social Justice Warrior’ oriented.

Thanks to Trudeau Canada is genuinely, and 100% screwed. I’m genuinely as depressed as I can be, I’m not allowed to be Canadian. I want to, yet not allowed.

(Had severe thunderstorms also roaming around the region causing planes to take weird holding patterns. I tracked them.)

– (July 1) West Jet (WJA608) caught circling the airspace in zig-zag patterns trying to land during a thunderstorm. I also desire to go back to Vancouver.
– (July 1) United Express also caught in a holding pattern waiting its turn to land during a severe thunderstorm. They’ve taken weird holding patterns just north of Kingston.

Both Azur Lane & Kantai Collection refused to give me Canadian shipgirls so there is nothing to see here. I’m aware I said this 3 times, that’s how frustrated I am. Canadians aren’t allowed in games either. Shame. No VRChat fun. Nothing. It was a standard night watching Anime instead.

– (July 2) Capturing a beautiful CargoJet on approach.
– (July 2) CJT470 – Iqaluit to Ottawa.
– (July 3) Poutine from Popeyes.

I was absolutely angry with both my poutine and Popeyes for giving me such crappy poutine. Everything shrunk! They used to come in bigger, rounder containers. This is like a quarter of what you would normally be given, and for $8 Canadian.

I verbally cursed Trudeau needs to leave as a Prime Minister. What a douchebag. Shrinkflation (less product being more expensive) causing everybody to get taxed onto the street. My god, was I livid. I bought this poutine on the recommendation of a Mexican Anime friend.

TRUDEAU! YOU NEED TO LEAVE! NOBODY LOVES YOU, only slutty Canadian females and brainwashed male Canadian morons fleeing from USA. Jesus.

I’ve seen actual sanity and intelligence in Japan, something Westerners want to destroy. Japan was blackmailed into accepting LGBTQ preventing Japan from veto’ing any laws against social terrorism. Japan, through blackmail, now supports social terrorism, thanks to Trudeau. Every Western Nation basically bullied Japan into now being morally corrupted. Shame.

– (July 9) Bought a case of Sapporo winning this amusing charging cable bottle opener gadget. I’m even entered to the contest win a trip to Japan.

Blue Archive:

I’ve desired to play Blue Archive (without dropping it) for the longest while. It wasn’t by choice, I was forced to sideline the game thanks to lacking space to play other games, do other things, etc. I missed out on many fox girls in the game, such as Wakamo, among others. Even in prior to Japan, and in Japan, I desired to play this game parallel with KanColle.

Screenshot_20230711_135318_Blue Archive
– (July 11) I desired to play Blue Archive again after reluctantly having to delete it off my phone for space reasonings. Aru also speaks the truth.
Screenshot_20230711_162810_Blue Archive
– (July 11) Wakamo’s dead-set gaze on her target.
Screenshot_20230711_171347_Blue Archive
– (July 11) Kon! Kon! “You won’t get away this time”

1000 Sushi Island & Thunderstorms:

I loosely noted how myself and a coworker should hang out and chill after work, so we had. Had to wait awhile for my coworker to unwind, have a cat stop laying on him, until he could pick me up to head over to where we were seeking to go. I was tracking the weather for thunderstorms to see how it’ll behave.

– (July 11) Missed one nasty thunderstorm front, was in for another one. It was a constant thunderstorm from 4 pm onward till 8 pm-ish.
– ACA628 – Ottawa to Halifax.

While being driven towards our destination I made note of a plane taking off (something my coworker friend would hound me later) seeing where it would go. I searched it up on flightradar24 seeing it has a special livery I couldn’t see with my own eyes, hence why there is no photos of it, only the tracker.

(My friend would later (after the sushi meal) hound me for loosely bringing up this plane in a casual manner blaming me for hijacking his conversation instead of his own, which I wasn’t intentionally doing. I even side-noted I was off-beat from all the humidity.)

– Making note of the stormy clouds off in the distance.
– Making note of the stormy clouds and the scenery. I hadn’t been back here in years.

While enroute we made note of how a strawberry farm would be something a coworker would be interested in, to the dismay of my coworker. He wasn’t amused at the thought of sharing that news to another.

It shifted to me not having a drivers license, having failed my G1 three separate times. Constantly being told to study, even though I’ve read through the book and used the online quiz site. I still failed it. Frustrating.

We eventually spotted the below scene with a police cruiser blocking a turning lane into this pathway you see in the below image. Everything was slow going.

– A strange accident occurred in Barrhaven next to an Esso. Someone was probably in a rush, or something. Cars had to go around this firetruck blockade.
– Entering a very large mall complex area, something which reminded me of the East end of Ottawa.
– 1000 Sushi Islands

We announced our presence, sat down, ordered. We shared images of his Calgary trip and my Japanese-Vancouver trip. We had fun. I had fun seeing his Calgary images and videos, even how he bought a cowboy hat bringing it back home. He saw a cool Calgary mall, ice-blue water from Lake Louise, and an overly bright moon while camping in BC. He had fun, and I’m proud of him for doing that.

(He ordered first, I ordered second.)

– Seafood soup and mussels.
– Tons of Salmon Sushi.
– More Salmon sushi, and dumplings. Copied my coworker.
– Salmon rice pizza. To be honest, I was expecting something bigger.

We began to feel full roughly around the same time. I was laughing at his reaction, even telling a waiter to stop filling my water which was an awkward thing.

– The location where the 1000 Sushi Islands is located.

Coworker even asked me as to why I hate Ottawa residence. Why?

Constantly bullied, put down, rejected, gaslighted, outcasted, and nobody wants to properly hang out. Everything has to be on other people’s terms, never my own. When I want to do something I’m a terrorist for suggesting such. Everything has to be on other people’s terms. Ottawa bullied me to the point I was forced to be a recluse in home and be a gamer more than I should have. It prevented me from interacting with people normally, always being a socially awkward individual.

Yes, people are bullied. I was bullied to the point a decade was stolen away from me. I hate Ottawa.

Ottawa is also self-destructive, especially when it becomes political, and fake political. Ottawa desires to use it’s own Canadian version of Communism to destroy Canadians, even prior and during the ‘Canadian Freedom Convoy’. Ottawa enjoys destroying itself, pretending to be Trans, even being as fake as possible. Always being as dishonest as it can be while other cities picks up the slack Ottawa refuses to carry.

People in Ottawa are indeed kind in certain aspects, they’re also retarded in others. They’re not intellectually wise, nor morally correct. Others are, they however were shamed and shunned by Trudeau.

I had to pay so much for Ottawa’s Fun tax I’m constantly venting and fuming. Nobody wants to have fun, or refuses to have fun. Everything is simply frustrating.

– 1000 Sushi Islands.

Tried suggesting to my coworker to head to one last spot before we part ways. It failed. He desired to simply head home, so we went back. Everything started to turn sour here with how he desired to bring up life advice and how I kept noting how heavenly Japan was for me; JR Rail allowing me to go anywhere I desired while in Ottawa I felt trapped in a cage unable to go anywhere. Japan allowed me to be human again by going anywhere, doing anything I desired, and being actually independent. Being treated as a normal human in Japan while even occasionally conversing with people on a mostly human level. I felt human again. He was unamused by this comment, he instead desired for me me to be more Canadian; To do more Ottawa related things, not Japanese things. He constantly became highly offended with the Japanese topic.

(Note: People in Canada have suicided more in 2020-2024 than any other year thanks to draconian COVID restrictions, and even Trudeau’s constant punishment of the average Canadian. Proof? A fellow ex-coworker took his own life, as have many kids and elderly, and those in-between. I even thought of suicide during these tough years, especially after the loss of my parents; My father passed away from liver disease/cancer.)

He became more and more serious; More and more frustrated how I need to do more in Ottawa, how I need to get a better job, gain better education, and other suggestion. Everything was pressured on me (solely on me) to which I agreed to what he was saying, however adding disclaimers as to why certain things were the way they are. Everything was then counter-responded with “I don’t believe you“, type responses. He still desired to pressure me, even assuming I was lazy when instead I’ve been sabotaged brutally hard by Ottawa to the point it became overly difficult to do anything in this city. I’m trying to regain things I’ve lost.

I lost Sparky (dog), both my parents (mother and father), and even my home. I need a home of my own. It’s still a blessing I still have a paying job. I’ve been trying to claw my way back both physically and morally, even trying to take better care of my health. I’ve physically cleaned up (for the most part), even now able to return to healthier foods (for the most part). I’m doing what I can in step-by-step format. I even finally went to both Vancouver & Japan for better morale boosting, and to cement my place to hopefully return to either or both locations.

My coworker even noted how I should ease up (or shut up) about my Japan excitement. He suggested how I should let another person speak their mind, following on an equal step with relatable interest on that front. Find common ground, expand on it. That’s something I’ve been trying to do for a long while, it’s a hit-or-miss. Even noted how I shouldn’t have brought up that flight from Ottawa to Halifax (image of it above), or over-share about my Japan trip. I understand where he is coming from, he however appeared overly salty about something messed up in a jealousy context. It’s now an advice I can now not stop processing/thinking about, in how I’m now no longer allowed to be happy about Japan. It hit painfully hard in all the wrong ways. It now makes me feel alienated as if I’m constantly doing the wrong things, even if coworkers now jest about my ‘Apple breaks’, or note how I’m plane spotting. Even bratty coworkers who constantly whine enjoy noting how I observe plane spotting. People try to find common ground, even in oddness, allowing me to believe what I’m doing is fine. My coworker is salty for salty sake (upset for simply feeling the need be upset, or even jealous).

Coworker even noting how I should listen to people’s criticisms. I openly told him I stopped listening to people’s negativities about me because it’s always negative, rarely positive. Sure, I do vent about it, I forget about it after I make note of it. Something or another always tends to be my fault to which I tune it out (half the time). Gaslighting, shaming, or some nonsense. I tune it out. Now, if it’s valid criticism I do take it under consideration to have it mended, something I’ve done a fair amount of. I’ve had to listen to so much venting from my Vancouver friend to which I mended half of it; Mended half the complaints from my coworker. I’m improving where I can, yet still openly noted how people always want to blame me for everything. If it’s something then it always comes down to an “everything is your fault” to which I may eventually purge their “advice” or not. It always comes off as 70% negativity and 30% positivity rate.

The next topic was about romance, and how we both suffer from a girlfriend issue. We brought up Tinder to which I was told to stop being so selective with my choices. Stop seeking out the Asians. When Western females desire to be bratty I can’t go for them, they have to be more feminine. They have to actually be both human and attractive in their feminine traits, qualities, and mannerisms. He broke up with a girl while I’m still seeking a love interest, something I’m simply not allowed. Girls refuse to go that extra step in general. I noted earlier how girls/women/females refuse to match their 50-50 effort with our own efforts, hence things never work out for people these days. Yes, I seek out Asian females because Western females have failed me time and again, and are more politically corrupted than ever before. Even certain Japanese girls are even politically and morally corrupted, I’m aware of this. In general though, I’m either a “terrorist”, or someone to throw under a bus when it comes to the opposite gender. I’m allegedly an “creep”, or some other bullcrap. I made note of it in the [depression] page.

Digressing back to dating apps, my coworker noted how because I swiped on Tinder I obtained the Forex and Crypto Asian scammers. I can see his logic. He tried ‘Hinge’ and failed. Nothing really formed out of it.

Our love life is non-existent. He is far too naïve to be giving me life advice, yet I am thankful for any bit of advice he gave me. I do listen, I do make note, and I do correct any flaws both my Vancouver friend and any coworker have noted in minimizing any correctible flaws. My coworker even tried shaming me on correcting my flaws. You have a grudge against me, or something? Chill.

I’ve pissed off two of my male coworkers to which it’s now awkward being around them. The former being a friend [I went to Hog’s Back with refuses to hang out with me] over some trivial nonsense, while the second one now appears to have an anti-Japan-trip grudge against me. It’s one of those “everything is your fault” stuff.

Last thing my coworker noted before we parted ways was how I was supposed to find other hobbies and social paths to find people. To find someone in the city. I noted I found cool people in Japan I’d rather socialize with than those in Ottawa, to which he frustratingly groaned and flailed in the driver seat.


Screenshot_20230711_204728_Blue Archive
– I went back to playing Blue Archive using Sena more, a recent addition to my in-game roster. I managed to win her in a recruitment pool being highly amused how she rides an ‘Tactical Ambulance’. Gimmicky.

After a bit more “shaming” (to the obliviousness of my roommate) I went back to Blue Archive. I had enough lecturing for one day. I can only take so much pain in one day, let alone over many days. It nearly caused me to kill myself during the COVID lockdowns back in the day, and how I allegedly deserved every bit of bullying I had in school. Miserable. I hate Ottawa. I desire to go back to Japan, to the dismay of those in Ottawa hating my train of thoughts.

Screenshot_20230711_205407_Blue Archive
– Wakamo – Heeheehee. This time, you’re mine! <3
Screenshot_20230711_223539_Blue Archive
– I feel this quote sums up 2020-2024 Trudeau-Covid political nonsense. Just be a mindless social drone.

“Live your life and take care of your responsibilities”

It’s fine for the most part, yet when it comes to treating people like drones that’s when you get high cases of suicide. People feel empty, hollow, and miserable. I’ve constantly felt this way in Ottawa, and I still do. Once I returned from both Vancouver & Japan I felt like hanging myself. I even became sick upon my return from Japan, and constantly complaining about one thing and another to which I expect my Japanese “friends” to hate me for my negative Tweets. Less and less interaction on my tweets to which I assume I’m a piece of shit to people now.

Parasocialism is brutal. You have to consider where the line is, and I’m still trying to figure out where that fine-line is, especially with Japanese mentality. I’m well aware of the parasocialism concept; Well aware being a social influencer as to be a false lie, as noted by ‘Oshi no Ko’ Anime relating to idols. Everything is a lie.

KanColle Model Vol.3 (Mini-Kit) – Yamato:

– Yamato – KanColle Model Vol.3 (Mini-kit)

I desired to build this model kit ever since I obtained it in Osaka. Both Yamato and Yahagi; The duplicate Yahagi given to a friend.

– This felt a little cheap to me with how these runners weren’t numbered.
– All hail the mighty Yamato!

I sadly broke the rudder on Yamato needing emergency repairs. One of her propellers was already dented, it broke off. I need special glue to fix both her propeller and rudder. Need to glue other pieces together.

– All hail the mighty Yamato!

Screenshot_20230712_152125_Blue Archive
– Wakamo – “So close…! Just a little more and you’ll be mine!”

Roommate’s cat kept jumping on me preventing me from building my model kits. She was either overly curious, or overly cuddly. She desired to snuggle up with me on my chest. Animals are the best, they know how to love you, unlike humans these days. Everybody always has to backstab you, betray you, and other nonsense. Makes me highly wary of people. I love animals and nature, they never betray you.

I’ll eventually give Neverlia her own blog post, same with Arnval. Simply need another window of opportunity to allow me to do such. I’m even considering obtaining Strarf. Need to finish my other model kits before obtaining Strarf.

– A little peeved by Yamato’s model kit I decided to finally work on Neverlia’s model kit this time around. Was lacking patience, yet finally started working on her.
– The various head pieces.
– The headpiece is finally together.
– Her torso is now done!
– Torso, chest, and head. Nice!
– She’s half done, and with sass. Love it. Why I picked her kit up.
– One of her legs being completed.
– Her other leg now completed. 🙂
– “I challenge you to a duel”

Both Neverlia’s and Arnval’s blog posting shall be posted when they’re ready to be posted.

Tornado & Thunderstorms:

The day started off rainy, while also being oblivious to the tornado watch warning we had in effect around 10 AM. It was humid during my walk, raining shortly after I timed it well with something. I found shelter.

– (July 13) I visually saw this plane, noting it came from Toronto to Ottawa via flightradar24.
– (July 13) A major thunderstorm & Tornado line. A second front following behind.
Screenshot_20230713_125010_Wireless emergency alerts
– (July 13) – First alert at 12:49 noting a severe thunderstorms & tornado watch.
Screenshot_20230713_130940_Wireless emergency alerts
– (July 13) Second alert, this time swapped to prioritize French.
Screenshot_20230713_144611_Wireless emergency alerts
– (July 13) Third alert to note the second front. The damage was already done.

Where I was located at the time only had a case of VERY heavy rain, a bit of thunder and lightning, and maybe some wind. It was pouring like torrential rain. Few friends notified me they were soaked from head to toe, and to the bone. It was brutal.

Barrhaven was the area hit the heaviest with multiple tornadoes damaging the area (the area I went for sushi with a coworker a few days prior) causing varying amounts of damages. Tornadoes seems overly common over in Kanata, Barrhaven, and even the east end of Ottawa around the Rockcliffe area. Barrhaven is roughly 10-20 minutes car ride from the area I tend to frequent.

Screenshot_20230713_214728_Blue Archive
– Wakamo – “Just you and me…Sensei. <3

(Playing Blue Archive on and off trying to accomplish as much as I can by October. A certain character favoured by the Japanese and myself is allegedly accessible during October’s time-frame.)

Screenshot_20230713_215522_Blue Archive
– Oh, how I’ve waited… You have no idea how long I’ve been dreaming of this moment.” – Wakamo
Screenshot_20230713_215614_Blue Archive
– “So…will you accept this, Sensei?” – Wakamo (Box of chocolate for V-Day.)
Screenshot_20230713_215627_Blue Archive
– “Of course. Today’s a special day, so I made it just for you. <3” – Wakamo.
Screenshot_20230713_215653_Blue Archive
– “Yes! It was love at first sight!” – Wakamo
Screenshot_20230713_215913_Blue Archive
– “So long, my darling! <3” – Wakamo
Screenshot_20230713_222548_Blue Archive
– Chise’s Birthday on July 13th. Happy Birthday!

Chise became one of my “waifu” type characters for her oni design, and for appearing like a character from a Slime Anime (That Time I got reincarnated as a slime | Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken). I formally viewed Chise as Shuna, or so I recall. Memory is hazy.

Screenshot_20230713_230734_Blue Archive
– Conbini focus. Japanese’s Conbini are the best!
Screenshot_20230713_234301_Blue Archive
– Yes, I’m afraid of heights. It made visting Japan’s various towers overly difficult.

Heterophobia & Transphobia:

– Heterophobia:

I view Transphobia as a fake symptom to a collapsing and degrading society. Nobody is scared of Trans-people, only disgusted by normal people pretending to be something they’re not. Tons of fake people in the world pretending to be something they’re not, such as those in the VRChat realm, Ottawa, British Columbia, and elsewhere. People aren’t phobic, people simply hate fake and mentally ill people trying to rape and mutilate normal aged (teens & adults) and young children folks. Ottawa schools even pretending to be “inclusive” when they’re also encouraging bullying, rape, and harassment. It’s sickening. There’s too much brainwashing in Canada, it’s depressing. No wonder students and teachers desired me dead long ago, and still do now. People are suicidal as it is, this is making it worse. Those who even successfully transition even desire to die, even suiciding upon transition (Google it up!). Every claim noting Trans people are “happy” and “true” about themselves is genuinely false. Showing speaks louder than words. They’re mentally and morally corrupted through-and-through.

The Western world hates straight people, hence the social degradation of the world. Why we now have a proper term to describe the situation, such as ‘Heterophobia’. Rabid 14 year old girls who spread false information on the internet shall never never understand the real world, not until they’re on their death bed, or without a proper male partner to guide them on their path. I even feel bad for the Japanese, they’re facing these issues as well. I may not know their circumstances fully, yet am aware of rebelling Japanese girls ruining their own lives, even forcefully via poverty or social pressures. It’s a genuine shame.

(Note: The more honest you are the easier it is to hang out. The more down-to-earth, honest, and proper you are the easier it is for both myself and others to interact with you and vice-versa. Once people act all fake putting up barriers it becomes harder to interact and converse. Many people ghost others over trivialities which becomes highly stupid. I desire to converse with honest individuals, or at least mostly genuine.)

– Kawaii dake ja Nai Shikimori-san

As for my love life? I have none, and I most likely shall never have one with how bratty, brainwashed, and corrupted woman are in this world. From Slovak, to Ottawa, and almost everywhere I encountered them always ends up horribly. I’m always this “creep”, or idiot to them, someone they refuse to treat properly, or as a human. I’ll be a lonely soul constantly suffering in pain and loneliness. Maybe I’ll even take my own life one day, who knows. Maybe I’ll be pressured to do so. Or I may die reluctantly with a “lonely heart”, as many people do when the heart weakens from stress and isolation. My heart may sadly give out if it keeps up for too long, as Trudeau and the Western world desires from intentional social degradation. I’ve been betrayed far too many times, even for so long, it’s now hard to trust anything from anyone, and from girls/woman/females. I’m always hopeful, yet also overly wary of both guys and girls. I’m straight, yet feel if a girl is even interested in me I’m highly on guard it makes things stupid and highly unnecessarily awkward to the point I’m certain it’s a turn-off for girls seeing me being socially awkward. I hate society, and Trudeau, and ‘Social Justice Warrior gremlins. Everything is so unnatural. I can see why my coworker silently took his own life back in February. Shame. I’m genuinely frustrated with society with how fake everything has become, even if my coworker and others refuse to see it.

(Note: Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu, Kawaii dake ja Nai Shikimori-san, Tenshi-Sama, Yamada Lvl. 999, among numerous others. Romance Anime is bliss.)

I watch romance Anime having me constantly yearn for when woman can behave like woman again. I also admire studying the Japanese Anime scenery for familiar landscapes for when I was there while also having fun with the social aspect of the anime. Basically, the character growth and interactions. The time where girls would be as loving and caring as you see them in Anime, or how you put in as much effort as much as they do for you allowing both of you to be in a proper place. It’s difficult, now more so than ever with how stupid everything has become, and for all the wrong reasons. The numerous romance, Slice-of-life, and isekai Anime showing how females/woman/girls SHOULD behave. They’re sadly not behaving as such thanks to Western corruption. Bratty, spoiled, whiny, and off-putting.

(Note: I’m aware by noting this I’m opening myself up to be baited, scammed, and such. Such is life, and I hate people.)

No Japan Allowed | Japan “Ghost Trip” (July 14th, 2023):

– Yokohama, Japan.

I’ve dreamed a person came up to me with a paper book being all concerned (yet happy) about how I’m hyped up about my Japan trip, yet worried about me mentioning Japan. A ‘Ghost-trip”, as it came off as in the dream. The dream noted how I was no longer allowed to be proud, nor happy about my trip, how I even had to ease up or shut up about it.

One person (or many) desire me to tune into Ottawa mentality, not Japanese mindset. The topic of Japan offends people now. I’m certain this dream was spawned by my jealous (or salty) coworker noting how I need to let others converse instead of hijacking the conversation from other people. I’m not allowed to suggest things to people, unless it’s of equal exchange.

This dream depressed me for the day of July 14. I want to be happy, yet have to constantly pay the “fun tax”, as someone had put it. For every bit of fun you have people always want to tax you for it until you’re this miserable person with an expressionless face on you. A dead person, like a zombie.

I hate people, I hate Ottawa. I want to go to Japan. I want to be human; I simply desire to be myself. I hate people socially “fun taxing” me, even emotionally. For the whole day of July 14th (This blog posting’s publishing date) I felt absolutely miserable to the point my coworkers were semi-concerned about me, once even asking me if they could do anything for me. I felt weak, depressed, even highly cranky. I felt like a zombie. I accidentally overslept, I had the “no fun allowed with japan” dream, and then simply depressed the whole day. It’s bad.

I agree if anybody thought this blog posting was out-of-whack with things being all over the pace. I tried keeping some sense of order with the image dumps, and the various captions and ramblings. Even a few ventings, and frustrations relating to coworkers, and how “everything is always my fault”, even if we had a great time eating Sushi.

I wish people were more honest with themselves. Always hounding me won’t get things done, it’ll only make things worse. Yes, more things need to be done, and I am aware of them. Things need to improve to allow me to also improve along with it. I’m trying to have fun, trying to be positive, yet shall always share things which makes me happy.

I have more Japanese blogging days to post. I want to constantly share more happy thoughts, yet that’s becoming harder and harder as time goes on.