Fate/Extella Link – Scáthach

With the recent announcements of Fate/Extella Link being a sequel to Fate/Extella it felt highly appropriate to spotlight Scáthach on this blog of mine. The game is enjoyable, the sequel looks promising, and it has my favourite Servant in waifu status to join the battle of Moon Cell, Velbur, and others.

Scáthach joins the brutal fight to save both the Moon and Earth from the destructive power that is Velbur, a civilization destroying entity. Scáthach is a Lancer Class Servant, a Warrior-Queen from the Celtic – Ulster Mythology.

[Scathach – Main Website] – [Scathach – F/GO]

– Scathach – Fate/Grand order – Class: Lancer

A warrior-queen from Celtic – Ulster mythology.

The queen and gatekeeper of the foreign territory – haunted realm called “Land of Shadows”, a prodigy of spearmanship and Rune magic.
Possesses a power immense enough to rule and close the gate of the “Land of Shadows”, which is overflowing with countless ghosts. It has been said that she became the mentor of Cu Chulainn – who would later grow into the hero of Ulster – guiding him, teaching all sorts of techniques and even bestowing his favorite magic spear. Also instructed his son, Connla.

– Scathach’s alternate appearance thanks to costumes with mentions of console bundle exclusives for PS4.

– External Thoughts/Mentions:

Scathach is my “waifu” (my main) on Fate/Grand Order that I view her highly that I felt it appropriate to share her on my blog to give her the highest praise possible on my end. I also view her so highly because she was my first actual proper rare Servant in F/GO with a serious voice and personality to her.

Fate/Extella is an awesome game that I’ve enjoyed it highly on the story side of things where I was chuckling, laughing, crying (Altera), and amused by the banter between Nero & Caster. Having enjoyed Extella I feel it proper to see Scathach in Fate/Extella Link, more so free in a 3D environment. I need to praise this movement that we need more games with ‘open world’ RPG, thus I’m spotlighting Scathach from a game like this. Seeing Scathach join the crazy battles on the moon has me hyped that game developers need to be praised for making their games go into a 3D environment, not stuck on mobile as money traps.

– Scathach (F/GO) max level.
– Scathach in F/GO’s ‘My Room’.

With her serious (death) personality I’m highly curious in seeing what sort of situation she’ll get herself into. I’m curious as to what she’ll say, how she’ll behave, if she’ll have a main theme music in the game, among other curiousities. It’s obvious that I’ll be spoiling her while buying DLCs for her…..

That’s all fine and dandy, except for one issue. Fate/Extella Link needs to release onto PC format as Fate/Extella had released on Steam so I can take proper advantage of playing as Scathach in that game. I do have a Vita, yet I’d rather play proper on PC. When that happens I can spoil Scathach to the max 🙂