Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2018!

Heyo guys! I simply want to wish you all a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year! Even the Happy Holidays & Seasons Greeting stuff.

– Ku-MAH!~

(Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!; Season’s Greetings!)

– Merry Poi-Mas!~
– Poi!~

I hope you had an awesome 2017 while looking forward to the whole 2018 being a brighter & more prosperous year. I’m simply glad that 2017 shall be over that I want to hit a nice big reset on everything to make things “fun” again. I had to deal with a lot of negativity, seeing a lot of anime buddies leave, to deal with mental stresses and strains, as well as being depressed because of how everything chose to play out in 2017. Even had to deal with a family member die that it hit hard during the mid summer that it really made things far more complicated, thus why I haven’t been blogging or been “positive”. It’s a case of shit hitting the fan that it’s almost literal. It’s almost an actual saying of “shit hitting the fan”…….

Also, I must thank those that have stuck with me throughout my rough 2017! You guys are awesome! Thanks for hanging out, lurking, and all that. That means a lot to me. Hope you have an awesome 2018!

*Looking back into 2017:

Let’s see what positives I can take from 2017. There had to be a few things, right? Always focus on the positive, never the negatives………

Frame Arms Girl – Jinrai (Indigo Ver):

– Jinrai~

I love Jinrai’s mix of Samura & modernized weaponry. The gun turret for both close & long rage that she’s still my favourite figure. She appeared a few times in my various other photoshoots.

Vara’s Valentines <3:

– Vara’s Valentines <3

One of those rare few times where I actually had fun photoshooting Vara through the year after the fallout in the anime community. Looking at this image makes me happy, loving Vara as a foxy character reminding me that I should still take fluffy images like these. I love the love she radiates from the image.

Bismarck’s Victory Drink:

– For a simple image, I love this. Bismarck and myself enjoying a bottle of sake for clearing a KanColle event. It’s a shame I’m still feeling depressed at this point over the fallout of January…..RIP. There’s so many guilted emotions here.

Varakitsu’s 4th Anniversary:

– A proud foxy with her red power gem. <3 Happy to have her in DDdy body. Still trying to get her back into a digital form in a new main game called ‘Rising World’.

Frame Arms Girl – Hresvelgr:

– The lovely ‘Fortress’ Hresvelgr. She really is like a flying fortress with all her weaponry, weapon types, and even how she flies. It really shows in the anime.

Frame Arms Girl – Innocentia:

– Frame Arms Girl – Innocentia is among my favourite because of her kemonomimi attributes. She looks playful, fun, and even goes ‘Nya!~’. She even re-appeared in my other photoshoots.

Happy Shinki-FA:G-Bismarck Easter:

– Innocentia appearing quite sinister here. I’m loving how this photoshoot was ‘simple, yet still complex enough to show the fun of why photoshooting figures is fun. Innocentia, Bismarck, Renge…. They’re all having fun here :D. I even discovered the beauty of ‘Nier: Automata’, one of the best games out there! I loved it so much that it caused people to unfollow me, yet I still love it!

June Blog Update:

– June was an interesting time in the year because of the sudden ‘Mayfly’ invasion people had closer to the river. They still made their way further inland, yet anywhere that had water had these guys.

All them Mayflys covering the car, the walls, and even at random retail spots. I also ended up seeing a rise in saltiness when it came to KanColle that I just about snapped to the point of my January’s self. I haven’t yet mentally recovered from that fallout that a game that was supposed to be fun was tearing me apart from rescuing Gangut…. People won’t understand that games are supposed to be fun so they’d guilt trip you into believing you’re the one at fault, and how you’re the one with a lower IQ….. Games are supposed to be fun……

Happy 150th Canada Day!

– Happy 150th Canada Day! Just like the year, Canada Day itself was ruined by heavy amounts of rain. The year was as rough to Canada on Canada Day as it was to me via depression. I however love these images <3.  You can even see my love for Frame Arms Girl, Busou Shinki, as well as Rising World in this article.

Nendoroid – Yuudachi Kai Ni:

– Poi! What a little cutie she is. I love her! Well, not as much as Bismarck, yet she’s close up there because of how she radiates a thing called “fun”. It’s a foreign thing in 2017 that I hope it re-implants itself into 2018. I love how happy she is, and how photogenic she is for images. Her lovely ‘Nightmare of Solomon’ in Pixiv images is why I love her character so much

General Blog Update: August 2017:

With the fallout and aftermath from January I also had to deal with the the loss of a family member (my mother) as she passed away at the end of July to make my August a restless time. Even though my mother passed away one of my coworkers still harassed me that I actually broke down many times, yet he wouldn’t understand why. I need to give a big thanks & respect to my friend for dedicating this track to my mother whom showered both of us with warmth and love. The month of August was when I hit my second low point for 2017 that I’m willing to bet more people unfollowed and parted ways not really aware of why I was being a moody grouchy bastard….. Andy, you’re awesome. Thanks for this track!  You can even see my growing anime figure backlog in this article of how I just phased back out of the anime scene. I also welcomed ‘Fate/Extella’, something I wish I played more of. I need to go back to playing both it, and Nier: Automata.

Nendoroid – Spice & Wolf – Holo:

– Holo the wise has always been my favourite Wolf in the anime world. She is one of the triggers for making me love kitsunemimi girls in pixiv art, anime, and in general. She’s the reason why I have Vara as my true mascot of my blog, and the name ‘Arcticu Kitsu’ more aimed at Vara than myself.

I needed something to post for Canada’s thanksgiving with Holo being the best representation for that. She is a wolf deity of harvest of wheat that she is perfect for such. For her love for apples, drinking…. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! Also, to note, you can see I’ve still felt the stress from August update that depression kicked in to prevent me from taking figure photography. I really do want to take images, yet I feel shackled in place…..

Happy Halloween (2017):

– Happy Halloween!

I personally have to view this as an achievement because I started taking figure photography images again, and at higher quality as well. They’re cute, they’re higher quality, and they’re fun. There’s no way anybody should hate these sets that this is what we’ve been missing from my side. Me having “fun” in October shouldn’t be shunned that I love how Yuudachi is having fun, and how Holo is joining Yuudachi in that fun. It’s me being positive again, and I want to truly celebrate that! This is one of my more favourite photoshoots because of how more ‘upbeat’ I am with my images here.

Remembrance Day Canadian Quarter:

– Bismarck & Yuudachi both showing off the Canadian quarter with a poppy on it for Remembrance Day.

I meant no disrespect, just wanted to share a lovely Canadian coin with Bismarck and Yuudachi because they’re both WW2 and naval themed. One from Germany, and the other from Japan because there’s currently no Canadian Kanmusu in either KanColle, nor Azur Lane. Either way, I wanted to pay my respect by showing something colourful and fun, and thus I have! o7

There’s nothing for December because I became depressed again. I hit another round of depression after finding out how people are labeling me “toxic” and bad timing of things on the Busou Shinki side of things. I’m struggling to keep my emotions in check that I’m having to blame people for not really keeping other people happy that it’s easy to sway one way and another; More so with workplace harassment that get left ignored.

I want to thank the Japanese Busou Shinki community for allowing me to add a few of my images into their doujin, yet equally wanting to apologize for my behaviour that everything became poorly timed. You had to see me at one of my “worst” when we could have seen more of my best back in 2012, and such…. It’s a shame people had to see me at my worst that it also depresses me.

To wrap up 2017 I decided to gift myself an Oculus Rift for a more positive jump into VRchat. I want to see about having fun, to regain my lost fire to knock out the depression I gained for the year of 2017. I want fun again, and I’m going to scout out for more fun. I’ll even have to force myself to go through my figure backlog to make note on my blog.

A Brighter 2018:

– Oculus Rift get! Poi! I can VRchat soon enough.
– Poi!

As mentioned, I’ll see about regaining my positivity via Oculus Rift by heading to VRchat where I have already encountered many regulars. I’ve seen Adame (Crap Cop), Oatmeal, Klaus, YuudachiKaiNi, among others tied to them. It’s a small tight nit community from the looks of it. I’m even following ‘Mirai Akari Project‘ whom popped into VRChat blowing the whole thing out into the air by seeing an influx of new Japanese players in there. It’s a fun world experience!

I’ll also be hanging around a lot in the ‘Rising World’ community still trying to push for Busou Shinki, Frame Arms Girl, and even KanColle modding. Whatever manner I can, I’ll have them added in. I’m pushing for .pmx model support so they can at least be models so I can get people as interested into Rising World as with VRChat…. The whole modding possibilities!

And of course, Figure photography. I’ll what I can tackle when so I can finally stop feeling guilty about not sharing them onto my blog. That’s where I had the most fun, yet with how people are going every which way it’s hard to have fun even in the anime scene; Both in general and by calling me toxic that much fun was lost all around. I do apologise for my depression, yet anything more than that I can’t take the blame on. I’m not a black sheep of the community.

I’ll still be at the mercy of the wind of 2018 so we’ll have to see where it takes us both. Also, a little late yet fixed the typo of the article from 2017 to 2018.

Please do allow me to hit the “reset” button so we can go back to the whole “having fun” thing in general, and for anime related things! Both you and I must do it in unison (the lurker) because our actions influence others. That’s what it means to be mature. Well, Hope you have a lovely 2018!

Also, I must thank those that have stuck with me throughout my rough 2017! You guys are awesome! Thanks for hanging out, lurking, and all that. That means a lot to me. Hope you have an awesome 2018! To those that left, it’s a shame we had to part ways. I’ll still be going with the wind so if our paths cross again, then awesome. If not, that’s a shame. Either way, have an awesome 2018!