Arcticu’s August 2023 Ventings [Life & Housing related]

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I have a few things I need to get off my mind, hence why I’m making this blog post to share a few frustrations I have on a more life-related manner. Many of them have been things I’ve tweeted about previously, and some additional things to add on top of them. Things maybe be all over the place, though that’s properly part of the course already. People already want to note I ramble and rant, I guess I do. I’ll get to the point.

(Disclaimer: Some things may appear beside the point, or excessive, yet do know that my point is to clarify, explain, tie things back together. Things may be long winded, I however view it as necessary to clarify various points and situations in great detail.)

Housing Issue – Ottawa Focus:

– Microsoft Flight Simulator – Ottawa Area.

Ottawa has a major housing problem, now more than ever. To be blunt, and straight to the point, it’s both a Liberal and Justin Trudeau problem. Always has been, always shall be. Nobody can own homes, nobody can live as humans, and people are (now more than ever) finding themselves either living in tents or in their own vehicles.

Even prior to my parents having moved to Canada they’ve always hated Canada how it was advertised to them, how they were now stuck in Canada, and even unable to do anything properly in Ottawa. Liberals always desired to have their own version of Communism, even though they openly claim everything to be allegedly “Fascist” in other nations, yet failed to look back on their own. Everybody tattle-tails on one another, stares at one another, and it’s just a depressing “no fun allowed” city. Whenever people have fun other folks would prevent you from having fun. Tons of bullying, harassment, and in-fighting. This all ties into Ottawa being poorly managed, poorly housed, and nobody can do things they desire. Everything is a mess.

Ottawa is a city that fun forgot“, and there is a reason why it’s labeled as such.

People in power are power hungry, highly and morally corrupted – “Absolute power corrupts absolutely”. Canadians fought for their freedom (Freedom Convoy), yet shunned by their own locals, viewing the world wide and national ‘Canadian Freedom Convoy’ as alleged villains. I’ve been bullied for the longest time in Ottawa seeing as to why, it’s a Liberal city priding itself on shaming and hurting other people. In Japan you’re supposed to conform to the standards, yet in Ottawa you’re shamed because that’s how people in Ottawa roll. They’re what you call “Karens” and “soccermoms”, they don’t want anything to be normal.

Look, I may be ignorant when it comes to the nitty-gritty stuff relating to housing. I, at the very least, am aware of all the corruption going around Canada, and Ottawa. I can see it, I’ve experienced it, and am constantly being made aware by the few friendly coworkers I have befriended. I can see the government cares more about the LGBTQ faux-issues than it does with proper education, housing, and food issues. Nobody in the Liberal government cares about your average Canadians. People are going overseas to live, as well as finding love. Nobody knows how to be loyal partners when it comes to love. Everything is more about “body count” in how many dicks a women can stick in their vagina over time than they care about a loving and caring partner. Western girls & women have no self-respect, nor even dignity. They’re a bunch of sluts, for the most part. Guys also allegedly need to die, and males don’t matter in society thanks to this new wave of political mindset sweeping the Western world.

Canada was intentionally destroyed by Dictator Trudeau, and his corrupted gang of moronic Liberals, a portion of whom want to form their own ‘No-Name’ political party instead of being associated with the now-corrupted Liberal Party of Canada. It’s harder to be a human in Canada than it previously was, and becoming harder with time. More people are suiciding, and more people are fleeing back to other various nations. I wouldn’t be surprised if people were prevented from fleeing their nation after enough time passed in this Trudeau government.

What Canada is now is a shell of its former self. Stupid Liberal twats.

– Microsoft Flight Simulator – Downtown Ottawa.
– Simple Apartment & Home chart. Yes, it’s affordable for the wealthier folks, it however is still a struggle for those making ends meet.

Everything simply keeps going up and up, and it’s not just plain old inflation. It’s Liberal related inflation, or ‘Justinflation’. We’re a pile of trash to the Trudeau government and his minions. Trudeau’s followers support the social degradation, even praising the homelessness situation. Can’t afford food? Good! Liberal are happy. Go homeless! Screw your normal lives. You’re not allowed to live.

For someone seeking to own a home (especially a student, or an average Joe), an apartment, or just a place to live now requires $1,500+ Canadian, and more to live in a decent place. $1,500, $1,800, $2000, $3,000. Many people have even been forced to live under the same roof with 5-10 more people than they should. People packed into a home like rats. Renting an apartment used to cost between $500-$800, now it’s $1,800. It doubled! Even tripled, in various cases. It simply keeps going up! $5,000, up to $8,000. It’s madness! Again! People can’t make ends meet, food costs a fortune, and people are suiciding from all the pressures. It’s intentional. Government is intentionally killing us, especially for the ‘Conspiracy theories’ roaming about how an organization named ‘W.E.F’ (World Economy Forum) desires to purge the population. We’ve seen this happen how violently truckers were treated in Downtown Ottawa, yet Liberal-minded Ontarians (Canadians, and Americans) are perfectly fine with having their freedoms violated.

When you try to seek out places many places are rated 1-2 stars at $1,000 or $1,500 Canadian. Many places have been noted in having bed bugs, roaches, and other issues. It’s like owning a home in an under-cared swampland. Peeling of paint, poor attendants, and simply the lowest amount of effort for the lowest value. You simply can’t find a place, also with the improper amount of immigrants and students allowed into Canada preventing both national born Canadians and foreigners from finding a place in Canada. Intentionally sabotaged for a greater nefarious scheme.

Bank accounts frozen, food going up, housing going up, people going homeless, rising suicide rates, homicides, crime, and even a higher dose of mainstream media propaganda. It’s all insane. It feels like we’re in Soviet Russia, North Korea, or even Communist China. People are beginning to starve more and more, and we’re simply allowing it. Higher counts in Food Banks across the nation. Higher theft from retail stores, even to the point stores are threatening to close in those shop-lifted heavy locations. We’re not fighting back against an overly corrupted Dictator. Shame.

Salami-slicing tactics taking every bit of our freedoms away while Canadians are fine with being a bunch of mindless drones. You give someone an inch, they take a mile. That stolen mile shall never ever be given back to you unless you fight tooth and nail for it. People online always want to lean on the ‘Liberal’ side of things always destroying everything they touch. They want to sound like they know everything they talk about, hijack every thread on the forums getting it locked, and whining-moaning about Popeyes being in Ottawa prior to this whole COVID-19 nonsense, etc.

“Ottawa is a city that fun forgot”

Think I’m talking trash? Again, view the tent cities popping up in droves in Ontario, Quebec, and even B.C. View Kelowna, and other areas. Google Search these tent cities, how people are living in vans (Nurse lives in vans), and how Canadians are going overseas to live a better life.

Another frustrating thing about Canada is how car-dependent the whole nation is. Europe and Japan fair better than Ottawa ever shall. Everything is far more humanizing in those nationalities/region than in Ottawa. Everything is car and bus dependent to the point it might as well not exist. Ottawa is a depressing city, and it shows (Granted, whole of North American is car-dependent, the point applies to them also). The only positive side of Ottawa tends to be access to international delicacies (food), and nature. Everything else is simply as struggle. Transit is a struggle, trying to do things, or partake in stuff. It’s all a needless hassle. People in Ottawa simply forgot how to be human. Maybe not all, yet half, or most of them.

– Microsoft Flight Simulator – Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Canada.

Look! I’m Ottawa born. I’m a Canadian, while my (now deceased) parents fled from Communist Slovakia in one manner to another. My father fled to Australia knowing only Slovak, and little English. He grew up in Australia, eventually having left Australia to come to the “Promised Land of Canada” unaware of how brutal and depressing Canadian winters are in Canada. If he had known Canadians were naïve and morally corrupted he would have stayed in Australia, or seek a saner nation. He traveled the world, drilled and explored numerous parts of the world. Saw the world for what it was, calling it out as what it is. Even the brainless and naively-corrupted Canadians seeking their own destruction, as I’m seeing it now. Canadians want to openly destroy themselves, and they’ve done just that. The Canadian Freedom Convoy tried to prevent our destruction, yet the naïve and media-brainwashed Canadians prevented that, with the help of mainstream media, and Dictator Trudeau’s bending of the rules. View Montreal & Trudeau. Like father, like son.

He always desired to go to Australia, yet sadly was legally trapped in Canada unable to go to Australia, if he desired to lose his Canadian-Australia dual-Citizenship; Canada Passport would be lost, or so was noted to me. Everything about Canada infuriated him, and I can see why.

My mother was an “flaming dragon” when on the bad side of things, though she desired Slovakia more than Canada. Canadians are naïve moronic people always desiring to kill themselves. A bunch of children being a happy-go-lucky “yes man!” type folks, yet never care about their own national concerns. Canadians would much rather be mindless puppets, not their true honest selves.

The point is, my Father felt lied to, my Mother was depressed, and I now see where they came from. Various folks I conversed with noted how they’ve been cheated by false-promises, and that’s now in full swing now more than ever preventing people from finding homes in Canada. Roughly 800,000 homes versions millions of new immigrants coming to Canada unable to find places. Overload the Canadian system preventing both sides from accomplishing anything. No jobs or homes for anybody. Overloaded the Canadian system. The smarter folks return back to their country, [Locals] flee the country altogether to another country, or simply stay in Canada to violate Canadian law through nefarious means.

– Microsoft Flight Simulator – Rockcliffe Park.

My ‘hosts’ (roommates; Father & my coworker-friend) are housing me currently after my Father had passed away in 2020 from Liver disease. Negative on COVID-19. His health failed. My coworker and his father are caring for me until I can find my own place, and I can’t even do that. With the way Trudeau has steered Canada in a negative direction everything has gone up in price, as noted. Housing, food, taxes, Carbon tax (X2), among other nonsense. Wages aren’t going up, and there is even a Metro strike in Toronto as we speak. Everything is Toronto’s fault, including this strike for failing to respect the retail workers. Metro (and other grocers) failed to properly pay their staff in this degrading Canadian climate. You’re not allowed to live in Canada, nor allowed a proper wage, nor eat. Everybody who is under a certain salary are being out-priced onto the streets, and into non-existence. It’s sadly all intentional. Those who even earn good pay are struggling to make ends meet.

I had a coworker-friend who killed himself for an unexplained reason, though believe it had to do with depression. He over-worked himself to the point he couldn’t take it. People were pushing him into a corner, and I witnessed such. He worked for Costco on Merivale, sadly he took his own life. He enjoyed it there being acknowledged as a human being, yet sadly (without my prior knowledge) left this Earth on his own accord. Again, assuming it’s all expense related to housing, food, etc. Mental degradation. COVID-19 nonsense.

My fellow coworkers are desiring to find cheap-affordable places to live, yet are just as unable to find one such as myself. Another coworker (from UAE) even prefers USA, and other nations over Canada. Cheaper in USA than it is in Canada. He even noted how they were lied to preferring USA over Canada. The lies noted by Pierre (a Conservative) being told by the Trudeau government of how special and accessible Canada is. Once they come to Canada they find out everything is simply smokes and mirrors. All for statistics. No jobs, no housing, and everything is in a state of disrepair. Liberals are morons. It’s all for voting power and statistics.

If you call out Trudeau (& Liberals) out on their farce you’re falsely labeled ‘homophobic’, ‘transphobic’, and “Alt-Right’, simply desiring to be normal. If you call things out, or desire to drink water, you’re allegedly ‘Alt-Right’, and I’m not joking. I wish I was. You’re a terrorist if you call out Trudeau’s idiotic nonsense. It’s like being in North Korea. You’re not allowed to live within your means, nor are you allowed to criticize the government in parallel to his powers. You’re always gaslighted.

– An UAE & USA fellow coworker desired proper Taco Bell noting how Canada fails in that department. American Taco Bell is better than Canadian Taco Bell. My fellow Coworker had to ‘SkipTheDishes’ to obtain his Taco Bell.

Everything Canadians (even Ottawaians do) tends to be low-tier quality. Poor housing, poor governmental governance (from Prime Minister, Ottawa City Council, etc), to even handling of the LRT and general transit. Popeyes dropped in quality (poutine used to be a big bowl, now it’s a small box). McDonalds is far more costlier than it should be pretending it’s some high-end restaurant for low-grade food. $15 Canadian for a Big Mac, fries and a drink. KFC doing similar things as McDonalds. It’s not worth it! Always have to seek out budget foods when they’re on sale.

Ottawa doesn’t know how to handle it’s LRT. Slovakia and Japan both know how to use their LRT and Trams, especially in the winter. Ottawa however can’t. Ottawa is genuinely retarded. People in Hokkaido, Japan have trams functioning year-round! Why can’t brainless Ottawaians do such. Yes! Ottawa needs LRT, it however needs actual intelligent folks to run it, handle it, and maintain it. Ottawa is full of toddler-minded-adults. It’s embarrassing, and a disgrace. You obviously can do better, yet constantly refuse to.

(Side-note: It’s been noted W.E.F have intentionally allowed this to disrupt the flow of a nation to cause world-wide unrest to enable their world-enslavement plans. I can believe it, I’m seeing it in action. Especially for Japan with foreigners stirring up more problems than ever for clout purposes.)

– Ottawa LRT (East End). Ottawa has the right idea, yet the wrong execution of it. Ottawa constantly approving the lowest bidder expecting the highest of results, as seen via the Ottawa Senators. Obtaining low-grade players expecting high-end results (2006-2015 NHL Mindset).
– Snowy Ottawa Winter (2017-2019)

In short – Am I allowed to live in Ottawa?”

Am I allowed to live in Ottawa with my own resources? Most likely yes, if however highly difficult securing my own place. I’m just barely priced out of the market preventing me from obtaining my place. An intentional supply & demand issue caused by the Trudeau government. I can live in Ottawa for sure, under normal circumstances, just not under a corrupted Dictator Trudeau government. Under Trudeau’s Dictatorship nobody is allowed to live in Canada, only those who do and act as Trudeau says. Everything is being geared to kill of the population, hence the rising cost of food, gas, housing/rent, among other problems. Doing, or traveling in this politically corrupted city is an absolute chore. Trying to do anything worthwhile tends to be more of a hassle than it actually should be. Ottawa is intentionally corrupted and sabotaged.

I also feel alienated from Ottawa, unable to do things I desire. I was in a severe 10-20+ years depression doing my own thing. Constantly bullied, harassed, gaslighted, and prevented from being human. Liberals always treated normal people as sub-human. I feel I’m unwelcomed in Ottawa, even feeling I’ve LONG overstayed my welcome in Ottawa longer than I should have. I’ve sadly stayed longer than I should have in this boring God-forsaken corrupted city.

I’m proudly Canadian, just not proudly from Ottawa. It’s my home, I however do not feel pride for Ottawa’s naïve child-like corruption. Everything is geared to a dictatorship, not a democracy. Ottawa cares more about LGBTQ issues than it does its own Canadian identity and security. I’m not allowed to be a human, nor was I allowed to do things I myself desired to do. People are not true to their own feeling and emotions, always doing things which makes others and themselves overly depressed.

Living Issues – British Columbia | Vancouver area:

– Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

British Columbia was a place I desired to visit for the longest time. I even desired to visit my friend who moved there years ago, even noting how impossible it is to live there as the years went by. You can basically live in Vancouver if you’re rich, not if you’re an average Joe. You need to be overly wealthy to live there, also thanks to a bunch of Hipsters and Social Justice Warriors having stolen Vancouver from its Canadian nationals living there is now more impossible than ever. Tons of people doing stupid things, even killing each other on the daily, weekly, or monthly. All drugs and gangster related.

Everything in Vancouver is pricey, and for all the wrong reasons. It’s been hijacked, corrupted, and intentionally destroyed by the Liberals. Who else?! Liberals. Intentionally circulating drugs to destroy British Columbia (as with Ontario, and rest of Canada), sow social unrest (as with Ottawa, and elsewhere). Everything is intentionally being decimated.

Apartments in British Columbia costs as the most expensive properties in Ottawa. Basically from $2000-$8000, and even more.

I’ve desired to live in Vancouver for the Japanese side and the natural beauty of the place. Why can’t I? Money, and I’m not allowed. I’m not allowed to move to Vancouver because I’m an Ontarian needing British Columbia registration, a job, and the appropriate amount of money to simply function there. I’m sure those well-versed with owning an apartment, a home, a car, & etc, are far more familiar with this, even able to word this far better than I. I’m simply saying things as I’ve seen it, experienced, and am seeing it as. British Columbia is intentionally being sabotaged, also thanks to Liberals and Trudeau.

I genuinely desired to connect with the Japanese locals in Vancouver, in the British Columbia area, and to simply stay true to my Canadian nationality. I desired to meet more cool Japanese folks, frequently visit their Daiso & Oomomo, and their more authentic Japanese restaurants and stores. It’s more impossible now than it was previously. Everything relating to money and bills keeps going up! More for the rich, less for the average and the poor citizens of Canada. Criminals are being let loose intentionally to do more harm in society. It’s a nasty vicious cycle.

– Vancouver.

British Columbia cares more about faux-LGBTQ issues than it does about its provincial and national crisis. Nobody cares about their normal citizens, only the faux-LGBTQ morons deflecting from the actual real world issues of Vancouver, B.C itself, and the nation as a whole. I guess fuck the whole expansion of the Skytrain into Richmond and into Langely, faux-LGBTQ matters more than people’s quality of life. Fake political matters more than the quality of life of those living in Vancouver, or British Columbia as a whole.

Vancouver has numerous great things going for it, such as seaplane connections, Ferries, numerous restaurant types (Japanese as well), great scenic location, proper transportation hubs, Skytrain accessibility, and actual business & corporation access which can’t be found in Ottawa. Sure, they can be found in Montreal, and Toronto, sadly not Ottawa thanks to their naivety and lower-tiered IQ range. Vancouver is a gem, and it needs to be thoroughly protected and gatekept to keep it in the state people admire it for. Vancouver needs to take better care of itself.

There have been cases of Japanese folks coming to Vancouver for educational and tourism purposes, and that is an obvious fact one can go without saying. Japanese folks coming to Vancouver because it’s the closest to Japan, even going as far as Lake Louise, and further. British Columbia is just the easiest for them. It has also been noted once Japanese folks become bored they desire to return to Japan after having lost their “honeymoon” period preferring Japanese influences over corrupted Canadian influences. Japanese folks having seen the corruption of Canada simply desire the safety of their own nation. Granted, there have also been cases with new couples coming to Canada to have the Japanese wife become morally and politically corrupted by faux-Canadian nonsense turning against their male partner.

“All males must die” & “Woman are oppressed victims” nonsense. It’s best to keep Japanese women uncorrupted back in Japan. If you do bring Japanese women to Canada then defend them against every faux-political madness as you can, or else they’ll stab you in your sleep, or leave you for a genuine rapist and abusive male partner. Many cases were reported of exactly that. Many Japanese girlfriends and wives left their male partners in response to Canadian Western brainwashing. Shame.

Digressing, it’s however a shame I’m not [currently] allowed to live in B.C, it costs more to live there than it does in Ottawa. Everybody is forced to live on the street, become homeless, consume government-provided drugs, be intentionally starved of food, while LGBTQ nonsense spreads further and more aggressively like both a cult and a disease. A disgrace. Even the First Nation folks sold their soul to the devil. Shame.

Look! I genuinely spent a decent amount of time searching various apartment listing sites, even finding a place near my friend in hopes of surprising him in Vancouver. It never panned out. I even desired a place in Surrey, Maple Ridge, Abbotsford, or anywhere the Skytrain connects to, or close enough. Even loosely skimmed Vancouver Island, or anything nearby. Everything is simply an outright mess, and intentionally so. It’s better to be in Ottawa than it is in Vancouver, cost wise. Trudeau is a pile of trash. Both father and son.


In Short: Am I allowed to live in Vancouver, or B.C in general?

Will I ever be able to live in British Columbia, or Vancouver? Seems somewhat plausible, if unlikely, and highly doubtful. As long as Trudeau & Liberals are in power then nothing is possible. I’m not allowed to do things which makes me happy. My desire to live there is for escapism, and to be doing things on my own terms. I desire to connect with Japanese who know of Vancouver more than they do of Ottawa (Ottawa is non-existent to Japanese folks). Vancouver has everything you need to meet Japanese folks, while Ottawa is as fake as can be. As long as Vancouver and B.C are both being politically and morally sabotaged then nobody is allowed to live there. Nobody shall be allowed to live there thanks to their constant sabotaging attempts and behaviours.

Vancouver has Skytrains, Daiso, Oomomo, Japanese restaurants, Japanese connections, etc. Even if it may appear creepy, I still want to connect with a proper (non-corrupted) Japanese. Vancouver has a far more reliable transit system with buses and a properly running Skytrain than Ottawa ever shall be. Even if Vancouver suffers from aggressive-immigration, Government-provided drug abuse, and Liberalism, over-priced properties, Everything else is great about Vancouver. Scenery is great, the access to retail & shopping centers are great. Meeting with Japanese folks is great.

British Columbia would have to normalize to pre-2015 levels (or even further back), and to allow me to live there. It has to accept me as an individual, and as a human to live there. It has to return to its former glory and greatness. It has to make things livable and functionable again.

Housing Issues – Japan Issue:

– Kamakura, Japan.

Let’s just say that it’s genuinely far better to live in Japan than it currently is to live in Canada. Sure, Japan isn’t some alleged ‘Holy Paradise’, it however is far more normal than what Canada itself provides. And sure, maybe Japan is lagging behind the times in contrast to other nations. Things happening in Western nations shall eventually catch up to Japan, even brutally corrupt it to a non-livable society. Japan however has to do its best to keep itself as traditional and genuine to itself for as long as it’s genuinely able to do so. If Japan doesn’t then everything shall sadly turn into a corrupted version of itself. Japanese women hating their male counterparts, housing sabotage, among other nonsense. There are signs it’s already heading that way, even LGBTQ corruptions. Japanese politicians being blackmailed by Western influences to accept LGBTQ, or face harsh consequences. Caring more about LGBTQ than the health and sanity of your own populace.

To move to Japan one has to be aware of the declining birthrate, declining workforce, and a gradually increase in immigration. Japan normally refuses to sell housing to foreigners, they however are finding ways to live in Japan, even causing issues in Japan. It has been noted Brazilians being the worst of the bunch between the Tokyo-Toyama region. This may worsen with time, especially with Japanese being as polite and traditional as they are, unable to defend themselves from more assertive and violent foreigners allowed to enter into their nation. Ones who are willing to throw fists, push their own body around, and even become more violent. Japan needs to become more assertive themselves; Japan needs to defend themselves from more violent foreigners. Even foreigners hijacking public spaces for themselves – [View Halloween Train parties] – among other foreigner nonsense. It’s no wonder Japanese folks are reluctant to be kind to foreigners when we have cases of foreigners sabotaging everything, even ones being ‘Johnny Somali’ threatening Japanese with the Atomic bombings of Japan, and his copy-cat partners. Trashy people traveling to Japan.

– Yokohama, Japan (FamilyMart focus).

Let’s be honest here. Yes, working in Japan may be lethal. It can genuinely kill you, especially if you work in an overly abusive ‘Black company’, or any workplace forcing you to follow the rules to a ‘T’. You’re not allowed to speak your mind, though it’s for the best that you insert your own opinions, to the dismay of overly formal coworkers. Mindlessly praising your superiors like a puppet should be banished, only praising them if they’ve genuinely done their due diligence.

Working on your own terms is where things have been noted to be positive, for the most part. As long as you do your job (show results) then anything should go.

If you find a proper “human-praising” job then protect that job with all your might. Do everything on your terms, as long as it’s formal and positive.

If one can secure a proper human-respecting job then you’re set. If you can secure your residency in Japan, your income (as noted above), and even a proper transit route then you’re set. A proper conbini (or restaurant), a proper JR Rail line to travel from and between. Japanese Conbini’s are heavenly. Make proper use of Japanese Conbini! They’re far more special in Japan than they ever shall be outside of the nation. JR Rail lines also simplify many aspects of Japan, don’t take them for granted. They’ll take you anywhere you need, something they fail to do in Canada, and other nations. Europe (in general) may be the only best place they’re genuinely on par with Japan.

– Hiroshima – Between Kure & Hiroshima (via JR Rail).

Sure, living in Tokyo may be expensive, and that’s true. As to be expected. Everything tends to be cheaper on the outskirts. It’s far better to live on the outskirts in Japan than it is in Canada, unless you own a car. In Japan, you can simply walk a short distance to reach a JR station (or bus terminal) to then make it to where you desire. Granted, some areas are genuinely better than others, it’s however far more morale-raising and more humanizing than it is in Canada. It feels more like Europe than it does Canada, and that’s a great thing. Having to fight for space brought out the best in Japan, for the most part. Japan isn’t perfect, it however is far more livable than anywhere else. Proper access to food, to Conbini, to JR Rail, to basically everything. The Bullet train even helps.

Yes, as I’ve become aware it cost as much to live in major cities as it does in my Canadian cities. Similar pricing to Ottawa, nearly creeping up to Vancouver pricing. The silver lining is you can get away with cheaper homes in the “outskirts” thanks to the scale of Japan, and how everything is more within your reach. You can’t have that in Ottawa, or Canada. Everything is out of your way in a car-dependent city.

– House in Chiba – 79,000 Yen = $733 Canadian.

(Side note: I may not be an expert, though I’ll try to make as much sense as possible. Do at least try to keep up with my point of view.)

It goes without saying it’s more expensive living inside a city than it is outside of it. If lucky, one can find decent properties, if allowed to be given to foreigners. It’s been noted housing agencies refuse to give to foreigners, especially for the numerous abuses foreigners are known for, such as destruction of property, sexual assaults, and other idiocies. If lucky, one could obtain a small house worth $733 Canadian, or 79,000 Yen. One could make themselves feel overly homely, even as a single individual living in Japan. Granted, there may be hidden fees I may be unaware of in parallel to monthly costs of renting (even buying). At a glance, seeing a property worth $733 Canadian is heavenly. It feels humanizing again.

Sure, one has to obtain their residency status, obtain other national privilege’s, become a part of society, have their own income, etc. Once all those are settled one can safely live in this home without issues. Chiba is also roughly 1 hour away from Tokyo by JR Rail (or general transit). Everything is close by.

– Example how to travel around Japan. Numerous connections, routes, etc. The less hopping between trains, the better.

If correct, one simply needs to take a JR Rail train from ‘Koganejoshi Station’ to reach Akihabara Station in 50 minutes (1 hour), as an example. If one desires to reach Kamakura (Enoshima Station), that is then 2 hours of travel. Tolerable. Perfect!

If one had a choice of living there, I would! I would have to shed myself of half my belonging, it however would be doable, if given the opportunity and chance to do so.

– 60,000-70,000 yen apartments in Kyoto of varying sizes and styles.

Many foreigners tend to live in Kyoto, Osaka, and other areas. Also thanks to the lower price, work, and other stuff. Japan feels far more livable than Canada shall ever be, and that is what is attracting me so much. You feel more of a human in Japan, even if it’s painfully more strict in its traditions and peer-pressuring manner. Everything follows a rhythm, yet everything is far more humanizing. Sure, you get one tiny room to maybe a few rooms. Everything is far better, or at least via a glance. Granted, there are also many hidden fees, rules, and regulations. Even housing agencies only catering to the Japanese locals, though it is possible to obtain rare housing for foreigners. If lucky. It’s plausible.

If one doesn’t try, one doesn’t gain anything.

As easy as it may seem on the surface, there are simply tons to worry about. Having to pass numerous hurdles. One even has to worry about false SWATTING situations initiated by the police themselves. False accusations of owning drugs, or other accusations. You’re guilty until proven innocent, something which is simply public harassment. Two months in containment unable to do anything, nor contact anyone. Harsh. Many locals and foreigners alike suffer this inhumane treatment to upkeep Japan’s 99% Conviction rate. Shame. Keep your nose as clean as possible.
(Too many police, not enough criminals & crime; Becoming more inventive.)

I’m a worry-wort, I tend to ponder about everything. Prior to my trip to Japan I assumed I would be stopped by Japanese police every few stops. That wasn’t the case, they left me alone, unless I asked for directions. They left me alone. I hope it stays that way. I’m a paranoid Canadian. I worry how I would watch my Anime, and if it would irritate the Japanese locals forcing me to be behind bars, among other silly nonsense only possible in Japan. Is this offensive? Is that offensive? I hope I don’t get in trouble.

Why You Shouldn’t Live in Japan:

– Why you shouldn’t move to Japan

It was pointed out people shouldn’t live in Japan if they’re an idiotic foreigner. It’s implied in the above video via income. One must be aware Japan is full of natural disasters, has growing social issues (elderly priority), social degradation, growing faux-LGBTQ nonsense (Japanese politicians blackmailed into supporting LGBTQ by the Western world), and gradually growing crime rates. Japan is suffering more and more as it had prior to its economic bubble, and it’s paralleling itself with the Western World in a national societal collapse [View W.E.F’s ‘Great Reset], among other issues.

If one can tolerate giant earthquakes, tsunamis, typhoons, and other issues then one can genuinely live in Japan. If one has a large enough income to live in Japan, you should be able to. And if one can follow Japan’s rules and regulations as it was put out, one can live in Japan. Granted, foreigners tend to be ignorant and barbaric to the point it becomes gradually more impossible to do things which were once possible prior to various incidents. Foreigners are a thorn to Japanese local’s side for various sabotaging and incidents. If locals can contain foreigner unrest and abuse then Japan shall be a better place. Many foreigners admire degrading Japan out of self-hate, ignorance, and faux-political brainwashing. And, of course, internet clout. Internet clout-chasing is the worst.

– VRChat – Sapporo VKET 2023.

My preferred locations in Japan would be around the Tokyo area (around it, not in it), even around the Hiroshima area. Basically in, or around Kure, just as long as I’m on good terms with the locals. The bigger the spider size the less I desire to be in that location. The bigger the spider I see the more likely to death I shall find myself in. However, if the area contains a conbini (7/11, FamilyMart, Lawson), JR Rail, and things to do then I’m fine. I would even be fine with living in Sapporo itself. I’m already familiar with Sapporo itself, I can branch out. A proper park, good hobbies, access to the latest hobby trends. If people are kind and sociable then that be perfect. Granted, I have to find myself there first.

If I’m sponsored in living in Japan then I’ll be happy with that, though do not see such an opportunity. I’m always given the lowest amount of luck when relating to life opportunities.

But, for the love of god, keep me away from the fake LGBTQ morally corrupted individuals. Look! It’s fine to be gay and lesbian, that’s fine. Just be fully honest with yourself, not a fake Cultist of the LGBTQ social degradation Empire hellbent on sexually assaulting little kids, or harassing women. Nobody wants a rapist, though I do respect an honest individual. If one is gay or lesbian then I don’t care. Don’t wave the child-raping and women-violating, male-hating LGBTQ flag in my face, as I’ve seen proudly waved in Hokkaido via Google maps, locally, and even via a flight from Osaka to Sapporo. The LGBTQ couple were genuinely horrifying to see. Genuinely cringe. Social degradation RIGHT THERE.

In Short – Will I be able to live in Japan?:

Plausible. It seems doable, I however need to jump over a massive hurdle to do so. I also however need to acquire my residence card, find a partner, among other fun stuff I would become aware of as I do them. I would need the housing agencies to allow me to allow me to purchase a property (rent or buy), and to be left at peace. I want to be a human again, Japan allows that. It’s however hidden by such a nasty hurdle to the point it seems highly impossible. Once I pass that everything should hopefully be fine. Thanks to Ottawa’s prolonged bullying and harassment I’m so far set-back to the point I have to claw my way back to a normal standard as much as possible. Everything is needlessly difficult on my end, yet painfully easy for people destroying Japan as foreigners themselves.

Properties are affordable, and Japan is genuinely a great place, just as long as it stays true to itself. Just as long as you have Japanese oriented hobbies people will connect with you. More so if you speak Japanese.

I may be stuck as a tourist, if at all. Though, if able to live in Japan, I would. It wouldn’t be via a teaching route, though one never knows. An alternate legal route needs to be discovered.

Canadian Tensions – Vancouver & Japan Trip Aftermath | Proposed Second Japan Trip :

The last bit shall note my various frustrations and aftermath from my two recent trips.

– Tokyo sign in Odaiba, Tokyo, Japan.

1) Declining Ottawa Standards, And the Loss of a Family & Home:

As noted previously, obtaining a property (renting or buying) in Ottawa is near impossible. I noted how EVERYBODY in Canada (both locals & foreigners alike; Coworkers & myself) all struggle to obtain a home for ourselves, whether a house or an apartment. Barely any new homes are being built to supply the ever-growing demand to the point I’m not allowed to own anything, nor is anybody else allowed to have a place of their own. Many immigrants come into Canada living on the streets, Churches, or even shelters. People are being priced onto the streets, into tents and vans, etc. Basically, I’m not allowed to obtain anything in Canada, let alone in B.C, near Vancouver. If I can, it’s either riddled with swarms of bugs, or in a crime-infested area, also most likely instigated by both Liberals and Trudeau. Everything is genuinely 100% Liberals and Trudeau’s fault. They however can spin it however they want, they have the mainstream media to spill lies leading people around like the Pied Piper.

Secondly, after having lost Sparky (my dog), then my mother, then my father, I was forced to live with my now ‘hosts’ to stay off the streets. I was grieving, yet I had to live somewhere. I asked around for help. It was sudden. I can only do so for so long [living with my hosts]. I was initially harassed and gaslit thanks to my ‘hosts’ being a bunch of Liberals, and CNN-watching folks. I had to constantly fight and argue with them on how fake the media is with varying levels of success, and how the newspaper also holds lies (Ottawa Sun). I’m not allowed to be happy thanks to the media brainwashing people turning local Canadians against one another. Media allowing people to hate on the Freedom Convoy, then wondering why they can’t get free ice supplied during a severe downburst in Ottawa and the surrounding area. Reddit Ottawa also banned me, even gaslighting the issues constantly constantly pretending to play the victim. That’s Ottawa, constantly pretending to be the victims always crying crocodile tears. Ottawa also being a bunch of naive moronic brats pretending to have defeated an alleged invading nation – ‘Battle of Billingsbridge’ – among other moronic Liberal-minded stupidities. It’s a stupid city, I hate it here! I don’t feel human in my own god damn city I was born in.

I had to constantly fight and argue with people, even with my naïve-minded ‘hosts’. For when I can’t fight I would hide in my room in a reclusive manner hating everything about how abusive and naïve Ottawa was, and still is. I don’t even feel at home in Ottawa, hence why I desire to move to Vancouver, or even Japan. Whoever or whatever naturally and honestly allows me to move where, I’ll go there. I’ll move to Japan in a heartbeat, they however have to accept me there first. Someone has to accept me. Anybody. Especially the Japanese government. I want to declare an emergency wanting to seek genuine refuge in Japan. They at least know how to treat me with respect and kindness, for the most part. I desire my humanity and dignity back, Ottawa refuses to allow me to be human. Trudeau doesn’t, nor do the Liberals. Always bullied, rarely treated kindly. Always in depression, rarely happy with both Japan and Anime as my escapism. I was constantly being verbally put down by my ‘hosts’ thanks to their connection with over-watching CNN.

My ‘Hosts made me even more depressed while mourning the loss of my Father. Forced to go find a non-existent home, to sell my possessions to people who wanted to scam me, and to constantly be treated sub-par in expectations.

“Oh, I didn’t know you could do the dishes.”
“Oh, so you CAN help around the house.”
“Oh! So you do know how to use the dishwasher”

And it just went on…….

It put me more in depression I simply desired to kill myself, just as my coworker friend had done in February of 2023, as noted previously. Of course I know how to do stuff, I however let people who know how to do stuff to do it in their preferred order. If they can’t, I take over. Naïve people shall always be abusive.

– Fate/Extella Link – Scathach (my Anime waifu)
– F/EL – Scathach – Seeking relief after much combat.
– Scathach – Speak with your actions, not your words.

2) Japan & Anime Saving me Mentally & Physically:

It’s thanks to Japan and it’s Anime mediums I’m still here (Europe in 2000-2006 during numerous school bullying by both students and teachers alike). Japan genuinely saved me, and I keep thanking them for their philosophical and natural artistic escapism. Japanese artists are on a whole league of their own, if sadly slandered by the Western world. Japan kept me alive, and I thank them for that. They allowed me to even tour Kure, among other places thanks to their kind assistance. They attempted to be kind to me via Busou Shinki by gifting me an artistic sketch of Renge with the author’s signage & sketch. Japan is great, Canada is however suffering. Japan may not be perfect, it at least is more honest in its hobbies and expression. As long as you’re true to yourself everybody is fine.

After having survived my own mental depression, my own shackles, the loss of my parents and pet dog, even my apartment…. I was uprooted. I then had to face a non-essential COVID lockdown initiated for all the wrong reasons, even prolonged for dictator type reasonings. Freedom Convoy happened, to proper Canadian’s relief. It happened world-wide with all but two nations releasing their grip – Canada and Japan. Both Canada and Japan were being idiotic, mainly Canada with Trudeau.

First point related to how I can’t find my own place. Second point related to media manipulation turning people against me. Ottawa showing their fangs to assault their fellow locals, even accusing them of everything of faux negative accusations.


3) Trip to Vancouver | Trip to Japan | Tentative Third Trip Plans & Allegedly “Taking Advantage of People”:

The third point in this matter was how I traveled to both help myself and to see a morally stressed out friend in Vancouver. And then a trip to Japan simply because I saw a window, something I feared would close if I hadn’t taken it then and there. Even planning a third trip to tie up loose ends. I’ve felt guilty when heading off to the airport to take a trip worried about judgmental thoughts. My worries were correct, as I’ll note in the third point below.

  • 1) Trip 1 – Vancouver & British Columbia Trip (Summer 2022):

This trip to Vancouver was planned for years. Maybe 5 years, or so. Thanks to my parents & Sparky passing I forced the thought of visiting my friend before it was too late. I desired to visit him to both help him out and to see Vancouver while the window-of-opportunity was there. If I hadn’t, there wouldn’t be another chance. He finally allowed me to visit, even planning and prepping my way there. I had to plan around my Steam Deck arriving prior to July 14, even allowing it’s arrival to the doorstep. I could have visited Vancouver sooner (Canada Day) if it wasn’t for the Steam Deck. We traveled from Vancouver itself, one weekend to Vancouver Island (to Tofino), and another weekend to Lake Louise and back. I was given the royal treatment, and I am genuinely thankful and grateful. Sadly, as friends do, friends tend to also have their down moments punching each other down just as much as we help one another up. True friends fight with one another, even guide one another through thick-and-then. Fake friends flee from one another, has had been done by various Anime “friends” from the Danny Choo community.

My friend was pissed I wasn’t as assertive as I should have been with hunting for a female partner, even hounding me to go on Tinder, etc. Everything is my fault, and shall always be my fault to the point I genuinely thought of suicide right there and then. Steam Deck prevented me from pulling through. When it comes to seeking a partner it’s simply impossible in Western society, now more than ever. Girls care more about ‘body count’ (how many dicks a girl can get in her vagina in a day, week, or month) than they do about romance, loyalty, love, or anything normal, as portrayed in romance anime. Western girls care more about being worthless sluts than they do about being genuine girls and women. Males must die in their fake-feminist viewpoint.

Everything else? Was great. Connected with the Japanese side of things via Daiso, Oomomo, Japanese Conbini in Vancouver, Japanese restaurants and gardens. Even seeing more Canadian oriented stuff.

Sadly, people couldn’t comprehend my focus on Japan when treating Vancouver as a Japanese trip proxy during the COVID-19 lockdowns. I needed my healing and escapism. I wanted to Japan, yet wasn’t allowed. I wanted to help my friend, and was told I genuinely helped him. Sadly, the final days were soured by anger and frustration (as noted by Tinder), among other issues. Great time overall, sadly mixed with numerous frustrations and nonsense.

I needed to escape the gaslighting, media propaganda, and abuse of my roommate. I needed time for myself, especially in my own bubble to recover. Vancouver allowed me to recover, even desiring to go back.

9/10, would Vancouver again!

– Foggy Fuji TV in Odaiba, Tokyo, Japan.
  • 2) Trip #2 – Japan (2023)

I’ve been desiring to visit Japan for the longest time, even before the whole COVID-19 farce. I desired to visit for roughly 20+ years, finally seeing a genuine and proper window. I was forced to (even forcing the issue) of obtaining a passport during and after the non-important COVID-19 lockdowns. Failed the first attempt, able to do it the second attempt. Second attempt done in three phases of obtaining the papers, filling it out, and then returning to the office to have it processed. Had to come back again during to have it processed, wait two weeks, and then come in again to finally have my passport.

Second step was to obtain my third COVID-19 dose, to my genuinely high reluctance. I felt like I was going to die after the 15 minute wait time was up. The moment I sat in my host’s van I felt like I was going to die. The sensations were horrid. Panic attacks, severe flu-like symptoms, flailing. I had to lie down in the bed. My ears ringing. I genuinely felt like I was going to die. Fuck you, Trudeau! And Japan, for your stupid stubbornness on COVID regulations. Japanese government needs to lax its COVID-19 idiocies. Swabbing? I don’t want stuff up my nose either. This Japan trip was planned in a way to make up for my lost time, hence the month-long visit. I genuinely desired 2-3 months total, yet that would have been too much in payment. I could genuinely last that long, I however couldn’t. I needed my own apartment, something I’m not allowed to have.

Once in Japan for a month I was finally allowed to genuinely and 100% unwind. I was a human again! I felt human! I met people, explored places, was able to do things on my terms. I was scolded a few times by the locals, if for valid reasons, and one not-so-valid reason. Everything else was a genuinely eye-opening experience. Everything is more-or-less better in Japan. Perfect!

9.5/10, would Japan again!

– Ottawa – Andrew Haydon Park
  • 3) The Aftermath – Envy, Frustration, & Tension:

Now, the point of this article is in this section. Sure! It genuinely may be long winded, allegedly beating-around-the bush. I however had to give the full context to lead up to this point, even if I should have kept it overly simple.

My Vancouver trip caused some tension with others to the point my Vancouver trip was viewed mainly positively, if with a bit of envy and jealousy. A coworker desired to move to Vancouver, yet sadly constantly rejected on his end. My end things were going mostly smoothly, yet on his end everything was far worse thanks to his lesser status in society. I had a far better chance, and I still do. I had to give up on the idea, as noted above thanks to rising costs forcing people onto the streets. My coworker who was going to join me met up at pubs, even having his ex-girlfriend threaten him to move in with if we ever went along with the trip. It was a comical weirdness. It never went through.

My 2023 Japan trip was more damaging. It genuinely healed me, yet Canadians were highly envious and jealous of me, if initially interested at first. It caused more of a ripple effect initiation a secondary coworker to hound me about my life, even giving me alleged life advice, as I blogged previously. I shouldn’t allegedly praise and boast about Japan as I had, even if Japan is a far better place in various regards. Maybe not working environment, though everything else is proper about Japan. Had a few falling out with friends thanks to their jealousy and envy showing.

– Fujikawaguchiko – Lake Kawaguchiko

Tentative 2024 – Third Trip (2nd Trip to Japan) – Accusations of Allegedly Taking Advantage:

Once I came back from Japan I genuinely desired to return to tie up some loose ends. I wanted to escape back to the safety of Japan, especially after having confirmed the safety of my belonging at my host’s place. Everything arrived safely. My worries prior to heading to the airport (with my luggage) were warranted. I was right, people would assume ill thoughts, assuming I’ve done wrong by traveling to both Vancouver & Japan.

Sadly, the more I kept hyping up my potential third trip everything would gradually turn on me. My host’s were mostly fine with it, though worried about my savings. They desired me to be cautious with my savings, and I genuinely respect that. I wouldn’t go if I knew I was suffering financially. I planned for how much I would spend, even having buffers in place to allow me to do other things. I had enough to back me up to go to Japan for three trips, yet decided against it. My Japan trip took me down $15,000, including the plane tickets; $10,000 if we simply look at expenses in Japan. Hotels, food, transit, shipping mail, etc. I could have spent WAY less. I could have saved a decent quarter of what I spent. I was too generous to various folks, something I should be less generous next time around.

The issue with my Japan Trip was the word I’m allegedly “Taking advantage of people” to live in a place while going on trips. I need to care more about finding a non-existent apartment than take trips, and I can see their point. If apartments existed I would have had one by now. I can see where people are coming from, I however also do see envy and jealousy. People are known to seek what they can’t have. My Host’s relatives phoned back to my hosts throwing accusations and slander towards them to aim back at me.

I was hounded for 1-2 days about how I should be seeking an non-existent apartment instead of taking trips. I should take shorter trips, only for family and business purposes. Festival-trips are allegedly fine, though I still need to seek an apartment in this impossible time with 0 available apartments to own. What they also fail to realize was how my trip to Japan also doubled as scouting, just as much as my Vancouver trip was. Yes, I agree I need the Japanese paperwork, I however am that desperate to have my own homely paradise. Even though I’m constantly socially degraded and gaslighted by folks and friends claiming otherwise of my own actions, those are my intentions. Sure, I mainly run away from things while seeking my own bubble, yet also scout areas out for myself. It may not be obvious, and be viewed as counter-productive. I genuinely desire to live where I travel to; Live in B.C, Vancouver, or even Japan itself.

My host’s relatives really angered me, even turned me into a villain. They’re what I view as Karens, or brainwashed Canadians. Mainstream media corrupting the minds of local Canadians viewing what I do as vile. Granted, I’m gambling my future, I however am that desperate I seek some sort of positive outcome. The Host’s relatives view Canada as untainted all the while when people are struggling to live, even forced onto the streets. Everything was corrupted to the point everything costs double, even triple of its original price sticker prior to Trudeau entering office. My host’s relatives had the nerve of sending my hosts after me accusing me and hounding me of overly trivial and childish things.

I’m allegedly taking advantage of my Host to take trip on a yearly basis, even if it’s also throwing anchors at places hoping I can produce something. My methods are like gambling in a casino hoping I hit a triple 777. They’re low expectations, yet they’re better than nothing. I want to befriend a genuine Japanese girlfriend to allow me to live in Japan, or at least on my own without doing stupid token foreigner things.

I’m genuinely pissed off and disappointed with my fellow Canadians always viewing me lower than I actually am.

Woodroffe High School LRT Construction (Pano)
– Under construction pedestrian bridge and LRT construction near Woodroffe Highschool.

My only local refuge (morale support) was my Uncle. I feared bringing up my Japan trip to my Uncle, even avoiding the topic in an e-mail. I felt the vibes trying to see what I could and couldn’t say prior to my bringing my trip up. My Uncle approved of me visiting Vancouver, even plans to live there. He eventually, if confusingly, approved of my Japan trip questioning how I was able to pull it off. I told him, he approved, and we discussed the trips. As my Uncle had approved of my Vancouver trip and plans, even noting how I’ve become more assertive in life, he also praised me in the same manner for my Japan trip. I’m taking charge of my own life, something I was unable to do prior thanks to the local sabotage from various schools and locals. I suffered from a severe case of depression making things highly impossible to do, even though I had access to the things I desired to do. Everything was still accessible, yet just far enough to the point they might as well have been inaccessible.

I wasn’t allowed to enroll in Algonquin College for trivial moronic reasonings. Instead, I had to work as my work-around the Algonquin College nonsense. We discussed how my views of Japan in how my plans to move to either Vancouver and Japan was valid. I was doing the correct thing in life, if unaware of how everything is degraded. Noting how transit in Ottawa is almost non-existent, if barely helpful. How my cousins ran into a farm field near College Square many years ago as a young kid. One of my cousins roamed around playing hide-and-seek in what was once a farmland, not homes and developed land.

– Kamakura, Japan.

In Conclusion:

I’m expecting this blog post to get low views, or none at all. I had to vent, I had to express my situation openly in frustration of how broken Canada is. I want to be human again. I’m sure I could have worded things in a few paragraphs, yet had to pad things out for context. I had to clarify things, show things. I hope what I noted connects with one another. Everything I view connects with what I said, and I hope it does on your end.

It’s genuinely difficult to find the remaining 1% of available housing in Canada for those I know (coworkers, friends, etc), let alone myself. I can’t find anything. Canada needs to do more, everything is however the Liberals & Trudeau’s fault. I desired to move to Vancouver to connect with the Japanese and be more true to myself, I however can’t. The cost outweighs the reward, or at least currently. I need to be a millionaire, or even something more than that. Fantasy lottery winnings (money) allegedly doesn’t work in Vancouver anymore, and even less so into 2024.

Japan seems my only option, it however also desires to block me out as a potential living resident there. It desires I play stupid games to win stupid prizes, yet allows abusive foreigners to run amok in Japan. It fails to vet good foreigners from bad harmful ones. Negative-minded foreigners running wild in Japan for clout skirting between rules and traditionalism for internet fame and attention (Johnny Somali, P8stie, etc). Sure, they may be tourists, yet they still fail to vet/filter foreigners properly. Housing is affordable, sadly currently inaccessible to me. I’m willing to risk national disasters for proper housing and humanizing elements of society.

When I note Justin Trudeau is a Dictator, I’m not joking. He genuinely behaves as once, hence the name. Genuine Canadians view Trudeau as a Dictator, and that is not a lie, as much has Liberals claim otherwise.

I took two trips, one to Vancouver and one to Japan to regain my humanity and dignity. I’m planning a third trip to Japan making it my second trip to Japan for Winter 2024. My Uncle approves of my actions, the ‘Karen’ side of Ottawa, Ontario, and Canada doesn’t. I’m being hounded, even nearly crucified for my plans and desires. I want my escapism, I’m however not allowed, nor are many other Canadians and immigrants. Various Canadians are fleeing to more sane and cheaper nations to once again live as a human, I desire the same. I would, if Japan would allow me and welcome me warmly. I desiring a good housing just as much as I do a proper and loyal girlfriend. I have to keep pressing the matter and situation. My hosts genuinely desire to help me find a place of my own, it’s however near impossible. They want to help me, they however have the mindset of lying mainstream media spewing out lies, slander, and propaganda to which I’m sadly effected by as a Canadian-born citizen myself.

Let me be a human being again.

I hope everything balances out allowing me to be human again. I do not desire to follow my deceased coworker path of taking his own life.

Thank you for reading! Canada’s situation is dire. RIP Canada.