Arcticu February 2023 Quick Rant

– Legacy F-18 by DC Designs from FSX (Canadian Theme) flying over Yokohama’s Gundam Statue.

I wanted to make this be an actual quick rant/ramble, something I finally admit (after the years) I actually do. Yeah, I just want to get everything off my chest while not keeping it bottled inside to simply explode like a ticking time bomb. Nothing negative, just some loose thoughts I needed to put into a blog post. This blog posting focuses simply of my own interests, hobbies, and entertainment. I genuinely admire the hobbies I’m in, the things I can have fun with. I however still struggle with finding awesome people who can share my level of loud passionate interests when it comes to Busou Shinki, Flight Sim, obtaining Canadian desires in video games, and etc. I love it when the hobbies I am actually hits all the right notes, yet it’s becoming less of a hype as time goes on when people (companies or artists) refuse to have fun. I love it when hobbies fills in the blank (such as Flight Sim).

– DC-3 south of Kushiro near the southern coast of Hokkaido.

People have scolded me for making wall of texts, more so on Steam forums, yet the same complaints have also come from actually morally corrupted individuals within Canada who enjoy ego-boosting. They enjoyed baiting other people, or view themselves higher than they should. They enjoy seeking attention, clout, and are painfully far too rational to the point they fail to see the fun in games, etc. What I mean is half the people are “too” rational (logical) they forget how to have fun, while the other half is morally corrupted. Then there are those that love to have fun, those people are fine. I simply desire to interact with people who are actually “down to earth” humans. People who naturally enjoy their hobby without being politically charged about the stupidest of things. I’m aware it’s easier said than done when Canada is simply a morally and politically corrupted nation, how it teaches people in educational situations that we should hate the Americans, Truckers are our enemies, and being Trans while telling people to kill themselves is fine and dandy. Hence, why I had to unfollow the likes of LittleVMills for being a political jackass hating on hard working Canadians. He hates truckers, retail workers, and every hard working individual while seeking clout online. Sucks. I just want to hang out with natural minded Canadians, even on the hobby front.

I’m also aware I shouldn’t be wasting my time on Steam forums, or negative people, I however want to play games so I do my fair share of research before purchasing pricey games. I need to know what games are, how they play, and what the future holds for them. I ask around, I seek roadmaps, while also prodding the occasional troll to see how genuine they are. They’re just some moron seeking attention they can’t get online. I’m aware I should cut ties with negative hobby folks, it’s been cut one way or another. Ties get cut either from my end or their end when I’m viewed as a threat, or I view them as someone abusive.

– Landing at Bella Coola B.C Canada. Was flying with friend.

It’s been also said not to get too close to your idols for you’ll be disappointed. That’s the truth. I’ve idolized Danny Choo, Nagzz21, and lightly with LittleVMills. Danny Choo and Nagzz are neat, LittleVMills fell into the deep end of the pool having lost all his respect to me, and hopefully with other sane Canadians. Danny Choo and Nagzz21 both unfollowed me, LittleVMills lost his way (his morale compass is corrupted and broken), yet I do watch Caspersight and MarcoMeatball on Youtube. They’re my two new favourite Youtubers. I’m aware everything has to be an act online to entertain people, a form of escapism. Danny Choo, Nagzz21, and others have done this well, LittleVMills hasn’t.

When it comes to JVloggers I stick with TkyoSam, Rogerswan, and lightly with ‘AbroadinJapan’. Everybody else is fake, especially the female kind. I tried, I can’t. For me to enjoy female JVloggers they have to be as boring as possible, as natural as can be instead of the cringy ‘fake-cute’ nonsense. Tkyosam all the way, pure and natural. Just look at how Hololive does it. Yes, it’s an act, but when they talked about sexual things that was from their true personality. It went against Yago’s “Seiso” (Pure) ideals of a pure idol dream. Point is there.

“WE” (those who create content) are putting up an act to please other people. I’m partially doing that while being mostly true to myself. I’m aware I’ve also pissed off other people, I’m however trying to be true to myself through-and-through. I make mistakes, I’m only human, and I’m always trying to better myself. I’m trying not to apologize needlessly, I’m simply noting I’m trying to stand my ground while trying to follow tradition, and the ACTUAL ways of life in the world. While the world around me pretends to be “just” with fake politics I simply want to do things on a more natural level. I’m not trying to be this #1 person on the internet, I only want to meet people who simply genuinely and naturally enjoy their hobbies. Many people I’ve encountered have even betrayed their own hobbies, their own interests. Shame. Many people left, some even for hobby abuse of people seeking clout, even sabotaging various hobbies in the process.

A good example of people being fake are those hating on Hogwarts Legacy. They claim to be allegedly inclusive and kind, they’re anything but that. They’re abusive, stalking, and toxic. They’re the scum of society. They make LGBTQ+ folks look worse than they already are, and I already hate how unnatural LGBTQ+ folks are. They’re as dishonest and untrustworthy as they come, especially from personal experience. It’s all for clout and attention. I hate people like that, especially female Vloggers. So fake. Stalking people who play Hogwarts Legacy, even making some streamers cry only preying on the smaller streamers. How pathetic. Doing everything counter to your “inclusion & diversity” message. Screw off!

– DC-3 flying from Kushiro south of Sapporo. Painfully long flight.

I’ve been in the process of trying to better myself by going on a diet, losing weight, trying to seek more positive routes. It however doesn’t help Canada is genuinely broken thanks to our childish and Dictator-minded leader, Justin Trudeau. Many people have lost their jobs (even forcefully), had their bank accounts frozen (even after the necessary ‘Freedom Convoy’), people going hungry, losing their homes, and suiciding for being unable to meet human needs. Their dignity and humanity having been lost, and I can vent about this for being in a similar situation as every other sane Canadian being mistreated by Trudeau. Divide and conquer treating us like trash. I’m livid.

I’m thankful I encountered helpful and encouraging Japanese folks telling me to post more Busou Shinki. Yes! Yes I should.

– Flying around digital Vancouver in a Halo Pelican aircraft numerous times to and from to various other areas.

I’ve tried staying positive by traveling to Vancouver to where I mostly healed. I mostly mended, yet still was cranky. I’m proud of having gone to Vancouver, yet people are now applying the “fun tax” by noting how I’m “obsessed” with Vancouver, making it sound like a negative thing. I simply want to better myself, to improve, and to meet actual sane people, even if it has to be Asians who may or may not be normal.

I’m thankful to my roommates for keeping me off the street; To my few coworkers helping me out, and a few other folks for treating me like a normal human in Ottawa.

Canadian Pride Through Japan’s Anime:

I admire my nationality when it relates to scenery, to aviation, to World War 2 naval contributions, and everything Canadians have done they can be a proud of. But because we live in an era of guilt tripping, cancel culture, and etc you’re not allowed to be an honest person, nor are you allowed to enjoy what you enjoy. I enjoy what I desire, and it’s also thanks to the Japanese Otakus/hobbiests I admire what I admire as well. I’ve found proper avenue to express my interests via Anime, via Busou Shinki, and various Japanese games (indie and AAA). When a game allows you to mod, customize, and even dwells into side details, such as Canada, that is what I admire the most.

– Avro Arrow leggings from VKet Winter 2022. I stopped and done a double take once I saw this. My jaw dropped. Was I dreaming?!

My jaw dropped in actual shock and surprise once I stumbled across this sight relating to Canadian Avro Arrow leggings. This Avro Arrow Striker Unit from the Strike Witches manga and Anime series. I was surprised by what I was seeing thanks to how I live in a world that enjoys shaming everything Canadian. I’m genuinely happy I saw this I swiftly downloaded, even trying to apply to one of my avatars in VRChat. It failed, it however is within my possession. I wanted to create this, someone beat me to it. I love it when people make stuff instead of making up excuses as to why it can’t be done (useless WW2 naval game developers).

I’m not allowed to be proudly Canadian, nor am I allowed to admire anything Canadian for they are a ‘Minor Nation’ in and outside of the Anime realm. Every image you see within this blog posting is also related to Canada somehow, and even ties with Japan as well. Canada and Japanese connections. It’s thanks to Japan artists I’m even alive today for I would have suicided sooner from depression, from the bullying. Anime has showed me a creative avenue I otherwise wouldn’t have known through proper escapism, ‘what-if’ situations/scenarios, various genres of anime, the various music for Anime, the games, etc. Anime itself, as with doujinshi, explores things Western media simply fears. It explores various categories otherwise ignored.

Renge & Andorra Witches
– Ken_Works providing me his doujinshi and Strike Witches manga in his hype. Thanks!

It’s thanks to Japan I’m even as hyped about my Canadian nationality than I otherwise would be. I know I vent a lot, and I’m aware it gets on even the Japanese’s nerves. They liked a tweet to where I semi-apologized for my political tweets. I genuinely don’t want to tweet about fake political nonsense, I’m however hurting. I want the fake nonsense to stop! I’m fed up of the fake idiocy. I want everything to go back to 1990’s level of normality where people aren’t witch hunting for clout and fads, and all the fake nonsense. I want everything to be polite and humble again, if with a touch of formalities and tradition. That’s why I hide myself among the Japanese art, Anime, and hobbies. I want to escape, but even the political morons are attacking that. It hurts. Japanese folks, more or less, know how to keep the line balanced. It’s not perfect, it’s as the best as you’re going to get it.

I’m genuinely thankful to the Japanese Busou Shinki folks who have messaged me to keep posting Busou Shinki stuff. I’m trying! I know I’m failing on the quantity part, I however am trying to post them as much as I can, even in an overly positive tone. I’ve been suffering from depression and anxiety for so long it has stunted and held me back so much I can understand if people view me in a negative light. It’s however always been the Japanese who have gone above and beyond (with a few Americans here and there, 1 Russian). I need to thank the Japanese for constantly telling me to keep sharing Busou Shinki stuff. I genuinely want to keep doing that.

– Renge portait drawn by Yoshitsune Izuna. I’m still viewing this proudly, even if I hate my own depression and anxiety.
– My Renge posing with the message and portrait. I respect this kind gesture. No, I really do! I genuinely respect this.
– VRChat – I’ve even tried making a museum type shrine for her when I was gifted her avatar for use. I’m thankful.

As for Anime itself, it’s also thanks to both Kantai Collection and to Strike Witches for having me be curious about my Canadian nationality; For EUFA PS3 game for allowing me to play as Slovakia. That Slovakia bit is EUFA is what I mean for Canadians these days. I admire when Japanese artists, doujinshi, and mangaka freely explore “what-if” scenarios without limit and restraint. They always have the most fun. That type of thing. Canadians are not allowed in a creative medium outside of Anime, yet inside it everything and anything is possible. I admire that. Not just for the Canadians either, for everything. Unless it’s through a Japanese artist you’re simply not going to be able to explore those various entertaining avenues.

I mean, simply Google up the following name – Elizabeth F. Beurling – and you’ll see she has been added into the lore via the Manga side of things. She is based on a real Canadian Ace pilot during World War 2. I’ve blogged about her numerous times previously. Muv-Luv’s lore contains a French-Canadian, and certain others. G-Gundam with Grizzly Gundam, and Fox in Gundam Builder representing Canada. It’s awesome. I’m now waiting on Azur Lane to add in Canadians seeing as how Kantai Collection fell from favour both by the Japanese and international audience for dragging it’s feet. It’s thanks to both Kantai Collection (KanColle) and Azur Lane I’m even aware of my Canadians.

I’ll be happy once either Kantai Collection releases a PC oriented free-world game, or if Azur Lane (a Chinese company) releases some Canadian shipgirls for me to spoil, and to connect for my Canadian pride. The only game I can hype up is Silent Hunter 3, and that’s from Ubisoft Romania from back in 2006. Everybody else is a bunch of chicken shit when it comes to World War 2 naval games in the Western Market. I have to rely on the Japanese, and maybe the Chinese who make Azur Lane.

I genuinely enjoy my anime for keeping me mostly positive, for going the philosophical route, for playing with my emotions, for taking me for a ride, and for not berating me as western media recently has done to us all. I genuinely enjoy how poetic Anime music is, how attractive Anime characters are (outside of the mainstream molds), and the overly sophisticated elements tying anime to reality (through reference) used to inspire various Anime. While people forget how to have fun constantly analyzing every frame I genuinely admire Anime itself even feels like a nice dream you obtain after a long day’s rest. A satisfying dream. If you’re unsure as to what I’m talking about, watch and listen to ‘Bunny Girl’ Anime, especially the ending. That shall hit you hard.

[Video] – Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai ED [Part Section]?Fukashigi no Carte?

– Anime has calmed my nerves on many occasion, especially Bunny Girl, even if it was painful on the emotions (Emotional Damage).

If it wasn’t for Japan and Anime I would have been dead by now in one manner or another. Thank you!

From Gundam Wing, Trinity Seven, Fate/Stay Night, Spice & Wolf, Bunny Girl Senpai, Oda Nobuna no Yabou, Wagaya no Oinari-sama, Dog Days, The Eminence in Shadow, Jormungand, Tasogare Otome x Amnesia, ……..

The list goes on. I’ve seen so much, I’ve admired so much. I’ve learned so much about Japan I even amusingly surprised a Japanese person about Cicada’s in summer. Seen tons in VRChat. Anime is a deep rabbit whole I’m genuinely proud of being stuck in, having been saved by, and genuinely would continue admiring further.

Yes, even the Busou Shinki type. Even the Moon Angel OVA tied to the PSP Battle Masters game.

– Using Legacy F-18 in Canadian theme to fly from Yokohama to Toyama Bay and back. Great scenic route to fly.

I’m aware Microsoft Flight Simulator isn’t Japanese, it however allowed me to have fun where I otherwise wouldn’t have fun. It gave me my various Canadian planes I desired, even providing various RCAF themed aircraft skins. Twin Otter, CF-18 (two versions; Official and FSX Legacy), Beaver, and even the CRJ aircrafts. The Caribou (releasing Feb 23rd) is also Canadian made. I genuinely love Canadian aircraft, they’re truly Canadian. Proudly and truly Canadian.

I shall be happily flying Canadian made planes in the Flight Sim, as long as I’m allowed to. Microsoft loves being political, even living in a cancel culture climate making me wonder when fun is no longer allowed. I’ll keep sharing my love and admiration, this is just me noting my true thoughts. I love Flight Sim when it stays neutral, Microsoft however loves making even Flight Sim political. Shame.

I admire flying both planes while traveling to places I’ve either been to, or have yet to go to. I’ve learned and seen so much. What I’m experiencing via Flight Sim is what I desire from Kantai Collection & Azur Lane. I simply want to connect with my fellow Canadian shipgirls, even in American and European oriented games. Developers are simply too lazy, and not as passionate as Japanese doujinshi and Japanese indie game developers. I admire indie developers, they make the impossible possible. They’re awesome. Doesn’t have to be simply Japanese, any passionate indie developer is awesome when they create something with their full effort.

– Pelican at Parliament Hill

I’m Canadian and Ottawa born. I’m Canadian, I have Slovakian blood in me through my family but fully Canadian. I know how weird people want to be when you mixed blood and nationality, I shall still note how I’m influenced by traditional European values preferring people behave civil, not drinking from a toilet bowl, as I’ve seen people do figuratively by gaslighting the ‘Freedom Convoy’. Morally corrupted and fake people whining we have ‘Popeyes’ in Ottawa, and trying to cancel everything fun in Ottawa. I genuinely admire Ottawa’s scenery, the people whoever are naïve to a fault; Corrupted, or simply have various screws loose to the point they bully you in the way Japanese students bully their own kind in their schools. It’s severe. It’s genuinely easy to hijack people’s good will when someone is far too giving and helpful while others seek to exploit that in negative terms. Japan is learning this same lesson the hard way with their own good will being hijacked by fake-political nonsense on their front to the point their own mangaka artists are being falsely slandered for being “Pedophiles”. If you can’t compete with Japan, sabotage them? That’s what these abusive folks are doing. You get bullied for everything, now more so than ever, simply for being human. Everything has to be fake representation I rather move to a more realistically attached nation, or at least somewhere more scenic.

You give an inch, they take a mile……….
(You cave in, they desire more from you with no end in sight. Everything is allegedly abusive and offensive)

Ottawa (and British Columbia) keeps pretending Canada is under thread of the ‘Freedom Convoy’ or some other weird boogieman. It claims Truckers are “Nazi”, or some bullshit. It simply shows how youthful and naïve Canadians are, especially when they don’t know the real horrors of war of having your house bombed to bits, or the Soviets invading your neighborhood, as my parents have experienced. Heck, Canadians should interview various Asians fleeing the Chinese CCP for how communism actually works, not our fake Canadian Communism spin-off. Canadians shall, and will always be looked down upon by those who always pretend fake Nazi’s are roaming while those fleeing actual genuine war-torn nations shall always mock fake Canadians pretending to be ‘Social Justice Warrior’ idiots.

I’ll digress a bit saying I genuinely admire Ottawa’s transportation, it’s scenery, it’s access to various food joints, and semi-big city feel. Even the various bike paths I would take. I however feel it has been hijacked by both Toronto SJWs and Americans fake political nonsense to the point you’re not allowed to be yourself, not allowed to be human, and the “fun-tax” is constantly applied making you miserable and depressed. I want to escape to Vancouver (which has more of the same), yet you can escape into the mountains. You have a bigger demographic of Asians, and I just want normality.

Ottawa has it’s fair share of neat aviation, and I have noted many of them. Many Chinook helicopters, military aircraft, many bus types, and the upcoming LRT. Ottawa is still an infantile city, it even behaves like it with how politically corrupt it is. I’m frustrated, I want to hang out with sane people. Everybody ghosts each other, betrays each other, is politically corrupted. People enjoy cutting themselves here, even figuratively.

“Ottawa, the city that fun forgot”.

It applies the “fun tax” so heavily it’s depressing.

I’ve felt more Canadian among the western coast of Canada doing ACTUAL Canadian things. It’s no wonder we don’t have KLM 747 fly to Ottawa, nor any big Sony/Nintendo/Microsoft headquarters. We’re an infantile city. I genuinely enjoy hearing the CF-18’s flying over, even the Chinook flying overhead at 1:00 PM every day, or almost every day. It’s a great sound to hear.

– Love the BC/Alberta mountains. Rockey mountains are awesome.
– I want to meet people who don’t sell their souls to the devil. I want to meet people who value and respect their own humanity, their own dignity without witch hunting; People who are true to their hobbies. The amount of times I was betrayed is insane.

The amount of times I was betrayed by people going political is insane. In the past by various Dutch folks brainwashed by their British friends, or following ResetEra forums, and just being outright abusive/toxic. It’s thanks to the few Dutch folks I befriended who caused other more well-known Japanese hobby folks to unfollow me, to betray me at my worst point in my life; From 2017 till 2022-ish. I lost friends, Sparky the dog, my Mother, my Father all within a few years. I’m far too gullible and forgiving for my own good I’ve met people who would be kind, then betray you pretending you’ve done something wrong to later find out they’ve been politically corrupted. Bastards. One person even told me I should seek out a therapist. No, I need to encounter more down-to-earth humans who aren’t politically corrupted to hate on other people, let alone betray them. I’m fine just as long as people are true and natural to themselves, not parrots to the political hate machine telling others to be fake, to kill truckers, doing things that are not true to one’s own natural personality relating to gender and hobbies. Be honest, be your true human self.

I’m as normal as you could get me. A drink of beer? Let’s talk. I’m chill, just as long as people don’t go out of their way to provoke me. Yes, I may be wary, but that’s from having been bullied and betrayed over the numerous years by people. Earn my trust. I go out of my way to treat people like humans, people tend to exploit that. I’ve been bullied for that. People pretending to admire Anime just to later throw me under the bus. If people are as honest as they come they have nothing to fear from me. Stay on my good side (just be a normal human being) and you have nothing to fear from me. If you’re going to be gay, LGBTQ, or whatever then be 100% honest about it. Don’t do it for clout, nor attention. Tons of stories about people regretting their transition desiring to return to their original biological gender. People have nothing to fear, they only do so thanks to the various skeletons they hide in their closet. I eventually obtain a figurative glance at their closet finding why they’ve corrupted.

Politically charged people betray you, and that’s what I’m trying to escape. I hate people who betrayed me, especially without apologizing. They meant to harm me, all the more reason to avoid them. I want to meet people; Down-to-earth humans, ones who aren’t politically corrupted. Yes, I do vent but I want everything plastic to stop. Once I meet proper humans I hope I can hopefully stop venting as much as I do causing even the Japanese folks to hate me in the process. I want to better myself, to speak to actual humans.

I don’t want to vent on Twitter (nor here) about faux-political bullcrap. I want everything to be natural, to be fun, and to just post about our hobbies. I’m proud of my Europe, Cuba, and even my recent Vancouver trip. I’m proud of visiting HMCS Haida with my father before he passed away in May 2020 (We visited in September 2019). I’m now highly eager for my Japan trip. I just want to interact with normal human beings, that’s all. I’m aware venting about the fake political nonsense doesn’t help any, I simply want it to stop. It won’t. I’m done with the fake plastic crap. I’ll be blunt and honest about that. Be the true you, be the honest you. Watch what makes you happy, play games that make you happy, do what makes you happy. Have your own ambitions in life.

– The serenity I’ve felt on an B.C Ferry was bliss. I wish it lasted longer.
– I admire Vancouver’s Skytrain, one of the most liberating things to ever have happened and be a part of. I enjoyed taking it around Vancouver. I was able to be human. Ottawa has a lot to learn.

I know I struggle taking tons of Busou Shinki figure images, I however do admire them. I genuinely do. I want to take more, I want to blog more about them, do more. I have goals to achieve, places to be. Vancouver was one stop, Japan is another. I genuinely am going to Japan in 2023, unless something idiotic happens.

– Fubuki at Lake Louise while also having taken images of her next to some young female Japanese tourists.

Busou Shinki has been my connection to proper sanity. I love taking images of them, and I have in Vancouver and the surrounding areas. I still want to get them into Rising World game via modding. My friend in Vancouver even helped me out finding spots for figure photography. As I’ve shown above, I’m genuinely thankful to the Japanese folks for trying to have me in their Busou Shinki circle; Being a part of a few doujinshi. Yes, I do struggle with my depression (Ottawa caused suffering), I however do enjoy the awesomeness I had done with Busou Shinki, the places I’ve traveled, and the people I’ve encountered on Twitter. If I wasn’t betrayed by politically charged individuals I wouldn’t be an “angry Canadian”. I just want to drink beer with someone, a casual talk, and figure photography. Just a fun time as a casual mellow Canadian. Keep me away from political nonsense and we’re good.

I’m thankful to Persocom for introducing me to Busou Shinki via Shinki Renge. The timing couldn’t have been better. I’ve obtained Kohiru, Benio, and others even before Renge appeared. Good times. I’m genuinely proud of them, even in 2023. I’m however not thankful to those who hijacked Busou Shinki for their own clout in the Western sphere of the hobby. They’ve gained high praise, and their images were decent, they however intentionally kicked other people to the side for their personal clout. I hate that so much! Not jealousy, nor envy. Their images are awesome, and I would have boosted their awesomeness. I hate people who shun other people while seeking clout and popularity, it grinds my gears. Screw off. Busou Shinki is supposed to be about fun and entertainment.

I digress, I however shall note I even have an Kotobukiya Arnval blog posting to do, something that brought peace and happiness to me. It’s constantly being held back thanks to stress-caused forgetfulness. I genuinely have more plans relating to Busou Shinki in the future, abroad over in Japan. I hope I can put the plan into action. I’m too busy further solidifying my Japan trip.

– I’m proud of having Fubuki with me in B.C and Alberta. She made things all that much better. Canadian artillery pride.
– Ontario is afraid of priding itself on its railway, something British Columbia does freely and openly. I LOVE Canada’s railway. Closest was Dovetail Game’s ‘Train Sim World’ with the Hamilton DLC. I admire Canada’s railway, rail history, etc. It’s awesome.

I can interact with fellow Canadians just as long as they’re not in power positions. Just as long as they’re not hiding any skeletons in their closet we should more or less be on good terms. Many tend to hid skeletons in their closet, so I’ve learned the hard way on numerous encounters. Canadians get painfully egoistical it’s insane when in power positions, such as forum moderators, community leaders, etc. Our “peacekeeper” stance is what corrupts us. As long as people are naturally humble everything is awesome we can get along just fine.

Onwards to Japan!

Yes! I’m going to Japan! Unless something idiotic happens, I’m actually going to Japan in 2023! It’s booked, it’s happening! I however have to keep it on the down low now as to not jinx anything.

– VRChat – Japanese Shinkansen
– Hype!~
– Sapporo is also on my list to travel to. I may miss out on its winter festivals, I however will see its beautiful trams and observatory, if possible.

As long as something stupid doesn’t happen I shall be going to Japan. See you there, and hope to obtain tons of Shinki images to share on my blog. If it’s one thing that allows me to connect with people, I can’t wait to obtain and share tons of more Busou Shinki related content. Just as long as people are kind, honest, and themselves (no skeletons in their closet) we should get along fine. 😉

See you in Japan!