VRChat Experiences

Heyo guys, I just wanted to leave my form of respect towards VRChat via this blog posting. I already made a few Youtube videos, yet wanted to give my thanks via this blog posting for all the fun times that were to be had.

– Scathach (F/GO) in VRChat within the Nier: Automata flower cave.

First off, I need to thank Nagzz21 for getting me into VRChat after seeing a clip of Matsix holding a plushie Nep Nep for it to be taken away by Nagzz21. That clip alone made me search up VRchat that I jumped straight in because it was free, for desktop, and it was fun. I even watched whatever videos he had at that point that I just wanted to have this foreign concept called “fun”. No, honestly, it truly is foreign that people mock and scoff, yet VRChat offers this in a simple form.

I must thank Nagzz21, Matsix, YuudachiKaini, Error.DLL, Oatmeal (or Oathmeal), Whitewolf (Ayanami Azur Lane avatar), Einzeln, Xalixine, Duskitten, Klaus, among many others. There’s just a lot of cool people that they all have my biggest thanks and respect πŸ™‚

I’m ArcticKitsu in VRchat as a Scathach avatar that I love wandering around exploring things. I’m more of an observer, yet when things roll they do end up rolling nicely. Things tend to roll more when I’m with my friend Nighthawk with fun gravitating to him more than myself that I thank him for being with me in VRChat. Thanks, Nas! πŸ™‚

– The first person I stumble across was Adame ‘The Crap Cop’ while I was standing at the pillar as a Scout Trooper from Star Wars. I didn’t have a proper mic or anything so I didn’t say anything. I simply observed.
– I’m thankful I observed because I then stumbled across error.dml with his spooky scary skeleton dance.

I have videos here that I can share

– Did you know HoloTheWise here is a jumpy person? Every time I walk up to him he’d jump saying “Geez, you scared me”…. Each time, without fail heh. This was the time with that lost ‘combat loli’ with the name of ‘????’
– The lost combat loli with hilarious expressions heh.

I also tried VRChat because my depression is insanely heavy on my side that there’s tons of guilt and anxiety on my side alone. I thought I’d try to cure it, as it had with Oathmeal and Matsix, yet it seems deeper than that on my end because I’m still shy. I’ll keep trying to take it at my own pace though. I’ve gained so much laughter and fun from VRChat that I’m loving each moment I’m on there. Well, more so when my friend Nighthawk is on there.

– This image is important because of YuudachiKaiNi, another regular within the VRChat community. What I can’t share upfront is how this avatar had a Yuudachi remix playing in the body.

I’m happy I met YuudachiKaiNi, even having fun listening to the remix. All this while hearing some Shaggy impersonator having their fun talking the Shaggy way. I feel both happy, yet there’s this guilt I may have insulted YuudachiKaiNi in the very ‘slightest’ by trying to force him into my friendslist through a misunderstanding. Even so, I view him highly. Not forcing anybody that doesn’t want to be on the friendlist because it fulls up quickly when you’re a regular there. That’s probably my anxiety talking though….

Thanks for all your “Poi, Poi! Poi!” greatness!” XD

– Hello Shai, the Soundboarder person. The music was awesome while talking with my friend Nighthawk. It’s amazing to see how much you and your avatar has progressed from this point to what it is in Nagzz21’s videos.

It’s all thanks to VRchat, Nagzz, and all his buddies that I caved in to look into acquiring an Oculus Rift, and it’s awesome! I have no regrets because it’s genuinely the future of gaming, I have VR games to play, and I have had so many fun memories in VRChat that I recorded half of them onto my Youtube account. Some clips were deleted onΒ  Twitch, others didn’t make it, yet my fun is recorded on my Youtube.

– When being poked in a friendly way while wearing an VR Headset your brain receives it in a weird way that you get tingles out of it. It’s like being patted in real life that I’m left “dazed” for a few moments with my mind trying to figure out what actually is going on.
– Hammey! Not the Hammey I know, yet still foxy while being a comical punchline for a girl named Hamsterpooh on a friend’s Twitch channel.
– A few days after I gained my Scathach avatar with my friend messing with his headset when an alien came to say hello. He came in peace.
– It was fun exploring a virtual Japan to have some random girl come up to us to hang and dance a bit. Because of my friend we had to idle so she wandered off somewhere never to be seen again.
– People sure love their soundboards that this person kept going on about being spooked to death, and all that. We wandered around the map exploring, and that in itself is what makes VRChat so fun. I love it!

Frame Arms Girl in VRChat! It’s Gourai!!!

This Gourai was cute with how she was roleplaying as an actual Gourai trying to play with an ant, cupping it, going on a lap, running around, and such. It was beautiful!

– This Gourai was cute roleplaying on that cafe table.
– Chasing an ant to play with.
– Trapping an ant in a cup.

More of that here in actual motion:

– Holy shit! It’s Klaus & Whitewolf! I was randomly exploring this map to have stumbled upon them by chance that I desktop mode waved at them. I was too shy to say hello, yet I stuck around to see them go into the underground, to solve a puzzle, to then see them in a Nier Automata flower garden to where I idled and lagged out.

It was awesome seeing both Klaus & Whitewolf in that world, yet feel a bit disappointed I couldn’t have gotten to know them because of how shy I was then. My anxiety trying to respect them, and all that……. My friend Nighthawk manages to do exactly what I can’t…… Well, I guess for that very reason I am an observer recording what’s around me similar to Oatmeal, I guess.

– Nier Automata is one of my favourite games that I love that it’s in VRChat. Wish there was more to mess with in terms of Nier: Automata in VRChat, yet I guess it’s what it is. That session was one of my more happier ones with an Oculus Rift being bought soon after.

Oculus Rift get!

Time for the real deal with an Oculus Rift to motion, move, and all the glorious bits! Once changing to an Oculus Rift things became far more difficult to snap images of. I however played VRChat into the New Years, then again later for 6 hours to gain VR sickness…. Worth it! So glad and thankful to have Scathach in VRChat as my avatar, and with her lance at that much later.

– Me and my friend Nas trying to troll the PSO2 side of my Twitter by mentioning how PSO2 is now VR heh.
– Stacking a tower of ‘tankards/steins’ to see how high we can get them. Forgot the name of these damn things all the time. There was a guy I was talking to yet he is behind me, or something.
– My gorgeous Scathach now with VR motion! Woot! Testing out the screenshot function of the Rift that I’m left disappointed it’s not widescreen.
– I loved visiting this Japanese medieval space where I would see Japanese regulars speaking their various things + seeing their fun avatars. I came here as an curious lost observer meeting cool people in the progress.
– I died laughing at this because it seems so true for USA that someone decided to have a lot of fun with this in the simplest form.
– We both love stacking piles of cups & bottles into lovely towers. It’s quite amusing in the simplest form.
– I was streaming VRChat this night where people were being hilarious in the meeting room going all ghost dakimura pillow fun crazy, and such. My friend was watching so I wrote his name in blue there.
– Minecraft world! This game in VR is so crazy with how real the mobs seem in VR 3D form. Having it in VRChat is also neat that it made me happy.
– This looks so normal. Also, this shrine map is insanely detailed that i love it <3
– Well, that’s one way of piling up these cups into a tower heh.
– I love how you can hold weapons in VR. Swinging them around the way that it actually be swung around that it’s a glorious feeling!
– Scathach in a lovely field of Nier: Automata’s white flowers <3 To me this seem fitting for her ‘death’ attribute.
– Scathach posing in VRchat that it feels like I’m taking pictures of my Busou Shinki figures, and such. My friend Nas had to take these images.

Well, how I want to play more VRChat because of how simple fun it is that it’s like Nintendo games with how straight to the point it is. I want to play more, explore more, chat more, interact more, and to see what people have done to mess with it more. It was fun playing checkers, stacking bottles, and all that awesomeness. It’s a shame I have to be so anxious, shy, depressed, and such, yet am thankful for people coming up to me to make me feel welcomed in this lovely world, thus why I keep coming back. With how they want you to feel welcomed is why I love this game so much. The whole fun, the whole craziness…. The randomness….. The scene of a little character being chased by a big character in a Japanese shrine map put me into a fit of laughter. I loved it!

I’m happy I also found a Scathach model to make use of in VRChat because she’s my waifu. Bismarck is also on that list, yet at this point I’m waiting. Waiting, and seeing what happens next. I also had grand plans for Scathach’s lance + Nagzz’s bagel spear, yet that seems to also be on the waiting list of things to be done. Because of my shyness I’m struggling with things. Even so, I’m still grateful for all the things people have done to make things so highly enjoyable!

I’ll still find myself in VRChat, whenever I can find the time to do so. Thanks for all the fun adventures!